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what do you most want nick to ask harry?

For his hand in marriage

Petty opinion time:  for all the times the Night Court’s food is brought up, it is super boring white people food. If SJM had to completely appropriate ME culture for the Night Court, she could have at least had them eating ME food instead of boiled chicken and green beans.

A/N: Guess who’s feeling a bit angsty today? I just challenged myself to write a quick one to get rid of my writer’s block, and this is what I came up with! Tell me if you guys think of it! xx

Some say it was the right place at the wrong time, some say it was the other way around, but with Luna, it was just not meant to be. Plain and simple.

It started out quite nicely, seeing a boy across the room. Their eyes met, and she saw him smile, raising the glass he’s holding as he talked to the people around him. Not long after, he’s plucked up the courage to walk up to her and introduce himself.

From strangers to friends, and from friends to best friends where people would already assume they were together. Harry and Luna had made it a game whenever people would mistake them as a couple. They’d play along. Maybe a bit of hand holding here and there, his arm over her shoulder, and hugs given out until the moment they would laugh and couldn’t take it anymore. They’ll eventually tell the people they are with that they’re nothing more than just friends.

But friends wasn’t what Harry wanted. He wanted more. He did enjoy pretending to be her boyfriend, even just for a few minutes. He wanted to be the real deal. He did love holding her and how she felt against him. So he did ask her, and she said yes. It was no surprise to anyone that they did end up together. It was no surprise that it felt like it was meant to be, and that they were in it for the long haul. People loved seeing them together, hoping that they would end up married with children in the next years to come, but it wasn’t what happened.

He said goodbye. Not in the cruelest way possible, no. It was the most peaceful conversation they’ve ever had. They saw it coming long before it was even brought up, but no one had the guts to say it. Or maybe they were hoping things would turn out differently, but it didn’t. That was it, they had to separate. With tears in their eyes, they parted ways. There was so much left to be said, but they didn’t have the courage to voice everything out. They tried their best to save it, but it’s just not working.

No matter how much people said they were perfect, and no matter how much people hope they’d be back together, she knew deep in herself that it’ll never happen. The people that they were are completely different from who they are now, or at least who she is. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore, and that scared her. Too many things had changed, good or bad, it changed her completely. And she knows she’s not the person he fell in love with anymore, and he’s never coming back.

With a swig of the alcohol that has been keeping her company the whole night, there she lived in her fantasies, her what ifs and what could have beens.

Some say it was at the right place at the wrong time, some say it was the other way around, but with her, it was a dream that will haunt her forever.

Marlene and Sirius were curled up on their couch together, acting uncharacteristically cute. It started out as them making fun of how annoyingly sweet James and Lily were and ended up with them affectionately rubbing their noses together, placing small kisses on each others cheeks and starring into each others eyes. Secretly they both adored these moments, although they both had an ego much too big to admit it. So every so often when they ended up like this, they could spend hours happily cuddles in one another’s arms.

“You’re beautiful,” Sirius breathed softly, his hands brushing against her hair, pulling her in for another small kiss.

Marlene’s immediate reaction was to make fun of how lame he was being but instead just smiled back to him, before burying her face in his neck not knowing how to properly take a compliment without ruining the moment. “When this is all over,” she asked him, “Do you think you’ll still love me?” She didn’t mean in in a condescending or a shallow way, she just wondered about it sometimes. If everything had gone differently, would they still be in love?

But Sirius wouldn’t let her question him for even a second. “The second the war is over, I’m going to take you out on a proper fancy date to celebrate, and declare to the world how much I love you.” There wasn’t a doubt in his mind. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. This was was getting in the way of that, and of course there was nothing more important than that right now, he partially wanted it to end for selfish reasons as well. The pureblood male missed showing off his partner.

In return, she covered his neck in tiny kisses. “What if something happens?”

“Nothing is going to happen,” he replied sternly, pulling her up to look into her blue eyes. “This is going to end, and you are going to be mine for the rest of both of our very long lives.”

