idk i was rewatching season 1


What is style consistency? Never heard of it. Another product of stress from work.

Lance finds a small alien bird, names it Drew and proceeds to tailor outfits for it as well as teaching altean curse words (and Spanish) so it can annoy Keith. 

I rewatched Season 1 and Season 2 of Voltron… every time I saw the druids, I could only think of birds and the “owo uwu” faces. I’m dead.

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Was rewatching the reunion scene between Sansa and Jon, and sansa is not only wearing Jon’s cloak from season 1, but instead of wearing a dress, she’s wearing pants? Where did the pants come from, I wonder? Didn’t notice it until now, but it makes sense, the dress she wore while traveling to Castle Black, needed a good wash, so she had to wear something else. But yeah, Sansa, wearing pants 😃 idk why this put me in such a good mood? 🙃

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Finally something the people were expecting (?)

I rewatched half season 1 of MLB last night so i managed to do this ^^, sorry for the lack of updates but … gah idk  

P.s. the dress is not a big deal something simple because i don’t know how to draw dresses, but i’ll hide it until the end (?)

So, I just got finished rewatching Shadowhunters in its entirety and I realized something. How much Magnus has always understood Alec like from the very day that they met just by simply observing his actions and being in his presence blows my mind, in episode 4 of season 1 when they met they have that scene at the end where Magnus tells Alec that he has nothing to be ashamed of and Alec is like idk what you’re talking about and Magnus is like but you will. That scene is so underrated like how do you just meet someone and know exactly what they’re hiding and who they’re hiding from, Magnus knew in a matter of hours what his family or his parents I should say didn’t notice at all in all the years of his life and even if Alec didn’t seem like it at the time he knew that Alec needed to hear the words “You have nothing to be ashamed of.” And then fast forward to season 2, there’s that whole fight in episode 1 and again Magnus knows what Alec is doing he’s pushing him away because that’s what he does in conflict or when things get hard and Magnus tells him like “Dont push me away when things get crazy”. Then fast forward to episode 5 on Magnus’ fire escape when Alec is there and he’s really hurting and Magnus reads him like a gosh damn book with his not healing his physical injuries to try and make the mental/ emotional pain subside and the “you’ll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right” and how fucking accurate that is, he will demolish himself to make sure the people around him are safe and happy, he’s been doing it his whole life. and you think like Magnus knows Alec, like really really knows him for such a short amount of time that they’ve known eachother. Magnus knows and understands Alec better then people who have known him his whole life and I will stand by that. In episode 9 when Alec left Magnus knew that he had to follow him to Raphaels because he knew Alec and he knows that he will protect the people he loves and sometimes not in the most effective ways. The point is watching it in full you really see how much Magnus has come to know Alec in such a short time, it’s sort of super beautiful how much of a difference Magnus made just by noticing. And you think what if we erased these scenes. What if Magnus did just disappear into thin air at that club and never did notice…..where would Alec be? It’s cliche as fuck but I love it, it’s a fate story about two men who are in alot of ways entirely different, but they defy the odds because in ways that not many people notice if you’re not paying close enough attention, they can be the same. Anyways I’m really just happy that Magnus noticed and i’m happy this story exist on a bigger platform it really is such a huge thing.


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Hello, I want to ask you something. IDK if it´s just me or does Levi is a little to quiet in the chapter, we have more dialogs from others and I want to think that he is going to have more dialogos in the next chapter. IDK he seems a little off or maybe I´m projecting my feelings xD. What do you think?

Hi @isabellanajera that’s an interesting question. Towards the end of last year I rewatched SnK Season 1 and one of the things that really struck me was just how talkative Levi is! As the manga progresses and things go from bad to worse he becomes more and more taciturn and the last time we saw him in chapter 90 he barely said a word. I’d got so used to withdrawn, grieving Levi, it was a surprise to be reminded just how chatty he can be.

Levi “Wallflower” Ackerman

I’m kind of reserving judgement about the latest chapter at the moment.  Levi shows up so late in the day that he doesn’t really have a chance to say much at all.  It’s interesting that when he does speak he is giving an order, which suggests he is still in some sort of position of command.  I don’t know how the next chapter is going to progress but I’m expecting more pyrotechnics so whether or not Levi has a chance to voice whatever he might be thinking (cue vision of smiling shoujo Erwin) remains to be seen. I sincerely hope we haven’t heard the last from him though!

Levi Ackerman - the strong silent type?

