idk i was listening to this song this morning

Marry Me {Cedric Diggory x Reader}

Requests are open!

Prompt: Anonymous: U r the best writer on tumblr!!!! :D could you write a Cedric x reader where they have been dating since fourth year? Maybe they’re in 7th year and they just slept together for the first time so the next morning they wake up super happy and romantic and they want to get married (he never dies :P) and the whole one shot is just super fluffy???? I’m a hopeless romantic :P thank u!!!

A/N: Idk about best but thank you!! And this is such a cute idea, I’m a hopeless romantic too lol 

AU where Cedric doesn’t die whoooooooooooo. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a good gif and I’m sorry this is so short. 

Warnings: implied sexy times, but it is really just super fluffy y’all know me

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You woke up to the pale morning sun in your eyes. You rolled over to see Cedric sleeping next to you. You felt heat rush to your cheeks remembering what last night had entailed. When you tried to fall back to sleep you felt the sheets shift. You closed your eyes, a smile played on your lips.

“Good morning,” his voice was rough and tired. He began to press his lips against the nape of your neck. “I know you’re awake.” His arm slid around your waist. You pretended to snore. Cedric laughed and began to tickle you. You rolled over to face him, a huge smile plastered on both your faces. Your mind wandered to last night’s activities. Cedric’s lips brought you back to reality.

“Good morning,” you mumbled against his lips. His fingers absently drew circles on your hip. He searched your eyes. He was smiling like an idiot. You shook your head and laughed. “What?” He attacked your lips with his. You could feel his smile causing you to smile. 

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” he rambled out. You repeated his words. The two of you laid there in silence for a bit. But it wasn’t because you didn’t have anything to say, you just didn’t know how. Cedric was the first to break the silence. 

“I need you,” if you hadn’t been so close you wouldn’t have heard him. “You leave me so overwhelmed and I love it. I love you with my entire being if I lost I don’t- I don’t know what I’d do. You are my everything. Please-” You pressed a soft kiss on his lips. Once you pulled apart, you laughed. He stared at you, there was a bit of fear in his eyes.

“You’re so dumb,” you continued to laugh. “I love you so much that I cannot believe that you would even consider me leaving you.” He laid there his arms wrapped around your waist. You just stared into is deep brown eyes. 

“Marry me.”


“I mean it. I know you are the one and if you feel the same please do me the honor of becoming mine forever.”

“Cedric Diggory we aren’t even out ofHogwarts yet.”

“It doesn’t matter. I know you are the one and I am going to marry you. I don’t care how long I have to wait.”

“I want to marry you and I will marry you. Just wait for me, ok? I love you.

“I can’t wait to marry you and spend every day with you. I can see it now, it’ll be perfect I already know. I can’t wait to grow old with you.” 

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself now,” you giggled, pushing him away. He kissed you passionately. 

“I love you, (Y/N),” his voice almost reached a yell.

“Cedric…shhhhh do you want to get us in trouble.

“I love (Y/N)(L/N)!” You smacked both your hands over his mouth while you laughed softly. You couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with Cedric.

mornings with taehyung
  • idk why but for some reason i feel like he’d have some music playing and it’s probably the acoustic versions of songs but it’s not too loud, like it’s at the perfect volume while the two of you are brushing your teeth
  • the two of you would eat breakfast and try to be productive for at least an hour but then somehow the two of you migrate back to your shared bedroom where you two cuddle
  • he’d let you listen to some of his current favorite songs and hum along to them every now and then
  • one moment he’s humming and then the next he’s tickling you and you’re trying to get out of his grip but part of you doesn’t want to and both of you are laughing and being silly
  • there’d be serious talks about things that are worrying the both of you and advice would be offered as well as hugs
  • lots of moments where he’s going to smother you with kisses and stop for a few minutes so that you can smother him with kisses and it’s all very cute
  • most of the morning will be spent in bed watching videos and listening to music but neither of you mind bc it’s nice and peaceful
  • he’s probably gonna show you most of the videos he recorded of jimin and it’s so cute how excited he gets when jimin’s on screen and being jealous isn’t really an option bc he’s gonna remind you how much he loves only you and he’s just so sweet wow
  • both of you are still a little sleepy and you doze off for like an hour and then you guys wake up and you finally remember to water the plants that you bought
  • couple photos in your pjs bc tae loves you no matter how you look bc he’s the epitome of precious and is just a literal angel okay. like he’d probably print out the pictures of you guys and keeps a few in his wallet and if he has a clear phone case at the time he’d place it where he can see the picture bc there’s gonna be times when his phone dies
  • and he knows that he can just look on his phone for those pictures but it’s just this thing that he does from time to time
  • mornings with tae are very playful and cute and both of you enjoy them even if you’re not necessarily morning people
Games in the Sheets

