idk i wanted to ok because of reasons

man idk what’s more annoying… people who think cancer is weak or people who think aquarius is emotionless

cancer is not weak and aquarius is not emotionless

the reason why these statements are even made is because people aren’t bothering to look deeper and instead of looking deeper, they make surface level observations! it frustrates me so much! all the signs are connected to each other so if you don’t understand one sign, there’s probably something you don’t understand about the other signs

also, signs don’t eliminate the expression of a planet. if a sign is in detriment or in fall in a certain planet, it doesn’t mean the expression is gone. if you want the expression to be gone, you have to get rid of the planet, not the sign

HANNIBAL AU: “I should have stuck to fixing boat motors in Louisiana.”
↳ will brings hannibal + the puppies on a roadtrip to louisiana and spending time working on boats in the summer sun and lazy days fishing on the river with his favorite psychiatrist chases away the dead bodies and nightmares for a while.

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pls share your headcanons? And I do recommend watching voltron btw (although that's probably cause that's my current special interest)

I want to but I don’t have time until AP Hell™ ends 😭

Ok they’re all asexual because the idea of Space Aces is too good to just let go

Keith = gay ace fight me on this

Shiro = ace. C’mon he has a purple, white, and black color scheme what else would he be

Pidge = aro ace because she’s green and the aromantic flag is green and yeah

Hunk = pan ace because idk the word pansexual makes me think of yellow for some reason

Lance = bi ace because blue is the Bi Color™ and if you take out the l and the n you get ace so…

Allura = lesbian ace. If Disney won’t give me a lesbian princess I’ll make my own.

2) Song you (gasp) skip sometimes?

(sweats) uh.. ok so sometimes i skip the kgiii songs bc i really like them & i can hit all the notes but i sing it too damn loud and i would wake up my whole house… sorry kgiii 8(

10) Most motivating song?

wait for it! also i love burn? idk it just.. it gets me because some asshole broke my heart, too. also i love hurricane sooo much for this reason, but that’s for really personal reasons, haha

25) Song you want to marry?

the world turned upside down.. because of the music & ensemble tbh. also that would be enough because i love eliza more than i love myself

idk why people have such an issue with people wanting a explanation and reasoning behind identity headcanons (i.e. sexuality, mental illness/disorders, gender); like on some level i get it: if you see it, then it shouldn’t be questioned because representation is personal 

but like, as an autistic person my brain is slow to catch up and i tend to question, ‘well ok, but what are you seeing so i can see this too?’ like i guess my point is, i wish rambles and explanations and thoughts were more ~socially acceptable on tumblr and in tumblr culture because i’d really like to understand other people’s povs

*thoughts brought to you by me rambling to @zombiescorp

Gang and their Tattoos

Anon: What tattoos would the boys have had?

Ok YESS I love this ask I LOVE tattoos and like man WOO (I honestly can’t wait to get some like I already have like a list of ones I want to get) (also I did this on mobile so it’s kinda sloppy but oh well I wanted to do this ask)

Ok Steve (doesn’t he already have a janky ass tat already) ANYWAY you know he has a tribal tat like ugh and I bet you he was drunk “one night” at Bucks and let someone tattoo them with a homemade gun and shit (*important don’t let anyone do that it is so much more likely to get infection and the lines will be so dark so covering it up will be a b*tch)

Darry: b*tch he ain’t got no tattoos and I would like to quote my stepdad “I wanted to keep my French Canadian skin clean and pure” (even though he has two tattoos from when he was drunk on a homemade gun and that’s one of a big regrets of his /among others/)

Pony: he’d get some fake deep emo shit tbh like literally the poem or like those simplistic flowers idk just something very soft (??) small and simplistic for the aesthetic

Dally: ok there is this kid in my class that has his birthday in Roman numerals on his wrist and that’s what I see Dally getting like what a dork OR OR like I freaking bet you one night he got drunk and got Sylvia’s name I freaking bet you $100

Two-Bit: wow what a guy.
Honestly though he’d get Mickey Mouse on his upper arm and also he’d be the one to get tattoos just for the hell of it like I know this guy that just has jack skeleton on his leg for like no reason like that’d be him

Johnny: AWWWW ok like the only tattoo I’d think he’d have is like a cute little matching one with pony idk what but I can imagine him being all excited to show everyone OR WHATIF he convinced the whole gang to get matching ones and that’s the only one Darry actually got because that’s the only one he would want is with the gang and they all went together like you guys that would be so cute like honestly would be like “brothers” or something cheesy but they all have the same one together like can you freaking imagine

You know the whole reason I don’t make art for this fandom is because ari is here. Maybe I should make art to prove a point to her. Make a music video, make a drawing, make something amazing to prove she doesn’t have the right to make fun of people. But I don’t want to turn my work into stuff of hate… what do you think ari anon? Should I make art for this fandom or leave it and make stuff professionally only like i do now?

