idk i wanted to make something but i didn't know what to do lol

i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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“This is a promise that I’ll come back home– come back to you– after every case.”

wc: 1034 // just a lil short and quick something to get me back into the writing business

You’re not so much surprised as you are confused to see Spencer sitting on the coffee table poring over some files when you walk through the door of the apartment. Spencer, who seven hours ago, called you from his hotel room in a sleepy Utah town in the middle of a case. He had told you that he wouldn’t be home for another four days, and yet here he was: messy hair and soft smile and the beginnings of a black eye and bandages on his arms. He looks like he hasn’t shut his eyes once in the past three days he’s been gone.

“Hi,” he says. He sounds as exhausted as he looks.

It’s not like you haven’t seen him roughed up before– you’re almost used to it by now, actually. And it’s not like he hasn’t been gone for longer than this either. But tonight, you’re extra eager to see him, slamming the door shut and dropping your bag on the floor as you rush over to him. You wrap your arms around his neck and he hums quietly in contentment as he rests his head against yours.

“I missed you, Spence.”

You feel him nod against you. “I missed you too.”

His exhaustion is palpable and as you run your hands down his back to soothe him, he winces and inhales sharply.

“I, uh, I got hurt pretty badly by the Unsub,” he says quietly, peering up at you to gauge your reaction. You’ve seen him hurt before, sure, but that doesn’t make him feel better about making you see him in such a state.

Frowning, you pull back and instead pull up a seat in front of him. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just– I don’t know, I was just in a bad position.”

“Wanna talk about it? I could make us some coffee?”

Spencer exhales slowly and nods after a moment, his eyes trailing you as you get up and walk to the kitchen to start brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Normally, you’d smirk at him and jokingly tell him to get his own damn coffee, you’re not his maid, but tonight he looks so worn out that you shrug off the faux sarcasm. You don’t really mind, anyway.

You glance over your shoulder as the machine whirs to life. “So how’d you get that black eye?”

His frown deepens. “My profile was wrong. My profile’s never wrong. But… but I profiled the Unsub to be too socially inept for confrontation.” His voice is laced with anger and bitterness. “We were going after her and I scoped out the back alley next to her house and she attacked me.”

You sigh, looking over at him. “How long have you been back?”

“Three hours. I wanted to come home right away, but JJ had me do a complete medical evaluation before she’d let me leave.”

“Remind me to thank her. How bad did they knock you up?”

He grins and laughs, low and soft, before it’s cut off by a sharp inhale of pain. “Interesting choice of words.” You smile just as widely to mirror his expression.

You roll your eyes in mock annoyance. “How badly did you get hurt, Spence?”

“Three bruised ribs, this black eye, and a mild concussion.” He shrugs and winces at the pain. “I’ve had worse.”

While true, it doesn’t stop you from worrying and looking over at him sadly. The machine stops suddenly, the whirring dying down to a calm quiet, and you picks up the mugs of coffee and heads over. When you hand the mug to him, he smiles in appreciation and you feel better at the sight of it.

“Did you guys catch the Unsub?”

“He got away after. They sent me back home early.”

You furrow your eyebrows at the news and search his face for any answers, but you find none in his smile. Spencer Reid, though admittedly not physically capable of body slamming criminals to the ground, has a heart of gold and a moral compass that’s always in tune. He’s never left a case early– even after injuries far worse than those he’s sporting now.

“Not that I’m complaining,” you say slowly, peering over at him. “But you never come home early. What happened there?”

He opens his mouth to respond but instantly shuts it again, letting a brief silence fill the air. After a few moments, Spencer gets up and heads over to his bag, gingerly leaning down to fish something out and clutching it tightly in his hand. When he makes it back to you, he places a small black box on the counter and smiles.

“I had some things I wanted to take care of.”

“Spence–” You say his name breathlessly, your heart beating faster.

“Wait, let me– let me just explain.” He takes a deep breath and gathers your hand in his, big brown eyes looking into yours. “I love you. A lot. I’ve loved you for a long time now. Statistically, people spend a little more than two years together before they move onto this part, so I think we’re safe after three years and a baby on the way.”

You stifle a laugh, smiling widely.

“My job can be dangerous. And I know you worry, but I don’t want to leave it–I love what I do.” Before you could tell him you understand, he continues. “But I know you worry about me and that this won’t change much, but this is a promise that I’ll come back home– come back to you– after every case.”

You will yourself not to cry, but containing emotions was never your strongest suit. You almost want to look away from Spencer to compose yourself, but you can’t bring yourself.

When he says your name, it’s in the same tone that he used when he first told you he loved you. “Will you marry me?”

Your yes was teary and breathless and when you moved to hug him tightly, he holds back a groan and wraps his arms around you to pull you closer. There’s such a thing, he decides as he slips the ring on your finger, as good pain.


Y’ALL….. I’m utterly and completely astounded by the reception I’ve received since revamping last year. I joined the RPC five years ago around this time with a skeleton of a muse and no idea what I was doing. I’ve made some incredible friends along the way, friends that have shaped me as a person. You guys have kept me sane, made me smile, and been with me through some of the toughest moments in my life thus far. I adore each and every one of you. You are all so amazing and I can’t put into words how much you mean to me.

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Chasing Ghosts

Request: I rly love your blog a lot!! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader song fic with the song “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap? Where the reader tries to warn Newt about Leta, but he gets mad and they have an argument? Then he loses contact with the reader for several years and tries to find her, but each time he gets close to finding her, she gets farther away? Really angsty please??? Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️"

Word Count: 4,359

Pairing: Newt x Reader (Platonic)

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy

A tinge of despair so intense it seems tangible still clouds Newt’s mind as he digs into the box of mementos, deeper and deeper until his dirt-caked nails crack against the bottom of the wooden crate. Nothing of significance. Nothing of importance. Nothing of use to him unless he wants to remember.

Cursing, he shoves himself to his feet. This room, this hall, this house is all useless junk now. He may as well burn it down; it’s not as if you’ll be returning at any point, not now that you know he’s discovered it. With a growl, he kicks the box, sends it tumbling onto its side. Its guts spill out, rolling across the ground, creating a mess that will remain until the landlord comes knocking for the next month’s rent. Already, it’s too late. You’ve vanished, and the short and chubby landlord with the beady eyes and missing smile won’t be able to track you down.

My fault, my fault, my fault.

No, finding you is Newt’s job, and he’s determined to do it.

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anonymous asked:

Gosh your villain twist on Katsuki and Izuku were soo good!! I don't think I've seen you do a Shouto one before, so I'll love to request that? (He could be a villain because he growed up seeing his dad carry the image of a 'hero', so he decided he didn't like heroes and here he is now, but idk lol im bad at this) anyways, thanks!! Your writing is really good<3

Yes, the backstory is on point. I thought the same thing too. And thanks fo the compliment. All the villain stuff is under the tag: villain au

You worked at Endeavour’s hero agency. You honestly hated the guy, but it was hero work like everything else. You were going to start your own agency some day, but the time for that wasn’t now. You were just leaving work, when you were stopped at the door. The hero who stopped you, told you that the boss wanted to talk with you. You had a bad feeling about the whole situation, but you couldn’t refuse. No matter how much of an asshole the guy was, he was still your boss. So you took the elevator to the most upper floor, and knocked at his office door. You were told to come in, so you did.

