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Quiet Me: Otayuri. Maybe Yuri is having a panic attack about something or.... lol yeah idk I just love comforting Otabek.

Quiet Me: with one character trying to calm another down

He wanted to be alone. He needed to be alone. His turn was coming up shortly and he needed to get a grip before performing. And it would only be made worse with people hovering over them. He just prayed that no one would come in right now. It wouldn’t be too long before Yakov would come to look for him.

So much was riding on this competition, but what else was new? There was no such thing as a minor competition for him. He had to perform often and perform well if he was going to be able to put food on his family’s table. He’d been doing this for so long, why was it getting to him now? His thoughts were racing miles per minute, more than he could process. Everything was blurry and the room was spinning.

‘No, not here…’

His chest began to tighten, his heart beating at all impossibly fast rate. This was it, he was going to have a heart attack right here. He could feel himself shaking and no matter how much he tried to stop himself from doing so, his body would not cooperate. Tears were already filling his eyes and falling uncontrollably. He tried to find somewhere to sit, but the room was spinning so much. He hit something, was that a bench? Oh, fuck it, did it matter?

He couldn’t stop himself from shaking and it felt like someone was reaching in and squeezing his lungs. His head was hurting and his body felt like it was on fire, was he coming down with a fever.

A sob escaped his lips, frustration and anxiety pouring out with it. Why couldn’t he stop? The better question was why were things still this stressful? He’d been pushed like this since he was 10, so why now?

He didn’t know how long it had been, but he felt like he was going to pass out. Just as his body was about to give out, he felt a pair of strong arms hold him up. He wanted to turn around, but with his head spinning, it would definitely be a terrible idea.

“Yura…” Otabek deep but soothing voice said, his arms securely fastened around him.

“Beka…” he choked out. He hated crying, he hated showing any form of weakness. But with Otabek, it was different. The sobs and cries began coming out uncontrollably. He didn’t know when he had turned around and began crying into Otabek’s chest, but the older boy’s fingers threading soothingly through his hair stopped him from caring.

A few minutes later, Yuri could feel his body relax, but tears were still flowing.

“Beka, I can’t…” he began, before stopping. Otabek was waiting for him to say it but Yuri wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to say. “I don’t know if I can…”

“Shhh,” Otabek soothed. “I know you can…if there’s anyone who can…it’s you.”

And there it was. It was rare that Yuri felt like he couldn’t compete. And coming from anyone else, it would’ve meant very little. But Otabek was different. His unwavering faith in him, his quiet understanding, and his ability to soothe him without much effort could make the worst things seem trivial. His heart rate was coming down to normal and he wasn’t trembling anymore.

Otabek pulled apart from him ever so slightly to grab a water bottle, which Yuri readily took.  

Afterwards, Yuri buried his face into Otabek’s chest again and Otabek, in turn, buried his face in Yuri’s hair.

“Beka?” he whispered, so quietly that it wouldn’t been impossible for anyone else to hear.

“Hm?” was the reply.

“Thank you…”

Based on the reveal that he provides for his family via government grants. Hope you enjoyed! 

((I don’t know if this has been done, so if it has please tell me.))

So I’ve seen a lot of those ‘Humans are Space Orcs’ posts and I think those are really cool, but unnoticed they all consist of one thing: humans traveling with the aliens.

So there are a lot of ways you can do that, right? You could go all Star Trek and make it to where the humans and aliens all live together in harmony and travel space together and things like that. But I have a different idea and I think it’s pretty cool.

So humans don’t really know aliens exist. Obviously you have your conspiracy theorists and loons and the occasional 'abducted’ person, but for the most part it’s just generally accepted that aliens are fun and all, but they’re not /real/.

And then there’s this kid. He/she/they don’t really have a happy life, but they can’t really do anything about it. You can make them whatever you want, have any or of disorder or disability or just make them an angsty teen that comes from an unhappy home. They want to leave, but they’re too young, so they have to stay.

Then of course, the aliens come. But instead of crap like Independence Day (I say crap in a loving way, the movie was pretty good and I like it), the aliens just take one look at the kid, pick them up, and leave. That’s it. Nothing else. Just take the kid and go.

Of course the kid is terrified at first, but after like the first day or so they calm down because the aliens are treating them like gosh-darn royalty. They put the kid up in the nicest room on the ship, give them the best food they can muster from their rations, and provide for any kind of entertainment the kid might want. It’s like paradise, and the kid is happier than they’ve been in a while.

So the kid travels with these aliens on all sorts of cool adventures and throughout this period is when we get the 'Humans are Space Orcs’ discoveries. Like the kid will go up to random giant furry beasts and just glomp them and coo at them while the aliens are like “No that’s deadly it will kill you oh my god what is this kid doing?!?!” Or, if the kid has a uterus, come time for their period the aliens freak out because “Oh holy shmarda, the child is bleeding!! Why is the child bleeding?!” Hilarious antics and shenanigans ensue and the child is so happy with their new life that they never want to go back home.