wonho x reader


804 words

anon nymph wished– hello :) can i request 70 “Call me that one more time, see what happens” from the drabble game with wonho? :) and maybe 69 “Bed. Now.” it could be in one drabble or you can write them separately :) (i’d prefer separately tho, cause that’d mean more things to read about wonho ♡ hehe) thank you!

Here is the other half of your wish, dear! ^^ It’s kind of funny cause I struggled for a minute there, but I was listening to DNCE’s-Toothbrush (idk if you have ever heard the song or not) but it kind of gave me a bit of inspiration for this. lmao! I do hope you enjoy! ^^


#69 Bed. Now.

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you know that feeling when you realize that you’re so fucking gay and just want a cuteass girlfriend to cuddle with and tell stupid jokes to and go to early morning coffee shops with and fall asleep on top of and take weekend car trips with while listening to the most cliche songs and singing at the top of your lungs

and then you remember that you’re not out yet and have no clue how to even find said girlfriend


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A (Age): 26
B (Biggest Fear): Being tortured lolol that got morbid
C (Current Time): 09:03 (the clocks went forward, kanashi T0T)
D (Drink You Last Had): Currently having my morning tea ^-^
E (Easiest Person/s to Talk to): Hmmm there are a few for different reasons, namely @lilith5th@11daysofhell@nayeonniekim​ and couple of IRL friends
F (Favorite Song): Currently listening to Call Your Name from AoT because angst
G (Grossest Moment): Ya’ll got me thinking hard and I just don’t know…Doing fluid mechanics at uni was pretty gross 8D
H (Horror Yes, Horror No): Horror NO I CRI
I (In Love With): YOOSUNG <33333 also a tsun for a certain other character and everyone in the Famafia :3
J (Jealous of): HAHAHA DON’T GET ME STARTED Srsly I’m a jealous person by nature but I’m trying to fix this. Wish me luck ;^;
K (Killed someone): I’d kill for Yoosung Kim *Yandere mode activated*
L (Love at First Sight/Should I Walk by Again): Not sure I quite understand this. But I don’t think I’m capable of LAFS so let’s go with SIWBA
M (Middle Name): Hoe I ain’t got one
N (Number of Siblings): 1 older brother. He a tsun.
O (One Wish): MM universe becomes real 8D
P (Person You Last Called): Idk *can’t be bothered to check* *rarely rings anyone*
Q (Question You’ve Always Been Asked): “When are ya getting married?/Found somebody yet?” I am a hoe. I have multiple somebodies/wives. Happy now?
R (Reasons to Smile): That I have people who love me (and whom I love back), my hobbies, my easygoing life, the sun shining outside rn, Yoosung, you.
S (Song You Last Sang): The one above.
T (Time You Wake Up): Varies between 6:30 and 8AM
U (Unlucky Moment): Make it plural - anytime I’ve ever been bitten by mosquitoes. Hate dem things >8(
V (Vacation Destination): Japan, Korea, US, Aussie, NZ
W (Worst Habit): Hitting on my wives. Constantly.
X (X-rays I’ve had): None.
Z (Zodiac): Same as Zen’s

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Rules: Write 92 rules about yourself, then tag 25 people. (Ill just tag my mutuals)

LAST ____:

Drink: Dr Pepper
Phone Call: My mom looking for her in the store
Text message: I was talking to one of my internet friends on instagram about how much of a struggle life is
Song you listened to:  Polaroid by Imagine Dragons
Time you cried: idk probably yesterday maybe this morning I cry so much it all just kind of blends together

Dated someone twice: Im a lonely spork who hasnt even dated someone once
Been cheated on: ^
Kissed someone and then regretted it: ^
Lost someone special: my grandpa
Been depressed: literally 90% of the time and i cover my mood with jokes
Gotten drunk and thrown up: Not on alcohol but I once threw up after eating too many donuts