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 50

and I’m back wahuuu~~ its my 50th fic rec!!! IM SCREAMINGGGG ok, so I’ve decided this to have around 17 fics to be recommended with a halloween themed one to be released on oct 31~~~ ( the reason for 17 bc i like 17 lmao, idk ok I’m rambling on at this moment )

back to it~ we need a celebratory jimin gif woohoo

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yes this is me prolly getting flustered and embarrassed because I’ve done 50 fic recs since last year, I’m screaming ( ok not including those 10.32 for example ) but I’ve reached a milestone 

ok, hey guys, its maxine, i just want to thank everyone for supporting these fic recs ( though idk if it is of any help ). Through this fic recs, I’ve met amazing people whose passion is writing, i met amazing friends such as jenny, chloe, mari, rys, amber, natalie, dolores, mina, sam, omg this list can go on, but thank god for tumblr that I’ve met amazing people and writers ahHHHH i love you all, I’m on laptop rn so i cant seem to find any damn emojis gdi, to those who waited, and on some anon were waiting for these fic recs, i love you all~~~~talk to me on anon or message me, i would love to get to know you guys!

thank you guys once again~ 여러분 사랑해요

please take care of me in the future~ 

on to these fic recs, I’m sorry for keeping you guys waiting aHHH, lets go woo

1) Office Hours 

by @yoonminnings

a jimin x y/n fic 


ceo au ( one of my personal favs )

2) One and Only 

by @allinforjongin

a jimin x y/n fic 


3) Shower Here

by @hobibliophile

a jimin x y/n fic 


RA! au

4) Too Bad, But It’s Too Sweet

by @kkaebsongaesthetics

a jimin x y/n fic


5) 50 Shades of VMin

by @neo-yeppeuda-taehyung

a jimin x taehyung x y/n fic


6) Signals

by @taebaebts

a taehyung x y/n fic 


7) First Encounter

by @alwaysdreamingbts

a hoseok x y/n fic 


8) Congratulations

by @hijoonie

a jimin x y/n fic 


9) Goodnight 

by @namjooniebun

a jungkook x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one and two out 

10) You Had Me at Hello

by @dboytae

a taehyung x y/n fic 


college au 

11) Tease

by @siranghae

a jungkook x y/n fic 


12) Exhibit A

by @hanipdnim

a jin x y/n fic 


13) Change of Heart 

by @yuhdongsaeng

a yoongi x y/n x jimin fic 


14) Not so Innocent 

by @hoodrepublic

a yoongi x y/n fic 


15) Bend 

by @ohbabyitsbts

a jungkook x y/n fic 


16) Suck It and See 

by @iskpoptrash

a jimin x y/n fic 



17) The T-Shirt Thief

by @jungblue

a taehyung x y/n fic 


(one of my favs, its so cute aHH, tbh if only i had a boyfriend lmao) 

this is the end of it, lmao, I’m going to laugh at the amount of hashtags ooops

see you guys on oct 31 for the halloween themed one~

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Hey, your blog is awesome!! Right so my best friend who is one of the nicest people I've ever met not online is kinda homophobic?? Like he says stupid stuff that devalues people of the LGBT community and I've tried to confront him about but I don't really know what to say and I think he thinks it's all like a joke and idk what to do he is my best friend I don't want to stop talking to him cause I have like 0 friends that actually want to talk to me!! Thanks you rule!!

Thanks! Ok so I would say try talking to him over text or something because that way he might take it more seriously and not think you’re joking. Cause in person it might be hard to say something and make it sound serious because it’s awkward to call out your friends. Just explain that it kind of upsets you and explain the reason why because they will give him a better understanding of what exactly is problematic in what he says. That way he won’t make the same mistake in the future. Tell him it’s not a personal attack or anything but you just need to let him know because the implications of what he is saying hurt you. And he may not know the impact that his words are making or mean to affect anybody badly. If he’s a dick to you about the whole thing, deal with him accordingly. You could give him a second chance or you could just cut him off. It’s really your choice!

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It's funny that only international fans are still shouting ot12.I'm korean exoL and in here, fans don't mention those 2 on fan page. It's called respect. You can support Kris and luhan as Chinese actors. Why you still force them to be exo members?

this is a blog for the international fans …. idk what you want me to do, cater to you ? unfollow if you don’t like seeing wyf or luhan since there are still some fans who still want to see them as they were once apart of exo

i’m not going to cater you just because you’re a korean exol and nobody mentions them on korean websites/fanpages, there are other exol’s in the world and this is a blog for international fans and i’m sorry if i don’t follow the same rules as you lmao 


Because of recent events, I kept thinking about this moment and I think that this is pretty important so I figured I’d post this…

If you’re in an unhealthy relationship and you can get out of it safely, do it. There’s no reason to stay with someone who makes you suffer.


i wanna talk about these gifs for a moment. everytime i watched this scene i kept paying attention on emma and killian for obvious reasons until, while watching for the 20th time i noticed something. first, robin’s reactions to the whole scene in the background. robin knows regina went far to save him, that made emma use dark magic. he’s only there because of them. just like everyone, he may think it’s not a good idea, but he definitely understands why she’s doing it. i think he knows he would do the same for regina, he would do whatever was necessary to save her, he would accept any price. then we have charming. he knows how much his daughter loves that man. and knows she’s just like him, she will always do whatever it takes to protect and save those she loves. he would prefer if she did not do it (i mean, merlin said is her last step into the dark)? yeah. but he knows that he can’t ask her not to save the love of her life when it’s evident he would do the same thing if was snow. so the only thing he says is “wait”, think better, but he doesn’t try to stop her or try to say she should not, because it won’t do any good, she can’t be stopped. i just really love how these two seem to be comprehensive, and understand emma’s reasons to do what she’s doing. it’s important to me. ps: ok and they obviously don’t want to lose their mate.