Also included: drama when the aliens return to earth to find a human companion for the child (even though they didn’t ask for one you guys don’t have to do this really it’s fine) and the parents of the kid demand they be returned immediately. The kid doesn’t want to go back of course so the aliens have to fight for custody over the kid in court (I guess idk but something along those lines. Maybe the humans try to kill the aliens because the kid was “abducted” and that causes a lot of angst and problems.).

Idk just something that’s been floating about in my imagination for a while. I think it would be a really cool show though tbh like someone hire me.

Clonepocalypse 2k17

Alright kids listen up, since this is the last season of Orphan Black let’s bring back an old tradition; the clonepocalypse!

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What’s that?

Well my friend, on the day of the premier (June 10th) we all change our URL’s to a clone name (saving our original ones of course) and act as that clone for the day or just post funny orphan black jokes. I couldn’t find examples but you can search ‘clonepocalypse’ and it might come up with the posts from years ago.URL’s can be anything from sarahmanning989 to ferdinand123 so long as it relates to orphan black then its all cool


It’s loads of fun, just following anyone and everyone who has a clone or other character as their url. It allows people to follow each other no matter how many followers they have because we’re all just here showing our love for our show. It also creates hype for the upcoming season and since it’s the fifth and final trip, why not get pumped up about it.

What kind of stuff should I post?

Anything!! That cophine fan fic you’ve been working on ,the manip you’ve created but never got around to posting, some classic orphan black memes! And as it is the final trip let’s try something new: You could write a thank you note to the cast/crew/clone club in general to show how much the show has meant to you and tag it as #ThankYouOB . (I actually want you guy’s opinion on this because idk if it should be before the final season or at the end, send me an ask with your opinion)

Alright I’m in, when does the clonepocalypse start?

As clone club spreads all over the world it’s hard to set an exact time, so as soon as your clock hits 12 midnight on 10th June 2017 you can get the party started! 

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What should I tag the posts as?

Because not everyone has solely orphan black blogs following them, we will be using the tag clonepocalypse or clonepocalypse2k17. This will also help us find new friends on the day and get in touch with each other

But what if I don’t want to join in?

That’s totally fine my friend! 

So that’s the general idea of the event. I just thought it would be nice to connect with each other one last time and celebrate our beloved show! Happy season 5!

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get to know me [1/5] animated movies ≡ spirited away
Haku, listen. I just remembered something from a long time ago, I think it may help you. Once, when I was little, I dropped my shoe into a river. When I tried to get it back I fell in. I thought I’d drown but the water carried me to shore. It finally came back to me. The river’s name was the Kahaku river. I think that was you, and your real name is Kahaku river.

honestly i don’t think isak realizes how many couple pictures even has on his phone. he’s lost track of the number of times even has grabbed him to take a selfie with a “smile baby you can’t look any more gorgeous than you already do but you can try” and isak just rolls his eyes in mild protest. it’s a little bit annoying sometimes, especially when even wants a picture when isak has a mouthful of eggs or when he’s trying to brush his teeth, but even wants to document every minute of their lives together, so he lets it slide. one day, isak grabs even’s phone to find something, and when he opens the camera app, it’s all pictures of him, of them, together. after years of waiting, he’s found a boy who looks back, who’ll keep looking at him through the mundane, through the bad, through the downright annoying. and even will never get tired of it - every time he looks at isak is like discovering something new.

So I have ADHD and I’ve been researching a lot more about it, and there’s this thing called “Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria” which apparently is mainly specific to those with ADHD.
Now, I just heard about it the other day but just learning about it made me realize how I share many similar symptoms. Which helps me a lot because I hate not being able to understand things.
And hopefully it helps other people with ADHD feel better too, to realize some of the things they feel are not uncommon.

So Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria or RSD, from what I understand, is the super heightened dislike of criticism and being afraid of people getting mad at you, and anything that may come off as mean makes you feel like absolute shit.
and you believe that if anyone seems a little off it’s because of something you did. So then people who have RSD will tend to do things to avoid these situations at all cost.

Such as, being people pleasers, doing a lot of whatever they can to make sure that people feel accommodated and happy. Taking a lot of their life to making other people feel better.

Trying to be perfect. If no one finds flaws in the individual then they cant be criticized.

Or they give up on things all together. They stop doing things because if they don’t do stuff then no one can get angry or mad at them.

Basically you try anything to never put yourself in a compromising position.

Idk learning about this was good because it helped me figure something new about myself so I wanted to share the information. I hope at least one thing made sense because I’m still not exactly sure about everything it entails.

If any of you know more about it, please add to this.

