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WHOA BOY RUSHING HOME TO GET THESE IN ON TIME but man were these fun to do! Thanks to the @voltronbang team putting this awesome event together and letting me work with @thehouseofthebrave to draw for her fic When the Wolfsbane Blooms - you should totally go check it out! The road to the finish line sure was bumpy, but we made it in the end - hurray!! 

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Do you regret having phallo? I saw another person posting about how he regrets it and idk it really worries me. I want phallo so badly but seeing that makes me scared

No, I don’t regret having phalloplasty. I also didn’t experience severe complications like others have which changes our outcomes, recoveries, number of surgeries, relationships with our surgeons, perceptions of ourselves, and perceptions of how our surgeries have influenced our lives. His regrets are his own, my lack of regrets are my own. Neither is more important or should hold more weight than the other. Likewise, neither of our results are indicative of what you should expect because each recovery is completely unique to your anatomy, your surgical team, and how your body recovers. Keep in mind that hundreds, if not thousands, of phalloplasties are performed around the world every year. You can’t look at one person’s experience and say that reflects what we all go through or feel.

It might help to think of it like top surgery. The potential for complications is lower because it’s a less invasive procedure but those risks are still present. The people who’ve experienced those severe complications don’t negate the ones who had little to no issues recovering and vise versa. You can read about thousands of top surgery recoveries and how people feel about their results but at the end of the day that has nothing to do with what your recovery will look like or how you will feel because they aren’t you.

i feel like asexuality was relatively accepted as its own distinct orientation for a really long time
and i’d really never seen so much hate for asexuality as an orientation until people started making these like ridiculous militant homophobic blogs on here abt it… and that should be called out because tumblr is a community just like any other community i guess but like… i dont see why a bunch of shitty stupid 15 year olds are like grounds for dismissing a group of people who have, to my knowledge, fallen under the lgbt umbrella for some time?
you could argue that ace people dont experience systematic violence and you’d be right but is the lgbt community really purely centered on political activism (which is extremely important obviously) bc i feel like for a lot of people its a community they look to for emotional support & understanding, having a sexual orientation that is misunderstood & misrepresented & feeling isolated as a result is an experience that i think warrants the support of a community idk
and its just weird that people react to this by being like “should straight kinky people be allowed in the lgbt community then??????” when thats like. So obviously not the same thing lol
anyways. is this an issue thats as controversial outside of tumblr as it is on this site

Do any of you consider yourselves resilient individuals? What do you do to encourage yourself in kind and compassionate ways?

My ways of motivating myself often involve saying/thinking unkind things about my character/work/work habits. The results are short lived and are usually followed by downward spirals.

Idk, I know what I do isn’t healthy. Not just for me, but for most people with anxiety. But I don’t know how to be healthy and productive in grad school at the same time.

This post is mostly me just thinking aloud. But if you have any experiences you’d like to share, I’d be happy to hear them.

Also, here’s a picture of my dog to justify me posting this to dog blog:

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CAN SOMEONE HELP ME??? Like.... I DON'T ship batcat AT ALL because i fell in love with Talia x Bruce like.. 6 years ago.. but nw there's so much stuff with batcat and apparantly they're getting married(gross) soo i want to change my mindset but idk howwww ...

This is a Batman and Catwoman fan blog dedicated to providing resources and content for those who appreciate them. I doubt there’s anything I could say to change your mindset nor is that the function of this blog. If you really want to know you’re free to search through the tags, checkout some batcat related media, or try following me for awhile to see if that changes anything for you, but fair warning: purposeful negativity is not tolerated here. I also do not recommend dedicating your fandom experience to something you don’t like; it will not result in an enjoyable experience for you. Time is better spent on things you do enjoy, interacting with those who share your interests, and focusing on the positive. 

It is true that Batman and Catwoman did become recently engaged. For this fact I am not sorry and am quite thrilled about. That is what will be happening in the Batman books for the foreseeable future according to the main writer. I will, however, disagree that batcat is only just now having more content available. Batman and Catwoman have been featured together for 77 years ever since the first issue of Batman published in 1940. They have been featured and continue to be featured in every form of alternate media, including three movies, two live action tv shows, four animated series, and three video games, among many others. They have become very popular and attracted a very large fan following. I don’t know how long you’ve been involved in the fandom but there has never been a lack of content. It will probably be impossible to completely avoid and all I can suggest is installing the Tumblr Savior extension and blacklisting the tag. 

