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all for the game posters  ⟢  the foxhole court.

Exy was a bastard sport, an evolved sort of lacrosse on a soccer-sized court with the violence of hockey, and Neil loved every part of it from its speed to its aggression. It was the one piece of his childhood he’d never been able to give up.

dialogue between lovers on pier's edge [tide.]

“And so it goes.”

“And so it does.”

[deep breath.]

“But where, I wonder.” [pause.] “Do you think—”

“I think it isn’t worth thinking about.”

“Well, I think—”

“Don’t think!”


“Driftwood never drowns; a thrashing sailor never floats to shore.”

“How does that help us, now, though?”

“It doesn’t.” [sigh.] “All we can do is tell the people we happen to drift close to.”
Nu’est Hello 2017 Theory

This isn’t exactly mind blowing but bear with me here:

What if Nu’est’s Hello 2017 is about Minhyun and the person he is with is Wanna One but Nu’est don’t want to let him go so they’re still waiting for him and thinking about him and still want him to stay healthy until Wanna One is over??


He just wants to throw flowers around at your wedding guys

inspiration (x)