idk i thought you would enjoy this

  • Jason: Oh, feelings? Yeah, I don't have those anymore.
  • Tim: What?! You can't just do that! What's the point in living if you can't feel happiness? Wonder? Love?
  • Jason: Or the sweet taste of revenge! You're right, Tim! What's the point in living if I can't enjoy such simple things?
  • Tim: Eh... close enough.
Vice Versa // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: Since I’m already up in your requests, may I request a Jaehyun scenario. Maybe about him meeting you for the first time at a coffee shop then it winds up being yall’s meeting place.

words: 1605

category: fluff + drabble (?)

author note: since its jaehyuns birthday and also Valentine’s Day I thought I would write this first! it’s really simple but also kinda cheesy and idk how I feel about it haha. please enjoy it anyway and look forward to more requests being written soon!!

- destinee

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yvette lipstick recolor.

I want to start delving a little bit into making some makeup cc and thought some recolors of my favorite lipstick by @citrontart would be a good start. this was more of a personal project that i just wanted to share so I went for more unnatural colors inspired by colourpop and the vdl pantone palettes as the original mesh already has many of the neutrals I already wanted. idk if anyone would even want these colors tbh lmao. enjoy!

  • recolor has it’s own thumbnail; disabled for random
  • you need the mesh!
  • please let me know if you have any issues w/ this in your game!


Fights & Forgiveness

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Anon requests: hii!! love your writing! i was just wondering if i could have an imagine where the reader and jughead are dating and where the reader, archie, and jughead have been friends for a long time but they don’t talk to archie as much (because of the falling out between jughead and archie.) and one day maybe jug and her get into a fight and all she wants is to talk to archie about it ? and fluff at the end please! idk if that makes any sense but i thought it would be cute to read. thank you so much!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After fighting with Jughead, (Y/N) turns to an old friend

Warnings: none

Word count: 919

A/N: ugh guys I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive this past week and a half.  I’ve had so much to deal with school and music, and i’ve also had a serious case of writer’s block. hopefully I’ll be able to write more stuff soon, and until then, enjoy!

Jughead and I stood at my locker, talking about his novel.

“I just want to investigate a bit more tonight,” he told me as I pulled out my textbook.  “We can go to Pop’s after.”

“That’s fine with me,” I nodded, gently shutting my locker.  “I just don’t know if tonight is good for me.  I have to work on an English project, so I may have to skip out on the sleuthing.”  

“That’s okay,” he shrugged. “I’ll just come to Pop’s when I’m done.” I smiled and nodded, wrapping my arm around his as we began our trek down the school hallway.  Our conversation continued, but Jughead abruptly stopped talking when Archie walked past us.  The atmosphere grew tense for a moment as the two boys locked eyes.  Once he passed, Jughead returned back to normal.

“You know,” I steered away from our conversation topic, “you should talk to him.”

“I know,” Jughead agreed. “But I just… I can’t.  Not yet.”  I nodded in understanding and said nothing more about the subject.  Archie Andrews had been a sensitive topic ever since he flaked on Jughead to go on their road trip.  Even though Archie was one of my closest friends, I knew that because Jughead was my boyfriend, I had to take his side.  Which meant that I barely spoke to Archie anymore.

“So I’ll see you tonight?” I confirmed once Jughead and I stopped in front of my classroom.  He smiled and nodded.

“Of course.”

I arrived at Pop’s at around five o’clock, knowing that Jughead would come a bit later.  Pulling out my English binder, I began to work on my project.  

I finished the project three hours later, and Jughead had still not shown up.  Worriedly, I checked my phone for what felt like the millionth time. My leg bounced with anticipation as I drummed my fingers against the diner table, my eyes never leaving the entrance.  Jughead was almost always late to our dates, but never by this much.  I was about to call him when my phone buzzed.  Quickly, I unlocked it and checked my messages. Jughead had just texted me:

Sorry, sleuthing went late.  Not gonna make it to Pop’s tonight

Frustrated, I packed up my things and immediately left the diner.

“What the hell?” I stomped up to Jughead the next morning at school.  He looked at me with wide eyes.

“What?” he asked.

“Why the hell weren’t you at Pop’s last night?” I clarified, clenching my teeth.

