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Single By 30 Steroline AU: During their Senior year, close friends Stefan and Caroline made a pact to get married if they were both still single by 30. After high school, they lost touch for twelve years until Caroline coincidentally reunites with Stefan at his 30th birthday party. Caroline, being five months away from her 30th birthday, suggests using the pact as a way to encourage each other to get back into the dating game. As they help one other search for a new partner the two can’t help their growing feelings for each other…


Blackpink Reaction to Their S/O Having Weird Sleeping Habits

So first of all yay! First request! Honestly it took shorter than I thought it would hah okay anyway


Jisoo would find it totally adorable and internally fangirl over how cute you are before hugging you so tightly you’d probably suffocate and wake up. However, she’d complain about you cuddling with stuffed animals and not her (I don’t care what you say Jisoo is the jealous type okay)

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Chaeyoung would find it a little weird at first, but after a bit she’d be comfortable with it, and I totally think she’d like keep a journal and write down the stuff you say and try to make out what you’re dreaming (this is what I do with my brother sometimes when im bored and cant sleep lol) (also idk what the gif has to do with it it’s just cute ok)

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omg this cutie okay so I feel like both jennie and lisa have weird sleeping habits too, and jennie would 100% fangirl over you like jisoo but like ten times harder. She’d be the type to take videos of you snoring and save them to her computer to watch when she’s bored and for blackmail

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Lisa would be really happy that you also like stuffed animals bc she totally has a collection don’t fight me on this and she’d be like “Y/N omg I’ll trade you this lion for that hippo” and you two would probably fall asleep with a mountain of stuffed animals stuffed in between you two aww this is so cute wow (in the gif you’re rosé)

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welp i just crawled under some strangers house to rescue my cat..i mean i was successful, but like i almost hyperventilated in there lol sorry idk why im telling u this, im bored and my friends are too busy to mess wit my shit XD anyways how are you today?

O-oh my gosh I’m glad you and your kitty are ok! T-that sounds like a really s-stressful thing to go through!

I’m p-pretty ok! I s-stayed home from s-school today, I think I have a cold, b-but @askrick said I could have caught it in space so he wanted me to stay in just to make sure…..

Ok so, cause i was bored and feeling tumblr aesthetic with my outfit, my best friend took this on Monday using her amazing photography skills. IS IT AESTHETIC-Y ENOUGH?? (idk why I’m using caps lol)

My response: I think so!!! Maybe if the focus was a tad bit sharper and the lighting (going full photography haha) then it would be perfect! But this is also good 💕 I dig it and your outfit is definitely grunge aesthetic 👌

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have you ever been a larrie before? im a recent ex larrie and i need advice because when my friends find out they're all going to shun me and idk what to do

ok i know i said i wasnt going to answer this rn but fuck it lmao

technically i was a larrie. for about two weeks when i first joined the fandom in 2013 lol. then i got bored of it. i called myself an ex larrie for the shits and giggles bc technically i am lmao but i have a feeling that’s not what you mean

as easy as it is for me to just say “tell them to go fuck themselves”, i know what it’s like to be friends with people i no longer like or agree with and feeling trapped because on one hand, you’ve outgrown the friendship, they’ve turned into terrible people, they’ve always been terrible people and its just coming to light etc, but on the other hand, you have a connection with these people because well, they’re your friends. everything is telling you to leave them alone but you cant because you feel connected to them still.

around last summer, i had a group of friends that now, i realize are absolutely atrocious people. they made triggered jokes, they made fun of eating disorders and fat people (and they knew i used to have one) they thought reverse racism was a thing (that was the last straw for me, but we’ll get there), and were just generally terrible people. at first they weren’t like that, you know? we were all just people who liked big brother, just like you and your group of friends are just a group of people who like 1d. but then, as time went on, their ugly qualities came out more and more, and i felt so uncomfortable when i would open up the group chat and see them mocking triggers, or calling people fat, or doing some other gross thing, but i would just ignore it, because in my mind at the time, “””problematic””” friends is better than no friends, right?