Every shade of blue, black, and converse red

Made new friends: Yes so many online and in real life and they are all amazing
Fallen out of love: no???
Laughed until you cried: all the time
Found out someone was talking about you: sadly yes
Met someone who changed you: yep, they changed me for the better into the person I am today
Found out who your true friends are: I think I finally have gotten rid of all the toxic people in my life
Kissed someone on your Facebook list: again I am A LONELY SPORK

How many Facebook friends do you know in real life: I dont have a facebook but I know all my instagram followers
Do you have any pets: I have a German Shepherd named Beaux and a blue betta fish named Yuuri
Do you want to change your name: not really
What did you do for your last birthday: I was in Florida with all my brothers friends…
What time did you wake up: 4:30 for swim, 6:20 for school, and 10 on every day im free
What were you doing at midnight last night: Trying to go to sleep because I had to be up early

Name something you cannot wait for: the day i meet someone who has changed my life
When was the last time you saw your mother: literally 5 minutes ago when i woke up from a nap
What is something you wish you could change about your life: id get rid of my social anxiety it might make life a little easier
What are you listening to right now: my grandma teaching my sister how to had sew
Have you ever talked to a person named tom: not that I know of
Something that is getting on your nerves: school 24/7 especially my english teacher
Most visited website: i think its a tie between tumblr and netflix
Elementary: willow creek
High school: Concordia Lutheran
College: I kind of want to go to MIT but thats pretty much impossible so maybe ill be an aggie
Hair color: brown
Long or short hair: its a little past my shoulders I kinda want a pixie cut though but i also want it longer
Do you have a crush on someone: do fictional characters count?
What do you like about yourself: my hufflepuff qualities and my music taste
Piercings: ears
Blood type:  not a clue i know its negative
Nickname: My friends call me a combination of Rylee, Ry and Ten
Relationship status: Single pringle
Zodiac sign: cancer the crabby
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite TV show: UGh there are too many can I chose superwholock as one show?
Tattoos: none but I want some
Right or left hand: right

FIRST ____:
Surgery: Never ever knock on wood
Piercing: my ears when I was a wee lil baby
Best friend: @just-gimme-a-sec, @theawkwardathlete, @purplezeuspandas, and Alexa but she wont give me her tumblr URL (your blog cant be as trashy as mine just let me see it)
Sport: gymnastics that didnt work out…. I swim now
Vacation: besides visiting family to Disney world when i was 4
Pair of trainers: whot in traination

Eating: chicken strips from whataburger
Drinking: cherry limeade slush
About to: read lord of the flies for school
Listening to: Rylans Rad Playlist with my favorite songs
Waiting for: my shows to start back up
Want: my phone fixed
Get married: can it be to fictional characters or actors twice my age?
Career: I just want to work for nasa maybe doing artist impressions of space maybe building rockets maybe studying astronomy looking for stuff in the sky

Hugs or kisses: long hugs that seem to never end
Lips or eyes: eyes
Shorter or taller: taller
Older or younger: it depends on who im talking about
Nice arms or nice stomach: i mean I kinda want a six pack before summer
Sensitive or loud: im sensitive to noise but my family is so loud
Hook up or relationship: Im in a happy relationship right now with sleep so school no i dont want to hoop up you can screw off
Troublemaker or hesitant: I cant take a risk to save my life

Kissed a stranger: nope
Drank hard liquor: no 
Lost glasses/contact lenses: I lose my sunglasses all the time
Turned someone down: yepper
Sex on first date: ;) jk how many times do i have to say i am a SINGLE LONELY SPORK WHO HAS NEVER HAD A DATE
Broken someone’s heart: idk im so oblivious to others emotions
Had your own heart broken: no i dont think so
Been arrested: no im an innocent angel who would never break the law oh who am i kidding i havent been arrested but i have done illegal things in the university of houston locker room (that sounds really wrong i just snuck food inside during a swim meet i swear)
Cried when someone died: absoluetly
Fallen for a friend: maybe…?

