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Quiet Me: Otayuri. Maybe Yuri is having a panic attack about something or.... lol yeah idk I just love comforting Otabek.

Quiet Me: with one character trying to calm another down

He wanted to be alone. He needed to be alone. His turn was coming up shortly and he needed to get a grip before performing. And it would only be made worse with people hovering over them. He just prayed that no one would come in right now. It wouldn’t be too long before Yakov would come to look for him.

So much was riding on this competition, but what else was new? There was no such thing as a minor competition for him. He had to perform often and perform well if he was going to be able to put food on his family’s table. He’d been doing this for so long, why was it getting to him now? His thoughts were racing miles per minute, more than he could process. Everything was blurry and the room was spinning.

‘No, not here…’

His chest began to tighten, his heart beating at all impossibly fast rate. This was it, he was going to have a heart attack right here. He could feel himself shaking and no matter how much he tried to stop himself from doing so, his body would not cooperate. Tears were already filling his eyes and falling uncontrollably. He tried to find somewhere to sit, but the room was spinning so much. He hit something, was that a bench? Oh, fuck it, did it matter?

He couldn’t stop himself from shaking and it felt like someone was reaching in and squeezing his lungs. His head was hurting and his body felt like it was on fire, was he coming down with a fever.

A sob escaped his lips, frustration and anxiety pouring out with it. Why couldn’t he stop? The better question was why were things still this stressful? He’d been pushed like this since he was 10, so why now?

He didn’t know how long it had been, but he felt like he was going to pass out. Just as his body was about to give out, he felt a pair of strong arms hold him up. He wanted to turn around, but with his head spinning, it would definitely be a terrible idea.

“Yura…” Otabek deep but soothing voice said, his arms securely fastened around him.

“Beka…” he choked out. He hated crying, he hated showing any form of weakness. But with Otabek, it was different. The sobs and cries began coming out uncontrollably. He didn’t know when he had turned around and began crying into Otabek’s chest, but the older boy’s fingers threading soothingly through his hair stopped him from caring.

A few minutes later, Yuri could feel his body relax, but tears were still flowing.

“Beka, I can’t…” he began, before stopping. Otabek was waiting for him to say it but Yuri wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to say. “I don’t know if I can…”

“Shhh,” Otabek soothed. “I know you can…if there’s anyone who can…it’s you.”

And there it was. It was rare that Yuri felt like he couldn’t compete. And coming from anyone else, it would’ve meant very little. But Otabek was different. His unwavering faith in him, his quiet understanding, and his ability to soothe him without much effort could make the worst things seem trivial. His heart rate was coming down to normal and he wasn’t trembling anymore.

Otabek pulled apart from him ever so slightly to grab a water bottle, which Yuri readily took.  

Afterwards, Yuri buried his face into Otabek’s chest again and Otabek, in turn, buried his face in Yuri’s hair.

“Beka?” he whispered, so quietly that it wouldn’t been impossible for anyone else to hear.

“Hm?” was the reply.

“Thank you…”

Based on the reveal that he provides for his family via government grants. Hope you enjoyed! 

AAAAA JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK U FOR 1000+ FOLLOWERS ;A; it the most i ever had h hh – This is also kind of a redraw of this,, hhhh ill try to be more active here,,, try being the key word hahaha


Toucannon popsicles!

Chocolate gelatin, strawberry gelatin, pineapple gelatin, yogurt (plain and strawberry)

Tips if you want to try making these:

- For black gelatin, you can apparently also mix a green-colored one with a purple one. The chocolate had a different consistency than the fruit ones and was tricky to work with so this might be a good idea.

- The yogurt adds a nice texture and makes the fruit gelatin opaque, which makes the separation between each color layer clearer. You could definitely substitute something else: milk, coconut milk…

- Add the thin black base layer while the pops are in the mold before you put the mold’s stick through, idk why I didn’t do that. Only put the mold’s stick through once all the layers are set or else the next color you add will pour down the hole and mess up the colors. (You’ll want to add it before freezing the pops to help with pulling them out once they’re frozen)

- Have the black gelatin set in a thin layer and use a straw + a cutting utensil to cut out the circle and duct at the base of Toucannon’s beak. Don’t try to pour in liquid gelatin. Just don’t.