“You anticipate long lives from us?” She retorted with a laugh. “If that’s what you want we should probably quit smoking. And drink a little less,” The blonde had heard exactly what she had wanted and now wished to lighten their mood again. “Apparently those things are bad for you.”

Getting her vibes to get off the more serious topics, his arms snaked around her back and he tugged her closer to him. “Hey, a little fun has never killed anyone!” He said defensively.

The couple began to bicker about stupid things like how bad smoking really could be for wizards, until they were both laughing and playfully throwing pillows at one another. Their evening ended with both of them, completely naked, on the floor. Marlene was nuzzled into Sirius’ chest, and he had an arm protectively thrown around her. Falling asleep like this was no uncommon for them. In the middle of a war, they needed small things to keep their lives fun and happy. For Marlene, Sirius’ carefree attitude kept her optimistic. And for Sirius, Marlene’s optimism was what kept him so carefree. They were perfect for each other in every way. The rest of the Order frequently talked about how they were pretty much made for each other more than anyone else that they knew. James was the only one who took offence to it, but Lily had to remind him that it took six years of him flirting with her, for them to finally get together. Sirius had only asked Marlene once and they had been inseparable from that day forwards.

The first day Sirius had to spend without her was he harder than the lifetime he spent in the Black household. They both felt similar though, like there was no light left in the world. As if he would spend forever getting smothered and nothing he did mattered.

I decided to write this for no real reason. I was just bored. Idk how accurate the French is, but I translated it with Collins Dictionary instead of Google so hopefully it’s somewhat okay.

“John, babe, you have to move. My legs are falling asleep.”

John groaned and slightly shifted his body so only his head was on Alex’s lap, but he didn’t want to give up his comfortable spot on the sectional with Alex.

It was movie night at Hercules’s house, and they were all gathered in his basement. John and Alex had claimed half the sectional, and Laf was asleep on Herc’s lap on the other half. They had assumed these positions when they had first arrived, wanting to talk a little before they started a movie, but now they were all too comfortable to get up and pick a movie.

“We really should pick one,” Herc said.

“We’ve been saying that for the past hour,” Alex murmured.

Herc nudged Laf and he startled awake.

“Quelle?” Laf asked, wiping the drool off his cheeks.

“What movie do you want to watch?” Herc asked.

“Qui ne valait pas me réveiller,” Laf muttered. He closed his eyes and put his head back onto Herc’s shoulder, falling asleep immediately.

Herc sighed. “Ham Man? Any suggestions?”

Star Wars,” Alex said without hesitation. Star Wars was the first movie he had seen in America. In fact, it was the first movie he had ever seen, as he could never afford to go to the movies on Nevis.

“You just wanna watch that because you think Luke is hot,” Herc said, rolling his eyes.

“And Leia too,” Alex grinned. “You can’t forget about Leia.”

John scoffed. “Feeling the love down here babe.”

Alex patted his curly head. “Sorry John, I love you but you’ve got nothing on the Skywalkers.”

“Just for that we’re watching anything but Star Wars,“ John decided.

“Great, so we’ve scratched three movies off the thousands of movies we can watch,” Herc said. “What about you John? Any ideas? Any at all?”

John shook his head. “Nah man. Let’s just do something else.”

“Like what?” Alex asked.

Herc glanced around the room, his eyes finally settling on Laf. A mischievous grin crept onto his face.

“Well, I think our favorite fighting Frenchman could use a makeover.”

Alex and John looked at each other, identical smirks on their faces.

“Let’s do it,” Alex said.

Herc pushed Laf off his lap. The boy landed on the ground face-down with a thud.

“Laisse-moi tranquille,” Laf muttered, not even opening his eyes.

John helped Alex up off the couch and they went with Herc to find sharpies.

When they came back down into the basement, Laf had shifted so he was laying on his back. His mouth was hanging open and he was fast asleep.

“We can’t draw a mustache on him because he already has a beard…” Alex began.

