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Hi everyone!! I was tagged by the two lovelies @lookformyownparadise and @stylessemantics. Thank you very much!! <333 Here we go!

  1. My favorite color is purple and this never changed and it probably won’t.
  2. I’m learning german and I’m very excited to start learning spanish.
  3. I’m definetely an introvert, but if I don’t have any other choice, I can deal with social situatios very calmly, even tho I’m kinda shy.
  4. I love dancing very much. As I said in the previous fact, I’m kind of shy but if I’m on a concert or party and I like the songs that are playing I’ll probably dance like nobody’s watching and I’ll have lots of fun. People usually get surprised when they see me in these situations.
  5. You gotta make a lot of effort to annoy me or make me dislike you. If you’re not a total asshole, of course lol I get along with people very easily and I never had big problems with anyone in school/etc. If someone in this world dislikes/hates me I probably have no idea about it. I’m very chill and friendly.
  6. I’m not very clingy with people who I’m intimate with at all - when it comes to showing physical affection… but I don’t mind anyone (who’s allowed and who’s my friend lol) hugging me all the time or using me as their couch/pillow (but I probably won’t do that to you, it’s just not a part of my personality, but I love hugging people and I do it often). And yes, people always say I could make a great pillow or couch!!!!!!!!!
  7. I can’t hold grudges at all lol it’s frustrating sometimes. I just stop giving a fuck two seconds after something happened lmao
  8. I love when someone calls me by my name, or say they saw something that made them remember me, or randomly texts me and sends me funny pictures or idk I just love whe people show me they care about me and know I exist. (yes I’m low key needy)high key ummm fine
  9. I love the nature. I’m obsessed with the sunset and I love to feel the wind in my hair!!!!
  10. My hair grows kinda fast… (and this is annoying to me sometimes, principally now that I’ve got a short haircut and I want to keep it for a long time).
  11. I love teapots and chocolate. Also I love dogs, this is one of my favs

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Idk I always think of this when I hear the song

marked up

summary: leorio is completely Done with this. 

notes: this was a warm-up that got out of hand. originally “idk hickeys?” and @wuzzyletoastermac has better titling skills than I can hope for. chaos-flavored fluff, T, killugon and friends featuring leorio, palm, and ikalgo. 800 words.

There’s a lot Leorio takes for granted, being a Hunter and a doctor. For one, that his friends tend to be really, really weird. And not just the weirdness that is Gon Freecss managing to mangle his arm every six months like clockwork, or how Killua Zoldyck can shoot lightning from his fingertips and usually uses that skill to turn metal surfaces around Leorio into minefields of static. Or even that one of Killua’s closest friends is an octopus who likes to hang out on his head like an oddly-shaped rifle-wielding hat.

All that? Totally fine. But he never expected Palm Siberia leaning over to him and whispering intently, “Did you notice the hickeys on Killua’s neck.”

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telanovella  asked:

Also is it weird to talk about BTS? Like lol that's such an odd question but I honestly have no one to talk to about them at my Uni and lol I need friends who appreciate BTS. Do you know anyone on Tumblr who's down to just talk randomly at times? I feel everyone in the fandom is but I feel somewhat intrusive wanting to just talk or fangirl lol idk I'm getting flustered all of a sudden.

no, no it’s not weird at all~ Here is some ;) @kimdaily @yoonseok @yoongsins @junqkookied @sosjimin @beuits @mintsugakookies @gotjimin @ojjeon @minblush ^^

Hello friends I wrote some songs that I don’t really know what to do with. So I might start sharing some of them with you on here because why not. There are some that I post on my instagram (@emssketches if you wanna come say hi to me on there) as well but I only post the ones on there that won’t cause my parents to literally come and slaughter me so?????????? Give it a listen maybe? Tell me whatcha think? I adore you guys

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anonymous asked:

Idk why I'm asking this, I guess it's kind of for validation or whatever but I have ADHD, and my friends are telling me that I can't need/like/reblog stimmy stuff if I'm not autistic because that's who it's for, not people with ADHD. They're telling me im invalidating autistic people and it sort of makes me upset because I could have sworn that stim was for people with ADHD too? I'm sorry for the negativity but I'm just really upset about this atm and idk what to say to them--

hey, it’s alright! people with ADHD do stim, and you aren’t alone. I’ve never spoken to an autistic person that has said stimming is only for autistic people. Even in official definitions of stimming, it’s said that many neurodivergent people do it - people with OCD, anxiety, SPD, and yes, ADHD. you aren’t alone. And I’d recommend checking out or talking to @adhdstim or @adhdstimming or @adhdstims !! you aren’t alone and you are completely valid in your stimming.