- I painted the Toucannon faces with liquid food coloring to make sure it was safe!

my girlfriend and i have been trying to get jobs for the last few months and now that my foot is broken and won’t be able to walk on it for another month getting a job isn’t even an option at the moment

bc of that we’re struggling to provide for ourselves and it’s really tiring and stressful for the both of us so if y'all could send a dollar or something to my girlfriends venmo/paypal (both @linime) it would help so so much

What if Rick Riordan didn’t have to censor his writing for the kiddos? Just imagine Jason going “What the shit, Jackson” when Percy does something dumb, or dirty jokes by Percy & Piper, or everyone gasping the first time Frank muttered “fuck” under his breath when he couldn’t transform into the animal he wanted. Imagine Alex Fierro making up ridiculous insults for Magnus (dick-wad, ass-face, idk). Same with Sadie Kane calling Carter ridiculous things (but in a British accent), but also completely cursing out anyone else who dares to try to hurt him - I feel like she’d be a frequent user of “motherfucker”. A very angry poem by Apollo, god of poetry, that’s pretty much just a stream of curses at Zeus for making him human. Make it happen, Riordan

every time this guy that i like does something that i could interpret as potentially suggesting that he likes me, he then completely confuses me.. we spent literally more than an hour today kinda cuddling on a sofa while chatting and watching videos, but


an idea

so this might sound a bit eager, thanks to a certain someone fueling the fire (imlookingatyoumark), but i was thinking about anti’s next appearance. i mean, i’ve been thinking about it for weeks, but mark’s video is what got me to really start thinking.

i know sean said that he doesn’t want to make anti show up too much (which is completely understandable; sometimes things need to take a break before they lose their appeal), but it’s also been almost exactly a month since we’ve last seen anti.

last time he talked to us, he told us that he was still in control, despite what we were lead to believe. he taunted us for dropping our guard around him before turning around to scold us for not paying attention to him after dark made his reappearance.

there are very few things that we know for certain about anti, one of them being that he literally thrives off of the attention that we give him. as long as we continue to react to him, he continues exerting control. the second thing, which is a little less certain but still there, is that sean’s not “dead.” at the very least, he can’t be.

in both videos, he’s called out to us, hoping somebody would help him. it could be that anti was merely fucking with us when that happened, but what if he wasn’t? what if that was actually sean but anti refused to acknowledge him in the fear that we’d stop paying attention to him?

if we’re going with the theory that anti came to take control after all the attention we were giving him, then we can’t exactly apologize for what we did. we deliberately went out of our way to let anti out and apologizing would be hypocritical. but what if there was a way to help sean? what if we redirected our attention on him, either forcing anti to, at least, acknowledge sean or allowing for a power struggle between the two of them?

i realize this might be a very stupid (or possibly entertaining idk) idea, but what if we rallied everybody in the community to focus on sean? like, for instance, we could change our profile pictures to the last time sean was technically “alive” (which would’ve been say goodbye? i guess, because he was alive before anti took control and forced him to kill himself) and start some ridiculous hashtag like #lethimout? sean might see this, see that we want to see anti again, and maybe come up with something with robin??

(i’m not going to assume he’ll immediately do this when/if he sees it, but my god, i would fucking lose it if he actually considered it?? and i’m sending this to you because you are the biggest anti enthusiast i know and i’m too scared to try a stunt like this on my own. like, i wanted to bounce my idea off of somebody else, but i don’t have anybody to discuss this with. idk, i kind of think it’s a stupid idea (mainly cause i don’t think it would work the way i’d like to see it work) but i also really hope that there are people out there that would consider this idea as well??)

trust me friend this is far from a stupid idea. i LOVE this so much

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With Elsewhere U, what might the fae think of cosplayers?

If the concept wasn’t explained to them explicitly, I think they’d look on it as yet another opaque human fashion, worthy of admiration for fine craftsmanship possibly, but not otherwise notable.