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Idk if somebody else already talked about this but I'm so emo and need to share. Everyone knows the "I got you, buddy" scene from season 3 followed by the Fond Look™ Keith gives Lance but I just rewatched season 1 and Shiro says the EXACT same thing to Keith near the end of the last ep. Lance saying that proves to Keith that Lance is his friend now. Like you don't say "I got you, buddy" to someone you tolerate you say that to a friend you'll stick by through anything I have so many feelings rn

he actually says that to keith in issue #2 of the comics, as well!!!! the comics take place directly after episode 8 of season 1 :)

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Wow, I miss Lucifer so much all of a sudden... It's only been one week and we only have 2 weeks left before it comes back but idk I miss them, I keep rewatching Deckerstar scenes but it's just making me more impatient. I just can't wait to see what's gonna happen!! (sorry for that random and useless ask lol (also do you know if next episode is only gonna be in the past or if we're going to have scenes in the present?)

HONESTLY THO. I’ve never been so invested in a ship in my life like let’s do a 2017 deckerstar recap to show how much I love these dorks

Season 1 gave us nice and flirty deckerstar. Like!!! Yas I need to get me some sexual tension like THAT. And also some really intense moments like 1x04??? Like man we got up and personal REAL fast and I couldn’t have been more pleased. And then like this ship was sitting down for family dinner by 1x10 and like how great was that, come on. And I mean Lucifer died protecting Chloe so there was that too.

Season 2 gave us everyone’s fav: Thirsty Chloe and Soft Lucifer. I will NEVER let anyone forget about the 2x12 Chloe Decker Butt Grab™. Absolutely i c o n i c. But then immediately after we got some soft and protective and going-to-Hell-for-the-love-of-my-life-Lucifer that completely broke me into five and a half pieces, and just when I thought I’d had all I could take from these two…

Season 3 came THROUGH and gave us some of the best domestic deckerstar yet! Monopoly has never really paid off for me until this year. And also like?? Lucifer?? Came through in 3x06??? Like don’t even get me started on just how GOOD those last 15 minutes were because GOD ALMIGHTY.

So to conclude and answer your actual question: 3x11 is set when Lucifer and Maze first arrive in LA. Judging by the messy show time line it should be 5-6 years in the past, putting the year at around 2011-2012. But that’s all I know really. I feel like there will be a little present maybe at the very end? Or at least a 1x01 link up. (I’m on mobile so I can’t splice in gifs where I want them so have some complimentary s1 deckerstar before go, goodnight).

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So I’m rewatching SGA Season 1 Episode 1, The Rising, for fic reasons. And I happened to notice right around 23 minutes, if you’re using Hulu, that Rodney is the first scientist in the city. It’s not a clear, close up view, but it is clear from his profile and his hairline that that’s Rodney.

idk I just really like that little detail

god I so unironically Love karamatsu l o l
I don’t think I’ve ever just truly Loved a character like this before??? I know I talk abt this a Lot and like idk if y’all Really understand but….. if Kara was like…a Real person……. id……want to marry him……

TV shows for your functions: Sitcoms!

Disclaimer again:if a show you love isn’t here, it’s probably because while I watch a large amount of TV I don’t watch all the TV ever. I know I say shit like that a lot but I spent most of my formative years on indie music sites and people would have comments like “HOW DARE YOU FORGET THE BAND THAT CHANGED MY LIFE” and the author would be like “idk make your own list?”

ANYWAY. I do in fact watch a lot of sitcoms because they’re comforting and short, so you get 2 for the price of 1 (the price of 1 is 0).

Si - The Office (US) and Parks and Rec

Oh look, sitcoms about work. The thing is, The Office, in the early seasons, was absolutely beautiful in its depiction of finding the joy in routine. I know Jim’s an Ne user, but he had his own routine of messing with routine in a way. Damn, I should rewatch the first couple seasons.

Meanwhile Parks and Rec is perhaps my favorite sitcom and it’s definitely what I put on if I’m sick or stressed and need to take my mind off things. It’s just so community, tradition and history focused, and is one of the most SJ-heavy shows in terms of characters - and those characters are never boring.

Ni - You’re the Worst, How I Met Your Mother

I love You’re the Worst, and I’ve been informed that Ni-doms tend to like their humor kind of dark, so there you go. Plus I’m pretty sure Gretchen’s an ESTP and Jimmy’s an INTJ (both horrifically unhealthy) so you can see Ni at work. It also has a strong vibe of “I had an idea of what my future would be and this isn’t it.”