one day, i decided to just leave the fandom, because tbh it wasnt just my friendship group it was the entire bbig fandom lmao,and i wasn’t enjoying myself and i felt genuine anxiety whenever i would log on, because my “””friends””” would make jokes that disrespect my existence. they would make jokes about autistic ppl when they KNEW i was autistic. they would post pics of slit wrists when that’s extremely triggering. It was just too toxic to bear and i left, and deleted the instagram app. there were a couple of people on there i miss bc they were actually cool, but the community is a cesspool.

honestly, what i would do is just start over. like i did. start from scratch. delete your tumblr. delete your whatsapp. and start fresh.

it’s going to hurt. it hurt for me, even though as i said, they were terrible people, because look, ive never had friends irl so when i lose friends online i feel extra lonely, even if they’re shit.  it’s going to hurt, you’re going to miss your friends for a while, but you’ll feel better when it’s all said and done.

and you don’t even have to go full anti or whatever. i don’t consider myself to be an anti at all tbh. you dont have to fight larries all day and debunk larry if that’s not what you wanna do, you can still read larry fics and enjoy them as a ship. 

im so bad at advice this prob sucked and wasnt helpful at all lmao

lemme tag some ex larries below bc

@harrydaze @seriousactorharry @staglaurent either im just too sleepy or idk anymore rip. maybe yall can help bc this advice was prob ass its 2:30 am and i have a headace rip

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You always ask me stuff so now it's my turn mate <3 this isn't as analytical as your questions to me, but what's your favorite Chubbs video and why?

lol ok buckle up mate cos this is gonna be a story and a half.

so basically idk how long ago this even was but maybe during jan/feb time it was my friends birthday so we were at house, and we got kind of bored so my friend started playing this playlist of commentary videos of youtubers who i already knew. but then, the yahoo answers video that billy made came on and i almost pissed my pants laughing. i think maybe like a week later i watched all of his videos and now im in love with a fat man.

but in conclusion, i guess the yahoo answers video is my favourite because of how it never fails to make me shit my pants from just laughing and i guess i would really like him to make a sequel/follow up.

Hola, tumblr

‘tis I, someone you likely do not know, but I am here today to propose to you a theory. This idea occurred to me in my math class this morning. We were learning about slabs and trench mesh and some shit like that, i don’t know? it was boring.

Anyway, it somehow occurred to me that an entity living in the second dimension would not be able to comprehend how the third dimension functions (obviously), but I then realised that we can understand the second dimension because the third dimension is a higher plane of reality. It is made from “layering” multiple instances of second dimensional planes atop one-another.  

So I wondered that if this concept could be applied to the third dimensional plane and its relationship to the fourth dimension. If the third dimension is essentially, built from “layering” a bunch of second dimensional planes on top of one another, shouldn’t this work for the fourth dimension.

Right now, some people are probably really confused (Maybe not people who use digital art programs though, lol), so to explain this, I would like you to imagine that you have just come home from the supermarket and you have bought a block of printer-paper. That block is not an actual rectangular prism, but a rectangular prism made from cross sections of 1 unit high slices of paper. These thin, singular sheets have come together to temporarily form a somewhat solid shape.

With this in mind, i would like you to now imagine the same thing except with and several cubes, and instead of simply placing the cubes on top of one-another, imagine that you are placing them in the same spot, except on a different “Layer” of reality. You’re now probably wondering “How did you get into my house?” and also “Wouldn’t this be impossible since no two solid objects can be placed in the same spot at the same time?”

Well, you’re right, we could only place one object in that spot at a single time. A Single Time. If we could somehow be able to interact with time as a physical dimension in our third-dimensional plane, we could place all objects on the same spot at the same time and not think twice about it.

So through this theory I have proposed to you that the structure of the fourth dimension is constructed through “layering” planes of the third dimension on one another, as the third dimension is constructed through “layering” planes of the second dimension one another.

