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Why ToZ X Is Actually Just Bad

Beyond the obvious issues of tossing the main plot out the window in favour of this new amalgam of ToZ’s universe + ToB Spoilers + Fan service to placate Alisha Fans.*

I wrote a lot. Sorry fam @ mobile users.

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small world (2)

summary: she had completely forgotten all about her high school love who broke her heart multiple times. from cheating, from drinking, from lying ; they were both miserable. she thought she would never see him again until the day she started getting coffee and folding his clothes for him.

requested: yes many times im glad yall enjoy this shit story

warnings: cursing, angst(kinda idk i suck)

wc: +3.5k

**this is gonna be in 3rd person pov from now on:))
**if you see brin, brin is y/n. ty

As she stared at the boy who broke her fragile heart many years ago, she realized the small features he had changed about him. He had a lot more tattoos that peaked through his short sleeved shirt with the word “Maine” across the chest, his hair was shorter and his facial structure was so different, she could barely recognize him. His style was different and he looked different in general.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any good ereri fics you can recommend? I am seriously lost and I can't find good ones anymore ;-; they could be one-shots, finished fics or still on going, whichever you want, but please help me ç-ç

oh my anon, u r in for a ride~~ i forgot way many fics off of this list probably, but hopefully u will find something to read here!! when it comes to fics i only read complete fics w fairly happy endings, and also for some reason i seem to prefer one/twoshots ??? and like i dont give a flying cock abt who tops/bottoms, ngl i am a huge slut for bottom eren but like i dont differentiate w ereri/riren

u’ve probably had the same couple of fics recced at u thousand times so here are also some lesser known ones that are way fuckin great in my opinion and deserve more recognition~~ i tried to avoid featuring more than one fic from each author but pls check out their other work as well!!

classic ereris

words are trivial - the first ever ereri fic i read and i was instantly i n l o v e like gdi they are so ic in this one and its super realistic tbh p l s read this its great, exactly how i would imagine ereris happening in canon

five years time - m an y e e s s !!! continuing with the classic ereris bc im always a slut for touch-starved eren tbh. the only problem i have w this fic is that i need like 100000k more of it

the misanthrope - this fic srsly needs to be recced more!!!! i dont understand why this isnt on every person’s rec list bc this right here is the very definition of classic ereris. canonverse au, cutie eren meets grumpy scouting legion veteran levi.

playing favorites - this is literally so what i am about ,this is everything iwant in life pls i need more ereri fics like this i cant function srsly when i think abt this fico kok, levi spoils eren bc lbr that boy deserves all the nice things

morning breath - maaan this is just really nice and smooth and leisurely, def a classic piece of ereri

not to curry flavor - two of my favorite things, ereri and descriptions of food~~ levi worries for his lil cutie and cooks him a meal

the art of wooing - okokok i dont like reccing several fics from the same author but this is too cute!!!! titan eren woos levi w rocks!!! pls read!!!!

cool ass aus

pastel eren - yyyYYWEEEEAAA pastel eren!!! i love pastel eren in case u havent noticed

wisdom lost - yeEEE this was super great and hilarious, eren gets his wisdom teeth remove and is rly damn high and then they fuck~~ 

look at me (the way i look at you) - MY CHRISTMAS PRESETN!!!! its super fluffy and cute, and u can def read this even if its not christmas. eren gets sick and levi cares for him and pines hardcore

always - do u wanna cry~~ short as balls and sad but also fluffy

window washer au - a number of drabbles abt window washer eren and office worker levi whos smitten w him~~ 

gross kinks

what a catch - pwp daddy kink, i have no excuses tbh u can judge me all u want lol

blood sticks - and now for something completely different ahahahahahahahhhhhh. sorry i know i am a terrible person and ok the violent descriptions kinda make me cringe but ngl i love a masochistic eren

precious gift - ok o kok so before u unfollow me for reccing this, pls consider a moment. theres some srs noncon and other fucked up shit right here, but the author recognizes it and doesnt try to pass it off as a healthy relationship. the petplay here is written rly damn well like a+++

the greatest view - ahahaaa compared to the others this isnt actually gross at all, some great bondage and dirty talk and praise kink and bottom levi

forest boy - frickles in the woods~~ idk somehow this has a rly beautiful mood 

dragon’s blood - rly damn sensual pwp, like holy hell man and omg i jUST NOTICED RIGHT NOW THIS IS BY RARYU???? WTF I DIDNT KNOW THIS WAS UR FIC OMG IM DUMB

coming clean - literally super filthy smut, oh my~~ 

didn’t find anything nice and now are forever disgusted by my tastes? here are some other peoples’ rec lists:

cat’s recs (both ongoing and finished and also pwps, quality person and an ereri connoisseur, we have remarkably similar tastes loool)

fuzzyporcupine’s recs (a fuckload of fics, rly damn well organized, most of them quality except for that one dentist au lol who even wrote that) (srsly this was the first ever rec page i ever found my stuff on and promptly shat a brick)