“You wanted to see me?”, you asked politely.

“Yes, I’ll get straight to the point. Bring me my son.”


“Don’t play dumb, I know you two are seeing each other. One of my employees has been following you for a while now.”, he growled.

“This employee of yours must be mistaken. I know of your son, but I have never even met him.”, you said calmly.

“Cut the bullshit.”, he growled.

You were surprised with his change of tone, and didn’t really know if you should continue the conversation.

“Am I free to leave? Or do you want to discuss something else?”, you asked.

Endeavour got up and walked up to you. The huge male was towering over you. You were nervous and for a good reason. Endeavour grabbed you by the arm, and you could feel the heat in your arm. There was smoke rising under his palm, and you could smell the clothes burning.

“Bring. Me. My. Son.”, he grunted.

“As I said, I don’t know what-Shit!”, you yelped.

Endeavour removed his hand from your arm, leaving behind a handprint. He was mad, well he was always mad, but now even more so then usual. He just grunted and told you to leave. You did as you were told.

“Damn bastard.”, you muttered to yourself.

When you left the room, Endeavour was left alone. He was annoyed, annoyed that you would lie straight to his face and even more annoyed that you wouldn’t bring his useless son to him. Shouto was supposed to become the greatest hero, his greatest achivement, but no. That idiot had went and become a villain. Such a waste of a good quirk. Endeavour needed his son to come to his senses and pursue the path to becoming the number one hero. No matter what he had to do, he would make his son the top hero.

You left work and headed to your apartment. When you got there, you decided to bandage up your arm. The burn wasn’t that bad, but you didn’t want it to get infected. You were so concentrated on your arm, you didn’t realize Todoroki was behind you, before he spoke.

“What happened?”, he asked.

“Oh god Shouto” you yelped, “it was nothing, just your father being an ass.”

He walked up to you and took a look at your arm.

“Does it hurt?”, he whispered.


“Be honest with me.”

“A bit, but it’s not as bad as it looks.”

“Do you know why he did it?”

“We need to talk about that. Let’s go to the kitchen, I need something to drink.”, you sighted.

You sat down to the opposite sides of the table. Todoroki looked anxious, he had a bad feeling.

“Your dad knows. About us I mean.”, you said as you sipped your drink.


“Apparently someone has been following me.”

“Any idea who?”

“Nope. And what really ticks me off, is the fact he thought I would just hand you over to him.”, you huffed.

“I know you would never do that, but we need to do something about this. Do you think you should find a new agency?”

“No, as long as I work at your father’s agency, I can get information about him.”

“I hate seeing you hurt. No information is worth that.”, he said quietly.

“But I don’t want to see you hurt either. That’s why I’m trying to make sure your father doesn’t do anything to hurt anyone.”

“But if you get hurt it’s not worth it.”

“For me it is. If knowing what your father is doing makes you feel even a bit better, it’s worth it.”, you smiled gently.

He took your hand to his and looked at you in the eye. You could see he was very serious.

“Promise me you won’t get hurt. If someone hurts you. I’ll hunt them down and teach them a lesson, no matter who they are.”

“I know you would, and I appreciate that, but I don’t want you to expose yourself to danger either. Even though I’m well aware you can take care of yourself just fine.”, you smirked.

You chatted for a while more, but Todoroki had to go. He said he had some business to take care of. He left you alone for the evening, but he promised to be back in a few hours, before midnight. He gave you a last kiss before leaving and headed out of the door.

You decided to relax a bit. You took a shower and made yourself some tea. You opened your book and sat down beside the kitchen table, but your alone time didn’t last for long. Your kitchen window was shattered and three people, dressed in army’s combat gear and masks hopped in.You jumped up and took a defensive position. You had no idea what their quirks were, or if they even had them. Consealed weapons were also an option so you needed to stay alert. They had also broken the lamp, so the room was pretty dark. You couldn’t use your quirk since there was no light to create blades from, these people clearly knew what they were doing, and who they were up against.

The trio made the first move. They came at you from front and both sides. You dodged the first one, and got a good kick to the second ones stomach. The third however, slashed your arm with something. It didn’t feel like a knife or a blade, more like a claw. The wound was shallow, and it didn’t affect your ability to fight. The trio backed of a bit, which gave you the chance to turn on the light above the sink. You created two blades for yourself from the light.

“We gonna do this or what?”, you growled.

The trio dashed at you again, they didn’t seem to be as in sync as they were before. The first one managed to get a punch to your jaw, but you smashed the hilt of your blade to his head. He stumbled back and fell to the ground. One done, two to go. The two who were left, didn’t seem to care for their comrade at all. They just kept coming at you, again and again.

When you finally managed to knock the last one down, you weren’t in a very good shape yourself. Your nose was bleeding and so were the slashes on you arm and thigh. You were covered in bruises and small cuts, but that didn’t really bother you. What bothered you, was the three people lying unconcious on your floor. You decided to check their faces.

The first one you knocked out, got his mask ripped of first.

“Damn.”, you yelped.

You regocnized the guy. He worked at the same hero agancy as you and was one of Endeavour’s favorites. Not because he was super strong, but because he would do anything, no questions asked. The second one revealed herself as your other coworker. The third one too. Then it clicked. Endeavour was behind this. Since he hadn’t gotten what he wanted, he had used his lapdogs to get information for him. You were honestly amazed you were able to take all three of them down. They weren’t trying to kill you, they probably just wanted to tie you down and ask you a few questions. You sat down and breathed heavily.

“Can’t I just have one calm night? Is that really too much to ask for?”, you muttered.

When Todoroki got to your place, it was a mess. Three uncouncious people on the floor, and you bleeding and muttering something to yourself. He hurried to you.

“What happened?”

“Those three happened, and here is the fun part. They all work for your father, just like me.”

“That bastard must have set this up.”

“Yeah, I figured.”, you sighted.

You knew Todoroki was furious. He might not seem like, but there was rage burning in his eyes.

“Let’s bandage you up. After that I’ll go pay my father a visit.”, he said.

Todoroki bandaged your arm and thigh in silence. How dare his father do this? If he wanted him, why come after you? Did his father want to hurt him, because if that was his objective he had been successful. Todoroki hated to see you hurt, and he didn’t like the fact you didn’t mind it if it was for him. Of course Todoroki knew your hero work came with unavoidable risks, but the fact you had been hurt because his bastard of a father wanted him back, made his blood boil.

You knew Todoroki well enough to know what he was thinking. He was blaming himself for what had happened. That you getting hurt was his fault, since the trio wanted him or even information about him. You knew he would go see his father and return his lapdogs to him, if the hadn’t left by themselves. Todoroki probably didn’t know you knew that everytime you got hurt, Todoroki would hunt down the asshole. You didn’t know what he did to them, but you rarely saw the same villain twice. He had threathened to do it before, but you knew it was more than a threath.

“I don’t want to leave you alone, but I have to go see my father.”

“I know Shouto. Just be safe okay. I’ll be fine on my own.”

You gave him a kiss and when you got out of the bathroom, the three people from your floor were gone. They had probably regained conciousness, and escaped. You watched as Todoroki walked out. You knew his father wouldn’t kill him, but you also knew Endeavour didn’t mind violence. You were worried.