Do what you will with this information.

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hanamaru kunikida :O

omg i didnt actually thought someone would send me a character?? thank you so much anon! so maru hmm

▪ First impression: well at first sight i found her kinda boring?? i was like “is this hanayo 2.0”

▪ Impression now: pls protect this beautiful ray of sun.

▪ Favorite moment: definitely everytime she cuts Yohane’s bullshit off. like “stop with the cringey stuff, zura” lol

▪ Idea for a story: idk??

▪ Unpopular opinion: she is actually cringed out by yoshikos quirks, thats why she tends to stop her everytime shes in her yohane mode

▪ Favorite relationship: yohamaru master race

▪ Favorite headcanon: maru once meeted nico in a school trip once but she didnt knew who tf was her and nico got so offended she scared maru (?)

ok that was it thank you again anon and excuse my shitty english

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lol the sad part is that the mid-season lineup is looking bomb in comparison to the fall line up. and i stg, if they put one more superhero show on this network, i quit ok. and lbr, the cw made it v clear which shows they're trying to push out the door.

Of the new CW series, only Dynasty and Black Lightning look good, I got bored watching the First Look’s for the other two. Valor is such a weird pick for this network, idk what they were thinking, tbh.

How The Signs Respond To Hate
  • Aries: "idc"
  • Taurus: "lol"
  • Gemini: "Wow your life must be so low"
  • Cancer: "bye"
  • Leo: "I know, I'm such a poor unfortunate soul."
  • Virgo: "mhm"
  • Libra: "And you are?"
  • Scorpio: "fuck off"
  • Sagittarius: "ok"
  • Capricorn: "and your point...?"
  • Aquarius: "same"
  • Pisces: "mhm tell me more I'm so listening"
Mystic Messenger Characters as Pokemon

(Again idk but I’m bored so here it is)

Yoosung -

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(Ok I can’t help but imagine that Yoosung would be adorable and innocent no matter what he is and come on Rockruff is the more adorable puppy ever! Besides can you imagine how cute Yoosung would be as a Rockruff being super protective of MC? And wanting to cuddle with them?)

(And this would be him going yandere)

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(NO REGRETS! (lol))

Zen -

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(Elegant, beautiful and unique (to one region anyways) I think this lovely rendition of Ninetales fits Zen rather well. He would practically melt as the MC brushed his fur and would love spending time lounging around with them.)

Jumin -

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(Serious and cool looking I think Decidueye would fit Jumin well. He is the type to be cold and calculating in combat but when it comes to MC he would become cuddly and be happy whenever being shown affection by them. He will screech at anyone that comes too close to MC to get them away from them.)

Jaehee -

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(Cute and non threatening in appearance? I think that fits Jaehee to a T. Underestimate this pokemon and you will regret it! (Seriously she is adorable and can do Judo. I love her) She’s the type that loves helping MC from chores to shopping and everything in between. The moment she senses MC is in danger she becomes very protective.)

Saeyoung -

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(A pokemon that hides it’s true form behind a mask? (Cloth..) It seems like it would be a good fit for Saeyoung. He would be afraid of MC seeing what he really looks like and being afraid of him like everyone else has been but at the same time he wants MC to see who he really is and accept him for it. He will also do his best to be cute and goofy to make MC laugh whenever they might be sad.)

Saeran -

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(A beautiful, aloof pokemon distrustful of humans because of their upbringing? (Absol’s are regarded as harbingers of disastrous because they are usually around when calamities strike (though that’s because they can sense danger rather than cause it)) I think that would fit Saeran. He wouldn’t like being around people and would often avoid them until he had met the MC when he had saved them from being harmed. He would try to leave them soon after but MC would try and be his friend and eventually Saeran would warm up to them. Do not approach Saeran’s MC. He will lash out without hesitation.)

(I used Mega Evolution Absol because he is beautiful like Saeran!)