Yourself: not really
Miracles: yes absolutely
Love at first sight: no but soulmates yes
Santa Claus: not anymore
Kiss on the first date: maybe if you knew them before but not if you just met
Angels: yes

OTHER ____:
Current best friend’s name: Vanessa, Christina, Sabrina, Alexa, and Mary Grace 
Eye color: As my friend once put it Jared Padalecki Green
Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy and I cant wait for the second one

This has been a fun and really long self journey trip i learned about myself you learned about me this has been great Im tagging @sassifell @puddlesky @theawkwardathlete  and anyone else who wants to do it just say I tagged you because I really dont want to tag 25 people

everything that makes me breathe
make it simple like that
farther and farther from me until it can’t be seen
i call you baby
baby’s called my happiness
baby i just want it simple

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1. relationship status: As my kids say, I am a single Pringle.

2. favourite colour: Green

3. lipstick or chapstick: I prefer neither, but chapstick if I HAVE to.

4. last song i listened to: Whatever the closing song was at church services this morning. I don’t remember the title, which is sad. I’ll straight up admit that.

5. last movie i watched: Kong: Skull Island.

6. top three tv shows: FMAB. Always FMAB. Also Voltron and Castle.

7. top three characters: How DARE you make me choose btwn my children! I’ll pick some friends’ ocs, I guess. Barnaby by @thetimetravelingdiamond, Marjorie by @a-radioactive-platypus , and the mom of Josiah (sorry Idk how to spell her name!) by @phoenixavalon

8. top three ships: Mustang/Hawkeye, Danjorie, and Sophie/Howl

9. books I’m currently reading: Well, my kids and I got done with Fablehaven last week, so… Um… I need to pick up the Silmarillion again. And finish rereading Ender’s Game. Also, we started the book of Acts today in my dad’s bible class.

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[1] drink: Earl Grey
[2] phone call: a friend from school
[3] text message: roommate, probably
[4] song you listened to: Perfect by Ed Sheera
[5] time you cried: this morning  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


[6] dated someone twice: nope
[7] been cheated on: uh, no
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: I don’t really /remember/ if he kissed me, which should be enough indication
[9] lost someone special: yes
[10] been depressed: haha
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: I’m the lightest weight in the world, so yes

[12] peacock blue
[13] lime green
[14] and then some shade of pale grey probably

[15] made new friends:  ♥
[16] fallen out of love: that would require me to actually fall in love lol
[17] laughed until you cried: probably when drunk
[18] found out someone was talking about you: yes but in a good way
[19] met someone who changed you: yes
[20] found out who your true friends are: um, kinda?
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: yup

[22] how many of your tumblr friends do you know in real life: none because different countries suck
[23] do you have any pets: 4 dogs
[24] do you want to change your name: no
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: my parents took me to a fancy restaurant and then my roommate organized a surprise day with a few friends. We went to the cabaret/fair museum in Paris and bought tea. It was cooler than it sounds.
[26] what time did you wake up: 7am (as usual)
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping because I’m a tired girl
[28] name something you cannot wait for: end of school/summer
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: literally seconds ago
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my parents’ relationship, probably
[31] what are you listening to right now: Ed Sheeran’s Divide album
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: I had a Thomas in 1st grade that went by Tom I think?
[33] something that is getting on your nerves: my life/myself
[35] elementary: yes? I went to school? It was boring?
[36] high school: went off to Paris, away from my parents, and they were like the best years of my short life lmao
[37] college: I’m not /actually/ in college but in prépa, and it’s hell
[38] hair colour: used to be super blonde but now it’s light brown
[39] long or short hair: short
[40] do you have a crush on someone: nope
[41] what do you like about yourself?: my eyelashes/my brain, my logical way of thinking
[42] piercings: none
[43] blood type: idk but I took so many blood tests when I was in preschool it must be somewhere in my medical record
[44] nickname: Cath/Cat, Jude by my sister
[45] relationship status: single
[46] zodiac sign: taurus
[47] pronouns: she/her
[48] fav tv show: i have no idea
[49] tattoos: none
[50] right or left handed: right-handed

[51] surgery: never had one
[52] piercing: same
[53] best friend: Héloïse
[55] vacation: uuuh… I don’t remember. Out of France, when I went to the US when I was 9
[56] pair of trainers: I’m supposed to remember? lol

[57] eating: nothing
[58] drinking: nothing
[59] I’m about to: take my hair out of the towel and actually get dressed
[60] listening to: How would you feel, Ed Sheeran (I’m listening to the album, okay)
[61] waiting for: myself to get my shit together
[62] want: a lot of things. To go the the US at some point? I wish I could see my friends irl
[63] get married: nah 
[64] career: I still don’t know, which is kinda worrying

[65] hugs or kisses: hugs
[66] lips or eyes: eyes all the way
[67] shorter or taller: taller (which is not very difficult lol)
[68] older or younger: I don’t really care, but I’m used to be the youngest all the time, so older, I’d say
[69] romantic or spontaneous: honestly idk
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: both? none? 
[71] sensitive or loud: I hate loud people
[72] hook up or relationship:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hookup? idk
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: it depends? both annoy me. Troublemaker, maybe.