“And a fine one at that,” Herc interjected.

“…So we’ll have to get creative.”

“I’ll go first,” John volunteered. He leaned over Laf and wrote “Long live the king” on his forehead.

“Nice,” Hercules said, “that’ll piss him off. I’m going to go for accuracy.” On Laf’s left cheek he carefully wrote “I love my bf.”

Alex laughed at Herc. “How about one that’s accurate and will piss him off?” On Laf’s other cheek he scribbled “I love my brother

This brought snickers from the other boys.

“I’m gonna give him cat whiskers,” John said. As he bent over the Frenchman’s face to do so, Herc took his forearm and wrote in big letters “PROPERTY OF HERCULES MULLIGAN.”

When they had all finished doodling on every bit of exposed skin on Laf, they sat back to admire their work.

“He’s so cute,” Herc giggled, snapping a picture of his boyfriend.

Alex poked Laf’s cheek with the back of his sharpie. “I wonder how many spiders he swallows, sleeping with his mouth open like that.”

John shuddered. “Thanks babe. Now I’m not gonna be able to sleep for a week.”

Alex winked at John. “You’re welcome.”

Laf stirred and murmured something unintelligible in French. His eyes flickered open and he slowly sat up, rubbing at his eyes.

“What happened?” He groaned. “Why are you all staring at me? And why am I on the ground?”

“Don’t worry about it baby,” Herc grinned.

Laf narrowed his eyes suspiciously. He glanced at the sharpies in his friends’ hands.

“You are all, how you say, liars.”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned the camera so it was facing him.

“Merde,” he whispered. His face was completely covered in doodles. He turned to his friends with anger in his eyes. “Ce que l’enfer? Je m’endors pendant unedemi-heure et vous tous profaner monvisage? J’ai pensé que j’étais en sécurité autour de vous tous. C’est la dernière foisque je vais jamais dormir avec n’importelequel d'entre vous dans la salle. Il s’agit d’une telle trahison.”

“What did he say?” John asked Alex.

“He said he loves it,” Alex smirked at Laf before getting up and running away.

“Alexander!” Laf shouted, scrambling to get up and chase after his brother.

“Well,” Herc said to John, watching the other two chase each other around the room, “this is much more entertaining than a movie.”

“Cheers to that,” John agreed. They tapped their sharpies together. “How long until they tire themselves out?”

“I’m thinking we give Alex some coffee and see how long we can push it.”

About an hour later, Laf and Alex were both back in their places on top of their respective boyfriends—Alex was on top of John this time—and fast asleep.

“You know,” Herc mused to John as he felt himself reaching the verge of sleep, “we’re pretty lucky.”

“Cheers to that,” John yawned. “We’re pretty dang lucky.”

Breaking news:Elounor broke up because of RBB.

Apparently behind the infamous elounor’s break up there is RBB.

The rainbow bondage bear was infact the main source of fights between father- to-be Louis(bc you know he is gonna be a father with banana junglepuff) and Eleounor Calder.

“The situation was bearly bearable” a source closer to the Tomlinson’s ex told exclusively for -insert  insignificant neswpaper’s name here-.

“It was already difficultfor her to share her love with Tina and gretchen the bear was the last drop” says a friend.

The one direction’s member (btw did we ention he is gonna be a father with LA based stylist brianza junglebear daugther of a beutiful woman?) spent more time buying rainbow bondage gears and studying LGBT+ history than he spent with his girlfriend.

The Bear preferred to remain vague on his relationship with the singer and only stated : “I did not have sexual relationship with this man”

Band mate(and total enemy) Harry the lothario Styles who owns a sbb, says that they often dressed the bear together. For the ones wondering that’s totally not larry at all ,they are only strengthening their enemy-man bond!!

So Eleanor calder and the one who’s gonna be a father with brenda junglazzi broke up because of louis’ secret relationship with the bear.

We know we are as shocked as you,unbeariveable!!!

That’s all from your local bullshitter,

not Larry.