idk i was playing around with text

im not so much mad at neurotypicals who use spinners and other fidget toys; it makes me feel less self conscious about using mine in public- people will think im getting in on the fad. 

if they cause a disturbance when playing with them, then yeah, thats bad, but that goes for anyone, NT or otherwise.

i am mad at those who respond to this trend by banning them or ridiculung them just bc theyre popular. theyre harmless, and if someone is fucking around with them, thats on them. dont make it harder for ND kids to stim by using the toys in an obnoxious way, or by taking it away from everyone because of some kids using it obnoxiously

I was playing overwatch and a mei ran into where all the enemies were and froze herself then once everyone gathered around ready to murder this defenseless mei a reaper literally walked in and activated his death blossom and killed all of them and it was the most evil display of teamwork ive ever seen…

dash has a vet appointment wednesday bc he keeps having issues with his lips and gums. like his chin is super red (almost purple) and his lower lip is really swollen and his breath smells like blood. im super worried about him and im just hoping it’s nothing too serious because he’s my lil baby

Thoughts while watching the Unauthorized Portal 2 musical

In case yall thought I couldn’t geek out about anything but Undertale, I’ll have you know I had a very unhealthy relationship with Portal and Portal 2 for a while. So I thought I’d provide some play-by-play commentary as I watched the Portal 2 Unauthorized Musical for the first time. Spoilers and a VERY long post under the cut. This goes up to the intermission, because that’s about when I passed out from exhaustion yesterday. Will finish and reblog with more thoughts tonight!


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You Love Me

Request: awh u already have so many requests in queue I feel bad adding more work for u….but if u get a chance to, could u do number sixteen with svt’s scoups plz?? thank u so much, I love ur writing (:

16) Your bias confesses through text message while sitting next to you

Member: Seventeen’s S.Coups x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I moaned, flopping around on the worn leather couch I hadn’t remembered falling asleep on. I was being hissed at by a raspy voice I didn’t quite recognize as slender fingers poked at my ribcage. 

“What, what, what,” I spat, barely opening my eyes wide enough to assess the situation. A very awake Seungcheol stared back at me, unblinking and pouty. 

“What,” I repeated, readjusting to face him. I tugged the quilt I was sharing with him toward my shoulders and waited. 

“I-I…” he croaked, he began to clear his throat and immediately launched into a coughing fit. I furrowed my brows as I focused on him, waiting for him to finish. 

“You?” I said slowly, trying to prompt him to speak. 

“No…no…voice,” he stuttered, shaking his head with each word. He leaned back, seemingly out of energy from the small and broken sentence. 

“You lost your voice?” I hummed, sitting up slowly. “When did that happen? You had a voice yesterday.” 

Seungcheol rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, completely unamused by the situation. 

“Was it the show last night? Did you go too hard?” I chuckled, slithering deeper into my quilt. He cut his eyes at me. 

“What’s wrong Coups? Jeonghan got your tongue?” I whispered, trying to keep my composure. 

As if hit by a spike of electricity, Seungcheol uncrossed his arms and dug deep into his pocket. He pulled out his phone and tapped at the screen with impressive speed. After several moments, my phone buzzed beside me, his name and picture appearing. 

“don’t you think i hear that shit enough from the children?”

I smirked, glancing at his words and looked back at him. “Do they know you call them children?”

Seungcheol’s eyes grew wide as he looked at me, then back out to the kitchen. His shoulders eased when he made sure none of the members were looming there, eventually leaning back into the cushions of the couch. He tapped again at his phone screen and sucked at the inside of his mouth, biting his cheek. 

“do you have to say that out loud?!! they’re all quiet and asleep. don’t give them a reason to bother us.”

It was my turn to roll my eyes, deciding to play his game. I tapped at the screen, a small smirk on my face. 

“when did you become a stay at home dad?”

“idk 2014?”

I sighed, curling around to tuck my knees beneath my chin. I tapped idly at the screen, unsure of how to text someone who was sitting next to me. 

“so do you think you caught some sort of cold? or did you just lose your voice?”

“no idea. i’m freezing, so maybe i’m catching a cold?”

“Come here,” I sighed, wiggling over to him. He watched me carefully as I moved over, giving him a bit more of the quilt that covered us. I slid my body to lay flush against his. I rested my cheek gently on his shoulder, barely breathing as I realized his own breathes had become quicker. He looked down at me nervously, not daring to move. 