When Todoroki reached his father’s hero agency, he noticed the lights were on in his office floor. His father was waiting for him. Todoroki wasted no time. He went to his father right away. He basically busted down the office door. There was steam coming off of him, his quirk had activated because of intense emotions. Endeavour was looking out the window and didn’t even turn around when the door opened.

“Shouto, you came. I thought that girl might be some use after all. Apprently she was able to take all three of them down.”, Endeavour laughed.

“She was and you stay away from her.”, Todoroki growled.

“I’ll leave her alone when you decide to drop this foolish act as a villain. You are meant to be the top hero and not some criminal running around the streets and having a fling with some pathetic girl.”

“I’ll never become a hero, not like you. Not someone who thinks he has the privilege to torture his family because of his own desires. As a villain, I can do what I need to and protect the one I love. She is nowhere close to pathetic and she is not a fling. If you or your guys ever come near her, I’ll kill you.”

“Are you trying to threathen me? You are weak, just like your mother and that pathetic bitch you are with.”

Todoroki lost his temper. His father calling you a bitch and calling his mother weak, was the trigger. Todoroki’s ice was trapping Endeavour against the window.

“If you ever, come near (Name) again, I swear to god, you will not walk out of it unharmed.”, he growled.

“Foolish boy. Do you really think I’ll be intimidated by a weak, lonely villain?”

Todoroki walked towards the door, and just before he stepped to the hallway, he looked at his father one last time.

“Not that this is relevant, but who said I was alone?”

Endeavour was left there, encased in ice, to think about his son’s warning. He started to melt the ice, but to his surprise, it was rather slow. Clearly his son had managed to get more powerful. If being a villain was what it took, it was worth it, but someday Endeavour would make his son the top hero. No matter the cost.

When Todoroki got back to your place, he found you curled up on your bed. You were asleep. He laid down and wrapped himself around you.

“Shouto?”, you whispered.

“I’m fine, just keep sleeping, you’ve had a rough day.”

“Yeah, yeah”, you yawned.

Todoroki watched as you closed your eyes and your breathing got calmer again. He would make sure you were safe, no matter what.

iwtv headcanon(s)

ok am i the only one who finds the beginning of IWTV so shady?? 

lol i know im not, so imma just go ahead and speculate–if you’d like to read, you may go ahead and do so c: same goes for sharing thoughts! id love to hear what you all have to say <3 but, beware, it gets pretty long, sorry folks >//<

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Joora(ish) Drabble-- Prompt: Eva

Eva was going on four minutes late.

Really it shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise because, like, Noora knew how Eva was. Sometimes she got so caught up in the moment that meeting will escape her mind. And honestly she wouldn’t be surprised if Eva ended up being fifteen minutes later, or twenty minutes, or maybe she completely forgot and Noora should call her to maybe reschedule-

And then there was a flash of dark hair and a grin and Noora was torn in between oh thank god and shit fuck why.

“I’m here!” Eva swept into KB with all of the grace of an excited puppy. Noora smiled tightly at her, sipping her already lukewarm coffee and taking deep breaths; deep enough to maybe calm the erratic heartbeats threatening to beat right out of her chest.

“Hi,” Eva said, sitting down and pulling a deep sip of coffee, “Thank god. Today has been weird. While I was walking here, I was stopped by this man who was looking for his dog, but I was like, hmmmmm stranger-danger, you know? But he looked like Magnus if Magnus was like 30 years older and-” Eva paused and took another sip, waving off her story, “Anyway. Hi Noora.”

“Hey,” Noora pulled a strand of hair behind her ears, “Umm- what kind of coffee did you get?”

What kind of coffee did you get? Fucking hell.

Eva’s eyes sharpened, “Oh no. What is it? Is everyone okay? Eskild? Oh god- is William back in town?”

Which, snort. If he was, Noora would be the last to know about it, and the last to care.

“No, no nothing like that. I just-” And fuck this was much harder than she thought it would be. “I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Okay…” When Noora couldn’t quite open her mouth to respond, Eva gave her an exasperated look, “Nooooorraaaaaa, hallo? What’s going on?”

And she should just rip it off like a band aid right? That was the easiest way to go about things.

“I like someone.”

Okay maybe baby steps would be better.

Eva lights up, “No way! Who? Do I know him?”

“Ummm.” Noora bit at her lip, and looked down to study her chipping nail polish, “Well…”


“It’s Jonas.”

Silence. She could barely risk a glance up. But when she did, Eva just blinked at her. Her lips were parted just the tiniest bit and then she smoothed them out with a quick shake of her head, “Jonas? Like my Jonas? I mean, not like my Jonas but like- Jonas, Jonas?”

Noora let out a careful breath, “Yeah. It’s not- I didn’t mean for- We just have a couple of classes together and he’s- he’s really cool and we grabbed lunch the other day and then dinner- and then. Fuck, Eva, I don’t know what to say.”

“You and Jonas?” Eva took another careful sip of her coffee, eyes wide like she couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. And Noora’s stomach was so tied up that it actually hurt, because fuck, why was she like this? Always falling for the guys that could bring her best friend’s the most pain?

“Holy shit, you guys would make such hot babies.”

Noora blinked, “Wait, what?”

“Holy shit, Noora! Yes! It took me a second but I am seeing this now. You and Jonas, taking no shit. Discussing capitalism and like- feminism and taking down The Man. Wow- Noora Vasquez, huh?”

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Nooa put the brakes on that one real fast, “Noora Nothing. We’ve just been hanging out a bit- wait you’re okay with this?”

Eva snorted, “Jonas and I- we were never going to work out. He’s too smart for me-”

No, he’s not!”

“Whatever, but you two could literally run Norway. This is like couple goals. I just pictured you guys in like- sitting in a private jet drinking champagne and in expensive designer clothes-”

Noora laid her forehead down on the table and groaned, “Oh my god. I literally love you so much. Eva, really.”

“Pshh,” Eva flicks Noora’s head, “Wait so does Jonas know you like him? I’m going to need the full story on this.”

Noora groaned a bit louder.

anonymous asked:

I didn't like it either but 24 is the right age for Lena because she still is a little naive, she's quick to believe those with supposedly good intentions probably due to her lack of exposure and that would only make sense if ms prodigy was 24. a 28 year old with the intelligence (and position&past) of Lena wouldn't let herself be as easily influenced. she would be far more calculative if she were a 28 year old

lol idk if you’ve met a 28 year old but they can be emotionally naive too

But Lena isn’t quick to believe people have good intentions because of a lack of exposure—she’s been emotionally fucked over many a time in her life.

I mean, toward the beginning of when we’re getting to know her, she gives a whole speech about not trusting people and not being naive, grounded in her personal experiences:

“You know, when I was first adopted by the Luthors, I adored Lex. When he showed his true colors, I was crushed. I tried everything to reach him, bring him back to the side of good. But it was no use. I’d lost him. 

Finally, I realized that some people are just bad. And there is nothing you can do to change that. 

But, you can learn to protect yourself.”

Does that sound like someone who is new to the concept of being screwed over? It’s like… her origin story.

So regardless of if it all happened within the span of 24 years or 28, she still has the same canonical experience with people, and that’s the experience of someone who knows what it’s like to be let down. It’s a huge part of her personality when we meet her.

