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guys i’m planning on getting a lost tattoo before i move cause my friend and i are gonna get tattoos together and i’ve wanted a lost one for years but I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I WAAAAAANT

Title: burn me, love me
Summary: how can i summary a smut galore
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto. 
Prompts: apron, a game of cat and mouse, travels, celebration, welcome home, eyes, cowgirl, virgin, wedding night, hot springs, dirty little secret, lotr, tied up, take it slow, phone calls, in the office, no shame, dominance, anata (dear), jutsu creativity, early mornings, glowing, making a salad.
Warning(s): Heavy smut ahead, though it isn’t always explicit. Some of it is just implied, though not a whole lot.
Comments: Idk I really wanted to do every prompt for this month but I didn’t have the inspiration or time to make a complete story for all of the ones left, so I decided why not pull off tiny drabbles about each of them where I just can start right in the thick of it if I want to?


The warmth on her back isn’t something she expects when she turns around, shoulders slumped in defeat. He had seemed so oblivious, so sleepy in her attempts to get him to notice her lack of attire, but with his hard length digging into the small of her back, she knows now that he had only played pretend. Her breath catches in her throat when his hand runs roughly over her stomach, the burn of desire buzzing through her veins with enough force to have her pushing back against him.


“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice, Sakura?” he whispers hotly, lips brushing against her ear as he trails his fingers heatedly along the apex of her thighs, and into a thatch of soft curls. He cups her heat, and she stiffens, arching against him with the softest moan.

“You wouldn’t react,” she gasps, biting onto her lip. “No matter what I did, you never seemed to realize I was only wearing—”

“I did,” he growls, pushing his arousal against her naked warmth. Hand leaving the space between her thighs, he vehemently coaxes her into bending over the smooth surface of their kitchen counter. She feels him fumbling with the opening of his pants, and shudders in anticipation, burying her face in her arms as he wetly kisses the back of her neck and murmurs gruffly, “I just wanted to see how far you’d go.”

She doesn’t have the breath to say anything more, as she feels him push inside her with insistent force, his lone hand grasping on the material of her thin apron as he bucked harshly against her ass, building up a quick, ruthless rhythm.


a game of cat and mouse

“All day…” she mumbled, burying thin fingers in his hair as she rolled her hips onto his hard, biting onto her lip. “All day you’ve been teasing me…” She gripped him tighter, rising and falling against him a little faster, trembling. “Finding me everywhere. Touching me… Kissing me… Working me up…” Sakura kissed him, raking her nails over his scalp with enough force to have him groaning. “And still,” she panted, picking up the pace of her thrusts and riding him harder, quicker. “Still, you make me do all the work…”

A wicked smirk twitched at his lips, and she felt her heart stutter, throat growing tight as he squeezed the flesh of her ass and gave a rough upward thrust, sending a sharp cry tumbling out of her lips. Her face fell in the crook of his neck when he sharply drove into her again, fingers twisting in his dark locks as he hummed against her ear and whispered huskily, “You’re right. I guess it would only be fair to help you out, then…”


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never mind that i just roared yesterday,
and that i’m likely to do it tomorrow 
and each day that i am forced to exist
on a planet where gold doesn’t even 
taste good anymore and hoarding isn’t fun,


never mind that i was never much one
for crowds and thought performance to stifle
true creativity, because how am i supposed
to spread my wings with all of you humans
crowding around the cave like a cage,


never mind that there is never a day that my
lungs have not been burning and my claws
sting from holding myself to the floor so
the force of flinging fire does not send me reeling
like it did yesterday and like it probably will tomorrow,


never mind that the show may be
all my life has become.
—  DRACO, the dragon (constellation series) | jocelyn

Okay so first off I want to say sorry for having a weird mini meltdown a couple of days ago… I’ve been under a lot of stress at work and doing a lot of weird shifts so something very minor in the scheme of things set me off. Just want to say:

A) Idk who I thought I was kidding. I love this stupid beautiful longass story and my two incredible nerds far too much to leave so you’re all stuck with me… Sorry.

and B) I’m actually going to make an effort once work dies down to be more creative and actually contribute more… I’ve been feeling pretty useless lately and though it’s not really my fault I’m so tired it bugs me so… I’m going to try harder to be worthy of all my amazing followers.

You all put up with me so you know. Kudos.

fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [3/6] >> Griffon Ramsey

“Griffon never settled. From hairstyles to boyfriends (and girlfriends), she lived for change and doing something new, which is why her weapons were all complex works of art stemming from her restless creative mind. From chainsaw/sledgehammer hybrids to stuffed animals covered in barbed wire and filled with dynamite, all her weapons were the combination of ordinary objects to create extraordinary weapons of mass damage. Once, she purposely chainsawed off a tree and had it land onto a new car belonging to the kingpin of the Fake AH crew, Geoff Ramsey. And instead of putting a hit on her and the rest of the Girl Gang, he ended up buying the carving she made out of the wood and asked her out on the same day. After that, she knew she had found someone special. So for once, she ended up settling.”


can you imagine if we started something like a giant Drarry squad scrapbook filled with short fics, fan art, little doodles, poems, clippings from magazines or prints that remind us of Drarry stuff… and we kinda pass it around? i mean, i doubt people would be up for sharing addresses to ship the book to each other, but it was just a fun thought. like everywhere the book travels, at least one page is completely filled by someone from the Drarry squad until its finally filled to the brim by creative buddies all around the world who share at least one common interest. i’ve always wanted to do something like that, idk. it’s mainly just hypothetical, but i felt the need to share.

so for my creative writing nonfiction class, i’m writing about two instances that happened to me at my best friend’s wedding. both moments happened in the same day. but does anybody have any tips on how to tie those two moments together besides just putting a page break or something? i feel like that’s disruptive to the flow of the story so i want to tie them together somehow even though they are totally unrelated. but any tips on how to do this?

talk about...PLL version
  • Aria: Talk about something creative you've done or want to do.
  • Hanna: Talk about your personal style.
  • Spencer: Talk about school, what you're studying/hope to study, etc.
  • Emily: Talk about sports you like to play or watch.
  • Alison: Talk about something you've done that you regret, and what you might have learned from it.
  • Mona: Talk about something you desperately want to do before you die.
  • Ezra: Talk about your favorite book.
  • Caleb: Talk about your favorite video game.
  • Toby: Talk about something you've done for someone you love.
  • Mike: Talk about your first crush.
  • Lucas: Talk about what high school was like for you.
  • Jenna: Talk about your favorite song/artist/genre of music.
  • CeCe: Talk about your favorite vacation.
  • Paige: Talk about your parents.
  • Melissa: Talk about your siblings.
  • Maya: Talk about a friend that means a lot to you.
  • Noel: Talk about something crazy you and your friends have done.
  • Wren: Talk about someone you currently have a crush on.
  • Holden: Talk about a hidden talent.