I took a long breath in through my nose, letting Seungcheol’s smell invade my senses. He smelled incredible. In the short time we had been friends, one of my simple pleasures in life was simply being close to him. He smelled like a businessman, freshly dressed in an Armani suit, and ready to impress a CEO of a multi billion dollar company. He liked to pretend he was grown, and his scent definitely reflected that. 

I looked up through my lashes to make eye contact with him. To be honest, I had picked the most handsome man to befriend. I felt no shame as he watched me watch him, allowing for my eyes to dance along his jaw line, pause at his nose, and end on his eyes. 

I knew he was surprised by my lack of embaressment as I openly leered at him. The only reason why I was confident enough to do so was because I knew he was in no position to tease me about it. 

“take a picture, it’ll last longer” read the text that appeared on my screen. 

“take your ass back to the 80′s where you found that joke…wait you were born in the 90′s”

“i’m vintage”

“which is just a fancy way of saying; you crusty”

“if i’m so crusty, why you staring?”

“you crusty, but you cute”

“i may not be able to speak, but i know you can hear my eyes rolling right now”

I giggled, sending a cursory glance back up toward Seungcheol. A wide smile was painted on his face as he looked back down at me. He took a sharp intake of breath through his nose before expelling it out of his mouth as he picked up his phone again, pounding quickly at the keyboard. 

“so you think i’m cute?”

I bit my lip, unsure if I should respond seriously or in my true nature. 

To hell with it, he knew what he was getting into when we became friends.

“damn coups, all you gotta do is scroll up. why do i have to repeat myself?”

“i already have 12 pains in the ass in my life, i can’t believe i’ve added another”

“you love me”

Seungcheol nodded, biting his own lip now as he cut his eyes at me. He focused on my eyes, then my lips, before returning to his screen. 

“how’d you know?”

I swore my heart skipped a beat as I read the few simple words that had scrolled into my vision. I gulped, the noise audible as I stared at the black and white text before me. 

“I-uh-what?” I whispered, looking anywhere but at him. 

“i have to say, falling in love with you has been a bit of an inconvenience, but allegedly…the best love stories are when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.”

“Is this you trying to woo me?” I giggled. Seungcheol grinned sheepishly as he stretched, wrapping his arm around me. With his free hand, his thumb tapped at the screen. 

“idk is it working?”

“It could be,” I cooed, tilting my face up. I kissed the underside of his jaw and smiled. 

His cheeks were tinted with a dark blush as he looked away, speaking in a broken whisper. “Oh, it is totally working.”

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Hey, guys! It’s been around 2 weeks since I last went in game, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m about to go in today, yay! Anyways, whenever I see you guys playing the history challenge I rlly wanna play it too?? I’m not sure if I could keep up with it, but it seems like lots of fun! If I played it I’d make a sideblog anyways. Idk??? I’m rambling, I think it could be fun! 

im back home from skool for the summer and mymom was flipping a shit 2nite because a geriatric cat we are fostering was projectile vomiting cause he is allergic to fish and my mom was sobbing and angrily smashing things and cursing and threatening suicide cause shes unstable and im like o wow i love bein home so i was there to take all the heat and then forced to drive to the store to buy cat food without fish in it to keep my mother from killing herself and its late at night and the parking lot is empty and no one is around and the store itself is undergoing construction so there are lots of empty aisles. and i have to go all the way to the very last aisle to get to the cat food. it feels like a dream. and im alone sorting thru cat food and changes by david bowie starts playing overhead. and im like. this is my life but its ok. (idk why im typing this i havent made a text post in a while hello) 

I’ve got some big plans for the next gen :~)

which i keep calling gen 2, but according to my tags, it’ll be gen 1 lmao idk why but i decided to tag this current one as gen 0 so :( whatever it doesn’t mater


i just plotted out some ideas for everyones kiddos ;) and i’ve also got some ideas of how i wanna play around with my screenshots/editing/posting style. 

so once gen 2/1 is officially here, aka babies are physically born, i will prob go on a short story hiatus (will still be here annoying u guys with text posts) to get my stuff together, make some builds, set things up, mess with my editing, etc. :)

im v v excited, and i hope you guys are too <3 

I’m curious.

Would anyone be interested at all to play a game similar to Mystic Messenger, i.e. based on text messages and calls, but with BNHA/My Hero Academia characters?