And Lena is pretty calculative, initially. She isn’t exactly quick to believe anyone. It’s just that she lets her emotions overpower her “logic” when it plays against her emotional needs. Which isn’t an age-restricted personality trait.

And that’s canonically the reason that she didn’t believe that Rhea was going to backstab her. 

She started out suspicious of Rhea, gathering evidence about her, but then Rhea said the magic words ‘you’re not like your mother’ and Lena craved the approval. And Rhea kept giving her approval, even as she went against everything Lena stood for behind her back. That’s one of the reasons why Lena bought into it.

“How could you let that woman deceive you? I taught you to be a scientist, to question everything.”

“No, what you taught me was to doubt myself. To look for validation elsewhere, so much that I was willing to take it from the first mentor that offered it to me.”

Lena let her issues influence her judgement. She had the intelligence and the tools—more experience than she rightfully should have with being let down—to be suspicious of her, and yet she wanted to believe her. And that’s not because of her age, it’s because of who she is and how she’s been hurt. 

It’s Lena’s kryptonite.

Not to mention, Lena has also been heavily influenced by Kara and her “everyone is good on the inside” worldview this season, likely because Kara is so validating and supportive of her. In a way, Kara is proving her Good People Exist worldview to Lena by being such a good friend, and it’s making Lena alter the perception of the world that she built up over the years.

In a lot of ways, I think Kara is like… Lena’s emotional mentor. (Whether or not that’s a role Kara should have—at least as Lena’s sole mentor and only true friend—is another question.)

She listens to Kara when she says that she should go see her mother, despite not seeming to want to give the relationship another shot. She calls Kara when she’s deciding if she should go on a date with Jack, calls Kara to ask if she should trust Rhea. 

And when Kara can’t talk, Lena decides to trust Rhea, likely knowing what Kara would say. She seems to have internalized Kara’s worldview a bit, at this point.

I mean, it’s really a good thing to internalize, that you should trust people. It’s something Lena needs, even if Kara “Sunny” Danvers goes too far with the idea. 

But Lena’s luck is shit, and this is a television show, so she keeps getting screwed over.

But I think it’s a mistake to believe that Lena is necessarily unintelligent in her newfound trusting of people, or that a 28 year old shouldn’t make these same choices.

I said that Lena’s naturally suspicious nature was shrouded by Rhea’s emotional manipulation, but she also seems to be making a conscious choice to be more trusting, for her own emotional wellbeing in the form of intimacy. She should continue trusting people until she finds the ones who really won’t let her down. 

She should continue trusting people throughout her life.

She should trust people until they’ve proven they can’t be trusted, because that’s the only way you can really connect to people. 

This, in a way, is her arc for the season. From semi-distrusting and secluded, to more open and accepting. And the audience is supposed to hope that she doesn’t close herself off again, worse than before, because of the people that hurt her while she is open to it.

As for Kara’s secret, we accepted for 2 seasons that a 50 year old woman didn’t recognize that her assistant of two years was Supergirl. The Secret Identity™ trope is not about naivety or experience or intelligence, it’s supposed to fool everyone. It wouldn’t be a surprise when it’s revealed that Cat has known for some time that Kara is Supergirl if it weren’t possible that she wouldn’t know.

And really? Lena should trust Kara. Like, it’s a good call. Her having this secret doesn’t mean that Lena’s foolish to accept her explanations at face value. Her read of Kara, that she’s someone she can trust, is the right and logical move to make with the information she has about her. Like, who would suspect that their friend is a superhero?

So the only kind of experience that Lena doesn’t have, 24 or 28 or 100, is with a genuine and honest emotional connection. But that’s because of her environment, not her age. When you reach 28, you don’t magically have positive and fulfilling relationships (unfortunately).

I mean, headcanon what you’d like! If you like Young Prodigy Lena Luthor who doesn’t know who to trust because she’s young, you do you. The 24 year old thing hasn’t been disproven yet, so there’s definitely room to take it where you want to in your own stuff.

Just don’t try to tell me that that’s what is canonically right, because at no point in the story is her supposed young-ness brought up in any context or used as an explanation for anything she does.

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I have this existential question about how would taehyung be in a relationship(? I mean, he is Capricorn (they tend to look for stability), but would he get it? Or his Mars is going to affect him in some way and make him the jealous type? Would he be romantic or something? Haha, anyways, I really like your blog <3Kskfks

Heey! Your profile pic is so cute, omg. Thanks for liking it! And sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Since I’ve already been asked about how he is in a relationship I’ll just focus on explaining to you if he’d be jealous or not, is that ok? I hope it is. lol

Taehyung can be romantic or jealous but mostly he’s quite a logical person - too many Capricorn placements for him not to be be. Venus in Aquarius means he loves freedom and intelectual exchanges a lot more than the actual being in love thing. So he takes a long time to actually fall in love and when he does he appreciates partners that can do the same to him - like he’ll want some freedom and will give some as well. Tae is very stubborn about his ways so I guess that someone that is too easily handled wouldn’t be really his thing since the person would just obey him, so he not only needs some that’s very clever but also someone that faces feelings just like he does. However, Capricorn and Aries can be jealous af. So I think that depending on the situation he can get quite jealous, yes, but in very specific ones. Since he cares so much about intellectual matters I’d guess it’ll be mostly like… He won’t care if the partner is talking for too long with somebody else, but if said partner goes back to him and acts all admired of that person’s wits or intelligence… Then he’ll probably be pissed. What do you mean you don’t think I’m not the smartest person in this room?? Something along those lines, childish even because Moon in Aries. But jealous of physical contact and things like that… I don’t think those things really matter to him. Funnily enough, though, I truly believe he’s the type that does like his freedom within a relationship but will not like if the partner never shows any hint of jealousy. He likes to be spoiled and feel needed and important, you know? So in a kinda fucked up and twisted way he appreciates when people show that kind of reaction towards him. But it has to be in a healthy manner - if it’s too much he’ll feel like he’s being controlled and will run away as fast as he can. So yeah. That side of his might be a little hard to deal but well. I honestly think he’s worth it. lol

Originally posted by bangdulce

(and of course could be a dramatic lil shit when wanting the partner to have a reaction lol)

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Thoughts on Shingen as a romance option? He's my favorite but even I didn't like the love that much between Shingen/MC :(

Like some people might come out here and Kill Me for this but I really don’t think Shingen needed to be a romance option in the first place lmao

I really don’t think he’s at a place in his life where love is ever going to take precedence over war for him. Shingen is a dying man and he’s really just trying to see if he can make sure his clan gets out of all of this in one piece. He knows he’s old and withering away. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–his relationship with the MC is really contrived and feels very one-sided. 