MC -

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(As a male or female MC and everything in between I think the MC would be perfect as a Ribombee because they are adorable and innocent looking like they are. Seriously who wouldn’t love getting a little hug from this cutie? Pretty sure all the MM characters would melt with an affection MC Ribombee giving them hugs hehe)

V -

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(A pokemon that can’t see, is mysterious and adorable? I think it fits V pretty well. I think V would be sad as a  Nihilego at first because of how out of place he feels being in a different world but after encountering the MC and bonding with them he becomes happier and loves being around them. He’s pretty shy around other people though.)

Rika - 

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(Rika is Lusamine. Seriously the insanity she showed Lusamine seemed to immolate as well.)

Just a Facebook Message Away

Dan x reader

Word count:3029

Genre: fluff(plus kissing)

It’s 4 a.m. and you’re freezing. Being as late as it was, you still weren’t asleep and you didn’t really know why. Was it the stress of your parents getting a divorce or was it just too cold. Lying on your left side under four layers of blankets, you here your facebook messenger tone go off behind you. You roll over begrudgingly to check who it is. At the top of the page, it says ‘Dan Howell’ and you don’t know what to think. You haven’t seen each other since university and honestly, you missed him. The two of you would always go to parties together and get a little tipsy. Seeing his name reminds you of the drunken makeout sessions and the terrible hangovers in class. You reply by just saying ‘Hey Dan’. You’re surprised at how quickly he replies. ‘Wow I didn’t expect for you to be awake this late. How are you?’ 'I’m usually not up this late…or is it early? Idk lol but I’m alright I guess. How about you?’ 'I’m pretty good but not having my best university friend around anymore isn’t the best!’ ’ I know I’ve missed you. Wait, why did you suddenly text me out of the blew?’ 'Oh, I was going through my friends list and deleting people when I saw your name. Idk I just wanted to talk to you. What are you doing tomorrow?’ When he asked you this you started getting excited. In uni, you guys never officially “dated” so this was probably just to hangout. 'Tomorrow/today is Saturday right?’ 'Why don’t you just check your phone?’ ’-_-’ ’ You know I’m just messing with you y/n. Yes it’s Saturday tomorrow’ 'Ok then I’m not doing anything’ 'Do you want to meet up tomorrow so we can talk more. I’m getting kinda tired.’ 'Wow Daniel. I didn’t know I was that boring!’ 'You know what I meant y/n’ 'I know lol. Ya just text me tomorrow and we’ll figure out where.’ 'Ok, goodnight y/f/n’ 'Goodnight Daniel James Howell. Don’t forget to text me tomorrow!’ 'Believe me y/n, I won’t.’

The next morning you wake up around 11 a.m. and you’re completely exhausted. It feels like you got two hours of sleep rather than 7. You take your phone off the charger to turn on music and check social media. You have 11 messages from Dan! He’s been wanted to get tea with you since 9. 'Hey I just woke up.’ You say still trying to wake up your eyes. Dan replies less than five seconds later and has a 50 word long rant about how he’s been waiting for you to reply. You don’t even care because you’re so tired. 'Do you still want to get tea or no?’ 'Yes of course. I want to see you so bad.’ This makes you realise that he really has missed you and hasn’t forgotten about your friendship. 'How about 1:30?’ He is completely flabbergasted but he eventually agrees because all he wants today is to see his old friend. 'Okay I have to get ready I’ll text you when I’m done’ 'Okay fine.’

After a 30 minute steamy shower you let your hair dry while you put on your makeup. This messes you up. You haven’t seen him in so long and you want to look pretty but you don’t want to be wearing four pounds of makeup. You decide to just do what you normally do and not sweat it. After putting on a sweater, light jeans, long socks and leather boots, it’s about 1:15. While your eating your whole grain bagel for brunch, you text Dan and tell him that you’re ready. ’ Finally, jfc. Do you want to go to Starrrrbuccckkkkssssssss’ 'are you actually serious?’ 'No I was just kidding but we can if you want.’ 'I feel like you secretly want to so okay lol I don’t really care here we go.’ After eating your bagel, you look around your flat trying to find your wallet. You can’t find it anywhere until you find it on the bathroom sink. You have no idea how it got there but you don’t really care. After walking out of your building, you ask Dan for his number so that you can call him. He reluctantly gives it to you and you call him. His voice makes you smile and feel warm inside, unlike the weather around you. After bickering for 5 minutes about which Starbucks to go to, you decide on the one closer to his flat. You walk a little farther than you wanted but it was worth it.

