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I wanted to make a post dedicated to this little moment. It’s a brilliant bit of acting on Liz’s part. Jemma’s been so strong and firm in her conviction while confronting the LMD!Fitz up until this point, even while he’s trying to sow doubt that she might not be real, and this is the first moment when she truly breaks. It’s unclear whether she’s asking the LMD not to hurt her - or for real Fitz not to kill her if she is the LMD. That awareness of her own deep desire not to die is potent, even if she could be a machine programmed by Radcliffe to do his bidding. Then again, there could also be a bit of her that’s asking for LMD!Fitz not to hurt her on an emotional level - if he is an LMD, she desperately doesn’t want to have to hurt him, because hurting Fitz (even a version of him that isn’t truly him) pains her as deeply as being hurt herself. It’s truly a tour de force acting moment.

 Things calm down after 3a, and when Stiles graduates he & Derek leave BH and make some good memories.  Stiles keeps a scrapbook of polaroids with silly captions on them, because of course he does. Derek secretly loves the idea but grumbles about it because Derek.

— i was dulcetyeoll ; hello sunshines! I’m here with my first follow forever and to announce that i’m changing url. i have been dulcetyeoll for two, almost three years now and i think it’s time to change; so let’s celebrate! it’s not that i don’t like the url anymore, i just like mochichans more now eheh; besides, now me and jelly have couple urls ; u ;
i wanted to thank all of my followers, mutuals and senpais for everything. you babies are the main reason i’m still on tumblr and i wouldn’t know what to do without you; there was so many times i was down and feeling sad and people here managed to cheer me up and made me feel so special, so a huge thank you to y’all and here’s my mini-mini follow forever ❤️

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