I think Shingen would’ve had a stronger story as a father-figure. I know it’s his Big Trait to be like Smut Lord #1 but like… I feel like I don’t see nearly enough stuff about Shingen in regards to family. It’s honestly been written as such a big part of his life within his narrative–his clan is literally what comes first and foremost for him, always–and I feel like we just don’t get enough of it? He goes so far out of his way to take care of everyone under his roof and like… I want to see more of that? Why can’t we? LMFAO

(If we’re going all out… like really, all of the lords probably could be married already, but I feel like Shingen definitely would’ve been married for a long ass time now–he’d have had plenty of kids already, likely just a bit younger than Yukimura (and lmao if we’re going by history he’s got a lot of bastards, too). Or even if he doesn’t have an official wife (concubines, anyone?)… Why don’t we get Kiku as his daughter, since she was in real life? In Saizo’s story you’re told that they’re really very close despite only being an uncle and niece, and Shingen overlooked her education himself. LIKE HE’S IMPLIED TO HAVE PRACTICALLY RAISED THIS GIRL! Fuck the whole uncle/niece bullshit, give me father-daughter scenes with Shingen and Kiku. Fuck.)

Anyway, ramblings aside, I don’t feel like he’s going to get any satisfactory development in exploring emotional intimacy or learning to love someone in a romantic capacity at the point MC comes into his life–like damn, if I’m in my late 30s-40s who gives a fuck??? LMFAO–and if we want to have seen any of it, it should’ve been done in his younger years. I really hate how they write Shingen out to be kind of immature in some senses (implied to have had plenty of sex but never kissed a woman, never held a baby, doesn’t understand physical boundaries) while also still trying to make him seem like a mature, experienced character, so I really think he would’ve needed that development when he was still growing up. They’re so wishy-washy with his character and I can’t stand it lmfao.

I also think it would’ve made for a stronger narrative if we got to explore the family dynamics he would’ve had with say, a wife/wives and children, because he would ultimately not be struggling through his illness alone (besides just Kansuke, anyway). I feel like it would’ve been way more satisfying to see how that took a toll on people he’s already close to and trusts (and could you imagine? Being married for years and knowing your husband is inevitably going to die? And all you can do is watch? BRUH), and more importantly, it’s not something he’d be able to hide from any of them. And listen, if they’re already trying to make Shingen adopt MC (TIRED OF THIS PSEUDO-INCEST SHIT VOLTAGE!!!) then why not just make him do it? Let her learn to be a noble, let her find a close and fulfilling familial relationship with the man who decided to take her under his wing. I would’ve loved that? God. But I also know this is an otome, so like… I’m not getting this any time soon LOL.

tl;dr I don’t think MC can really do anything for Shingen at the point she comes into his life within the story and that kind of makes the romance option for him a bit pointless. 


with every step and jump, with every twist and dip, and with every sway and swirl, you’ve expressed yourself without uttering even a single word and to be honest, i don’t think words are enough for you to let everyone know how much you want it, how no one wants it more than you do and that’s what makes your dance the most beautiful of them all. you’ve waltzed into everyone’s hearts with your powerful moves and graceful twirls but you’ve snugged yourself in when you showed how genuine you are. your laughs that are distinctively louder than everyone else, your smiles that are brighter than the sun, even your tears that tug at every heartstrings and then you turn and spin everyone on their axis by curving your lips into a sinful smirk, moving your body in an almost illegal way, and looking like you know something that nobody else does. but that’s what makes you so endearing and special. you’re always so grateful to every one but the only one you should be the most grateful to is yourself. 

never stop standing on stage like you were meant to be there and continue the dream you have been longing for since the start. it’s only right for you to claim everything you deserve because you’ve earned it and there’s only more for you in this world and nothing less. I love you so much, my two left feet could almost dance. happy birthday to the one and only dancing machine, our precious Kim Jongin. #HappyJonginDay #종인아생일축하해

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(1)I really want to know what happened to JM's fingers and really really want to see how the members especially JK reacted but they didn't let us know *sighs in disappointment*. Anyway I kinda feel like BV staff is trying to hint us something, like you know, put the caption "feel familiar" when JM grabbed Jk's butt, then the scene where JM swiped st from JK's lips and they even put a caption there (not necessary), they just give us subtle moments here & there like "I know u guys will get it" kkk

(2) because I think they should feel weird when they heard JK called JM baby right? because that sounds unusual for a younger guy to call his hyung baby, but they still include it in the behind the scene and put that scene at the end like “something for you guys you’re welcome” and like “this is how we make you feel thirsty for our BV show muah hahaha”. Anyway just something in my headcanon I want to share with you. Have a nice day! Love you!

honestly jimin’s fingers themselves didn’t change, they’re still short and stubby, it’s just jimin decided to start doing hand workouts or something and got like major veins and muscles in his hands, leaving everyone shook to their core. aef;j if bv staff were doing that that would be the slyest, snakiest thing lmao. but idk if they are, i feel like it’s pretty common editing in the kpop community (doesn’t stop me from having the headcanon that jikook r slowly coming out tho lolololol). And thank you, i hope you have a nice day as well!!! (even tho it’s acutally midnight for me lol)

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Could you do one of y/n doing "heavy" drugs and one day Eric (close friend) comes in your house without telling you and finds you smoking or snorting something and he gets super mad cause he didn't know about it? maybe because he has a little crush on you idk he's a cutie lol

This is all over the place i’m sorry

You crushed the small white pills into powder inside the plastic bag before carefully pouring the substance onto the bathroom counter and creating thin white lines with a plastic membership card from your wallet. Your heart pounded in your throat as you observed your work. You hadn’t been doing this very long. Things were getting really rough for you lately and when a girl in your drama class mentioned the effects of the drug… well, you figured it was worth a shot. You typically avoided looking in the mirror these days but when you looked up at your reflection in the medicine cabinet it was hard to look away. You hardly recognized yourself. Your hair was tangled and knotted on top of your head in a banana clip. Your eyes were bloodshot and your skin was dull and lacked color. You wore just a pair of underwear and your best friend’s shirt he had left over at your house a week ago. It smelled like him and offered a kind of comfort. You hadn’t seen him in several days since you’d been skipping school. It was easy to get away with, with your mom being out of town this week. You shook your head, disgusted with yourself, as you bent over the counter and snorted the first line of white powder. You sat on the lid of the toilet seat and let your head fall back against the wall as the calm started to set in. The world slowed down and you glanced down at your hands. They seemed detached from your body. All four of them, you noted. Everything around you was doubled and out of focus. You waited a few minutes before sitting up to snort the second line. You thought you heard a voice from downstairs but discredited it. You’d experienced hallucinations before. You had only gotten halfway done with the line when the bathroom door flew open. You snapped your head up, terrified. Before you stood your best friend, a confused and angry look on his face as he observed the scene. “What the fuck, y/n?!” he shouted, causing you to shrink back.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?!”

“Reb, calm down I’m just–” He slammed a hand down onto the countertop.

“You’re just what? You’re just what, y/n?”

“I’m trying to tell you–” He  swiped two fingers through the white powder and rubbed his thumb over it.

“What the fuck is this? Are you doing fucking cocaine in here? Is that why you’ve been gone all week? Because you’ve been holed up in your bathroom fucking snorting coke?”

“It’s not coke, Jesus Christ!” you swatted his hands away from it. “What is it then?” he demanded.