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Hey! Just want to say thank you for all ur translations. It's quite apparent that you enjoy doing them but for me, what I like best about your trans is that you don't just translate the gist of what's being said but really try to convey the tone, etc.? Haha idk if I'm making sense but I know 2 other languages in addition to English. French is one of them, and when I see ppl translate a phrase sometimes I cringe b/c the true meaning is lost when they don't do it properly so yea...merci!! Haha :)

you’re me when i see a scripted translation in my native language ;-; i use english most of the time due to my work environment and also because i feel more natural and not binded by formality with english, so i can’t really translate from korean/chinese to my native language now haha too used to translating to english ;; but i still can point out when people translate to my natv language too literally/technically, it just sounds so awkward and scripted, like they don’t put any feeling in there at all, all they do is to translate it without caring about the context or the tone… even worse is when they make no effort searching for the slangs/phrases used and just put the original text there…

anonymous asked:

Im crying in my room right now i dont know what to do My friend were using my phone and a tumblr notification came up. She went to my tumblr and found so much pro-ana stuff and thinspo and i told her Im not doing anything but now She's acting weird and idk what to do i wanna die

Seek comfort in her! Chances are she’ll want to help you overcome it - letting somebody know about this disorder makes you feel so much better, trust me!!

SLBP introduction

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June 2016. I’ve been seeing it a lot on my dash at that time and Yukimura caught my attention so I decided to play. Nooo regrets.

I have a specified budget for otome in general, but I do go beyond it sometimes. Tbh, I don’t spend for anything else anymore (except for personal needs and such), so with this one, I indulge. I’m lame, I have no other hobbies.


Everybody knows. Nobunaga.

Sometimes I really can’t explain it well, because, Idk… He’s just so funny. Seriously, everything else just follows through with that. He is like a walking meme, it’s hilarious.

I honestly avoided him like a plague, because I heard and read he was a jerk. They were right, but after an event, I got so curious about him, and thank god I read him early so I wouldn’t miss any more of his glorious self.

He’s smexy, and I’m totally a broken record when it comes to him so just check: this and this and these.


Active on both because I have no life. I usually just lurk around tbh hehehe.


The people. You guys are all awesome ;A;


More Lord x Lord interactions. I don’t mean BL, and sometimes the innuendos are too much, please. I just want to see them bond together like friends and have guy talk and stuff that doesn’t involve war or strategies.

Also, I just really want them to continue running. We’ll eventually get to more stuff anyway, so I hope they won’t stop anytime soon. *throws money at voltage*


Heeey, it’s Alia~ I’m a little shy when it comes to convos, but once im comfy with you, you’ll have to shut me up. hehehe.

some of me loves have been tagged already so tagging more loves: @jemchew, @you-mass-effect-my-dragon-age @oh-my-otome @atroniascreamsube @arimii

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so i live in cambridge in the uk and on top of bloody cat calling, middle-aged men also love to take part in what me and my mum call cycle rage. everyone here cycles and there are so many men who are really up themselves and love to tell any young people (especially girls i guess) off for going the wrong way or even getting in their way and start huffing and puffing and going bright red. it's hilarious. once some 50 year old called me a bitch for overtaking him lmao

oh my god wtf!!?!!? this sounds like oxford. the other night me and my friend were cycling back from clubbing at like 3am and this random taxi driver shouted out the window ‘DO YOU NEED HELP?!>!>!’ in a really angry way to me because we were cycling next to each other i think? but the road is big and like?? idk why he even said it. men are so angry sometimes its scary and its just like ! eat some raisins and calm down pleas e!!! i dont appreciate the road rage or cycle rage as you call it !! or the viciousness . cant believe someone called you bitch wtf !?!!?!? disgusting creature. overtake them all hun

lolepopenon  asked:

If you were free from school/work/whatever for a year, what'd you do?

ooh boi, I’d probably draw a lot and travel around Hungary to see some friends 

but idea of a gap year sounds really interesting to me though, I mean after graduation I think it would be really good idk

next year will be hell, I’ll have to completely change my lifestyle in like… a month rofl 

anonymous asked:

Hi! My crush is a very close friend of mine and i ve liked her since almost 2 years ago but idk if she likes me back (i know she likes girls too). I ve been scared to tell her but lately i feel like i cant stand her not knowing how much i love her. I dont know what to do.