As a Batman and Catwoman fan I’m obviously biased and I have my reasons for why I think they’re a superior couple and their love story is better, as I’m sure you do as well. All we can do as fans is to support what we love when we can and try not to get hung up over what we don’t. 

joe macmillan deserved better

He really did! And it had nothing to do with Cameron and him breaking up or him not being forgiven or whatever, which, haha, i love this song.gif

Nope, halt and catch fire just does super badly when it comes to writing a bi dude!

Simon, the unnamed guy Joe sleeps with, Ryan, Gordon. Every single onscreen man Joe has ever been emotionally close to has died or is implied to have died, two of them from AIDS. I don’t care about the historical plausibility of a bisexual man losing people in the 80’s here, because there’s no nuance to it and also it was written by straight dudes. Those are all the male characters he even gets close to, and it’s hard to see it as anything but some kind of punishment (both from the character’s and a viewer’s point of view), because there’s often an element of blame or guilt between the character and Joe, usually along the lines of “you were selfish and now I’m dead”.

This contrasts even more with how as opposed to this Joe is consistently and repeatedly excused for his actions with women lmao but that’s another post.

To be fair, Joe is selfish. Like, he really is. But when you’ve got an LGBT character and they like……… never experience anything good re: their identity, and in fact are disproportionately punished within those interactions, that’s? Bad? In fact, none of the gay or bisexual men on the show actually experience anything good about their sexuality. Lev is the victim of a hate crime, Simon and the unnamed character are implied to die of AIDS and that’s like their single character trait, and Joe doesn’t experience anything positive about being bisexual until (kind of) season 4.

This also, crucially, results in these underutilized characters like Simon and especially Ryan (who I would argue is also not straight…), who are essentially fridged because idk, manpain I guess? In a show as white as HaCF, the least you can do is not kill off your very few non-white characters for the sads, guys!

S4 makes a token effort by throwing in an ambiguously named ex and, of course, having him act as a sort of mentor to Haley. To me this is a good step in the right direction, but doesn’t make up for the absence of positive experiences Joe himself has experienced, and the show never brings this arc back to a good place.

So yeah, from a writing perspective? It’s an irresponsible and cruel way to depict bisexual and gay men’s lives, especially with no comparatively positive depictions. thanks for coming to my ted talk

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ALSO. (this might be the last one idk) do you think vampires have different sensitivities to things?? i know that they can't digest food, but do you think some vampires are more attuned to the original flavors than others?? or do you think some vampires have an easier time falling into a sleep-like state (meditation? trance? daydreaming??) than others?

I do think that vampires can have different sensitivities to things and various physical not-quite-gifts. 

I’m particularly curious about taste. It seems like venom hijacks the perception of flavour, making just about everything seem disgusting, except for blood, which can smell like perfume and create intense sensory experiences. As a result, I’m sure that more refined palettes lead to an extra-heightened enjoyment during feeding. Whether that translates to awareness of different flavours/scents in human food is interesting to consider. While it’s not necessary for vampires, it might just be a holdover from their human lives that venom couldn’t fully change. 

I’m also of two minds re: sleep-like states. On the one hand, meditation is hard. You gotta practice consistently, and some people seemingly aren’t built for long-term mindfulness. This tendency might be enhanced with vampires, whose brains are constantly going and whose attention to detail is extensive. As a result, even the most practiced meditators might lose that skill entirely due to the background chatter of their new vampire senses. On the other, venom could very well enhance those innate abilities/learned skills and create a class of vampires capable of near-sleep. 

Actually, I’m really fascinated about what venom does to people with synesthesia. If you’re already in possession of an unusual brain that connects colours to sounds or numbers or letters, I’m sure that transformation would only add to that. (Actually, I think most vampires have low-key synesthesia in some domain; those who had it as humans simply vary in the intensity of their perceptions.)