“I told you, I was investigating.”

“That’s what you always say!” I furiously flung my hands.

“Because that’s what it always is,” he retorted.  “What, do you think I’m cheating on you?”

“No!” I yelled.

“Then why are you getting so worked up over this?”

“Because you always do this to me,” I seethed.  “You say you’re gonna investigate the murder but promise to meet me at the diner later, and every time I fall for it.  Every night I sit and wait for hours in the diner for you, but you never show up.  Do you know how pathetic that makes me look?”

“If you’re so upset about what people think about you, then don’t bother waiting for me at Pop’s!” Jughead retaliated.

“Trust me, I won’t,” I scoffed and stormed off.

That night, I sat in my room, toying with my phone.  My finger hovered over the call button, just wanting to talk and apologize.  Finally, I built up the courage and pressed the green button.

“Hello?” he asked confusedly.

“Hey, Archie,” I sniffled. “Can we talk?”

“And now I don’t know what to do.  Should I talk to him?  Or should I wait for him to talk to me?” I finished crying about what happened between me and Jughead.  Archie and I sat at a booth in Pop’s.  When I called him, I explained why I hadn’t been talking to him recently.  With complete understanding, Archie offered to meet me at the diner and catch up.

“I mean, he’s the one in the wrong here,” he shrugged.  “If he’s not gonna come up to you and apologize, it’s not worth it.”

“I just…” I stifled a sob, “I just don’t want to lose him over this.  We’ve been through so much.”

“He’ll come,” Archie assured me.  “I promise.” I smiled at my friend, happy to have him back in my life.  Our conversation drifted to more casual topics, such as school and Archie’s music. Suddenly, the bell on the diner door jingled, signaling that a new customer had entered.  I didn’t look up, but I did once the newcomer approached our table.  

It was Jughead.

“I’m sorry,” he said, looking between me and Archie.

“To who?” I inquired sharply.

“Well… both of you,” he sighed, “but Archie already knows.”  I sent a puzzled look towards Archie, causing him to nod.  


“He came up to me,” Archie answered on behalf of Jughead, “right after your fight.  He apologized for not talking to me, and I apologized for flaking on our road trip.”

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry,” Jughead apologized again.  “I’ve been so invested in investigating Jason’s murder that I’ve completely neglected our relationship.”

“Jug…” I trailed off, unable to finish my sentence.  Instead, I stood up, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him.  He smiled into the kiss, and we pulled away after a minute.

“So that means you forgive me?” he asked with a smile etched on his face.  I grinned and pecked his lips.

“Of course.”

[NCT127] Reaction when jealous

A/N: Thank you for this request! It was quite fun writing it 😆 This reaction is more detailed as I thought it would nicer to put short scenarios for each member heh~~ I have written about the members getting jealous over their s/o since anon didn’t specify! Enjoy!!! :D

Style/ Genre: Reaction– headcannon / idk fluff? 😂
Date posted: 14/07/17



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  • on valentine’s day you complained to taeil about how the rest of your friends got asked out
  • and yet your crush didn’t despite showing some mutual interest for you
  • you would get super upset and anxious
  • then taeil, being your good guy friend, suggested that he take you to a movie
  • but he actually had other intentions since he secretly liked you
  • you agreed and both of you went after school
  • at the movie theatre, you saw your crush there
  • so your crush was working at the movie theatre
  • you approached him and both of you talked
  • he apologised for not being able to take you out and promised to do so next time
  • he was not-so-low-key flirting with you in front of taeil
  • taeil would ball his fists unconsciously out of jealously
  • *mutters under breath* “Watashiwa ninja desu-”
  • and taeil discretely glaring at him from behind you
  • just some hardcore silent hating on your crush
  • taeil was suddenly really quiet so you turned to look at his grim expression
  • and you just look at him like ???????
  • you see his right hand at his side going into the motion of sliding a knife across one’s neck
  • you just repeatedly blinked your eyes
  • you, starting to get worried, took one of your hands in his
  • taeil suddenly snapped out of his ‘moment’
  • realising you were holding his hand he would probably forget about all that jealously
  • and he would be this smiley wooley pants the whole day
  • internally: oMG SHE TOUCHED MY HAND  \(⊙ꇴ⊙)/