“Special K,” you told him indignantly, offended that he thought you’d ever even consider doing coke. “Special– what?” He was glaring daggers at you. “Ketamine.” He shook his head at you. You could tell he had no idea what that meant. “Whatever, I don’t care what the fuck it is. You’re not doing this anymore.” He swiped the rest of the powder into the sink and turned on the faucet. You stood up quickly and gripped the edge of the counter, watching as your stash went down the drain. “What the fuck, Eric!” you screamed at him, hands flying towards him. He grabbed your wrists and yanked them down, moving his face just inches away from yours. You could feel the heat radiating from his reddened skin. He lowered his voice to a growl. “Y/n,” he stared into your eyes without blinking. “You’re going to sit down, and you’re going to tell me what the fuck is going on.” you glared at him and he tightened his grip on your wrists. “Do you understand?” he asked. You snatched yourself free and backed up, stumbling a bit. You were still high and disoriented. Your back hit the wall and let yourself slide down onto the floor. He sat down beside you and rested his head in his hands. You watched as he tried to even out his breathing, his entire body shaking. You would probably be shaking too if you weren’t currently sedated. He looked back up at you and shook his head slightly, “What’s going on, y/n?” you shrugged. “It helps.” “Helps what?” you sighed heavily. “Helps me not want to kill myself.” you saw a flash of fear in his eyes. “Don’t say that. You don’t mean that.” You rolled your eyes and looked away. “Okay,” you muttered. “Okay? Okay what? What does that mean? Y/n–” “Just okay! That’s what you want me to say, right? ‘Okay Reb, you’re right I’m not depressed, I’m not falling apart, I’m not struggling every day to just exist.’ Is that what you what to hear?” It came out sounding more harsh than you’d intended. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he seemed genuinely hurt. You shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” He grabbed your face and turned it towards him. “Why do you think I don’t care about you?” his voice was tight. “I don’t know… I don’t deserve it.” He blinked hard, trying to will away the tears in his eyes. “That’s not true. You deserve more than this. You deserve everything. You deserve to be happy.” You wanted to argue back but lacked the energy to do so. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “I would do anything to make you happy,” He whispered. You looked down. He moved in front of you, resting on his knees, and leaned forward, pressing his forehead against yours and placing his hands on either side of your face. “Anything.” he repeated. You reached up and gently squeezed his forearms. He had a look in his eyes you’d never seen before. He bit his lip nervously and gazed at you. His lips parted slightly and your stomach fluttered and you prepared yourself for what was about to happen. He backed away and stood up, pulling you up after him. “Wh-” you began but he cut you off. “You should get some sleep. You look exhausted.” Your heart sank as you followed him into your bedroom. You sat down on the bed and when he looked down at you, you identified the glint in his eye. Desire. He walked towards the door and turned the light off on the way out. “Wait. Reb?” he turned back around. “Don’t leave. Stay with me. Please.” He came back and took off his shoes before laying down next to you. The want and pain in his eyes was almost too much to bear. You pressed yourself as close as you could to him. You heard his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He wrapped a hesitant arm around you and you closed your eyes. “Don’t go anywhere.” you said quietly. He buried his nose in your hair and murmured, “I’m right here. I’m staying right here.”

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can i request an angsty fic of barba/oc (wife) where maybe she surprises him at work for his birthday or anniversary and it doesn't go as well as she hoped cause Rafael gets snappy and is busy ??? i love angst idk why i didn't request it sooner lol

Yesssss queen! Angst is life!!! As long as there’s a happy ending, I’m down for all the angst. I hope I took this in the right direction. I can never tell if my writing is terrible or if I’m just being too critical. Now let’s set the mood for some romance…kinda.

Originally posted by twenty1-grams

You’d been planning this anniversary for 364 days. This was your first year wedding anniversary. Rafael had been so busy with work lately, you’d decided to do something extra special. Something that said, “I love you now just as much as the day we met.”
In hindsight, it might have been a good idea to check with his secretary before planning a large event in his office. But anniversaries only happen once a year. This was special. It was gonna be sexy, you’d snuck a peek at his schedule to make sure he didn’t have clients this afternoon. You let yourself into the office and stripped down, ready to bare your heart, soul, and everything in between.“

“Gentleman, follow me into my office and we can further discuss the terms of- what the fuck is going on in here?”

You were sat, completely naked on his desk with nothing but a few law books covering you when Rafael had entered the office with three of his fellow ADA’s.
You should have thought this through. He slammed the door on the men, excusing himself and striding over to you, tossing his jacket at your body.

“What the hell are you doing?” He snapped, as you scrambled to pull the shirt over your exposed skin.
You can feel tears of embarrassment prickle at the corners of your eyes.

“I was trying to surprise you…” You began, as if that would explain everything.

“At the place I work?” He pinched the bridge of his nose pacing, “I don’t have time for this today, SVU has finally collected enough evidence to prosecute our case and I’m already on a tight schedule.”

It suddenly occurred to you that he didn’t even know what today was. You were just his stupid wife that showed up naked. The shame and humiliation flooded your entire body as you turned away, pulling on your clothes.

“I’m sorry, it was a bad judgement call.” You whispered, thanking all the gods in heaven that your voice didn’t give away your pain.

“You think?” He scoffed but softened a bit. He did his best never to let his bad moods get to you. “Look, honey I had a lot on my plate, and this… I have to show my face around here. Just promise me next time you wanna spice up the sex life, buy some handcuffs or a nurse costume. Don’t strip for my colleagues.”

You nodded, thrusting his jacket back into his arms as you quickly strode past him. The men from earlier, still out front, watching you with morbid curiosity. You turned to see if Raf would even tell you goodbye, but he already had his phone to his ear, checking voicemails.

This had been so stupid. You rushed to the parking garage, getting into your car before finally bursting into tears. You didn’t cry easy, but the humiliation mixed with your husband’s complete lack of knowledge towards the significance of this date broke your heart. You cried in the car for about ten minutes before you noticed a knock at the window. It was Rafael.

“Seriously Raf, go away,” you sniffled, not bothering to look at him.

“Open the door, please?”

You made him wait five whole minutes while you composed yourself before unlocking the car. “What?”

He pressed play on his cell phone:
“Message from 9:55am: Hey baby! Happy anniversary!! I just wanted to say how much I love you. There hasn’t been a moment since I married you that I’m not glad you’re mine. Have a good day Rafi.”

He tossed his phone aside, “you were trying to surprise me for our anniversary… And I was too stupid to notice.”

“You are too stupid,” you glared, still furious and hurt.

“I’m sorry, this case got out of hand and… I’m really sorry.” He didn’t know what else to say to you. He felt like such and ass. It was written all over his face. You wanted to let him feel bad for a few more minutes, but you didn’t have it in you to see the man you love upset.

“You’re an idiot. And I’m even dumber because I love you so much.“you sniffled and watched him visibly relax as he pulled you into his arms.

“Do you know when I first knew I was gonna marry you?” He whispered against your hair, covering your skin with soft kisses now.

“No… When?”

“Your first SVU case, when we met and you were talking to the opposing council, you brought us both coffee. When I asked you why, you told me that it must not be easy fighting for people who sometimes don’t deserve it. And that might take its toll, so everyone deserves a little kindness in their lives.”
You remembered that day. You’d brought everyone coffee on both sides of the legal counsel.
“I knew at that moment,” he whispered. “That I want that kind of woman to be in my life.” You turned your head and pressed your lips together in a long kiss.
“I love you, Rafi.”
“I love you too cariño. Happy anniversary.”

