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“GURL WTFFF I found ur blog like an hour ago and I’m just reading everything it’s so good. I might have an ok request. Maybe do one where Fionn snaps at you and doesn’t apologize at first then realizes what he did was shitty later on? Idk if you’ve already done anything like this. I haven’t read everything yet!!”

I’m flattered :)

Harry was over to watch some football with Fionn. You didn’t mean to bother him often when he had his mates over but you needed his help. 

“Fionn, can you come here and help me for a second” you called out. You waited for a response and didn’t get one. 

“Fionn!” you tried again. Nothing. Finally you walked into the living room to see him engrossed in the TV.

“Fionn, can you plea-”

“Jesus, shut your bloody mouth! Stop naggin’ me already! You never stop! Prolly for something dumb too, innit? Come on, what was so important?” he snapped.

You shut your mouth, as he said to, and scurried off to the bedroom where you locked the door and sat on the bed. You never bother him when he has people over, why couldn’t he come for three seconds…

“Mate, come on” Harry said. Fionn looked at him as he sipped on another beer. “She needed a hand, you could’ve paused it” 

At this point, Fionn realized how much of an arse he had been and how avoidable this all was. He sat there for the remaining part of the game, realizing how rude he was.

He quietly stepped up to the bedroom door and knocked lightly. Rather than make him sit out there all night or sleep on the couch, you opened the door and turned right around, heading back to the bed.

“I’m sorry I snapped on you earlier. I don’t know what happened. Theres really no excuse…I am a real are, aren’t I? I really don’t know what made me snap, baby, I’m so sorry…” he said and sat next to you on the bed. 

“Its alright” you sighed. “You’ve been stressed and tired and all that” 

“Still not an excuse. Now, what’d you need help with?” He opened his arms and you fell into them as he kissed the top of your head.

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is it possible that i support gay and lesbians but not really transgenders? i dont know why i just dont and i feel so bad about it but i cant change it and it makes me sick that i cant and idk help cat

So let me tell you a story. I grew up with a weird sort of internal “ick” feeling when it came to gay people. I always hated it and felt there was nothing I could do about it, something in me just cringed at the thought. One day in September when I was freshly 14, I confessed to my good friend that I was homophobic but hated being homophobic, and that I’d tried for years to rid myself of that uncomfortable feeling and just couldn’t. I asked her to help me. So she started sending me loads of links, everything from educational websites to coming out videos to fanfiction, and told me I had to read/watch every single one. Within a month, I’d broken out of the bulk of it. By the end of the year I was not only extremely supportive of gay rights, even though I didn’t know too much about it yet, but I was also out to most of my friends as bi. It was probably the best thing I ever did, obviously part of that is because I’m gay, but mostly it became so much easier to coexist, if that makes sense. I didn’t have that inner conflict or uncomfortable sensation anymore, after a while it was completely gone.

So yeah, exposure is the best thing on this planet, honestly. If you feel like something in you is fighting against being a trans ally, expose yourself to the transgender community. Go on educational websites, tumblr blogs, and trans YouTube channels especially. Force yourself to take in that content even if it’s uncomfortable, because the more you see and understand the less uncomfortable it will be, I promise. It’s not the easy thing to do, but you can do it, and the end result will not only be more comfortable for you but it will also help other people around you. Come back and let me know how it goes. 💕

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I'm worried that Cas is just going to end up a tool that brings the brothers back together and nothing else based on what Jensen said. Thoughts?

Well nonny, I can’t tell you how to feel, but what I can tell you is I personally think you shouldn’t worry about that. First of all, interviews are just PR where they have to say SOMETHING, while at the same time being unable to spoil anything so they really say NOTHING while saying that something.

Just for the sake of some of the things I’ve seen on m dash already today, let’s break down Jensen’s answer:

“I would hope so! I don’t know how exactly that’s going to play out, but I assume that Castiel is not going to want to see Dean go down that road any further than he already has.”

Basically, it would only make sense that Cas would want to try and save Dean before it’s too late, because he clearly cares deeply for him.

“If he can do or say something to Dean that can turn him around, I’m sure he will do it. Dean’s had to do the same thing for Cas in the past, so I feel like it’s only right for Cas to want the same thing and do what he can to not only salvage Dean as a person but also to salvage Dean and Sam as brothers.”

Dean has helped Cas come back to himself in the past, and it was only Dean who could do so because of their special bond. Because of this bond, it’s only logical that Cas would be the one to be able to help Dean find himself again. This is nothing but good stuff for them. This isn’t about being a tool or being useful, this is literally about two people who love each other doing everything in their power to save one another…which is exactly how this dynamic has played out for Carver’s entire era. Also random brothers shout-out because that is the core of the show and PR and this is what Jensen thinks most fans want to hear and blah blah… :P

“At this point, part of Cas’ mission is to help these two brothers in not only what they mean to the bigger picture, but what they mean to each other.”

We have already seen this play out this season, and this is what Jensen is referring to. In 9x10 and 9x11 we saw Cas do everything he could to help the brothers remember what is important. This is what friends do, this is what spouses do, this is what family does. This isn’t him being used, this is him being family…also PR attempting to say something while saying nothing and all that good stuff.

In conclusion: Dean and Cas mean a lot to one another, and if anyone is going to lead Dean back from the brink, it’s going to be Cas.