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get to know me [1/5] animated movies ≡ spirited away
Haku, listen. I just remembered something from a long time ago, I think it may help you. Once, when I was little, I dropped my shoe into a river. When I tried to get it back I fell in. I thought I’d drown but the water carried me to shore. It finally came back to me. The river’s name was the Kahaku river. I think that was you, and your real name is Kahaku river.

i really need a plot with two actors who are on a brand new tv show and it’s kinda awkward at first so all they do is try to make each other laugh during takes and goof off together and pretty soon it’s becoming obvious that they’re falling for each other but there isn’t any pressure from the media yet because the show hasn’t aired yet, but then the premier date hits and the show is a huge success and they have to deal with both of them suddenly being thrust into the spotlight


This is an Angst with prompt 64- “Did they hurt you”. Im not very good with blood scenes yet and I felt like there are so many torture scene that I wanted to try something new. 

Warnings um idk i guess screaming 

Edited by @winter-patrick

“Newt, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave your case unguarded like this.” Newt and Jacob were already climbing into the case while you stood outside. 

“Y/n, everything will be fine. Its 2am in New York, I highly doubt someone will come along at this hour.“ You’re still hesitant and fiddled with your hands. 

“And Y/n, the Erumpent will need your help.” Sighing, you step into the case and close the lid. 

You were tending to the Erumpent when you heard a knock at the case. Your heartbeat got quicker as your thoughts began to race. Newt opened the case and stepped out, you followed, and then Jacob. You were met with the face of Tina and many unknown faces. 

“Is that Scamander, Theseus Scamander, the war hero?“ 

“No, it’s his little brother.“ You hear people murmuring. 

“Mr. Scamander, tell me, which one of your creatures did this?” Madame Picquery asked pointing to the floating body. You gasped at the marks on the No-Maj’s face. 

“That’s not one of my creatures, those marks, this was an Obscurus.” Gasps ripples through the faces of the room. 

“You go too far, Mr. Scamander, there are no Obscuruses in New York. Graves, impound his case!” Newt’s case flies from the ground and into Graves’ hand. 

“Don’t hurt my creatures. Please, they’re not dangerous. They’re not dangerous!” Guards drag you, Newt and Tina away. 

Newt continues to beg for his creatures’ safety. It breaks your heart, hearing such desperation in his voice. You’re put into a cold cell. You hear Tina apologizing, you understand, she never meant for this to happen. 

“What’s an Obscurus, Obscurial thing?” you hear Jacob ask. 

Newt proceeds to tell the story of the 8-year-old girl you two met in Sudan. You block him out, the story makes you too emotional. A banging makes you refocus, 

“We’re here for Y/n L/n.” Newt stands in front of you protectively 

“Why?” he questions. 

“That’s none of your business.” They grab you and drag you to an interrogation room, Newts yelling can be heard in the distance. 

“Now, you’ve been traveling with Mr. Scamander for… 5 years now?” 

“Yes, that’s correct.” 

“Now, why would someone as smart as you travel with a Hogwarts drop-out?” 

“Because, Mr. Graves, protecting these beasts are important, something every wizard should know that.”

 “What about these creatures are important? They are dangerous, and the wizards should know. Now tell me. Which beasts did that to the No-Maj?” 

“Mr. Graves, you can try to interrogate me all you want, if this is what you call interrogation. But These. Animals. Are. Not. Dangerous.” Your blood boils at the accusations. He doesn’t know these beasts. 

“That’s all, take them to the next room. You may not be helpful here, but we can use you for something else.” You’re placed into a chair and held down. 

You hear Newt and Graves talking in the next room. Newt sounds as passionate as you about his creatures.Suddenly, one of the guards puts his wand up to your temple. He takes a silvery substance from your head. 

“We can’t actually make you scream in pain, but that doesn’t mean we can’t trick Scamander into thinking you’re hurt,” he gives you a devilish smile before performing some complicated spells. 

Suddenly, your scream echoes from his wand. You here Newt begging Graves to stop hurting you. You desperately wanted to call out to Newt, saying you were okay, but they cast a silence charm. You can hear his voice crack as he continues to plead. You hear chairs shuffling and sobbing. 

“You’ve been sentenced to death, for aiding and abetting a criminal, L/n.” You stand up carefully, in a burst of rage, you elbow the guard in the nose and kick him in the nuts. 

You point that guard’s wand to the other one and knocked him out. Grabbing the keys, you unlock your cuffs and run to find Newt and Tina. Turning a corner, you run head first into Queenie and Jacob. 

“Oh, Y/N, sweetie. Are you okay?” She pulls you into a hug. 

“Come, we must find Tina and Newt.” A few minutes later, you run into them. Newt rushes to hug you but you stop him, 

“In the case, now!” All of you get into the case and Queenie takes the case. Inside, Newt runs to you checking all over for injuries. 

