idk i was watching coraline

noble-goat  asked:

idk if its been mentioned before, but i was watching coraline earlier, specifically the first dinner scene at the other house. i thought it was interesting that it focuses on the other mother drumming her fingers against the table when coraline is reluctant to stay. its the first glimpse of the other mothers true nature. her words are kind and understanding with coraline not wanting to stay, but her body language is like "come on kid! just roll with it! i want your eyessss!!"

Yes!! Great observation! Also, it’s totally about the fact that she likes games! A little… too much. Like, ‘let’s get this little game over with that I’ll win right away so I can get those pretty little eyes of yours!’

Here’s the line from when she first drums her fingers, as taken from the script itself: She taps her fingers a little too excitedly on the table.

And second when Coraline suggests a game: Other Mother tries to act disinterested, but her fingers drum with excitement.