When you reach Starbucks, you see Dan waiting outside the door waiting for you in his black skinny jeans, windbreaker, and fluffy hat.When he starts to walk toward you, his adorable dimpled smile comes onto his face and make you blush with the biggest smile. Seeing him makes you forget about your parents getting a divorce. He gives you the giant bear hug you’ve needed for months. You almost start to cry because of how happy this is making you but you make yourself not to because that would be to embarrassing for you. You can feel his warmth through his jacket and it makes you even happier than you already are. When he releases you from the hug. you don’t want to let go but you do. When you look up at him, you notice that his smile hasn’t left his face. “Oh am I happy to see you,” dan says as he opens the door to Starbucks for you. Before you’re all the way through, he lets go of the door, putting his hand on your lower back, and walks in next to you. Surprisingly, there’s no line. Dan doesn’t ask you what you want, he just orders two mint teas. “Hey, can you go find us a table?” He asks you under his breathe as the cashier is writing the order on the cups. The whole place is filled except a little table with two chairs by the fogged window. You sit down and check to see the time on your phone. Its 1:27.

Sitting with you back facing the cash register, you scroll through tumblr for no apparent reason. After less than 2 minutes, you feel Dan’s hand swipe against your back as he sits in front of you. You put your phone back in your pocket then look up to a smiling face. “Thank you Dannn” you say with a smile and a giggle. “You’re welcome y/n” he said dragging out your name as long as you drug out his. While you were waiting for your drinks, he wouldn’t stop staring at you. You caught his looking at your lips a few time but never thought anything of it. “You look beautiful…like always” This made you blush like there was no tomorrow. You just giggled and said thank you. “Two mint teas” said the man setting down your drinks on the counter. You both got up to get them but he told you to sit down and he’d get them. You didn’t want to, but you let him be a gentleman. You were surprised at him being this sweet and polite. In university, he would always be the first through the door and just treated you like Phil or Pj.

Dan came back with your drinks. “Don’t drink it yet, it’ll burn your tongue,” Dan said without thinking about it. When he said that you smiled because it showed that he cared about you getting hurt. Little things like that would always strike you harder than it would anyone else. “Why are you smiling?” He asked after he looked up from his phone. He was checking twitter of course. “Oh, nothing,” you say nonchalantly. “Uhm ok. How’s your youtube life now?” You asked just to get a conversation started. You both talked about your lives since uni and how university didn’t affect your life now. After wasting four years of your life, you had always wanted to make the rest of your life perfect. When there was a silence between topic you knew it was your chance. “So why did you randomly text me anyway?” You asked only because you truly wanted to know. “I was going through my friend list on facebook to delete people and I saw your name. I just haven’t talked to you in forever and I missed you and our old days,” he said with the devilish wink that made you blush. You knew exactly what he was talking about; when the drunk parties would turn into almost sex, but never all the way, in his dorm. You tilted your head down and look at him. He just smiles because he knew you both used to love it. After a few hours of slowly, ever so slowly, drinking your tea and talking to Dan, you feel your stomach growl. It loud enough for Dan to hear. “What time is it anyway?” He asked because he hasn’t checked his phone since the beginning of the day. You take your phone out of your front pocket to check the time. “5 O'clock!!!” You said astonished and realizing that you haven’t eaten all day. “Do you want to go get some food y/n?” He asked now hearing the realization in your voice and the growl from your stomach and concluding that you were starving. “Uhm sure,” you said trying not to sound as starving as you were. You suggested that you two go out for chinese or indian food. Dan wasn’t into that idea that much so he just invited you to his flat and eat dinner there. You agreed, having no idea where this night was about to go.

