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a fanmade trailer for the amazing book carry on by @rainbowrowell. i’ve spent months on this and so much thought has gone into this project, so pleeease reblog!!

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i remade my blog (which if you’re interested is b0red-erline but im not gonna be on that one anymore) so i can focus on spells etc and be more organized so if you post any of the following please like the post or something so i can follow you because i need more active people to follow:

cosmic witchcraft

self care spells/craft (and also just self care in general)


astronomy in general

energy work

green witchcraft

urban witchcraft

spirit stuff

tarot decks & spreads

aliens but like especially astrobiology shit but also idk ufos etc 10/10 aliens

also please dont be racist etc or like be appropriative i am new and i dont wanna dig through all that shit to get to the good stuff :c

Day 1 of working every single day:

Okay I’m on my 15 i’ve only been here 7 hours (intended to do a 5 hour shift but I wanna do at least 8 hours a day). and the store is about to close and my feet hurt really bad so I don’t know how I’ll get through every day this week if I can’t afford a coffee every day (I can’t). and I don’t get paid until Friday but I’m working every single day up until Friday. So I know I won’t mind the pain if I can drink coffee but idk what I’m gonna do. I am hopeful, I will start a new less sad series than Grey’s Anatomy so that I can look forward to something when I come home every day! I haven’t bought anything and I don’t plan to! But I am hopeful that this will work out for me !!! I can’t wait until it’s over and I get to see the fruits of my thick ass labor when I’m in New York with my two kids!!

I once thought about starting a BTS blog devoted only to pictures of BTS wearing glasses. I had a url and everything. Then I looked at my six other blogs and asked myself, “Wtf are you thinking?”

anonymous asked:

I have a question: do you write out your plots or do you write as you go? Idk I just look up to you a lot in terms of writing and I wanna know if planning something out really works (with fanfiction anyway)

i wrote about this on my fic blog!!

i outline but i’m also not strict about it, the stories are constantly changing as i discover new shit while i’m writing. the outline just kinda keeps me on track with pacing and everything, because i’ll get stumped and hit a wall unless i have a plan 

but i’m me and you’re you and everyone’s different so just figure out what works for you 

i mentioned that my kids would make good d&d characters and since im past their introductions:

emerald is a bard – the vibe i was getting was maybe an urchin bg but shes found a family and home by now? idk

snake is a druid with an outlander bg

eagle is a fighter (bonus: he’s an aarakocra) with maybe a modified entertainer bg? idk what would a jock be

shark is a warlock (i think he’s got a uhh. trickster spirit that only he can see giving him his powers or something? eventually i think he’ll take on the role of that spirit after it dies i dont remember. i hate the concept for this book but it works d&d-wise) with a sailor (pirate) bg

flame is? i wanna say sorcerer with a noble bg (her family is canonically Rich and Important so)

will update as new characters are introduced

Adrien's 'competition' in season 2

So what if Adrien’s “competition” in season two was …

A part time store hand the Dupain Cheng’s hired?
So they hire this person to work for them part time, mostly while Marinette is in school and during the big tourist season and they get to work with Marinette sometimes. This person gets to see Marinette in all her glory- confident, kind, sweet, clumsy Marinette. And they just LOVE her. So they start dropping hints here and there whenever they get the chance to work with her and she’s OBLIVIOUS. I mean, this chick is in love with Adrien- she’s got no eyes for no other. And this person is like “damn why doesn’t she get my hints?” And one day they find out about her HUGE crush on Adrien. And after finding out why/how in depth this crush is, the person doesn’t even get mad or upset or anything. Sure, they’re bummed out a bit but they respect and love Mari so much they don’t want to make her miserable. So instead of getting all rejection gloom and doom they help her. They are so on board with getting Mari to date Adrien it’s not even funny.
And then this is where Adrien comes in.
After the store hand confesses their adoration for her, but let’s her know they totally respect her and her feelings for Adrien, they become wing man #2 (I say 2 because Alya is #1 obviously). And Mari is just happy they can be friends so soon they start hanging out outside of work and even work together on deliveries and stuff and Adrien sees them. Together. Like almost all the time. And he gets jealous. He doesn’t know he’s jealous until he sees them, I dunno, eating at a cafe together or something. And he’s like ‘damn I wanna do that with Mari’. So he starts getting all weird and blushy around Mari because he realizes he kinda digs her (also LB would talk about her new friend all the time to CN so he’s like ‘damn LB, I thought we had something’ or something like that idk the cat boy gets jealous) and Marinette is just like whAT THE HECK ADRIEN, STEALING MY THUNDER.
So Mari tells the store hand about how Adrien’s acting and they’re all like
Yes. Yes, this is happening.
So this post is crazy long so basically store hand tries to hook them up hard core and Adrien finds out and is like ’?????’ And store hand is like 'no bro you gotta date Mari trust me’ and Adrien 'but you guys are always together???’ And store hand 'yeah to pair you two losers up now gO ASK HER OUT’

So our theory about “ he tian is jian yi’s bodyguard ” is 80% wrong .. so the new theory is “ he tian wanna meet his bro because of personal problem maybe and he knew that he works for jian’s father and for that he is approaches jian yi to get to see him ! ” …. that one I think of it when i read the last chapter ..

And there is something more 🙈 .. I think that readhead’s father is involved too 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 I HOPE 🙈❤