Castaway, 5 Seconds of Summer ~ first chorus

I have synesthesia - a condition causing my senses to get mixed up - resulting in my ability to see sounds. A lot of people ask me what it looks like, so I thought I’d share parts of some of my favourite songs so other people can experience it too

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People always say "Morocco was always tolerant of its Jewish population" but then you hear about the Oujda pogrom and earlier examples like in Fez…Then when you bring this up people say "well…but those were one-off incidents." I don't know how to respond to this, is there anything to say? It seems like they don't want to examine a narrative that suits them. Maybe compared with the experiences of other Arab Jewish communities Moroccan Jews fared better (idk) but??

they’re not one-off incidents at all they’re the result of centuries of jews living a degrading and 2nd class existence setting the stage for pogroms. i mean regardless of what exactly was the catalyst of the pogrom you don’t go massacre your neighbors all of a sudden unless you already think of them as some kind of awful and inferior ppl. some ppl are in deep denial of moroccan antisemitism like i can go on for hours about the humiliating and degrading restrictions placed on jews in north africa in general. also it’s weird to me that morocco always gets held up as some kind of example of coexistence when actually it had the most pogroms of any mena country! i’ve seen maps of this. however it is one of the few mena countries where a jewish community survives and is given good official (state) treatment so i guess that’s where it’s getting this reputation also i have to say maybe us from the outside are looking at it wrong somehow because moroccan jews seem to have more pleasant memories of morocco than you would think.

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(Anon from before) yes! Thats actually how I started shipping cegan, the way Carl seemed impressed by everybody kneeling for Negan. He meets this person in power flourishing via the use of violence, but who isn't just doing it for himself. Negan does care about his people, but he is also ruthless and Carl recognizes that and wants it, but won't admit it. Ahhhh idk I really love talking about this.




More headcanons about Negan: I think Negan is really good at reading people and his biggest fault is that he doesn’t know how to more efficiently motivate/manipulate them (except through fear and intimidation). Like, he sees their faults and their strengths, but lacks finesse and patience to more peacefully get them to follow him. Instead he sees that fear gets immediate results so that’s his go-to. I think part of the reason he uses fear is because it’s been his experience that he can’t count on the people around him to stay alive. So he’s completely emotionally removed from them. Fear and intimidation has been the only thing that has kept the people around him alive.

At this point in the series I don’t think he realizes that he lacks patience to rebuild the society he thinks he’s rebuilding, but I think he will in the future.  And he’ll grow as a character and understand that there are better ways to lead. One thing I really love about Negan is that I don’t think he’s afraid of his faults at all. I think he’s willing to accept them pretty easily and then move on. And I think he gets annoyed when other people can’t do that as well.

I think Carl responds to Negan’s ability to make hard decisions because I think he feels pretty disassociated with other people at times too. He respects the way Rick leads but sees his reluctance to be a leader - whereas Negan is reveling in it. At times Carl wishes Rick would be able to make those necessary ruthless decisions, and here he sees Negan living it. But he’s torn because he sees that Negan also doesn’t know when to pull back from his intimidation.

For Robert’s appreciation month :) He just took a shower…
I really couldnt experiment much with this one, because it is my first time drawing him,but I like the result ^^
I might try out something else for the coming days :D

@cyikemen lovely robert,we love him sooo much!
And since idk how to add tags through my phone, i’ll write it down here and edit it later:


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hi! so i'm a Jew whose parents have never been super invested in Judaism or many SJ issues surrounding being Jewish. i've begun to learn more about being Jewish, reading articles & posts about antisemitism, how & if light-skinned Jews benefit from whiteness, and more, but there's something i can't really figure out! in the US, Jewish people obviously face social oppression, but do we face institutionalized oppression, too? none of my (gentile) friends seem to think so, and idk if i can disagree?

First of all, gentiles are not in a position to say what oppression Jews do or don’t face because they don’t experience anti-semitism.

Anti-semitism doesn’t operate like other forms of oppression because it is designed around the idea that Jews have too much power, not that Jews are inferior. As a result, Jew hatred often comes in the very form of denial that the oppression of Jews exists at all. Never trust anyone who says “Jewish Privilege” exists in the United States. “White Jews” can benefit from elements of White Privilege, but never White Supremacy. Jews are more hated by White Supremacists than anyone else if one were to pay attention to what is actually said on Stormfront. 

That said, in the United States, there IS institutional oppression of Jews. Don’t believe me?