Because my hand kind of slipped when I played around in Unity and


Playing Andromeda
  • My dad walks past while Scott is talking to Kandros
  • Dad: Which one are you?
  • Dad: The black one?
  • Me: ..?
  • Finish the conversation with Kandros and walk around to show him which, because I can't just say "the human" without feeling weird.
  • Dad: Where are you going now?
  • Dad: Up the stairs?
  • Watching me wander the Nexus
  • Dad: And up more stairs, he's fit isn't he?

Yknow I’ve always leaned to the su crit side because I enjoyed playing around about the size differences but now I’m just like so upset about everyone being mad about aliens looking more alien I’m fully in the middle of the fire? Maybe?

I find it hilarious and somewhat maddening that steven shrunk to half his size and peridot is slowly becoming a gremlin but I’ve seen so much volatile, pure hatred over making a change that PEOPLE CALLED FOr that’s BEEN IN THE SHOW ALREADY is just really, really upsetting.

The jokes about Topaz looking like the buff fairy from fairy oddparents and aquamarine looking like an emoji and all the vore jokes are fucking HILARIOUS and like alright some people don’t like the designs but the rest is just trash saltiness for the sole reason to be salty.

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Why does everyone think Mark is a fuckboy?? Did I miss something 👀👀

Nah, It’s gucci fam. Every day I ask the lord how people missed the fact that bambam is a fuckboy. We all miss things. A big part of it is because he’s got quite a few of those generic ‘shirtless fuckboy’ photos floating around from pre-debut. Of course he’s 22 year old now, but that also plays a part. Idk I guess it’s just how he acts?? I still think he’s a really genuine, caring guy of course. Like, don’t get me wrong, I think he cares a LOT about people’s feelings and he’s very considerate. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s probably gonna send you a text at some point in time that has a winky face in it.

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Ok but why there's no scene of Shu playing violin in diabolik lovers anime?!! I REALLY WANNA SEE HIM PLAYING THE FRIKKIN VIOLIN ,is that too much to ask??!!

that would be cool ^^ they didnt animate much, yknow…movement? like idk except for like 1 fighting scene per season, all the characters were usually staying in one place and not moving around a whole lot.

Okay but I love every pairing in sf9 like put any member with anybody and there’s this like instant click. They become so comfortable with each other and joke around and are affectionate/playful I love!! Wow I love sf9???

felizmango liked your post “I think my next Twin Peaks tattoo is going to be a three eyed Laura…”

yo a three eyed laura thoooo

I was playing around in Photoshop the other day and gave her a third eye 

idk, I think she looks cool with a third eye. I think it would look neat if done in that traditional style with the text “I’ll see you again” around it. Tomorrow I’m going to draw something up.

Michael has a day with his two year old son Daniel, He’s showing him around a cool venue that he was going to play at later that day, He set’s Daniel down on a bench for a second to text his wife and let her know everything was going fine and as he turns around to grab Daniel his son is gone and instead of going to look for him quickly he takes a moment to tweet this:


“I feel like these songs, in contrast to ‘Expired Love,’ are more in the middle of something,” she said. “I feel like these songs are about fighting for something, and taking a stand for yourself. In both acting and singing, you have to face a lot of rejection and you sometimes have to mold to other people’s visions. This is more about finding what works for you.” - Emily Kinney

                                           –and if the night is вυrɴιɴɢ
                                   i  will  cover  my  eyes
                                              for if the ƊΛŔҚ returns
                                          then my b r o t h e r s will die
                                           αη∂ αѕ тнє ѕку ιѕ falling down
                                            it ᴄʀᴀꜱʜᴇᴅ into this ̲ˡ̲ᵒ̲ᶰ̲ᵉ̲ˡ̲ʸ̲ ̲ᵗ̲ᵒ̲ʷ̲ᶰ
                             and  with that shadow upon the ground
                      ⓘ ⓗⓔⓐⓡ ⓜⓨ ⓟⓔⓞⓟⓛⓔ [s c r e a m i n g  o u t]

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[text] Don’t move, you look beautiful in these pictures I’m taking. [baddestbitchofmiddleearth][my melkor wants to play so okay]

Inunir picked up his phone, feeling his heart stop when he read the message. Immediately he started looking around, trying to see whoever was there.

[text]: what do you mean? Who is this?

{ baddestbitchofmiddleearth oh god }