bfketh’s smut recs aaayy (so many dicks, also some erurirens so avert ur eyes if that isnt ur thing)

vaneh’s recs (rly damn aesthetic posts, will look way pretty on ur blog when u reblog them, well organized and described, the only downside is that a few of my fics r on here lol) (but tbh if ur following me then im p sure that u dont mind this type of content)

pom-pom-pomodoro’s fluffy recs (!!!!fluffy, u had me at fluffy)

kitty’s fic recs (rly damn quality person once again, a lot of well known fics but tbh u will probs find trashy porn as well bc she loves ass)

corporalmizuki’s recs (other ships than ereri also included)

and also the ereri fic rec tag, its p quiet there most of the time but ive found a couple of nice things there~~

Am I Your Fire, Your One Desire [fic]

a/n: hey, guys! This is a fic dedicated to @iwillove for Christmas, even though I’m super late with it. Hope you like it, Isabella. The title is from I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. 

I also wanna thank @zoenightstars @bellamyisinlovewithclarke and @gypsytrickz for reading through it for me because I was really apprehensive about this one. I also wanna say that it’s not medically correct lol sorry


Tell me why

Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache

Tell me why

Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake

Tell me why

I never wanna hear you—

Annabeth ripped the radio’s cord out of the socket and tossed it against the opposite wall, watching through blurry eyes as it shattered into several pieces. The music stopped abruptly, and her chest was heaving with breath as she tried to make her heartbeat slow down. She felt like she was going to be sick. She felt like—

She gripped the sink counter until her hands started sweating and her arms started shaking.

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anonymous asked:

I am absolutely terrible at drawing. I do not know how to draw anything.I also do not know how to learn. All tutorials out there seem too advanced for me. Once, I have given up on drawing, even though I was getting better at it, and now I can not even draw a face. I have no sense of art, but I still want to learn. Any advice?


   You sound just like my few friends, myself and my little 4 year old sister when we’re drawing, but get disappointed that it doesn’t look as good as we wanted to. I can either only link you to my previous tip post (this version is a bit tweaked btw) or tell this:

   It all can be achieved only by practice. No one was born already knowing how to walk, write, read, it just simply takes time and practice with many /failures/ in your attempts. I had myself a very bumpy start, with tutorials too. What I did was - lots of practice and observation on my own. Eventually the tutorials became much clearer and could fill in some /gaps/. But I would still DEFIANTLY recommend to try learn from them. I wish I would have done that years ago, maybe I would be in a completely different place and drawing on a completely different level. Who knows.

   Get back to completely basic of basics like drawing a sphere/egg/square if you have difficulties with shading, lighting and highlghts:

   I recommend any rookie to watch Stan Prokopenko’s videos ( on top there would be a tag list and click on ‘fundamentals’ and start from the bottom…well maybe except the human head though that will come later) his website also has commentary which If I remember right isn’t on youtube. Those videos are so far are almost the best and easiest to learn from that I have ever stumbled upon on youtube. Well best for a beginner anyway or anyone who wants to remember how the basics all work. 

   As for colour. Well reading actual colour theory can be quite hard and I don’t understand most of those myself (I’m relying basically only on my intuition and via observation, but if I needed to do some graphic design stuff well EHhhhh maybe that is not so good). And since it seems it is hard for you too - do photo studies. Get a nice photo reference or something in front of you and just do the colour study. At first, you don’t even need to make sure that you got the proportions/anatomy/composition right - it is only the colour study. Putting everything together will happen later when you feel confident enough, which I think will happen automatically anyway.

   To get rid of that fear of watercolours try just to fool around with them. Don’t even try to make sense, since that sometimes just makes you frustrated that it doesn’t look right. Just look what I just did while fooling around with different mediums:

   If you can see most of them look something what ‘’a child would draw’’. The 3rd in the middle row reminds me of Little Mermaid and it doesn’t even have decent forms or lightning or anything (I added the ‘fish’ fins on the end of the tail though). Also I made another drawing, in the 2nd from the right on bottom row, with the same ‘’random and limited colours palette’’ technique. And I think the result is pleasing despite it not showing any actual object.

   I have made a board that could give you ideas of how just to fool around and idk have fun Besides, most of those seems to be what children are doing and that it is supposed to bring joy in just action of making something. (Lmao watch Bob Ross videos too I think I have linked a whole channel on youtube with only his videos).

   Also it seems like you haven’t done any thumbnailing or at least when attempting thumbnails/sketches for a drawing you just do a sketch and think it HAS to look like a finished drawing. In reality the sketch is really just a sketch, something you can start over and over again if you really want to.

   Or perhaps you think your sketches look bad because of your messy lines. Avoid doing many little strokes. Avoid that crap at all costs. Just try to make as many clean strokes as possible (I think it was talked about in one of Proko’s videos).