“D-did they hurt you?” “Newt, I’m okay, I’m okay, I promise,” you place your hand on his cheek and wipe away his tears. 

“B-but I heard you screaming, a-and crying and I got so worried.” 

“T-they used a spell, they pulled my memory from when I broke my arm. They didn’t do anything to me, I promise.” He pulls you into a hug and continues to cry. 

You start crying too, seeing Newt like this, it just destroyed you. You rub his back until he stops crying, looking up at you with red eyes he smiles. 

“I love you so much, Y/n.” 

“I-I love you too, Newt.

I hope y’all enjoyed that. Night

Thigh Riding || A.F.I

Originally posted by irwinsource

Summary: When you’re lonely you know that Ashton will always be there for you in whatever you need him. 

Relationship: Ashton/[Y/N]

Word Count: 739

Warnings: daddy kink, thigh riding (duh), swearing, the word slut is used so, etc

Your relationship with Ashton was anything but vanilla. You two were always up for trying new things, food, hobbies, and sex. You two were big on foreplay so when Ashton brought up his Daddy Kink, you were shocked, but relieved because you had always wanted to experiment with it. Ever since then, it’s been something the two of you just do. 

Ashton had been working into the early hours of mornings lately and you understood that he needed to do what he did, but you had been craving him so much lately, you could barely take it. Your legs squeezing together at the thought of his skilful tongue lapping at your juices. 

You had been sitting on your bed browsing YouTube, listening to the faint drumming coming from the basement and you couldn’t help but think of Ashton’s hands. You had decided that it was enough and stripped down to just your underwear walking over to Ashton’s wardrobe and pulling out a muscle tee and then going over to yours and pulling out a pair of pyjama shorts. Once satisfied you began your way to the basement. 

Once you entered the room the sound of drums overwhelmed you and you were met with a faintly sweaty Ashton, shirtless. Not helping your situation at all considering the fact that your panties were probably soaking already. 

“Hey babe.” He said with a sweet smile as he noticed you. You didn’t say anything but just made your way to him, standing in front of his drums. 

“What’s wrong sweetie?” He frowned when you didn’t reply. You shrugged your shoulders, “nothing, just miss you.” You mumbled as you toyed with the end of your shirt hoping he would get the hint. 

“Is that so?” He asked intrigued with a smirk plastered on his mouth. You looked up at him and nodded, “yeah.” He set aside his drumsticks before looking over to you, “c’mere baby girl.” He motioned as you carefully made your way over to him crawling onto his lap. 

“Uh uh.” He tutted as you looked at him confused. He made it clear when he moved you so were straddling only one thigh. 

“Did you miss daddy?” He cooed as his hands moved to your hips slowly starting to rock you back and forth. 

“I missed you so much daddy.” You groaned as you started moving your hips with him, adding more friction between his thigh and you. 

“I want you to show me how much you missed me, can you do that?” He encouraged as he started kissing your neck. 

“H-how, daddy?” You questioned as he applied more force to your hips as you rocked at a steady rhythm. 

“I want you to come all over your panties, all for me.” He growled into your ear making you moan as you wrapped your hands around his neck as he pressed his lips against yours feverishly. 

“Does this feel good?” He taunted, “so good.” You replied already euphoric. He slowly removed one hand from your waist as he snaked it into your panties finding your clit almost immediately. 

“O-oh fuck yes daddy, yes.” You moaned as you arched your back fully riding his thigh. 

“You look so hot right now baby girl, all for me.” He stated as he began bringing you closer and closer to your release that you could feel building already. 

“Shit, I’m so close.” You whined as you began grinding your hips even harder against his thigh wanting as much friction as possible. 

“That’s right, come all over my thigh you slut.” He encouraged as he began sucking on your neck and massaging your boobs as you became an ever bigger moaning mess at just his words. 

“Shitshitshitfuck.” You managed out as the knot in your lower stomach began forming, “come for daddy.” He demanded as he rubbed fast circles on your clit making your legs tremble with the amount of pleasure you were feeling. 

“Fuck!” Was all you managed to get out before coming all over your panties and his thigh as your head rested in the crook of his neck. 

“That was possibly the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He determined as you come down from your high. 

“I can tell.” You smirked as you placed your hand over the obvious boner he had. 

“I guess we’re just getting started.” He smirked as you discarded your shirt from your body getting ready for the night ahead.     

A lot of people are trying to get into musical theatre but they don’t know where to start or what shows are out there. So, I’d like to start something. Reblog this post and add three of your favorite musicals and check out what everyone else has said before you, you might find a new show or two!