If you explained, they might expect the story.

           aim is discontinuing the international version 

some of you will probably not care but there are people who will be bothered by this. March 20th will be the last day for people outside of the United States to be able to use AIM on mobile - you will only be able to log in by going to the site itself - . i have had a lot a people in the past and even now who use the mobile app religously and this will affect them ; i’m sure some will be like, well you can always request the desktop site on google chrome. which is something you can totally do, but some do not want to go through that. below are some places you can relocate to if you haven’t yet or wanting too; some of these i do not have much knowleage on but im only trying to help.

kkt - kakao talk
yahoo messenger

im sure there are many, many more please feel free to comment more.


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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Hi, I hope you're doing well! I always enjoy reading any of your speech analyses. If you're still into doing them could you analysis some more of Caitlin's speech habits?

(Sorry this took me 5ever.)

Caitlin’s speech falls into two broad categories. Scientific babble, and regular. I’ll be focusing on day to day speech, but note that most of what I’ll say applies even to her science babble scenes, with one of the major differences being she gets longer lines (but not necessarily longer sentences) when in science-mode.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

Anyway, there’s only a few major things I have to discuss about her speech. One is that she’s pretty formal / polite until she knows someone on a personal level. People are often addressed by their rank (”Dr. Wells” and “Dr. Stein”) and she calls Barry “Mr. Allen” until she gets to know him.

Originally posted by felicityssoliver

It’s pretty clear that being polite is a default setting to her, in most situations.

Originally posted by justbarryallen

However, when Caitlin is made to charge/control of a situation, she can drop that entirely and snap orders.

Originally posted by caitlingifs

Completely unafraid to lecture or snap if/when she deems it necessary. Often times this comes up because of something emotional, snapping at one of the men surrounding her for being an ass.

Originally posted by canariesatom

Originally posted by caitlingifs

But then, sometimes it’s because people are telling her what to do, and Caitlin doesn’t appreciate having her competence questioned. She likes control quite a bit, and reacts negatively when people get in the way of that.

Originally posted by julianalbertgifs

Speech-wise, what we see in those above situations is her using exclamations and admonishments as reminders. 

Also note that like the above quote about being “quite the pair, Mr. Allen”, Caitlin uses names (Harry, Julian) a decent amount in her speech, especially to give a little more weight to a statement. She does it at both the start and end of a sentence, I noticed, but especially when she’s admonishing, it goes at the end. When she’s being gentler, it’s more likely she’ll open on the name.

Originally posted by flashallens

Something I find interesting about her speech is that it’s largely devoid of adjectives. Not entirely, because sometimes you need to say something like “the last person”…

Originally posted by batwan

But even the way she uses her sparing adjectives, it’s seldom for anything but a necessary purpose to explain something. It’s not really to add depth or floweriness to her language.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

“It’s too dangerous” - while ‘dangerous’ is technically an adjective, she’s really only using it to illustrate a point.

Speaking of points, it’s worth noting that the majority of Caitlin’s sentences are simple declarative sentences, and short ones. That or imperative (like “Listen, Harry” is imperative, or “don’t ask me” from above, and so is):

Originally posted by dctvladies

Or else sometimes carrying an implicit order instead of an explicit one.

Originally posted by caitlingifs

Originally posted by fyeahsnowbert

Again, note the sentences being short and with a single clause. Naturally, there are exceptions (again, from above “I don’t know anything about having powers so I’m the last person you should talk too”), but it is a prevalent trend (even when in science mode, like “check your math” from the first gif above is a short imperative sentence).

Originally posted by caitlinsncws

Sometimes, she’s just stating things as they are, or saying what they have to do.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

And in here you’ll see that across a lot of these examples, she opens with “we” instead of “I”, speaking for the team. There’s a lot of imperative or “you should” and a lot of “we [verb]” when saying what the team has done or should do. 

Not that she never asks instead of orders, but asking involves more vulnerability for her and comes out less than ordering.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

(Takes literally being on the surgery table to ask lol, but that’s just one example. Caitlin doesn’t say “please” a lot though, for all her formality).

And actually, across a lot of the above examples, she tends to lead with “I” in sentences expressing deeper emotion, insecurity (about not knowing how to talk to Jesse, or her control over her powers) or when she’s nervous and seeking affirmation. More examples:

Originally posted by ravenclairee

(Fear makes for a pretty vulnerable and emotional admission, right?)

Originally posted by reeseneseira

(Again, note the imperative order here: “use them”. She really does take control more than people realize, I think).