Sounds like it’s really important to for you to find out one way or another. If you don’t want to be too direct, you could try testing the waters by, for example, complimenting her more often, sending/giving her cute cards or gifts that show her youre thinking of her, inviting her to things (like watching a gay romantic movie together 😁 or for a more subtle choice, a show like OITNB, Supergirl, Steven Universe…) or… Attend the nearest gay pride together! And also, you can use a TV show or movie as an excuse to casually start a conversation on the topic of relationships.
Good luck!

anonymous asked:

I'm really realizing that the majority of my friends are flaky and fake. I'm not the type to call ppl out either, I just see and observe and I move accordingly. I'm at the point in my life where I don't have time for it and it hurts bc it honestly makes me feel more alone in this world. I'd love to meet new ppl but I feel it's hard bc I notice a lot of ppl just not open. I know I should just go on adventures by myself and just live my life but idk. Do u have any advice?

Being alone is better than being with bad company. Give out good energy and the right ones will attract. You’ll be okay

anonymous asked:

Heya so I recently made a friend online and I think I am falling for her, but I'm not so sure also because I don't know her properly face to face if that makes sense, and I want to meet and date her (so bad) but we live continents apart. And idk if my feelings are real enough or if I know her well enough yet to make a move. What should I do pls help + do you have tips for online dating so to say? Thanks a lot for any advice! Xx (btw she kind of seems interested too?)

If you’re unsure that you know her well enough yet, the best course of action is to get to know her better! Ask about things like if she’s a morning or a night person, what she was like as a kid, have her tell you about the things she loves. And then? Go for it. You’ve nothing to lose, right?

As for online dating, Skype (or facetime or any other video calling service) is your very best friend. In fact I’d recommend trying to Skype her at least once before you decide if you wanna try and be together. And then try and Skype often if you do. Let your families get in on it sometimes! That’s fun.

Sending physical tokens of affection is also important. Like letters or packages with a t-shirt that smells like you or something. Things that can be caressed and smelled and clutched ((and cried over))

Best of luck! I hope she feels the same

Get to know your mutuals/followers!!
I was tagged by @ahhthehorriblethings

Name: Hayley

Nickname: Hazel but only family calls me that.

Height: 5′1 last I checked

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Go To ssbb character: …I have no idea what that is.

Fictional Character I’d date: Miguel O’Hara.

Favorite Band: um…idk? 

when did i make this blog: like 2014ish?

how many blogs do i follow: a lot.

Do I get asks on a regular basis: I get messages from friends. :)

Aesthetic: Either a cute anime aesthetic since that’s my art style, cute pastries or modern superhero/comic. I also think cyberpunk looks cool though.

Relationship Status: single

Favorite Greeting: “Hello!”

Pets: a beautiful and chubby tuxedo cat named Sushi. She is soft and warm like mashed potatoes.

Last song i listened to: Heathens by twenty one pilots.

Favorite Tv show: MLP:FiM, Cutthroat Kitchen, Worst Cooks in America, Baking Championship, just started Gotham awhile ago….

First Fandom: Naruto. 

Hobbies: reading comics, drawing, cooking, baking, going on walks.

Books I’m currently reading: Spider-man 2099 vol. 1 and other comics.

Worst food I’ve ever tried: Peas. They are yucky and I do not like them at all.

Favorite place: the park or my kitchen when I bake.

I tag @akirakan @buns134 @tierouy @thelemsterpju @myartisticromance and @wadewilson-parker

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

I hope y'all realise that now that climon is slowly becoming a thing I’m going to be extremely obnoxious over it. you bet your ass I’ll be tagging every scene with them like “BROTP” “friendship goals 😍” like catch my ass reblogging gifs of them kissing like “what great friends!”