Space Australia

I’m really loving this whole space Australia thing and here’s what I would like to add to it.
Common phrases.
I’ve seen the whole “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” thing but what about,
“If you want it done right do it yourself”? Or,
“Hope for the best prepare for the worst”?

Trying to explain no I trust you but what if? Can you imagine how baffling it would be to try and explain that you don’t actually believe something will go horribly wrong but you prepared for it anyways.

Like finding any and all edible plants and/or animals when you arrive at a new planet because you want to know what you can eat if something goes wrong.

Idk I find this idea of explaining over preparation to those who don’t understand very amusing.


two of a kind

aisle two preview

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

a/n: idk if i am going to keep this banner, i just wanted to try something new~

There was something about the look of concentration on his face that had you staring. He wrinkled his eyebrows in a way that made deep lines spread across his forehead. He held the cap of his pen between his teeth, biting down on the ends. You made a mental note to never ask to borrow a pen from him. Even though you had already swapped spit and body fluids.

He shifted in his seat and you thought you had been caught. Immediately your dropped your gaze, trying your best to make it seem like you had been studying the entire time. Out of the corner of your eye you could see a bunny smile spread across his lips. Your face deepened as you realized that you had been caught, but Jungkook didn’t say anything else.

Hours passed while the two of you sat in silence with your nose buried in your books. You had managed to find the perfect playlist to study along too. It was calm enough to not put you to sleep, but not fast enough to make you distracted. You wondered what Jungkook listened to while he was studying, and you were tempted to ask. But he stood up from the table, making his way towards the bathroom, and leaving you alone to your thoughts.

When he returned he didn’t come empty handed. He had cups of coffee in each of his palms. You couldn’t help but feel deja vu as he set a cup intended for you across the table. You whisper, “Thank you,” as you take the paper cup and press it against your lips. The black coffee was strong, but you didn’t mind. You hoped that the strong liquid would give you enough energy to make it through the rest of the dense chapter.

Five minutes later Jungkook was sending his pen across the table in frustration. He leaned forward to press his forehead against his textbook. It took all the strength you had to not reach forward and run your fingers through his hair. You wanted to feel the softness in your fingertips, but you were not about to embarrass yourself like that. You had to maintain some sort of self control.

“Are you okay?” you whisper, catching the pen before it rolled off the table and onto the floor.

He shakes his head as he rubs his eyes with his palms, “I think I have read the same fucking line 5 times now. I can’t keep anything straight.”

You nod your head, knowing all too well the feeling of being overwhelmed by fancy scientific terms and data charts that all looked the same.

“You should take a break.” you suggest, knowing that you should listen to your own advice at this point. The library would be closing in less than an hour.

“Yeah, I probably should” he agrees as he presses the screen of his phone to check the time. “Have you eaten?”

His casualness catches you off guard. Your answer gets stuck in your throat leaving you only able to shake your head.

Jungkook laugh’s at your strange behavior and you want nothing more than to sink into a puddle under the table.

“Do you want to get something to eat?”

“S-s-sure.” you manage to spit out as you bite the inside of your cheek.

You didn’t know what you were feeling as you stared at him. It seemed to be a mixture of lust and reality. What happened at Yoongi’s was a one time thing, you had to remind yourself of that. There was no way it was going to happen again. And the sooner you accepted it, the easier it was going to be. But as you stared at him packing up his backpack you knew that you were nowhere near acceptance.

You were (and had literally been) fucked.

If Nekoma had a Manager!

Okay, I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, and finally decided to just DO IT. Because honestly, Nekoma is a super cute team and it would be even cuter if they had a manager in their midst. ; v; I have more planned for Nekoma Manager-chan (a whole story actually) but I’ll do more if there is popular demand??