You and Dan walked to his flat from starbucks, taking the longest way so that you could be with each other as long as possible before you got to his flat. You knew he had a flatmate named Phil but you didn’t know anything about him like if he would be in his you while you were there or if he would be out to mingle. You walked down the streets of London, with Dan’s hand on your waist most of the time. To outsiders, it probably looked like the two of you were a couple, and that didn’t really bother you. You’ve always had a crush on Dan, ever since uni so this feeling was nothing new to you. You never did anything about the relationship or the feelings because you knew Dan was way out of your league and that he would’ve shoved the friend zone in your face if you tried during uni. Only having Dan in a somewhat sexual way when he was drunk made you think that he would only that kind of things with you if he were intoxicated. You were okay with this because you would take all the Dan you could get.

Dan wouldn’t stop bringing up the time that the two of you pulled an allnighter, making out all night until you were sober that falling asleep in each others’ arms. You loved that night so much, even though the day after was horrific. All the migraines and annoyance in class made you want to scream for the rest of the day. But it was worth it. Totally worth it. That night you felt that something had happened between you and Dan but nothing ever happened with it. You wanted him to feel the same as you did but you couldn’t just ask. YOu didn’t have the confidence of that and you were scared to be let down.

When you finally reach his flat you walk up the stairs to a man yelling at the television. He’s playing mario kart on the wii U. You were the first one up so you stood there waiting for Dan to come up. He introduced you to Phil by saying “Phil, this is y/n, my friend from uni.” Phil raised his eyebrows and said “Ohhhhhhhh, so you’re y/n. I’ve heard so much about you.” He said smiling at Dan because he knew what had happened between you two inuni. Apparently Dan was flaunting those makeouts with his friends. You just blushed and looked at Dan. “ANYWAY.” Dan said trying desperately to change the subject before you killed him. He took his jacket off and put it on the coat hanger. It was burning in his flat. The heater was on full blast and gave your body a shock when you walked in. You had a nit sweater on with a tank top underneath. You started almost sweating within 2 minutes. “You can take your sweater off if you need.” Dan said not realising how bad it sounded. He tried to play it off by saying “Only if you’re wearing something underneath. I mean I have no problem if you’re not I just mean…” he mumbled off in embarrassment. You just laughed and took off your sweater to reveal you black tank top with lace at the top. You chose this being you thought it was kinda sexy and you didn’t know where this night was going. When you took off you sweater, you had completely forgotten which tank it was. And once your sweater was off, you couldn’t put it back on so you just embraced your sexiness. While you were dealing with you sweater situation, Dan had made his way to the refrigerator to check what kind of food they had in the house. “The only edible thing we have are those frozen fajitas you bought three months ago.” Dan said to Phil whilst laughing. He looked at you to see if it was okay and you just shrugged your shoulders in an agreeing way. Dan took them out and started to make meaningless small talk with you. Only a few minutes after Dan has put the pan on the stove, Phil loses his race and comes to properly introduce himself. “Hey sorry about earlier. It was lap three so I needed to concentrate.” Phil said hoping that you didn’t think he was rude. You accepted his apology and the two of you fell into conversation about old Dan. The two of you laughed at his old habits and his 2011 haircut. Only about ten minutes later, Dan arrived to the dining table with what seemed to be a delicious dinner. The three of you ate in laughter and the telling of stories. Dan brought up one story that didn’t particularly make you look good. “One time y/n and I got so wasted that we almost had sex.” Dan was the only one who laughed. Phil didn’t think that your relationship with him was that close and you had never told anyone about that night and you were wondering how many other people he had told. “Well how do you know you didn’t if you were that wasted?” Phil asked the question that hadn’t crossed your mind since that night. “Oh because I still had the two condoms I started with.” Phil accepted that as a reasonable way of knowing, even though there was still a good chance the two of you didn’t use one…but the alcohol had taken the answer away. Trying to desperately change the subject, you asked Phil about how it was living with Dan. Thankfully, this worked.

