idk i want to do this meme ok


i haven’t really watched SU aside from a dozen of first episodes, but i’ve seen a buttload of spoilers on tumblr and such

(i kinda want to liveblog about it again, but idk if it has any point at this point)

so i tried to do that “describing the thing i’ve never watched” meme with some doodles i made 100% by memory, no refs

EDIT: ok everyone loves Greg i’m glad

Mbti Reacting To A Crying Friend ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

INTP: … “look at that weather” … “its nice” 

INFP: “DONT WORRY ITS OK. HERE LOOK ITS THE PIC OF THAT VIRTUAL CHARACTER U LOVE SO MUCH” … “Hey but … you’ll be fine. The world is…” *goes on and on ends up having an existential crisis themselves*


INFJ: if you want to talk I’m here to listen … Really just take your time. You are fine really really. I’m here to listen.

ENFP: “OMG YOU ARE CRYING!! (/゚Д゚)/  OMG TEARS !! ARE YOU OK ?? Wait !!!! What am I saying?? You are crying of course you are not ok” *BIG HUGE HUG* “lets go out for a drink or something” :)

ENTP: *unconsciously cracks a joke* … *shows Memes* … *Puns* … *Cute animal pics* … … … “If you wanna talk I really don’t mind” … *more memes* … “I KNOW LETS GO GET DRUNK!!!”…. “ oh you need a hug???” … … … … … … “Fiiiine” *gives them a hug until they stop crying* … unconsciously cracks a joke again*

ENFJ : “WHO THE FUCK MADE U CRY????” (╯°□°)╯︵   “I’LL KILL THEM FOR YOU I SWEAR” … “Oh oh no no wait you’re alright”  *gives them a hug* *cracks a joke at the end*.

ESTP : “Hey don’t worry it’ll be fiiine like seriously. Please. Stop crying. Look memes. Want to join me in on a prank?? … no? WHAT DO I DO IN THIS SITUATION???”

ESFP : “YOU ARE CRYYYYING (ʘ_ʘ) . LOOK SHE’S CRYING  (/゚Д゚)/. EVERYONE SHE IS CRYING  \(*Д* \) . What to dooo???? X_X” *acts like some clown to cheer them up*

ENTJ : “well, life’s a bitch” -_-

ISFJ : “oooh dear don’t worry. You are ok. I’m here. Its fine”  *a big hug. gets them some food* (idk why don’t ask)

ISTJ: “U can always solve the problem its not the end of the world. want me to help u put out a plan??”

ISFP: (the clumsy one): “oh daamn. uuuuuh hey! i know! wanna go with me see some flowers?? its in this rly nice calm place. And um they r rly beautiful too” *gives a hug* “hey hey hey! don’t worry u can tell me whats wrong! rly … WE CAN EAT SOMETHIN’ TOO …. MUSIC IS GOOD TOO…” *ends up crying with them*  ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

ISTP: “oh well. wanna go out for a drink?”

ESTJ: “oh…. crying…. uuh…. ok….. welp?…. want me to kick someone’s ass for you? or nah?”

ESFJ: “ TEARS! oh damn. WHO DID THIS???  oh dear. Don’t worry I’m here if you need anything”


captain swan haitus meme: [1|3] team moments → season 3 episode 22

knocking marian out

anonymous asked:

how do i become friends with you and your friends like....i have such a friend crush on you guys

omg wHAT? DO YOU? the friend crush is such a cute concept tho.

cam said: you have to pass the meme test

and santa said: send memes

LOOOOLOLOLOLOL LMAO ok but idk tbh just start talking with some of us hmmm? it’s ok if you want to talk with us, really. we are just a bunch of weirdos who like memes <3

Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better! tagged by @kagrenacs (I’m kinda drunk, let’s do this)
Relationship Status: Single(ish)
Favorite color: foresty greens and browns, also blue
Lipstick or chapstick?: Chapstick
Last song I listened to: Heart of Hickory
Last movie I watched: Sinbad was the last one I can remember
Top 3 fictional characters: Malacath, Finn the Human, and idk I guess like Nerevar
Top 3 ships: I don’t really ship but like Aragorn/Arwen, Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, Morrigan/Alistair (lowkey)
Books I’m currently reading: I’ve been trying to read Children of Hurin for like 2 years but I keep getting distracted, also Marked for Death