  It’s just the start, don’t beat yourself over your art not looking just like your favourite artist or how you had it in your head. Most of them had years of practice and there are years and years of same practice ahead of you. So practice. Just do it.

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I’m really excited katie let me take her photo while she watered some plants/was a plant the other day! look at how great she is. 

name: katie 

pronouns: she/her

age:  23

how do your fashion/aesthetic choices shape the way you interact with your queer identity? what about your  gender identity? 

hmmm….i feel very alienated from a queer identity right now! but i also have a lot of affinity still for queer fashion and especially the overlap between queer and teen fashion—very into studs, crystals, triangles, etc. i’m increasingly wary of queer value production + aesthetic choices that just keep perpetuating hierarchies of class and bodies—and especially the ways in which queer aesthetics marginalize & invisibilize trans women//transfeminine people! i’ve been trying harder to dress in ways that express my inner witch//severe//kind of jock self and also focus less on whether i’ll get compliments at a dance party or portray a certain, specific kind of femininity.

one thing i do still think about a lot is my shoulders! especially in the summer, thats the part of my body that makes me feel the weirdest//most discordant, and i treasure tank tops/other tops that i feel good about. 

(ok i lied earlier, i totally dress for compliments sometimes because it’s very validating) 

what about words that resonate with the way you feel about how you dress yourself or present in the world? what about words that resonate with your gender identity? is there overlap?  



joth (jock + goth)

knotweed (i’m really glad i got my picture taken w this plant because she is a major inspiration 2 me, re: powerful medicine, tallness, healing wounds, and resilience)

punk(???? maybe????)

i think all of those except punk are very resonant with both my presentation and gender identity—-a kind of severe, reclusive, feminity embodied in craft//skills and also hatred.

what’s the one item of clothing in your wardrobe that you couldn’t go without? 

right now it’s the top im wearing in these photos—-i’ve been wearing it every day b/c it is rlly versatile. yesterday i wore it running errands, gardening, for the photoshoot, & on a date! I love a top button and it’s one of the few that doesn’t choke me. i’m branching out into more not-black-on-black-on-black outfits for spring!

this winter, it was the black on black varsity jacket where i studded the collar and sewed a giant lace doilley on the back—it made me feel hella tough and it had great pockets.

do you notice people reacting differently when you dress different ways? what does that look like? how do you keep yourself safe while continuing to represent your fabulous true self? 

i used to think it varied more with how i dress, but the last bunch of times i went to airports it was hella weird every time! I think even my cis-boy disguise is really androgynous and queer, plus my hair is really long and weird. I notice a big difference when it’s summer and cars have their windows rolled down, and when i wear dresses? 

i guess i avoid bars//college parties//and olympia is a pretty chill town? idk i generally move through the world in a bubble/with a halo

how do you feel about butch/femme masc/femme dichotomies within queer cultures? Are they helpful? harmful? both? 

i’m kind of bored by them? as long as transmisogyny structures + informs queer culture, there’s not a lot of room for girls like me—-either invisible while dressing “butch” or failing at being “femme”. just generally, i think those dichotomies don;t feel exciting and they tend to valorise white, skinny, cis bodies? which obviously privileges me to a certain extent as a thin white girl. i dunno, i’d rather move on to new concepts.

tell me a little about the outfit you chose to be photographed in!  

i was taking an anxious nap after driving home from seattle, n when i woke up i didn’t wanna risk putting together a new, untested outfit. this one is something i started wearing all the time and it makes me feel good! the top is from goodwill, the cutoffs were gloria vanderbilt “mom jeans” ((i have four pairs of them! they’re hella comfy + often at goodwill or the free store because they were the kmart brand))—i love high waisted shorts. These shorts have a purple tag and i used to wear them a lot to wash dishes. the boots are canvas Docs and i think docs are kinda weird because they are so expensive and not super well made and theyr such a queer status symbol in a way, but! they’re also pretty comfy and look tough while going with lots of outfits. i got these at a thrift store in richmond va, and they are falling the fuck apart! i have to undo the top three eyelets of laces everytime i put them on and it’s a nice calming ritual. the earring has a mermaid on it and my mom got them for me and i sent the other one to a boy i like after my other piercing stopped existing. the necklace is an amethyst my sweetie gave me that i’ve been wearing every day this year on some embroidery thread. the brad is the only one i have that i like and it came from another sweetie who left it and a bunch of underwear with another sweetie of theirs to drop off to me at work—-p. humiliating all around but also a great example of material allyship and also like “polyamory”.

max called this outfit twee (i think i was wearing a cardigan too at the time) which is fine i guess.

it’s also my “getting shit done” outfit and i’ve worn it to type up queer rock camp stuff a few times recently

anything else you want to add?

im really stoked about this project! thanks for taking my picture +++ thanks for reading this word-spew. and a serious amount of gratitude for everyone who has kind things to say about my fashions + who helps me acquire them, yall really make it possible for me to exist!