I’ll start, my three are:

  • Next to Normal
  • Ragtime
  • Sunday in the Park with George
When A Hybrid Meets An Alpha

Requested by: isaacismyanchor

Request: “ hey, i was wondering if you could make like a “crossover teen wolf and the originals imagine” i was thinking something like the reader is klaus’ daughter and of course a hybrid and idk, is it possible???”

A/N: Oh my gosh, I know you requested this so long ago I am so freaking sorry, I know this is short but, it’s just a part one, let me know if you wanna part 2!

Leaving New Orleans to go to Beacon Hills was risky. Because knowing your father he would try to come and find you, which was something you didn’t want to happen, you were Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, you were a hybrid, and you couldn’t deal with your father’s lifestyle anymore. 

Especially since he had Hope, your little sister. Not many people knew you were Klaus’s daughter. So, all the attention was on her, maybe it wasn’t fair to leave her, but you had to. You didn’t have any other choice. 

Why Beacon Hills? Because it was far away from New Orleans and Klaus wouldn’t really expect you to go there of all places. It was a nice town, you hadn’t heard much about it, and you hadn’t been there before. But it was nice. And not infested with monsters, at least you hoped. 

You’d bought a small apartment there, it was great before you realized how bored you were. You didn’t know anyone. And you weren’t the best at making friends. 

You decided to clear your mind, and go for a jog. Maybe that’d help you with your boredom.

During you run, you weren’t paying attention and you ran into a guy,one that of course you didn’t know. 

“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry!” He shook his head. “Oh, it’s fine. I’m Derek by the way, Derek Hale.” You shook his hand. “Y/N Mikaelson." 

"Well, since I’ve embarrassed myself by running into you, can I take you out for dinner later.” Though you didn’t know him, he seemed really cool and you wanted to get to know him. 

“Sure that sounds great." 

Little did you know, Klaus was on his way to Beacon Hills as you spoke.


two of a kind

Let’s play a game (M)

Namjoon x Reader x Hoseok

Anon asked: hi!! could you write something where the boys invite you over for movie night and you sit on the couch between hoseok and namjoon sharing a blanket and they both decide to finger you during the movie, trying to make you moan? omg im sorry if this doesn’t make sense I love your work btw!

A/N: ehehe~ so its FINALLY done and honestly idk how i feel about this i wanted to make it different from all the other request fic like this and it ended up kinda long in the process sooo… but anyway I really hope my beautiful anon who requested this likes it feel free to let me know what you think!((another old fic im reposting~ I promise ill be posting something new sooon))

Genre: Mature content a.k.a~ very smuty smut smut~ you’ve been warned~

Word count: 3.7K

I was at home flipping through channels trying to find something, anything, to watch that wouldn’t put me to sleep. When my phone started to ring. I set the TV remote down and stretched trying to reach my cell which was conveniently placed out of reach on the opposite side of my couch. When I finally grabbed my phone I saw Jungkook’s name light up my screen.


“Noona~” he whined out obviously wanting something.

“Yes Jungkook what’s up?”

“How come I haven’t seen you in over two months?!”

“Well I don’t know maybe the fact that we both work for a living.” I rolled my eyes at his question.

“That’s no excuse, we all miss you so we’re going to have dinner tomorrow.”

“I have a thing tomorrow I can't”

Suddenly he put the phone on speaker and I could hear all seven boys objecting and saying “Y/n you have to come please~”

I let out an annoyed sigh which seemed to make them quiet down a bit. “What time did you have in mind kook.”

Jungkook took the phone off speaker but I could still hear the other boys cheering in the background.

“8 O’clock.”

“I can’t guarantee anything but I will try to be there.”

“See ya there Noona~.”

He hung up and I let out a defeated sigh. “What a brat.” I whispered while setting my phone to the side.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry but what artist talks about their own music excessively or at all before its release? Unless you're Niall and desperately trying to sell something that's just not coming, and riding it out on one song for half a year? Not even Zayn discussed anything himself before it dropped, idk what you want from Harry. He's not going to be marketed to teens so there won't be weekly newsletters and studio updates, that was to be expected

Basically every artist ever makes some sort of statement of hey I’ve got new music coming, hey I’ve been working in the studio, hey I can’t wait for you to hear it, hey guess what I’m still out here recording stuff. Fucking hell I got three emails from different bands today about upcoming albums.

I don’t want a god damn colorful doodled letter that says omg I love my fans y'all are the best this album is just for you cause fansssss I just want a hey guess what I have a deal I have an album I have a song I have fucking something from his own mouth or reps mouth and not leaked from some third party.


well ah. i wanted to put these up before school starts tomorrow.. 

just gonna say these were influenced by something i was helping out with for the last few months. now that it’s done and over excitement just took over and couldnt help but make a crossover aha 

also decided to try out small new things with these.. in case things look weird;;