Tagging: @supercoolclouds @gravemom @cuckevar @namiira @yansurnummu @yandereplane29 @enthhelorn @rawlkha @jurvekthebosmer Obivously dont do it unless you want to

kathubs  asked:

7. Captured by a supervillain with Darla, Angel, Spike, Drusilla, Tara

Captured by a supervillain with:

1. DARLA ok if she’s not the supervillain in question then she is ABSOLUTELY the one I want on my side. She is undoubtedly the most vicious bitch in the line up. Maybe we could make out after idk see where the night takes us
2. Angel seems to do rather well against supervillains (when he isn’t one)
3. Spike. See above, only with more chances of getting us into further trouble with his posturing and snark.
4. Tara. Magic might help, and she’d at least have a very comforting and calming presence.
5. Drusilla. She’d probably end up cheering for the other side tbh she doesn’t give a fuck

gpminah  asked:

[text]: I will gladly accept you into my home with open legs. (jimin)

✉️ [ text → MY chimchim !! ] 9:53PM : idk what that means

✉️ [ text → MY chimchim !! ] 9:54PM: do u want 2 hug me w ur legs???

✉️ [ text → MY chimchim !! ] 10:36PM: ok i asked frenchfry oppa what that means

✉️ [ text → MY chimchim !! ] 10:36PM: still dont know what it means

✉️ [ text → MY chimchim !! ] 10:37PM: but he gave me a pamphlet thing

✉️ [ text → MY chimchim !! ] 10:39PM: it has weird pictures of bananas in donuts

✉️ [ text → MY chimchim !! ] 10:48PM: [image attached]

Get To know meme

got tagged by : @a-n-n-i-m-i-a (I AM FORCED TO DO THIS)

Rules : tag the people you want to know better at the end of the post

Nicknames : Sofy , some people call me fi

Zodiac sign : Scorpio

Height : idk

Last thing you googled : Salt bae ( I was doing a meme for my gf ok)

Favourite Music Artists: i have

no idea

Song Stuck In My Head : good life

Last Movie you watched: Jungle book ( 2016)

What are you wearing right now: a hoodie and pants

Why did you choose your URL: its my url for all my social medias !

Do you have any other blogs: nope

What did your last relationship teach you: BOI I JUST GOT INTO MY FIRST ONE

Religious or spiritual: not religious

Favourite color: redish-pink , Orange 

Average hours of sleep: Usually around 6h or 7 , maybe 8

Lucky Number: 12 and 21

Favourite Characters :

- Michealangelo(tmnt2012)

-mangle (fnaf)

-sans and paps ( undertale)

-Ben paul ( twdg)

-Sock ( w2h )

-lance (VLD)

-Fluttershy (mlp)

Dream Job: animator

People I want to know better : @severalangrypies @nekotheshipper @ur-not-u @rhi-draws-things @sheep-goat-child

81 Truths

This was originally a tagging game but I’m making it one of those questionnaire things because i am unstoppable. reblog and fill in your own if you want!

What was your:
1. Last beverage: cranberry juice
2. Last phone call: adam
3. Last text: my mom
4. Last song: omg i was listening to pieces played by the attacca quartet
5. Last time you cried: 3 days ago i think?

