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matt age theory?

we know that pidge was just starting middle school in the flashback at the end of episode 2 of season 4 because she says that she has to go through middle school without Matt there (because he will be on the kerberos mission)

most middle schoolers start at age 11 (turning 12 during the year) meaning that in the flashback pidge would have been about 12 years old. in the pilot we learned it takes months to get all the way out to kerberos so that would have taken some time.

in the pilot we are shown pidge a year after the failed kerberos mission which would have been a year and some months after the flashback in season 4 allowing the time for the kerberos mission to launch, fail, and have a 1 year anniversary of that failure. therefor pidge would have been about 14 at the time of the pilot.

we also know that pidge is 15 now which means that in canon from the time of the flashback to season 4 pidge would have aged 3 years and matt would have aged 3 years as well.

with the assumptions that the garrison is a high school program, said high school program wouldn’t send a student who hasn’t completed the program on a mission, and that most high schoolers start at age 14 (turning 15 during the year) and graduate when they are 18, then when matt went on the kerberos mission he would have been at least 18 years old.

this is also supported by the fact that keith, hunk and lance are all 17/18 year olds and were still part of the program and keith was the top student in the class but still wasn’t chosen to go on a mission. none of them were. they were all still being trained in the pilot which leads to the idea that the garrison wouldn’t send people to space until they completed the program/graduated. so again matt would have been at LEAST 18.

if he was at least 18 when he went on the mission and 3 years have passed in canon since the flashback scene, that would mean that in season 4 matt would be at least 21 years old.

Inktober 13 - Bubblegum.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 12).

(Fresh Sans) is created by (Crayon Queen)

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one thing and another with the busy world
where even breathing is hard
what if i said they were why
you and i became distant? 

Inktober Day….7???

Idk, I’ve lost track of how behind I am. Anyway, I know I’m basic and unoriginal, but tbh, Feel Good Inc. has been and probably always will be my favorite track. Closely followed by El Manana and like 10 others.

Didn’t bother inking this one and just slapped a few flat colors on it.


Also, wow the colors look truly awful on mobile. You can’t see his eyes rolling back at all on here. :’)

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So this may sound rude as hell. I Hate the way you draw, Also i Love the way you draw. Like some time your art is so beautiful to me and at other times i dislike it so much and i mean like the same piece. Idk why I'm so polarized on your art. But i lean more towards loving your art. Yeah. So i Love & Hate your work in the best way possible?

this is kinda rude tbh. i wouldn’t mind if it was constructive, but…. it’s not

in my opinion (which is just like. my opinion. not fact) louis was the best lyricist in one direction like liam we love you but it’s not your strong suit (music he is obviously amazing at) niall writes some good stuff but it usually feels a tad awkward to me (again, i think the music comes easier for him and tbh he tends to write my favorite music of the bunch) and like harry is obviously a good lyricist and i’m sure a lot of people would say he’s the best and like i totally respect that opinion because harry is a Good Writer and he’s Clever and there’s Emotion in his writing but like idk man. For me personally I always Felt The Most with louis’ lyrics like?? They were almost always Straightforward and Raw and Beautiful in a way that the other boys generally weren’t. at least for ME. Obviously there are exceptions but generally speaking that’s how I felt. And idk like just like you lyrically I think is what I’ve been waiting for from him. Raw, honest, gut wrenching storytelling with a sick fun beat to match. Like “every heart breaks the same, every tears leaves a stain, let me be the same” IS SO BEAITIFUL ??? And it’s simple yes but simple in that amazingly complicated way that only simple things can be sometimes because it’s just TRUE and you feel it in the pit of your stomach, you know?

Six movies I’ll always watch

Thank you @cometothedarkside-x!!! <333 

This is so hard to pick just six…

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Jurassic Park
  4. The Departed
  5. The Little Mermaid (or any of the Disney Renaissance movies, tbh)
  6. Ever After

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ive been watching a lot of pkmn lets plays lately bc i like them and bc i finally found some women letsplayers who do pkmn stuff! and tbh I’d really like to do a nuzlocke run lets play of my own? both bc i think it’d be fun and bc while i love doing nuzlockes and other challenges i have a hard time keeping myself honest when no one is watching. idk the first thing about video editing though, maybe ill try to find some tutorials on youtube

i dont know why this is an interest of mine all of a sudden, im not even really into games or letsplays except for pokemon and sonic. its a thought though

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um so like ur such an inspo like ur my go to whenever i need more reddie content and idk if thats a good thing or not tbh bc like im stuck in this shipping hell hole forever so thanks for that but shahooot didnt mean for that to sound snarky yikes i came out here to try to be ur friend and instead it sounds like im insulting u omg im so sorry ilysm!!!!

Hahah xD you’ve made my day, thank you!! I’m so blessed you come to my blog I feel like I’m so dumb and my writing isn’t good so thank you that’s sweet x

I don’t know, my favorite was always witch weather. That moment that in a gust of wind or in the rumbling sky or at the edge of a fog bank where suddenly, you feel different. A restlessness, a sense of longing for a place that does not exist. I don’t know if anyone else has felt the electric tense changing of that moment. It calls the magic to your skin. For a moment, you feel ancient and powerful and lonely, as if you forgot something important. Witch weather. For some reason, in that wild instant: you remember you are alive, and that means some part of you belongs to the everlasting.

just an end-of-day doodle ‘cause apparently everyone wants this friendship to happen as much as I do

Louie is telling him which horses have the lowest odds to win- aka. which ones to bet on so they rake in the most cash when they win :Tb