Also, combine that with her asking questions when she needs affirmation or assurance or, like above, is vulnerable (and needs stitching up). 

Originally posted by felicityssoliver

Originally posted by thelastsjedi

Don’t forget though that much like my post about how she actually does swear sometimes (and get drunk and party and have fun, she’s a three-dimensional person, here), Caitlin can also be bold. She made this bet on Barry, after all.

Originally posted by thoranda

Simple, declarative, still her, but remember that she isn’t always the killjoy if you’re writing her. Remember that she’s sneaky too, and demands things from others without apologizing for it. 

Also, I wanted to include some examples of her going off a bit longer. We see from the two examples below that when she’s talking about something she’s helped figure out on the team, she goes into a longer explanation. Still no adjectives though, and still simple clauses that don’t interweave much.

Originally posted by lutavero

That and, when explaining something, she opens with “okay” and hedges a bit more, like “okay, well” and “okay, but” even though she keeps is mostly simple overall.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

Also, just want to point this out: Caitlin uses a lot of contractions (”didn’t, don’t, you’ve, I’ve, I’m, can’t, it’s, we’re” etc). Also, we see here that she uses “[noun]’s not” rather than “isn’t” or “ain’t” (definitely not ain’t) for her “is not” short form. 

A good example for when she doesn’t use a contraction, and instead says the full word, is emotionally for emphasis in reassuring her friend.

Originally posted by reeseneseira

Not “’ll never” and not “won’t” but “will never” fully spelled out. That’s atypical for her and definitely for emphasis.

Some final notes (half because I took the time to track down all these gifs). Caitlin having fun tends to be a little more fun in her speech, too. A little more casual. “Well then,” and “As Cisco would say” instead of giving orders or implicit commands or explanations.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

Originally posted by ravenclairee

Originally posted by calmandcalculating

(Caitlin being adorable and relaxing her speech to reassure her friend and have a bit of fun with him, using an adverb as an intensifier (”totally”, when she normally only uses “too”).

It’s also worth pointing out that much like her simple sentence structure, Caitlin’s word choice tends to be very simple (outside of science babble). It complements the simple form of her speech. 

Originally posted by theflashdaily

“He knows” and not “He found out” or “He’s aware” or “he determined” or “he uncovered the truth” or something. It’s… perfunctory? Her speech is… well, she was never an English major. Her speech is, above all, functional

Originally posted by caitlingifs

A simple answer to a simple question.

Originally posted by julianalbertgifs

Trailing off because expressing it in simple terms is going to be difficult because it’s emotional for her, and she likes to communicate in simple terms.

Originally posted by ravenclairee

Vocally, Caitlin’s speech, like the rest of her, can be “uptight”, not even so much in her manner as in her voice - strained, quiet but creaking with emphasis when stressed. Admonishing. That being said, it’s also quite soft at times, when reassuring someone, or excited, especially around Cisco, or when talking science.

So don’t discount the importance of cadence of voice, but also, facial expression. Caitlin doesn’t talk a lot with her whole body (unlike, say, Wally, or even Barry) and she’s not quite a hand-talker in the way that Len is. She uses her hands a bit, especially when giving an explanation with her hands up or splayed, sort of gesturing in a pretty controlled way, or to point at herself sometimes, but her hand movements aren’t predicable in the way that Len’s are, and aren’t used quite as much for emphasis.

So with her, you’ll get a lot more traction if you describe her expressions. Intense eyes and tense muscles when she’s angry and giving orders. Befuddled or bemused with a kind of “what now” face if she is affronted or disagrees.

Originally posted by caitlingifs

She makes great faces, honestly, but it’s especially her eyes and mouth you’ll want to pay attention to. Pouting, eyebrows draw together in confusion or else in sympathy, or to ask for something and she’s trying to make herself look cute/innocent/idk. She gets very wide-eyed when expressing fear, and looks very tired when emotionally strained, but she’s suffered so much loss that’s unsurprising.

So… go forth and write some Caitlin :) Her speech is actually pretty easy to write, it’s making it distinct from everyone else’s that’ll be the challenge I think?

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hey so i have a question, and please please please understand that I dont mean any offense at all when i ask this. So my friend just came out to me as transgender (MTF) and shes really scared to come out at school and stuff and idk i really want to invite her over or something and ask if she wants her makeup done or try on some of my clothes or smtn. idk just want to help, but would that be bad/werid?