Have you ever:
6. Dated someone twice: yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh kinda
7. Been cheated on: i hope not, if so i never found out
8. Kissed anyone and regretted it: nope and no
9. Lost someone special: yes
10. Been depressed: yep

List your three favourite colours:
11. cerulean
12. lavender
13. light rose pink

In the last year have you:
14. Made a new friend: yes
15. Fallen out of love: yes
16. Laughed until you cried: yes
17. Met someone who changed you: ugh tell me about it
18. Found out who your true friends are: omfg yes
19. Found out someone was talking about you: well they didnt do a good job hiding it pff. they still dont know i know
20. Kissed anyone on your FB list: no
21. How many people do you know on your FB list: all
22. Kissed a stranger: no
23. Drank hard liquor: no
24. Lost glasses/contacts: i lose my glasses everywhere, contacts i sometimes drop
25. Had sex on a first date: ew no
26. Broken someone’s heart: yeah punk was abusive tho so
27. Been arrested: nope
28. Turned someone down: yea
29. Cried when someone died: only my bird?
30. Fallen for a friend: well id sure hope a romantic partner be a friend first anyway

31. Do you have any pets: 3 dogs, buncha fish, an african grey
32. Do you want to change your name: i like my name, i think others do too
33. What did you do for your last birthday party: i cosplayed all day //weeb
34. What time did you wake up this morning: 5:40
35. What were you doing at midnight last night: research
36. Something you can’t wait for: my orchestra trip, my summer party w/2 main skillets
37. Last time you saw your mother: today
38. One thing you wish you could change about your life: i wish i was confident about myself and had better self control and discipline
39. What are you listening to right now: vivaldi and haydn stuff if we’re being real. earlier i was listening to onerepublic
40. Have you ever talked to a Tom: nooope
41. What’s getting on your nerves: not being able to read minds lol
42. Most viewed webpage: Tumblr and YT close second lol.
43. Nickname: literally any and all variations of Mackenzie. fav so far is like… macklemore
44. Relationship status: “just fuck me up”
45. Zodiac sign: libra
46. College: looking into places with vet school and ethology majors, idk yet
47. Hair colour: blonde
48. Long or short: medium long?
49. Height: 5′8″
50. Do you have a crush on someone: might as well
51. What do you like about yourself: i have pretty eyes and im down to earth? i also like my hands and my legs look good sO THERES THAT?
52. Tattoos: nopenopenope
53. Right or left handed: righty tighty
54. First piercings: ears
55. First best friend: this girl jennifer when i was like 6
56. First sport you joined: softball
57. First vacation: hawaii
58. First pair of trainers: wait shoes right uhhh no idea
59. Eating: well i was eating an almond joy but its gone now
60. Drinking: nada
61. About to: watch a show
62. Listening to: my show in a sec omg
63. Waiting for: answers, dammit! *slams folder on desk*

Your future:
64. Want kids: NEVER i have my feathered kid(s) and that is enough
65. Get married: i really really want to, like really
66. Career: ethologistttt biologistttt surgical artisttttt avian veterinariannnn we just dont know

Which is better:
67. Lips or eyes: eyes
68. Hugs or kisses: ok both
69. Shorter or taller: taller
70. Older or younger: older
71. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
72. Nice stomach or arms: arms
73. Loud or sensitive: sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant (what a weird term to use tho)

Do you believe in:
76. Yourself: to an extent, yepperoni
77. Miracles: yes
78. Love at first sight: no
79. Heaven: yes
80. Santa Clause: nooooo
81. Kisses on first dates: no

I did the “meet the artist” meme just so I can tag friends >:D 
feel free to do it or not I don’t force people if they don’t want to do it omg.


and whoever wanna do this :^) lol

Andrew Lincoln discussing the “stuff and thangs” & “coral” memes at WSC Atlanta 2015 (sorry the ending cut off, he said it was something like “whaa”)

*this is my video, please DO NOT repost it anywhere else. Link the actual post if you want to share elsewhere.

The sings according to my experience
  • Aries: Stop being so MEAN to me but ur cool
  • Taurus: ur so stubborn like geez but ily
  • Gemini: ayyyy(?)
  • Cancer: BBYs such sweethearts also u deserve nothing bad
  • Leo: its always a lovehate relationship
  • Virgo: ur cool fun to talk to *thumbs up*
  • Libra: where u at?? (i have barely known any libras)
  • Scorpio: ur either cool or creepy, no in-between
  • Sagittarius: idk man i guess ur cool? (only know like 2)
  • Capricorn: yeAH ily
  • Aquarius: let me love you <333
  • Pisces: i either like u or i don't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • this is from a Gemini point of view btw