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Boom! Masterlist!

a pint of ice cream

ship: ten/rose
length: 2.5k~
Hi guys!! It has been forever since I’ve written, so please go easy on me! I really hope you enjoy this though :D I got the prompt idea from this list

Dried tears on her cheeks, tissues scattered across the floor, and puffy red eyes.

Rose Tyler was in absolutely no state to answer the knocking at her door.

Whoever they were, they’d knocked once, twice, three times now. She finally picked herself up off the couch and dragged herself to the door, brushing her hand through her hair to make herself look somewhat more presentable.

She thought it could be a neighbor complaining about the noise (she’d been sobbing for hours, but she’d kept it pretty quiet, at least) or maybe Mickey or her mum checking on her (she honestly would prefer the first over the latter).

But when she finally looked through the peephole, it was not at all what she’d expected.

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It was a pain to run a single mile before Zombies, Run. I hated running. Even if it was part of another sport. On top of that, I am a working college student who had so much to do that it’s hard to feel any motivation for exercise.

Z,R changed it. Changed it ALL. I can happily run three miles. Normally I would do six. PER DAY. I JUST DID A RACE IN WHICH I RAN 15.5 MILES.  I feel good now when I run. I didn’t feel that before starting Z,R. Do NOT tell me that this app alone hasn’t affected my long-term healthy behaviors. Do NOT. I now don’t feel any hesitation about running because I know that I can do it, and that I’ll feel good afterwards.

Yes, I read the study and am not just dissing it out of loyalty, lol. I don’t agree with a lot of their points and I thought it’d be interesting to hear any opinions contrasting to mine, considering we all own one of the major apps under discussion.

…I just realized that this is kind of long. I’ll put it under a cut.

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Lilac Petals - rubberdoop

Barry walks into the Grump Space, rubbing his hands together. It’s a little colder than usual today, which gave him an excuse to wear one of his particularly thick flannels. He loves the feeling of the fabric on his chest, his arms.

Unfortunately, the heat is on and he starts to feel the precursors of sweat. He sighs, wishing he could keep it on but reluctantly takes it off, leaving him only in his white undershirt. He untucks it from his jeans, wishing he had done laundry so he could have worn a Starbomb or at least something besides a plain white shirt.

“Hey Bear, can you help me with something real quick?”

Barry looks up in surprise, finding Ross standing there in the kitchen area of the Space, back turned to him, reaching into the freezer. He’s wearing a black hoodie with the sleeves rolled up. Barry walks over to him, standing a few feet back.

“What’s the problem, buddy? Problem with the ice maker or something?”

Ross hums a response, not turning around. Barry walks closer, trying to see what the problem is. He leans in, trying to look past Ross to see the ice maker. Ross turns around suddenly, his mouth open, obviously about to say something, and their faces are less than an inch apart. Barry blinks, taking a moment to look at Ross’ face. He must be flustered, because his face is fairly red. Upon further examination, he realized that Ross is wearing a hoodie, even though the heat is on.

“Hey, Ross. What’s up with the hoodie? It’s like a hundred degrees in here.”

Ross stutters, trying to squeeze passed Barry without answering. As he does so, he grazes up against him, and Barry feels something peculiar, something familiar. Before jumping to conclusions, he turns around and grabs Ross by the arm. He pulls him back to him, meeting Ross’ piercing blue gaze with his own. He puts a strong hand on Ross’ back, running his hand along the tell-tale strap that he finds there. Barry cocks an eyebrow and smirks knowingly.

“Hey Ross, buddy…are you wearing a bra?”

Ross’ face turns an even deeper shade of red and he stutters again. Barry brushes a few stray strands of hair out of Ross’ face, an look of interest on his face. Ross takes a few breath before finally responding, his voice meek.

“I just…I like the way it looks on me. It makes me look pretty. I didn’t know we were gonna turn the heat on today so I thought I’d be able to wear it under my hoodie without anyone noticing but Vernon turned on the heat and I -”

Barry raises his hand, motioning for Ross to stop rambling. He sighs, trying to stop himself from imagining Ross this morning, standing in front of a mirror, putting on a cute little bra, struggling to get all the tiny clasps in place, adjusting it so that it’s straight. Maybe he poses in front of the mirror for a bit, trying to find an angle that gives even the slightest impression of cleavage.

Before he realizes what he’s doing, he puts his hands on Ross’ hips, closing the small amount of space that remained between them. He slides his hands up, the fabric of Ross’ hoodie riding up with them. His fingertips graze the bottom of the bra and he runs the pad of his thumb over the soft fabric. Barry hears Ross catch his breath in his throat, and he suppresses a moan. His heartbeat quickens. He’s never gotten this worked up over something so trivial as touching a bra. But there’s something about the fact that it’s Ross that just drives him up the wall.

Barry spins Ross around, backing him up to the fridge. He pushes him against the door, leaning in close, hesitating for a moment before leaning in and kissing him, his hands still wandering. He pulls back, pulling the hoodie up and over Ross’ head, leaving him shirtless in only the bra and his jeans.

The bra is lilac, the top made of silk and the bottom decorated with lace petals. Ross’ arms shoot up to his chest, trying desperately to cover himself up. He tries to protest, but Barry won’t hear any of it. He grabs his wrists, pulling them down to his side. He takes a step back, taking in the gorgeous view in front of him.

“You’re right, Ross. You look so beautiful.”

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Eddy! Holy ahit!! I just woke up and saw my ask!! I didn't even think about Clarke being the Brittana child!! So fucking brilliant, man! This is why you're my Fav blogger. God, Idk how to feel about this. We're playing with the unholy trinity of Lesbian power couples here and it's glorious, beat headcanon ever.

Thank you ! I’ve always mentioned how my head goes back to Glee ships everytime, but this a delicious mix that is far beyond my silly Glee whims. So today, while I was in therapy, I thought about this ‘universe’ and I came up with some headcanons.

If other people are looking for the origin, this is the Faberrittana / Clexa discussion anon and I came up with!

Okay, so, ahead:

Faberritana / Clexa Verse Headcanons

Originally posted by forgottencat


  • Brittana were on the Ark, they met there and fell in love. Now picture this: Brittana running in the hallways of the Ark when no one is around, hand in hand, singing silly songs. Because you know, Hallways™ is their thing.
  • Their first and older child is Sugar Motta, obvi.
  • When Clarke was born, the man who donated semen was obviously executed and she was sent to juvie being she a second child (like Octavia kinda) until … her final journey to the ground. Until this very day, besides being Clarke Lopez-Pierce, Clarke also likes to remember her ‘dad’, Jake Griffin.
  • Brittana are amongst the people who fight hard to Skaikru to get to Earth and eventually they make it and meet their daughter again.
  • Brittany had a lot of crayons on the Ark. She was an artist, but when Clarke was sent to juvie, she gave them all to her so that she had something to do while being down there. When she comes back to Earth, she is heartbroken to find Clarke too occupied with being a leader and saving everyone’s ass to draw anymore.
  • Bonus: When they come to Earth, Clarke is dating Finn, and Santana dislikes him so much, she constantly makes joke about his hair and his fuck-boy attitude; Brittany is more understanding, but also, partly shading, you know how she is. Santana makes Finn uncomfortable with sex jokes, let’s get real, she wants him to fuck off. Sugar approves, but she also kinda likes Finn, because she likes fuck-boys a bit.