Kai says:

I think, if you’re just polite and kind about it, that would be pretty kind and sweet. To let her have that safe space and show that you want to help and support her even if she can’t be out anywhere else. Just invite her over to hang out and maybe ask her if she wants to try anything? But let her decide and learn, etc.

Also, a really quick note - generally it’s considered rude to call someone ftm or mtf without their permission. It’s fine to call someone a trans boy or trans girl, though. I know you didn’t mean any offense, and I’m glad you’re here asking questions and trying to learn and be supportive :)

Lets face facts re: taagnus:

1. Taako and Kravitz are legitimately happy together. Idk if it’s love, but they are both shown to be thinking of each other and having at least a strong connection, even if they only had 1 date (see: “i feel it too!” “No, not this”/“is it Kravitz”/“loveable doofus”)

2. Magnus is, canonically, not interested in dating. His greatest desire is to see Julia again, and obvs he still thinks about her and misses her dearly. He doesn’t want to move on, doesnt want to be with anyone else, and that’s okay (see: “tell Julia i love her”/in the dating game, something along the lines of “magnus is really not digging this and doesn’t want to participate. Only doing so BC he’s V competitive”/“those are the arms that held my wife”)

3. Idk where it was stated by Mags and Taako just consider each other close friends, perhaps brothers, nothing more.

4. I reiterate, CANON GAY COUPLE, whom the creators made explicitly canon and shown genuine chemistry between, and kept it respectful and not-fetishized. I’m not trying to pat the McElroy’s on the back here, there ought to not be a shortage of actual lgbt+ characters and not cardboard cutouts, but as a gay dude who’s starved for complex gay characters beyond super sad doomed romantic dramas, I’m really happy about this

Tl; Dr: the creators have made it explicitly clear that taagnus isn’t going to happen probably ever. This isn’t a ship war in a fandom with zero gay representation, this is breaking up a ship the creators intentionally made to help represent gay ppl and putting it with the Least Interested Character Possible. That alone is bothersome, but the fact that some non-mlm ppl have gone so far as to say that taagnus is somehow better for mlm representation – mlm guy here, and that’s a Big Nah™


I have so many thoughts about PLL. like why are the cops pushing this archer dunhill murder case so much??? he was clearly a really shitty person and there are like a million other murders in rosewood that y'all haven’t solved yet either. what’s so important about this one? am i reaching or is that weird??? it seems weird.

also i really want to get on board with the spencer twin theory because everyone else seems jazzed about it but idk, it seems almost like an easy way out and it wouldn’t really satisfy me all that much.

can we talk about how toby randomly reappears looking like something out of the revenant? also when spencer shamelessly ~seduces~ him i cringed SO MUCH. his wife literally just died like the other week, maybe give it a day or two before you try and mount him. (i still love u spencer).

i’m kinda sad that fury has just upped and left with no final scene between him and spencer. mainly because i loved watching her absolutely FINISH HIM in last weeks episode. i wanted more of that spencer sass. and i guess deep down i still shipped them. (sue me).

i was v pleased with aria’s snakey ass getting caught out, and i liked how the girls reacted. i’m glad they were all feeling angry rather than just rushing to forgive her when they found out she was being threatened. trashing the nursery the way she did was COLD, i don’t care if she wanted that goddamn file.

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How do you stay sane as a Blackhawks fan when everyone's so fucking rude and mean all the time?

hey anon, i just wanted to start off by saying that i wasn’t ignoring this question, i just wanted to think of something coherent enough to explain and had a pretty busy day. 

so, i guess a lot of people hate them for their logo/nhl’s favoritism/certain players and their not so great pasts/idk what else is there. this puts the hawks fans on defensive and when literally an entire fandom hates on you, you sort of become even more defensive which can come off as rude often times. i’m not trying to excuse hawk fans, there are some that i really wish did not represent the fandom (and not just on tumblr, the hawk fans outside of tumblr can be pretty nasty too). my point is, i feel like the blackhawks part of the fandom have become so alienated that it’s hard to associate with anyone else in the fandom. it sucks, imo, cause yes i will admit that the hawks have many faults (so do other teams tho) but they also have some great ppl that get hated on despite them not doing anything. like seabs and duncs. they’re my fav D pair, and maybe before everything crashed and burned in the past 2 (3?) years, everyone loved them and they weren’t categorized in the must hate list on tumblr. hossa and hammer and crow and darling and tazer, even the baby rookies like vinnie and hartzy. it sucks and it makes me sad, they’re some of my favs but i never can talk about the hawks without feeling like i’m offending someone. 