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First Meeting Headcanons

  • I imagine she has a slight interest in volleyball? Or is familiar with one of the members and decides to give it a try? 
  • Idk point is, she pokes her head in the gym a few times and is amazed at how cool Nekoma is. 
  • But, she’s a little intimidated by Kuroo’s appearance. She’s like “oh no! he’s the captain but he looks scary and strict! if i become manager i’ll have to interact with him!”
  • Honestly she wants to be a part of something cool like a volleyball team so she musters up the courage to talk to Nekomata and Naoi (because captain is scary - not)
  • Kuroo introduces Manager-chan to the team and they all look happy to see someone new join the family team! In order not to hold off on practice, Nekomata has them begin right after the quick introduction.
  • As vice-captain Kai introduces himself. He states from the get-go he’s glad she decided to help them out and is looking forward to working with her.
  • After practice, first thing Yaku establishes if she needs help, she can ask her, especially when dealing with these rowdy bunch. (but we all know Yaku loves his team)
  • Yamamoto can’t believe it! A real life GIRL MANAGER right before his eyes!! He really badly wants to talk to her, but how can he?! The whole thing is nerve-wrecking; he can’t even concentrate properly during practice. After practice, he proceeds to text Tanaka about this grand moment. For some reason he wants to gloat about the cute new manager on his team, so he decides to snap a photo! …Unfortunately for him, Manager-chan sees him attempt to take a picture of her. Is scolded by Yaku and Kuroo. …Not the best first meeting.
  • Manager-chan sees Inuoka and Shibayama picking up the volleyballs and decides to help them (because they are the less intimidating of the group). Inuoka isn’t afraid to strike up a conversation and ask questions about her. Eventually Shibayama does the same. A nice initial meeting overall.
  • Lev is another member who isn’t afraid to start a conversation. He’s a little overbearing at first, but Manager-chan learns Lev can be a little excitable at times. She’s still a little intimidated by his height and sharp eyes. Lev is about the tell Manager-chan about Yamamoto always wanting a girl manager, but is stopped by Yamamoto, who doesn’t need any further embarrassment.
  • The two team members she has a hard time interacting with are Kenma and Fukunaga.
  • Fukunaga does offer a handshake when she introduces herself to him, but doesn’t say anything after that. Manager-chan is worried she did something wrong, but Yaku reassures her that Fukunaga is just being Fukunaga.
  • Manager-chan introduces herself to Kenma. She manages to get his name but that’s about it. Manager-chan worries that Kenma doesn’t like since she would get one word answers to her questions. Kuroo sees this and tells her it takes a while for Kenma to open up to someone.

no but regarding childhood friends to lovers plots, consider that it’s not all rainbows and puppies:

  • your childhood friend knows everything about you, every tiny stupid detail. everything from that time you were 5 and so sick you puked all over your cat, to the first time you were drunk and told the busdriver that you wanted to make out with him because of his cool mustache
  • they will be close with your parents who will feel like they have a right to know everything about your relationship
  • your parents gave you the sex talk TOGETHER
  • when you are having a fight they will know every tell of your facial and body language, and they know exactly how to strike to make you feel guilty or angry or hurt - even if they do it without intention
  • they will use the same nickname your parents used for you when you were growing up, even though you stopped finding it cute when you reached the age of ten
  • there will be old fights to drag up on a bad day, even if you thought they were settled and done
  • they have a tendency to think they know what is best for you, and even if it is done out of love it can be super annoying
  • sometimes they make decisions for you when you are not present, thinking that is what you would do, when really you wanted to try something new for a change
  • your feet has been cold for twenty years because they always steal the covers and have done since you were kids
  • your other longtime friends will be constantly using the line “we knew before you did”
  • your parents will know each other and start planning your wedding when you are still even trying to figure out how to handle going from friends to a couple

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I think there's two major influences to the societal shaming of picky eaters.One of them is how people get their pride so bound up in having PROVIDED, turning your nose up at what they serve is DISRESPECT. Then there's families like mine, with many different food allergies. You don't have like it, but you must try it before you give an opinion. Our diets would be severely unhealthy if we weren't willing to find new foods as old favourites are stricken from the list.

Just adding, I think we’re doing something right with the girls and their diets. Strange, but right. The oldest likes to munch on green onions dipped in peanut butter and the youngest wants to capture a lot of snails from our garden to prepare as escargot. Next rainy day she gets to try and capture enough to be worth preparing as a meal. Yes, both girls have food they turn their noses up at, but they’re not stuck in a rut.

IDK, can you just up and eat snails from the garden? I suppose that’s how people have always done it but I’d be a bit, possibly irrationally, concerned about disease.  

While families do shame their own picky eaters, I’ve found it much more common in peer groups while eating out. Most of the attention I got over my dislike of foods came in college at the dining hall. I think it’s most often about people being really uncomfortable with the idea that our senses experience the world differently, combined with the general trend of our culture to attack anything seen as sitting outside an ill-defined “normal”. People get really insecure and upset over the idea that “I don’t want to eat what you’re eating because I think it doesn’t taste good.” 

The “you have to try it before giving an opinion” technique is a good one, but it also requires a fair amount of scaffolding (I say this more to the general public than to you, since it sounds like you’ve got that structure in place). Once they do try it, if they don’t like it they need to know that there will be an alternative offered so they don’t “eat or go hungry”. They also need to know that they won’t be berated or doubted when they express an opinion; if someone browbeats you into withdrawing an opinion on the food, you very soon stop giving an opinion, or stop trying it altogether, because you know you’ll be forced to eat-or-starve no matter what. And at restaurants I think this rule needs to be suspended because if you try a dish and don’t like it, there’s a necessary guilt and shame involved in asking for an entire new meal, especially since it won’t be brought out until others have already eaten a significant portion of theirs. 

And once you’re an adult, “try it first” stops being legit. Adults have a right to choose what they eat and refuse to eat something for any reason at any time, full stop, because we are considered responsible for our own decisions, which also means we get to make them ourselves.