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Ok so i really want to loose some fat and gain some muscle because im fat and weak. But my mom gets mad at me when ever i say i want to loose weight because she thinks im too skinny and thats all i ever hear but the only real reason why people think im skinny is because im sucking in all my fat ): im trying to do the right thing by eating healthy and exercising but my mom gets really mad at me and idk what to do!

maybe instead of saying you’re doing it to lose weight, you can say you just want a more healthy lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eat healthy and doing exercise. 

Ok I just had this crazy idea for a prompt where the reason why Dan was being so distant and rude in 2012 was because he admitted his feelings to Phil and was rejected (maybe the vday video actually was a joke and that’s why he admitted his feelings, idk do what you want)

I just gotta say it,

I hope everyone’s taking into consideration all the shit that Cosima’s been through, when they discuss how much they “hate” her rn.

Let’s just start with the obvious: do y'all remember Cosima almost died.
Let that sink in.


I put it on a separate line and bolded it so it can really sink in.

But let’s move on from the fact that sHE ALMOST DIED.

The way she survived is something that’s STILL (*s3e1)got to be bothering her. Because of her survival, so much has happened because of it, and the worst part is she’s still not better. Even after everything, she can feel herself slowly getting worse. So she’s probably like, “fuck I have to go through this shit again”. Which is really sucky when you really think about.

She’s lost Delphine the person that’s been with her throughout the WHOOOOOOOLE - again - being terminally I’ll thing. And of all things, she lost her to DYAD. Literally Delphine became the relatively more benevolent Rachel. The same Rachel that separated her from Delphine right bEFORE SHE ALMOST DIED.

Idk but with all that being said um…fuck it. I’m ok with her being irrational. I get her wanting to distance herself and not deal with anything. I get wanting to run away, because goddamnit I would if I were her.

So, this is not a post trying to convince you to love Cosima’s recent choices and actions, this is about asking you guys to put yourself in her shoes. Try to understand.

Side note: some of you are saying you hate her because you don’t like that’s she’s with Shay and for that reason alone. You should be totally embarrassed by that. Nope I don’t care. You should be embarrassed. You have literally no reason to hate Shay or Cos rn simply because they’re together. Delphine broke up with Cosima. Cosima got with Shay. So far they’ve worked. Nothing wrong with that. So you should just be embarrassed and keep that hatred to yourself.

Just a little note...

Ok I Know I asked for the salt share last night and I don’t mind if your notp is KuroTsukki(I ship it quite hard tho personally) but idk i just want to make a comment that I don’t like how ppl say they don’t like KuroTsukki cuz Tsukki wouldn’t like him.

I find that heavily false since I have read the manga and am up to date but even so, I find it false because Kuroo is one of the main people who help Tsukki relight his fire and passion for volleyball, he is one of the reasons that help him block Ushijima, he is one of the reasons that Tsukki even GOES through his major character development. And Tsukki himself seeked Kuroo’s help.

He never showed any signs that he doesn’t like Kuroo. He appreciated all the training and advice Kuroo gave him. He didn’t block him out, he never exactly looked annoyed with him either(I think from what I remember he had a couple but thats because he’s Tsukki. He’s practically like that with everyone)

And another I want to make clear is that in my opinion I find it wrong when people also say they hate each other snd stuff like that because that isn’t at all true too. Kuroo deff likes Tsukki, and he respects Tsukki and saw talent and skill in him and he didn’t let Tsukki go on being negative about Ushijima and volleyball in general. Kuroo yes with Bokuto had said things that he sucked in the beginning BUT that was what helped spark the lil candle in him to want to PROVE it.

Kuroo is a provocateur type dude but he always does it in a way to push people to make them give them their all. ALSO side note Kuroo KNEW he had done wrong once when he had made a comment to Tsukki that hit the wrong way and Kuroo did what is good and apologized. Yes I know it wasn’t TO Tsukki himself but this is another thing, Kuroo KNEW he upset him and he probably already found how Tsukki worked and he didn’t want to get into Tsukki’s space out of respect.

So idk this rant went long but I just wanted to make things clear when people wanted to say things of why KuroTsukki is a notp for things that I find is not true of their characters. Like I’m not trying to say that you cant have them as a notp, I just don’t like reasons for not liking something that is false(I was like that with why ppl would hate Ushijima)