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A lot of people are trying to get into musical theatre but they don’t know where to start or what shows are out there. So, I’d like to start something. Reblog this post and add three of your favorite musicals and check out what everyone else has said before you, you might find a new show or two!

I’ll start, my three are:

  • Next to Normal
  • Ragtime
  • Sunday in the Park with George
  • Mina: [1 Missed Call from Tzuyu]
  • Mina: [Texts Tzuyu] ???????
  • Mina: YIKES
  • {Five Minutes Later}
  • Tzuyu: Jihyo's getting an amusing txt message
Fatuous Fantasies //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: fluffy-unicorn26

Request: Hello! It’s me again hahaha. Could you maybe do an imagine where Draco and the reader are constantly fighting (they like each other but they don’t want to admit it) and everyone is sick with their constant fights so they make a plan (you can choose the people i really don’t mind) and try to get them to admit the feelings they have for each other and to pair them up and in the end it works. You can add something else if you’d like, thank you! Ps: i love your imagines so much ansjdhsn

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: none

A/n: okay first of all…I am so sorry because this imagine doesn’t sound like your request at all! Idk what happened but I will be totally willing to rewrite this if it isn’t what you want! Hope you enjoy anyway!

It was no secret that you were head over heels for the tall, mysterious, and stunningly attractive Draco Malfoy. The young Slytherin prince had stolen your heart long before you cared to mention and was somehow able to keep it clutched tightly between his slender fingers even after all these years. From the moment the fantastic fantasy of you and Draco being together slipped past your tongue and into the mind of Pansy Parkinson, you knew it wouldn’t be long until the whole Slytherin House found out, including Draco, but even after all these years your secret had remained untold by anyone but yourself.

As you grew older you thought your fantasies would fade until he was no longer appearing in every one of your thoughts, but what happened was quite the opposite. As your knowledge expanded and your imagination grew to greater height, your fantasies developed into stories of a forbidden love between two wizards. One a dark wizard with a dark mark on his arm and the other, a shy and innocent Slytherin girl who never felt she belonged. The story of your idealistic love grew until your imagination flailed you, ruined by the icy touch of reality and the many disappointments it’s collected over the many years.

As much as you tried, the story of a shy girl and a doleful boy just never seemed the same again. The facts of reality were far too real to compare to the fatuous fantasies you had created to fulfill the lonely spot in your heart and even as you pondered thoughtfully in the hunter green chair beside a glowing fire, you weren’t able to create even one scene more in your gripping fantasy.

“What are you thinking about?”

The voice came from the couch across from you where Pansy Parkinson sat, her feet curled beneath herself and a large looking book sat in her hands.

“Homework I suppose.” You replied in a soft sigh as you closed the book in your mind and pushed it into the depths of your mind to be forgotten about until needed once again later on.

Pansy rolled her eyes before returning them to the pages of her own book. It looked to be a romance novel as well. The cover was black with a single rose etched into it. It’s light pink petals called the most attention and it was as if you couldn’t take your eyes from it. “What’s that you’re reading?”

“Don’t know…it was written by a muggle. One of the mudbloods brought it from home.” Pansy replied, not daring to peel her eyes from the enthralling pages.

You nodded to yourself before focusing your eyes on the fire glowing before you. “Pansy,” you spoke softly.

“Hmm?” She hummed in response, lost in the words of the story in her hands.

“We’re best friends..right?” Your eyes drifted to the ceiling where a giant diamond chandelier hung just above your head. “Of course.” Pansy replied, flipping the page.

“And that means I can tell you anything and you won’t tell anyone?” You asked, keeping your eyes on the chandelier.

“Of course.” Pansy replied again.

“Do you think Draco likes me?”

Pansy let out a small sigh and closed her compelling book. “The chances aren’t high…but I don’t think it would do any harm to talk to him. Y’know he’s not as unapproachable as people think he is. He’s got a free period at 1:30 today. Maybe you can catch up with him.” Pansy gave you a reassuring smile but you didn’t notice. Your attention was on the chandelier. You knew she was right. The chances were low. What would the Slytherin Prince want with someone like you when he could have someone like Pansy instead.

“What’s the point. He doesn’t like me anyway.” You heaved a sigh, returning your gaze to the flickering flames in front of you.

“Don’t make assumptions sweetheart,” Pansy smiled at you. “We are two spectacular witches that live in a magical castle. Who are you to say miracles can’t happen?”

You looked to your best friend and gave her a genuine smile. “You got me there.”

Pansy laughed before stretching out on the couch, setting her book down on the floor. “Talk to him. You don’t have to confess anything, just get to know him a little.”

You looked at you feet and nodded. “Okay. 1:30 you said?”

Pansy nodded and picked up her book once more. “Now shut up i’m trying to read.”

Two hours came and went and you were still sitting in the common room, your bare feet curled up neatly beneath you, trying once again to continue the story in your imagination of two hopeless romantics cursed by the profundity of their love.

