idk i was just toying around is this cool or

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I was thinking about your nonbinary Sephiroth headcanon earlier and it reminded me how in the original Japanese version of ff7, before going mad, Sephiroth used ore to refer to himself, which you might know that has masculine pronouns attatched to it, but for the entirety of the game, he uses watashi, which has no attatched gender, so I guess that kinda supports your idea?? Kinda??? Idk, just thought I'd share

Ohhh, yeah! I do remember hearing about that, although I didn’t have it in mind when I was toying around with the headcanon. But it is very cool to consider, and would work super well with the idea of a nonbinary Sephiroth.

I suppose it would go, like, Sephiroth doesn’t feel like he belongs to any part of the gender binary, but he presents as male because that’s what he was assigned at birth and what everyone expects him to be. He was told he should use and was corrected into using ‘ore’, and it never seemed worth fighting over some nebulous unease he couldn’t quite decipher. When he finally gets to the stage of fuck everything and is free to do whatever the goddamn hell he wants, he switches to the neutral term to match how he wants to present himself.

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“I am a god.”

“But what’s in your pants?”

“The black materia.”

“…..wait, that’s where you keep it??? Uhh. Nevermind guys, it’s too late, we’re not getting the black materia back from Sephiroth. AVALANCHE, move out!”

/jk I’m sure Cloud would be all over anything that’s been in Sephiroth’s pants

heyo so if anyone ever happened to forget that i really love the front bottoms, i would firstly like to remind y'all that i love those dudes

but secondly, do y'all remember the Looking Like You Just Woke Up music video? the old one on vimeo, where brian is riding around on a moped on half the screen for a majority of the time?
i happen to live in the town he rides that moped around on, super close to the streets seen in the video, and ever since i first saw that vid, i’ve been toying w the idea of going out & taking pics of those places now, & putting them side by side w stills from the video – idk does that sound like a cool thing ?? would anyone be interested in that ???