idk i wanted to follow just one pattern and then everything went down to hell

Pregnancies and nail art

*Alexander x reader
*Word count: 1239

Summary: A fluffy fic where the reader is really pregnant and can’t reach her own toes, so Alex paints her toenails for her while he rants to her about his day at work. He’s surprisingly good, he can do these nice little patterns and everything.

A/N: This headcannon is something I saw on instagram earlier today and I immediately felt like I had to write something based on it. It’s not as long as my other fics but I think it turned out kinda cute, but it is unchecked, so you have been warned. (Also this switched from two different povs kinda fast but I was too lazy to change it. Sorry.)

Warnings: extreme fluff, pregnancies, idk maybe a few curse words??

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It had been a long day, you were tired, your body ached, your husband was away at work, and you couldn’t even paint your damn toenails.

It wasn’t like you hadn’t tried, of course. You used to paint your toenails all the time before you had gotten pregnant, you loved switching up the colors based on the season, and you loved adding little designs and patterns.

You felt a pout form on your lips as you once again tried to reach down to reach your feet from where you sat on the couch, the brush making it dangerously close to your toes, but not close enough. Letting out a loud whine, you flopped back onto the comfortable couch, huffing as you put the brush back into the bottle of polish.

“Of course, of course, I had to get pregnant. Because of this damn pregnancy, I can’t paint my own toenails! What the hell?” You ranted, muffling your voice with a pillow as you stayed still, still ranting under your breath and not even realizing that your husband had just walked in through the door with a tired look on his features, but still a soft smile on his lips when he saw you.

“Hello to you too, angel.” Alexander mused, his smile turning into a smirk when you removed the pillow from your face, the pout still gracing your lips. He laughed, he loved it when you would pout, he had always thought it was adorable. “What’s wrong?” He asked, making his way towards you and lifting your legs up so he could sit on the couch and massage your feet.

You stayed silent, crossing your arms as you kept your gaze on that bottle of mauvey pink nail polish. Alexander’s gaze followed yours and he laughed when he realized why you were so upset… You couldn’t paint your toenails. Alexander knew of your love for painting your toenails, and he knew how much of a struggle it had been trying to reach your toes, he also knew that you were far too lazy to get out of your sweats and go to the salon to get them done, so you had to deal with bare toes for the past two months.

“Sweety… You know I could paint your nails for you?” He trailed off, frowning a bit when Y/n burst into laughter, shaking her head softly before she let out a sigh and looked up at her husband with amusement in her eyes. “Baby… We both know you can’t paint nails.” Alex furrowed his brows, frowning. “You can’t say that! You’ve never seen me paint toenails before.”

Y/n rolled her eyes before reaching over to hand Alexander the mauve nail polish. “Alright, hotshot. Get to painting.” He grinned and quickly nodded, taking the small bottle from her hands and opening the tube, taking out the brush as Y/n readied herself for a mess, but she didn’t protest, if he wanted to do it then so be it.

“Okay, so, today at work…” Alex trailed off, peeking up at his wife real quick to make sure she was listening, only to look back down at her feet when he gained the nod of approval. “Jefferson and Madison were in Jefferson’s office talking about how jealous they were of me that I had Washington on my side and they didn’t.” He paused, smirking proudly as he painted your first toe.

“And just as I was about to go in there and rub it in their faces, Burr was also in there. Why would he hang out with those stupid motherfu-” Y/n cut him off with a gasp. “Alexander! Your son can hear you.” Alex rolled his eyes and laughed, before continuing with his story. “Anyways, he started talking and saying how nice it’d be to have Washington on their side.”

He shook his head, but continued painting your nails. “I didn’t want to go in there anymore.” He mumbled, pouting a bit which made Y/n giggle and shake her head.

Alex continued blabbering on and on about his day, how Washington wanted to promote him, how Laurens and Mulligan almost got themselves fired, and more Y/n couldn’t even remember at the moment. It had been silent when Y/n tried to peer over her large belly to see how much of a mess Alexander had made, yet she didn’t recall ever feeling polish on her skin.

“Oh!” Alex exclaimed, jumping up and gently moving Y/n’s feet off of his lap to stand up. “Where do you keep all of your nail stuff?” Y/n furrowed her brows. “Uh… the first cabinet under my sink. Why?” He shook his head, smiling. “No reason.” He muttered, racing down the hall to get to their master bathroom.

He didn’t return for a few moments, which almost made Y/n want to go up and see what mess he had gotten himself into, and right when she was about to force herself up, Alexander came rushing back into the room with her nail art pens and some white nail polish. “Alright, don’t look.” He warned, setting her feet on his lap again as he went back to work, dipping one of the pencil’s into the white polish.

After what felt like forever, Y/n began to whine. “Aleexxx,” she groaned. “Our son is hungry.” Alex sighed, shaking his head. “You’re lucky I love you and our son.” He teased, winking playfully as he went to get up and grab a small snack for Y/n.

He then came back with a granola bar and some pickles along with an apple juice box. “Thank you, baby.” Y/n smiled, sipping from the juice box as Alexander went back to work.

Eventually, Alex was finally finished. “There!” He smiled, reaching to grab his phone and pull up his camera to show Y/n the finished product. Y/n gasped, looking up at Alexander with wide eyes. “Oh my…” She trailed off, smiling a bit. “You’re actually really good.” She said, looking back down at the picture.

“Ya know, if I weren’t so good at politics, I’d quit and go start a nail salon.”

“Uh… Alex?”

“I’d call it Alexander’s Nail Salon!”


“All of our friends would get discounts, including you, and we’d be very successful-”


That finally cut him off, “what?” You shook your head and looked down at the puddle forming around your feet. “I think my water broke.” Alex looked down, his eyes widening at the sight.

“Oh shit…”