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  • Okay, so Faberry are Grounders (Rakel and Kuinn). Rachel is from the Ice Nation. Her mom, Shelbi, is the Ice Queen and there is a lot of controversy because Rakel joined Trikru so that she could be with Kuinn. Shelbi did not approve because ya know, no coalition back then. (Optional, because I need to plot this better: Kuinn is a nightblood but THERE IS A REASON why she is alive still, but I gotta come up with that, ‘cause I’m tired now)
  • Or (Alternative Route) maybe Kuinn is the Commander and Lexa is just her daughter. For some reason I need to invent, Kuinn can’t be the commander anymore, so they take the chip off her without having her die because the Commander can be removed with an unanimous vote. Kuinn introduced this rule but in reality it was her little daughter that suggested it when she was a kid.
  • Kitty (Her real name is not Kitty, but they call her that because she is agile like a cat) and Marley (I gotta come up with a Grounder name, Kara maybe - lol) are Rakel and Kuinn’s seconds. 
  • Bonus: When she becomes the Commander Lexa joins the coalition to get the clans of her moms together. She even introduces the chance for members of different clans to have their union ceremony.

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  • Okay, so generally, the Clexa storyline is the same as canon, only with the moms added and lol no Lexa dying. 
  • What changes is that Santana gets really pissed when the betrayal and she wants to go all Sector 6 on Lexa’s ass because she hurt her daughter, but then she figures her daughter is a badass and can handle it but oh, Clarke leaves and becomes Wanheda and Santana regrets not dragging Lexa. She and Brittany don’t see her for months and Sugar goes looking for her (Bonus: Sugar/Bellamy are endgame).
  • OBVIOUSLY Rakel is the one that sings the Grounder anthem when Clarke bows to Lexa. Like, this is obvious, I shouldn’t even have to write it because 1) imagine Lea’s voice on that 2) Rakel would never let someone sing at her daughter’s wedding. Bonus: Santana gets really emotional in this scene over Clexa, but also because Rakel’s voice, although she’ll never admit it. This is the Pezberry duets-challenge origin. 
  • Lexa has so many candles because Rakel found old albums of the Phantom of the Opera and it kinda went this way. Musical inspiration.
  • Lexa took her whipped from Kuinn.
  • Clarke took her sass and lack of chill from both her moms.
  • Kuinn hates Titus and she yells at him all the time, also she knows he is the one that taught her that love is weakness and she’s like, fuck no, my love for Rakel made me the strongest bitch in this joint.

Okay, this is it for now. @fearwanheda contributed to some of those, we’re talking about this meme right now haha. Definitely gonna come up with more and eventually some fic if I managed. (PS. sorry for eventual typos)

May we meet again.

The best hour of my life (aka Suwabe Junichi's Panel @ Anime Expo 2016)

Warning: I’m on mobile and have no formatting, also I will probably be screaming nonsense the whole time. XDDDDDD

Alright, so in the room where his panel was, there was a screen on the right side, and the table was in the middle. Suwabe-san came out from behind the screen and we could see his shadow XDDDDDDD He introduced himself mostly in English!!! His English is actually really good XPPP
He told us to call him “Be-san” XDDDDD and as a joke, he said it was only for the Ladies, but the guys did it as well. Sadly I missed it ;-; and idek why I just did… T^T

The MC proceeded to ask him questions.
One of them was about if he ever came to the US before, and he said that this was his second time, his first in LA specifically and his first time in general was in Atlanta. Then he was asked if he got to do like sightseeing and other things to do, and he said that he went to Santa Monica and took a picture with the Hollywood sign which, “I will post it on Twitter later” XDDDDD
He got asked about being a seiyuu, and he said that it wasn’t something he had wanted to do since childhood. His first role was a random Soldier 1 and the only line he had was *cue scream* *cue fan’s scream as well*

Then they talked about Gangsta (and when we walked in they handed us a gangsta paper/thing) They showed the preview and he said that Worick, his character, was really sexy XPPPPP and that all of them were really sexy. He said that the director asked him to make Worick’s voice higher than the other guy’s (who was voiced by Tsuda Kenjiro!) *cue random high pitched scream* XDDDDDDDDDD

EDIT: THEY ALSO TALKED ABOUT AIRING ANIME AND MENTIONED SHOKGEKI NO SOUMA AND AHHHH HAYAMA AKIRAAAAAAAAA!!! He also said that he’s glad we still enjoy his older works because the anime season ends in three months in Japan!

They also talked about Space Dandy and showed a clip of I think episode 20, where Be-san’s character Dandy was singing
They also showed the Live Action trailer in English, and Suwabe’s voiceover! He said that one day he would like to see the live action with him in it XDDDDDDDD
The Bones president Masahiko Minami also came for a little bit!!! He said that he likes having the girls scream at him like they scream at Suwabe-san 😂 Be-san said they were “best friends (in English)” and put his arm around him >o<
Minami-san also said that he thought the English voice of Dandy was really similar and he was like “don’t you think so too?” And someone shouted NO! XDDDDDDD
Sadly he had to leave early :( because he had more work to do, and someone shouted “Ganbare!” XDDDDDDD
During the Space Dandy stuff the little Nyan mascot thing (sorry, haven’t watched it yet ;-;) came out! They said that he couldn’t talk to us though XDDDDDDDDD

After that there was a short little Q&A. (Out of order probably!!) The first person talked about how he does a lot of Otome drama CDs and asked what the challenges were with using a dummy head mic versus a normal mic. Be-san explained what the mic was and how it worked, and he said that it looked like a gorilla 😂😂😂 He said that it was hard to imagine it as a “jousei (what even is spelling)” as he hugged you and “I LOVE YOU” (whisper) EVERYONE SCREAMING AND AUWKKDJVNDKWODCKMCHDHSJD I CANNOT I STILL GET LIKE THIS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT 😍😭😍😍😍❤️❤️
Some Japanese person asked him to do Aomine’s “the only one who can beat me is me” (I’m 90% sure, I mean what else does Aomine say that’s famous? XP) *CUE MORE DYING AGHHHHH SOWICNNVJENENF*
Someone else asked who, in the industry, he thought was the most attractive, and Be-san said that everyone was all so attractive, it was too hard to pick just one. (AWWWWWW <3333)
Then someone asked what he likes to do on his free time, and he said “driving” and “taking his dog for walks” (AWWWWWWWWWWW <333)
The last person asked about this drama cd series with Jeffrey and asked him who his favorite character was besides his own. Suwabe said that his favorites were always the one he voiced, so it would be Jeffrey XDDDDD

He said that he was really happy to be here and to meet his international fans! He also said that he’s glad we enjoy his works in Japanese, his natural language.

Also in the middle somewhere someone yelled “I love you” and he said “I love you too” AND WKEMCMSOSJNVNDNWNCQLKWKA

Ahh, anyways, his signature is like the most beautiful thing ever. And his LAUGH AND SMILE SO PRECIOUS ❤️❤️❤️ >o<
Suwabe-san is so adorably shy and humble and kind <3 And he knows how to make the fans scream XDDDDDDDD
But really, in all seriousness, he is really nice!!!
He did all the standby autographs (idk bout day 1) and also random info he used “watashi” which I mean i dunno if you wanted to know that but yeah XPPPPP
Excuse me while I go die of feels again…