i started off my entire hockey love with the hawks, and ya they’re not my team anymore, but i still like them and some of the players. when i came into the fandom, i was only involved with kazer/hawk blogs so i never saw the immense hate and constant badgering, but i think asg17 was the first time i realized, shit, everyone really hates the hawks. and i think that came more from the fact that i started following blogs for different teams. it made me sad to see some of my favs being so hated on, but i can’t deny the reasons ppl hate some of the guys. it’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. some of the players have really done shitty things that make me uncomfortable and i don’t blame anyone for having a negative reaction to it, and the team as a whole. but it’s not fair to be so rude and disrespectful and expect the hawks fans to be nice in return, but that’s how this fandom works. it’s a vicious cycle and it starts up whenever big events take place. the playoffs being one of them.

this was so far from coherent, i’m sorry, but what i want to finish with is: just follow blogs that like the hawks. there’s some really nice ppl that still love the players and the team and even when everyone’s hating, they’ll be rooting for them, and making edits,gifs, ect. it’s hard to avoid all hate though, because inevitably, some of it might make it’s way to ur dash but don’t let it bring you down. i stopped letting it bother me. to a degree, i was internalizing the entire fandom’s hate at one point, and it was really depressing and weird. then i realized, i don’t have to think like them to like other teams outside of the hawks. i’ll tolerate their opinions as long as they respect mines. a lot of the times, i won’t follow ppl so i can avoid seeing their opinions but i might check out their blog for content and stuff. that way, i won’t have to deal with the extra hawks hate. 

don’t stop loving something that makes you happy, anon. as long as you’re not hurting anyone, i think it’s ok to love what you love. let the hate roll off your back, take it from a dceu fan that lives in an mcu world. just enjoy what you love and try to avoid the negativity. 

im not just defending chris because i defend everything he does. i can admit when my faves do things that are wrong, and it’s not fair on the fans that he’s cancelled last minute but it’s also not fair to just hate on someone because of an assumption when you don’t know the truth. let’s be honest, we’ve all been worried about chris’ well being for a while, he’s lost his spark, he’s completely inactive on social media and he just seems like a shell of himself. he doesn’t have the support from the rest of the cast (bar mel and sparingly david) and i feel like he feels really alone.

he’s not just someone on tumblr getting a few hate asks, he is someone who is getting A LOT of hate from people who have no justification and he doesn’t have anyone defending him. this is a man who has been called a homophobe, an abuse apologist, sexist and racist. how would you react to being called that time and time again? never mind the fact that he’s constantly harassed about his talent and looks aswell.

all im asking is that you take into consideration what chris has been and might be going through before jumping on him for ‘cancelling because his gf did’. you don’t know what’s going on with him right now, maybe he’s been struggling and especially since sunday was worried about the con, and then when mel had to cancel he couldn’t face going on his own (and the fact the people are laughing about that and calling him a coward disgusts me)

i feel like the fans who paid to go and see chris and who were so excited to see him deserve an explanation, of course i do, but unfortunately because he’s been bullied off social media, i don’t think he’s going to tweet about it (because let’s face it, he’ll just get hate for whatever he says anyway)

so i guess my point is: be mad, be upset and be disappointed that you’re not going to meet chris or that we’re not going to get any new content, you have the right to feel how you want to feel, i was mad and disappointed too (im still disappointed now, but mostly upset) but please don’t just assume things and assume the reasons why chris cancelled when we really don’t know the truth. all i can do is hope that chris is ok and if he is feeling down or if this is affecting him, he’ll do the right thing for himself (which imo is leaving supergirl and finding something else)

also please if you’re disappointed and upset try not to direct it at chris on twitter just incase he’s lurking, i don’t want chris to feel like his fans hate him too.