You felt yourself reaching for another idea, your fingers just barely grasping it before something tore you away from your imagination. The sound of the door opening echoed through the empty common room and your eyes shot open. You expected it to be Pansy coming back with food from the great hall in her hands alongside another Slytherin girl, but instead, a tall, handsome, and mysterious boy stepped into the hunter green room. His blue eyes darted around the room until he saw you, still curled up snugly into the cogswell chair. You felt a rush in your chest as your eyes met his. It was a rush of emotions you couldn’t explain.

Draco stepped into the room, breaking eye contact only to close the door softly behind him before stepping further into the room. You followed him with your eyes as he moved himself in front of the hunter green loveseat across from you and sat down.

“Hello Y/n.” Draco spoke. There seemed to be a twinkle in his eye that could have been easily mistaken for a reflection of a window or the chandelier you’ve been staring at for the past two hours, but something told you that this was more than just a reflection.

“Draco.” You greeted with a slight nod of your head, a smile tugging at the corner of your lip.

“You’re just the person I wanted to see as a matter of fact. I was just speaking with Ms Pansy Parkinson in the corridor by Mcgonagall’s office, and she was telling me that you wanted to talk to me.” Draco linked his fingers together and placed his elbows on his knees as he looked at you, his eyes boring into your own.

Oh how you wished to hold his slender fingers in your own. How you wished he would pull you into his chest and keep you in a tight embrace or pull the unspoken words from your lips in a passionate kiss like he did in your fantasies. How you longed for his attention, his presence, him.

“As a matter of fact I did,” you cleared your throat. “I just thought it was strange how I could live in the same house as the Slytherin prince, but know so little about him.” The words rolled off your tongue without you even having to think about it. Draco smiled at your response and sat up straight before leaning against the cushion of the couch.

“For you Y/n, I am an open book.” Draco’s smug face caused a smile to spread across your own.

“Well I’ve always wondered why it is you hate Potter and his friends so much?”

Draco smiled. “Good question Y/n. You see, Harry Potter has a relationship with You-know-who in a way that opposes my family’s relationship with him. If my family hates him, then I must as well. Does that make sense?” Draco raised an eyebrow as you nodded, biting your cheek slightly.

“How much did Pansy tell you?” You asked as you sat upright, planting your bare feet on the cold ground and looking into his stone blue eyes.

A playful smirk tugged on his lips. “Just enough darlin’. Just enough.”

It was if a candle was burning in your chest. It’s flame started off small and dim but soon something else caught fire and a chain reaction occurred until your whole body felt warm with the flow of the fire inside of you as you returned the mysterious boy’s playful smirk.

“Then I guess we can move onto the important questions.” You leaned back into the chair and began twirling your silky hair between your fingers.

“Ask away.” Draco leaned back as well, putting one foot up on his knee and spreading his arms out across the back of the couch.

“What do you usually look for in girls?”

Draco smiled. “I don’t look for anything in particular. Everyone has different features and I think it’s wrong to keep a closed mind to a few specific ones.”

You nodded your head slowly. “That makes a lot of sense and is very considerate.” You smiled at him, the fire burning stronger inside of you. “Do you like anyone right now?”

Draco raised an eyebrow playfully. “As a matte rid fact, I do.”

“Can you tell me about her?” You pulled your feet up underneath yourself again and leaned your chin on your hand, waiting for him to speak.

“Well. She is the most beautiful girl I think i’ve ever laid eyes on. Her hair matches her perfect skin beautifully and her eyelashes are long enough to dust cobwebs away. I could stare into her gorgeous eyes forever. They hold so much more than she lets on. She walks like a model and carries the confidence of a marvelous warrior. I’m enthralled by her Y/n. Sometimes I convince myself that I’m head over heels for her.”

“Sounds like you are too me. Why don’t you try talking to her?” You ask, the fire inside of you dying down a little.

Draco’s playful smirk returned again. “I am right now.”

You felt your cheeks redden as the fire inside of you explodes back to life and an uncontrollable urge to throw yourself at him took over your body. You smiled instead.

“Well you’ll be happy to know that this girl you’re head over heels for, is also completely obsessed with the young Slytherin Prince.” You leaned forward again and rocked yourself onto your feet. You walked to the loveseat and sat down mere inches from the mysterious yet stunningly attractive blonde boy. Draco shifted so that he could look at you, his delicate blue eyes staring deep into your own again. You lifted a finger and trailed it down his jawline, stopping right before your fingers met his lips.

Draco closed the gap between your lips in one swift move. His hands found your waist as you let your hand fall to his chest. The fire that was raging inside of you calmed down until it was no longer an inferno but more of a slow burning, much like the fire in the fireplace beside you. Draco rested his forehead against your own once you pulled your lips away.

