idk i was testing out a different style

Astro’s reaction to you kissing their cheek~

Thank you for the request exoandbtsreactions~

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While waiting for the bus to take you two home you come up behind Jinwoo and kiss him on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

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Peter and I tested out our cosplays for Anime Boston!

I have a better wig on the way that I’ll actually be able to style bangs and he’s gonna wait until it’s closer to the con to shave his beard but honestly????? Not half bad for now??? We mostly just wanted to test our makeup

Here have a Clexa wip! Lexa is out of frame somewhere, and Clarke is meant to be looking at something in her hand but I haven’t drawn that in yet lmao have fun guessing what’s going on ,’:]

Also, as you can tell, the style is fairly different from my previous ones. It kinda just happened, and I’m testing out some stuff. So I hope yous like it coz I might stick to it idk