Violent anti-semitic hate crimes tend not to be treated as hate crimes by the police and media. The Kansas City shootings this year were dismissed as a hate crime by many despite the shooter attacking TWO DIFFERENT Jewish institutions, being a White Supremacist with a long history of anti-semitism and shouting “Heil Hitler” when he was hauled away. Why? Because, despite CLEARLY targeting Jews, not all his victims were Jews. Apparently, intent to kill Jews doesn’t count as a hate crime, when intent is what defines a hate crime. I’m sure the shooting taking place right before Passover was also coincidental.

Hate crimes against Jews are the second most common type of hate crime in the United States. Did you know that? No? It’s because the press almost never reports on anti-semitic hate crimes because gentiles believe anti-semitism doesn’t exist in the United States. Also, if the Jews really owned the press like so many anti-semites claimed, don’t you think you would’ve known that?

Other examples of institutional oppression of Jews basically force Jews to choose between living as Jews or living as “normal” Americans.

Many states have “Blue Laws,” which make certain types of business activities illegal. In New Jersey, for example, Bergen County does not allow any businesses other than food stores and pharmacies to open on Sunday. Why is this anti-semitic? Because observant Jews celebrate Shabbat on Saturday, which means they have to choose between keeping the Sabbath or not operating their businesses on the weekends at all which is DEVASTATING for retail businesses. This is in northern NJ, which is one of the most Jewish parts of the country.

Civic calendars center around Christian Holidays, not Jewish Holidays, which means that Jews who wish to observe, say, Shavuot, will have to take the day off from work and be expected to make it up later. This does no happen for Christmas. People complain that “Jews have too many holidays,” but why not the converse, why don’t people say that “Christians have too few holidays?” 

I’m sure followers can list more examples, but this was the quick version.

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hi, i was just wondering if falling in love quickly and hard is a bpd thing? because last year i fell for this girl and it was the some of the most intense emotion i've ever felt (which is saying a lot tbh) and like?? idk if this is a bpd thing or just made worse by my bpd. also i've looked through the faq and i can't find this so i'll ask: is it normal for bpd to vary in severity on a weekly basis?? (i think this has been answered but i couldn't find it so...) anyway thanks

I think falling in love, or feeling *intense* infatuation or attraction to someone that we might initially mistake as love, very quickly after meeting someone is absolutely something that people with BPD could experience.  A number of BPD symptoms/traits could work together to result in falling in love/becoming intensely infatuated very rapidly, such as:

  • Experiencing emotions at a substantially higher intensity than people who don’t have BPD (and remember, love is an emotion as well as an experience!)
  • Fear of abandonment can lead us to forming intense bonds quickly and feeling a high level of attachment to certain people,
  • Black and white thinking that leads to idealization of a person and the uniquely borderline experience of having a Favourite Person
  • Hot and cold/volatile interpersonal relationships as a whole can manifest as very intense attachment to people that comes about unusually quickly and the feelings that we have in or about specific relationships with certain people are often extreme and unstable (probably exacerbated by black and white thinking/idealization and devaluation), so often we enter relationships with exceptionally high levels of love, happiness, joy, excitement, and attraction.  When people think about “volatile/unstable interpersonal relationships” we tend to think more about the negative emotions and parts of those relationships and forget that intense positive emotions are generally a component too, though instability often results because that level of intensity of positive emotions is rarely sustainable.

Whether falling in love hard and fast is a “BPD thing” or something that is just magnified by BPD is something I can’t give a definitive, absolute answer for.  It could be both.  Personally, I definitely have found myself deeply in love with, attracted to, or infatuated with some people after only knowing them for a short time, and it was very easy for me to get swept up in that feeling.  And again, for me personally, I’m now aware that when I feel love like that–love that’s fast and extreme and intense and thrilling and impulsive and burning hot and volatile and sometimes scary– I know now that those feelings are being driven by my BPD. That’s when it’s a “BPD thing” for me. It’s a sign for me now that that sort of love, for me at least, is not sustainable (and often doesn’t go in a healthy direction in the end).  The love that I feel for my current partner is a different feeling.  It’s still intense, it’s still all-consuming in a lot of ways, but it’s much steadier, it’s calmer, I feel more content and in control and my feelings and thoughts are clearer–and that’s probably because I’ve loved them for almost a decade and my love for them has been able to evolve and stabilize. 

That’s just my personal experience with it, I’m not saying that this is true for everyone who has BPD and I’m not saying that one type of love is bad and one type is good.  I just wanted to share how I personally know whether the love I feel is a “BPD thing” or something that’s just being intensified/magnified by BPD.