“Even after all these years, I never imagined it too feel this wonderful.” Draco smiled and you couldn’t help but smile either.



ok so…I already got unknown’s ending… Now I was in zen’s route in the christmas special and suddenly I get this message…
He is jealous!! Omg just… I cant with this kid, holy shit, I LOVE this game and I love saeran so much… I kinda want to try this with all the characters but at the end you get saerans ending so… Idk

If someone else got something like this I want to see it :)

Do you ever read a book with a really great romance and start crying over the fact that you’ve never been kissed

okay so there have been a number of dexnursey fics involving nursey and his poetry? but in all of them dex figures out pretty quickly that they are about him, or nursey tells him? and I just like the idea that dex is completely oblivious to the fact that nursey is completely gone on him, and instead thinks that nursey must be crushing on someone else and so constantly chirps him about them. meanwhile poor nursey is doing everything in his power to keep his chill while desperately trying to keep dex from realising who they’re actually about?

Ok I'm gonna try and draw people from the squad

I’ll draw like your avatars or oc’s unless you want something else drawn. Tell me if you wanna be drawn and tell me what part of your blog you want me to draw, like send me some reference. (OC, avatar, character etc.) This’ll kinda be like a mural or something, idk what to call it. -Zartoons

fangswideopen  asked:

i have pcos and insulin resistance because of it.. It's very hard for me to lose weight unless im consuming almost nothing- and i can't starve because i have to take my medication with meals.. I just. Want to die all the time because im almost guaranteed to be fat forever and i feel disgusting. idk what to do ive been really suicidal recently,, sorry this isnt recipe related but idk where else to turn to just. Anything for validation because i trust your opinion,,, again sorry ugh

Sorry that sounds awful! I am so sad to hear that. I think you could try to eat mainly fruits, vegetables, and grains. Maybe try a toning exercise program to get thin and toned while eating the same. I think you will find something that works (hopefully soon)Hope this helps!

Idk I just wanted to say that I might not get It all right in my first try, but I think being DM is gonna be a great opportunity to improve my skills in worldbuilding 👍

Next Dog hmmmmmmmmm in order:

Sporting bred AmStaff
Whippet lurcher
Good ol’ Lab
… what else

I just want a biddable dog i can do stuff wiiiiitth

edit to say that even tho i would LIKE a sporting bred amstaff, i need to take into account owning TWO bully breeds, one of which is a known asshole


Happy Mormor Valentines Day ♥

Drunk!Jim being very happy to see his Tiger coming home from work 

Actually I wanted to write a small something about Jim being worried about Sebastian not giving news for days while on a job and he just drank to try to think about something else annnnd bouya Sebastian showing up like “Hey boss, I’m ba-” and Jim jumping on him and ksdjnfakdjfn I also like to imagine this is their first kiss and they never talked about it for a while idk. 

BUT I DIDN’T. Because I was drawing this instead. 

    ☆ —– nimble fingers moved languidly as she made rocks in a simple clockwise rotation. she had been trying to do it for fun, wanting nothing more than to get her mind off of the recent attacks. callie however, hadn’t noticed that she’d been moving, walking as if to see if a change in space would make her either mess up, or bring something else into the equation. instead of focusing on her work, and the simplest of things she could possibly be doing with her powers, she instead focused on the sound of the ground crunching behind her. the distraction had caught her off guard, and the rocks she’d been working with fell to the ground. Huffing, she turned around to stare at the cause of her distraction. “You couldn’t have just waited until I had them on the ground, could you?” 

so i’m in the second half of keeping my hair out, now, and, well, it’s going about as well as can be expected

i’m experimenting now, and i’m trying to… learn my hair, lol. what things make it dry, what causes breakage, what my go-to every day styles can be, how to get my hair to behave like i want it to, what products work, all that crap

i mean, i’m getting used to having my hair out, and i find myself thinking less and less about “what i’m going to do with it” when my allotted time is up. like i’m trying to embrace to thought of… rarely using protective styling (as in extensions of any kind covering my own hair) if at all?

idk even thinking about going months and months and months without something else in my hair is revolutionary for me? like… i’ve been natural for a long time, but i haven’t been taking care of my hair, because all i’ve wanted is hair different from what grows out of my scalp

my hair has also led me to realizations about my gender and gender presentation, and about ugly truths that i’ve just kind of been ignoring–it’s easier for me to navigate this world pretending i’m cis, and having long, loose, curly hair put me in the category of acceptable black femininity, and i’ve always been very afraid to challenge that about myself, even knowing it was detrimental to my mental health

having shorter hair has allowed me to achieve a more gender neutral look, and…. i like that a lot

i’m wanting to experiment with my clothing now, to see if that changes things too

idk blackness and hair and black womanhood, even being nonbinary and having a different relation to black womanhood, my perception of these things, and my understanding of what they mean for me has been inexorably tangled up in the dead skin cells growing out of my scalp

I’m trying to start the Inuyasha AU fic. And I just realized I know nothing about Cuba. And I don’t even know their school year, like when they start and stuff. And I’m afraid I’ll fuck something up and hurt someone or something. Ack.

If you are from Cuba and could help me with dumb things that I don’t know? Please let me know.

I was actually legitimately searching for a correct medical term to use.  I was trying to find the right name for a thing, trying to figure out if I wanted shock or something else.