HIMYM was divisive in many ways, and personally while I liked some aspects of the final season it strikes me as the kind of shit you do when your initial grand plan has been invalidated by a lot of renewals. However, it was very much about Ted and this highly specific vision.

Se - Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Archer

I’m going to talk about these both together! TWIST. So both are highly action-oriented, but also I feel they share a certain impulsiveness in their characters, and a willingness to shake things up. Archer in particularly is willing to basically flip off the status quo on the regular. They’re also both often more visually interesting. I watch a fuck-ton of superhero TV and it can get highly visually repetitive, so I notice this. The great thing about cop shows is that they are work sitcoms (which obviously I like) but they frequently take their characters out of the office.

Ne - Scrubs, Community

Scrubs was not the first show to have those weird frequent daydream bits, but I feel those are perhaps one of the purest depictions of Ne on TV. Before Parks and Rec, Scrubs was my Parks and Rec in part because it fit that Si-Ne axis “weird, but has a formula” need. See: the summaries at the end of each episode drawing all the disparate storylines together. Also I know two Ne-doms who are residents or med students; most of the physicians I personally know are perceivers which explains a lot actually.

Community: also weird. Willing to draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Willing to explore and defy conventions all the time. Remedial Chaos Theory and the multiple examples of songs being mashed together (the first season Somewhere Out There thing, the second season Kissed by a Rose thing) also make me think very much of Ne.

Fi -  Broad City, Grace and Frankie

Both shows spotlight a female friendship and use the contrast between the two characters to comedic effect, but they also both stress individuality and finding your own path, especially in a harsh environment (often metaphorically; I would probably do terrible things to obtain Grace and Frankie’s beach house). I also think both these shows do a pretty good job of exploring the concept of selfishness vs. putting one’s needs over societal expectations or the needs of others; Fi can be seen as selfish (and can be used by unhealthy or immature individuals as a justification for selfish behavior) and while I wouldn’t exactly put these characters as role models, it’s a worthwhile theme to explore.

Ti - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The IT Crowd

I’m undecided on Kimmy’s type but I’m pretty sure she’s an Fe user, and I see a lot of Ti in how all the characters behave - they mostly act on what makes sense to them, rather than some kind of outside standard, which often means they’re in between several different systems of logic.

The IT Crowd definitely skews a lot more towards stereotypes of Ti doms (tech nerds who hate everyone), but also that company seems to be run by some people who, if they’re using logic, its not the kind of logic anyone else is privy to.

Fe - Arrested Development, New Girl

Arrested Development for the toxic Fe, New Girl for a much more healthy form. Arrested Development was hard to group and I leaned towards Se for a while, just because it was so spontaneous, good at taking a topical joke and running with it, and because there are so many bonuses for observant watchers, but I decided to go with the Fe for manipulation and for the many forms of familial and societal obligation explored.

New Girl on the other hand is much more of a “family you create” kind of hangout sitcom. Jess and Schmidt both show a hell of a lot of Fe in their tendencies to meddle and their desire for approval, but they do so out of love and wanting to make everyone happy, rather than manipulation.

Te - 30 Rock, FOTB

These two get it for two characters, primarily: Jack and Jessica. Also, 30 Rock is probably the most work and more importantly, achievement-centric of all these shows. The IT Crowd and The Office are often more about the goofing off that occurs in a desk job; Scrubs and Parks and Rec are about the communities you build with your coworkers. But 30 Rock, while it had a solid bond between Liz and Jack, was always about work and getting ahead and reaching goals.

Meanwhile Fresh Off the Boat’s breakout star is Jessica, an ESTJ if there ever was one, and a fantastic portrayal of one too. She’s definitely tough, but she also wants her sons to have comfortable lives and to be unafraid to be themselves. Most of her plotlines have her being a bit of a steamroller (which I associate with the extroverted judging functions, plus some Se users) but one who knows her goals and is willing to put in the hard work.

HONORABLE MENTIONS GO TO: Flight of the Conchords (Ne perhaps?), Party Down (strikes me as a series-long Ni grip tbh), Happy Endings (probably Fe; it was definitely its own show but it had a similar structure to New Girl), and Difficult People (super toxic Fi).

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Hello this is kinda small but I was rewatching season 1 of Brooklyn Nine Nine and everyone knows the part where Gina knows that Rosa is into old movies. In the episode where the vulture first comes, Gina hears about the vulture through Jake and immediately says something along the lines of “There’s a guy named the Vulture? You should tell Rosa she’d totally be into that.” Idk again it’s small but as a dianetti shipper we take what we can get :)

Good ear! The Dianetti shippers eat well tonight!