And I definitely think that feeling love as someone with BPD is often a very different experience than the experience that non-borderlines have with feeling love–because our experience when it comes to feeling any emotion is a unique experience that is profoundly linked to our disorder.  This isn’t to say that all people with BPD experience emotions the same way (we absolutely don’t!) and not all people with BPD have unusually intense or volatile emotions (though emotional dysregulation is probably the most common symptom).  All of us likely have a unique experience with love, we all probably feel it differently and characterize it differently or prefer different types/feelings of love.

I also want to note that this isn’t limited to romantic love–our experiences with platonic or queerplatonic love can be just as intense and fast.  Aro or aro-spectrum borderlines can feel intense love and connection to friends or QPPs that comes on very quickly.  Honestly all people with BPD, regardless of romantic orientation, can have that experience with friends or family or pets or even objects tbh.  Anyone or anything that you can feel love for, people with BPD can feel that love extremely intensely and that love can come about incredibly rapidly.

As for your other question, the short answer is yes, the severity of BPD as a whole can vary from week to week, month to month, even day to day.  The only thing that’s really consistent for people with BPD seems to be how inconsistent everything can be, ironically.  This often makes it hard for us to have any sort of steady rhythm to our lives or specific aspects of our lives.  Also individual symptoms can vary in severity or presence from day to day, week to week, month to month.  Sometimes I go for weeks without being bothered by feelings of emptiness or dissociative episodes, and sometimes those are the main symptoms I deal with for weeks instead.

Further Reading for Question 1: (Not everything I’m linking to here is necessarily about your question specifically, but more about a number of the general topics I brought up in this post) I’m aro/ace. Do relationship-oriented symptoms still apply to me?, Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with BPD?, Can a relationship be fixed after BPD has made it unhealthy?, How can I begin to look for a partner?, Short-lived romantic attraction?, I have difficulty distinguishing romantic and platonic attraction?, Can BPD symptoms about relationships extend to platonic relationships?

Further Reading for Question 2: Can my symptom severity be dependent on my environment and/or who I’m around?, I can go weeks with borderline symptoms and then weeks without?


I’m so happy for Ahmed and all the opportunities he is getting and I wish he didn’t have to go through the trauma of being treated like a criminal to get there. but something keeps bothering me about this so I’m going to talk about it.. I keep thinking about all the children and families that get treated like this that we don’t get to hear about from social media and the news. the people who end up moving back to their home countries because theyve been investigated by the authorities and had their share of traumatic experiences like Ahmed. I personally know people who were reported to the FBI by a racist teacher, and as a result the father’s license to practice medicine was taken away and they had to move back to their home country. idk. it’s a scary reality that many of us live in fear of. 

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I've shown both my parents the pictures and I was pretty amused. my mum was confused about the whole thing but what she said in the end was "he feels irritated". however my dad said "looking at him as a man myself, I think he's emotionally attracted to whoever he's looking at." I think males who do this little survey would be more accurate coz they understand their own bro world lol

OHMYGOSH BLESS YOUR DAD HE IS AWESOME!!!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I guess, his opinion is a pretty reliable one hahaha because ‘their own bro world’ yaaaaasss ♥♥
It seems your mum won’t be a shipper like mine haha~ xD
Thank you so much for making the experiment with your dear parents and then sharing the results with us!! This made me soooo happy!!! :3

Well, idk. Maybe I’m being delulu and too OTP-biased but…


… But I think, Kookie is looking at him like someone who is madly in love. ^^

(Not all of the pics are mine, credit to the owners.)

           we’re like  p a r a l l e l  lines…

                            always close…

                                           …never  together.

ok Personally i think:

  • rose definitely made lion somehow
  • (he seems very specifically tailored to be useful to her / to steven + he knows where the armory is and whatnot)
  • i have no concrete ideas on how she made him but she probably did
  • he’s probably not pink diamond idk there’s just no precedent in the show for something like this, and it feels like if that was going to be a reveal theyd have foreshadowed it more but i could be wrong
  • I Would Speculate…………
  • she might have made lion either deliberately for steven or as the result of experimenting with creating life before making steven, or a combination the two
  • if this is true she chose to make the guardian of her kid a lion just because lions are cool