After everyone had finished dinner, Dan cleared the table for everyone. “Wow, Dan never clears the table. You really bring out the best in him,” Phil said making you smile and blush. “She really does,” Dan said with a sexy wink.

Looking at the time on your phone, your astonished as you see that it’s almost 11. “Well I better be going, I have to have brunch with my mom tomorrow.” You say making Dan and Phil sad that you’re leaving them. Your realize you don’t have your car and you have to walk across town you start to worry. “Hey Dan, can you maybe walk me home?” You ask basically pleading. If he doesn’t you be walking in pitch black, except for the beautiful moonlight, for at least 30 minutes. “Yes, of course. I wouldn’t let my girl walk alone at night.” Your heart skipped a beat and you felt you body rise 10 degrees. His girl? What did this mean? Are you a thing? No. You couldn’t be. This was the first time you’ve talked in years. “Y/n, are you okay?” Dan asked taking you out of your trance. “What? Ya, I’m fine.” Trying to calm yourself down and telling yourself that you’re overthinking it like always.

He grabs his jacket and hat and hands you your sweater. When he opens the door a few snow flakes fall into the flat. Dan shuts the door “Are you gonna be warm enough?” He asks in a worried tone.“Uhm I don’t know.” Hopefully he’ll give you one of his jackets that smells like his cologne. “Hold on.” He half way jogs down the hall, probably to his room. Dan comes back with a heavy black zip up. Granting your wishes It smells like him, making you heart beat a little bit faster. “K bye Phil!” “Bye” you both say as you walk into the snow.

The two of you take the long way to your home because both of you don’t want this night to end. 40 short minutes later, you reach your building. Both of you walk up three of the 6 steps that lead to the front door. You look down at your boots trying not to be the one to say goodbye. “When’s the next time you’re free?” Dan asked quietly. “Thursday,” you say after going over your work schedule in your head. “Okay, I’ll see you then. ” You thought he was going to just walk off you suddenly he grabbed you for a hug, the tightest, warmest, and most blissful you’ve had in a long time. Nuzzling your face into his chest, you hear him sigh with happiness. He pulls away but not letting go of you. Your eyes lock and you he smiles with his dimples prominently showing. He leans down so that your foreheads are leaning against each others. Slowly he leans in to kiss you. It a long, only lips kiss. The softest, yet intense kiss you have ever had. After what felt like hours, he leaves your lips. “Goodnight sweetheart,” he says bring you back for a last quick squeeze. He lets go and smiles. He walks to the bottom of the steps and says “I’ll text you when I get home.” “Okay, be safe please.” “No, I’m gonna go walk down every dark alley I can,” he says with a wink and walks off.

Thanks for reading! This was my first fanfic so don’t be upset if I messed something up. Hope you enjoyed and please give me your feedback and stuff (requests always welcome)

I found that episode kinda boring? I think it was the lack of mini challenge? LOL IDK. the mini challenges always makes things funnier.

I love Nina sayin ‘OK Mom~’ to Shea. That was cute.

Shea and Sasha continue to be fuckin genuine angels. (I kinda wish they got Pepper and Ajas parts so I could see them kiss…. but than we wouldnt have gotten Sheas awesome performance)

Shea and Valentinas characters were the only ones that didnt make me cringe a little.

Runway- For once I didnt like Valentinas look but Shea Sasha and Nina slayed.

Im really REALLY surprised Trinity won that challenge and not Shea? I really didnt get the praise for the character she played either… :/ It didnt feel up to Shea or Valentinas level at all and with Sheas rw look bein slammin as it was…

Shea shoulda won.

Aja leaving? Not really surprised… it was weird she got as far as she did TBH her look always seemed way too messy. This episode was the only one to me that looked half way decent.