[74] kissed a stranger? … (if I met him two hours earlier and I can’t remember if we actually kissed does it count?)
[75] drank hard liquor? yes
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? nope
[77] turned someone down: kinda? 
[78] sex on first date? no
[79] broken someone’s heart? not that I know of
[80] had your own heart broken? haha no
[81] been arrested? no
[82] cried when someone died? yes
[83] fallen for a friend: no

[84] yourself? I wish. For some very specific things
[85] miracles? no
[86] love at first sight? NO
[87] santa claus? no
[88] kiss on the first date? idk, depends on the people? yes, maybe. 
[89] angels? no

[90] current best friend’s name: Héloïse
[91] eye colour: light brown
[92] favourite movie: don’t make me choose favourites idk

  • @elliephant: -guitar cover video of "friends" by chase atlantic because wow she actually put the uke down-
  • @elliephant: this song has like...weird synth on like...i'm trying to get that same muffled playing in my boyfriend's bathroom? at like two in the morning? this isn't the weirdest thing i've done?
  • @elliephant: idk just please listen to this and don't laugh at me for censoring the word h*ll.

anonymous asked:

do all the "last" asks in the ask game

1. last person you kissed
-i guess my boyfriend like a year ago lmfao
2. last text you sent
-“can you get me a sundae from dq” lol
3. last person you texted
-my mum
4.last show you watched
-um i cant rly remember the last tv show i watched?? thats so weird bc i thought i just finished a series? sorry thats weird idk man. maybe friends or its always sunny
5. last time you cried
-this morning lmao,,
6. last song you listened to
-you really got me by van halen
7. last shoes you wore
-black combat boots
8. last thing you ate
-a lil chocolate egg
9. last thing you bought
-uh like a mars bar and some liquorice i think
10. last time you took a selfie
-like? hm. a while ago probs like a week ago

tysm!! srry it took so long lmao 😊💖

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Relationship status: Single

Favourite colour: purple, red, teal, and black

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick

Last song I listened to: I’m not sure, it was on Pandora so idk

Last movie I watched: Live Free or Die Hard this morning when I needed something to keep me somewhat attentive to something other than my chronic pain

Top three tv shows: Umm.. Sense8, Witches Of East End, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir

Top three characters: Bitty and Nursey from @omgcheckplease and Tiffany Aching from The Wee Free Men

Top three ships: PB&J, All of the love square from Miraculous, and NurseyDex

Books I’m currently reading: Wintersmith by Sir Terry Pratchett.. again xD

I tag @sassysasse @5secondsof1demi @alexmolina047 @gp-mogar @pundalf @quietgirl1998 @smilingbirdmom @alexthef0x @prayers-and-potions and anyone else who wants to join in.


Drive (Bucky x Ofc)

Pairings: Bucky x ofc

Words: 1980

Summary: Bucky and Athena steal one of Tony’s vintage cars and go driving at 5:30 in the morning.


I advise you to listen to Halsey’s song called ‘Colours part 2′ before you read this, and also to play it when you see ‘Colours part 2′ in bold further down. It’s not vital to the story but imo it really added to the feels I was getting ok (p.s what a lil cutie my poOR HEART)

“Psst. Psst.”

Athena nudged Bucky gently. “I know you’re awake, Barnes.”

Despite the insufficiency of light, she noticed Bucky open his right eye. A small grin tugged at his lips. “How did you know I was awake?” He inquired with a soft voice.

“You have this action you do in your sleep,” She began, “Your left knee jerks every so often.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, “How did you know that? I hope you’re not the kind of girlfriend that watches people sleep, because that’s creepy.”

Athena grinned, “Only on Tuesdays.”

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