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The World Turned Upside Down (Enoch x reader)

Anonymous said: Enoch imagine with fluff idk I just think he’s cute and I just really want him to hug me right now. Also I bet he’s a good cuddlier this was a terrible request sry in trying to ask you to do an Enoch imagine with cuddling and fluff. Any plot you want :)

Anonymous said: Hi! Could you do an Enoch O’Connor imagine where the reader is super shy and sensitive and quiet, but then something bad happens (idk what) @nd she’s ends up saving enoch, but right afterwards she’s all quiet again and it just confuses enoch and he just wants to figure her out? Sorry if that’d a lot

I thought these would be pretty adorable together, therefore, this is the by-product of these two. I hope you enjoy this! x

(I think Enoch would be a good cuddler too)

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~ EXO!Gangsters/Mafia

~ Kai x (she)reader

~ Inspired by the Lotto mv

~ Idk really know what this is, it’s been in my drafts for agessss so I decided to finish it. Hope you enjoy xx

The place was buzzing with activity. Humongous golden chandeliers descended from the high ceiling, men dressed in nior suits throwing plastic chips towards the centre of their circular tables, women sporting fabulous gowns holding carbonated drinks while chatting to each other. This is the first time she had ever been to a casino. “Hopefully the last as well…” She thought.

She was waiting for a friend who said they would be here at nine. She glanced at her watch, 10:38 it read. She huffed out in annoyance. This wasn’t the first time she’s been stood up or forgotten about.

She quickly gathered her belongings from the chair beside her and made her way to the bar. A ray of different liquors and spirits were displayed in front of her.

“What do you want sweetie?” The bar man asked, while cleaning a wine glass.

“Surprise me.” She said. It’s a Saturday night and she came out to have fun, she’ll just have to do it alone. The bar man smirked; turned to the range of beverages behind him and started his work. She perched herself on to the bar stool and looked at her surroundings.

The club was placed at the edge of town, when her friend gave her the address, she had never heard of it before, despite living here for what feels like years. Due to her lack of knowledge she didn’t expect to see the room heaving with population. Everyone was minding their own business, expect one person…

She felt his eyes on her for however long she had been there. He was located at the centre of the room on a raised platform, sat around a poker table with eight other men. Their eyes were all focused onto the cards, his wasn’t. He slowly stood up from his seat and made his way down the steps towards his interest.

As he passed through the crowd they parted into two to let him through. It was like something out of a movie, everyone turned their gaze away from him, but she couldn’t move. The way he approached her was mesmerising, his eyes and her own were transfixed on one another. His tight black bespoke suit hugging his figure and showing off every feature in his strut. His chocolate brown hair swooped up revealing a picture-perfect face. Cat like eyes, pouty kissable lips, glowing golden skin. Her breath was getting shorter by each step. 3…2…1…

“Hello,” He spoke in a soft tone, she could hardly hear him due to the loud jazz music in the background, but all her focus was on him… and only him.

“Hey,” She whispered. He licked his lips.

“I couldn’t help but notice you,” he looked down at his feet shyly “you’ve been alone all night, I thought you would need some company.”

She didn’t know how to respond, she was so fixated by his beauty. He chuckled at her lack of response.

He gently stepped forward so he was placed between her legs, he brushed a strand of hair falling loosely down her face, that she didn’t even know was there, and tucked it behind her ear. She knew this was weird to feel like way about someone she had just met, a complete stranger was towered before her but she didn’t care.

He brought his lips close to her ear, she could feel his breath against them.

“Come with me baby.” He whispered, his hands placed onto her hips.

“I don’t know who you are.”

He lifted his head so he was opposite her face, he looked deeply into her eyes.
“A girl like you shouldn’t be alone in a place like this,” he motioned to the surroundings “It’s dangerous around here, the people are dangerous.”

A puzzled look appeared on her face, “Dangerous?”

He smiled sweetly and let out a small snicker. “You’ve got a lot to learn.”

More confusion followed. Yes, she know didn’t that this placed existed but dangerous?? Her town was peaceful and quaint, danger wasn’t apparent in these areas… or so she thought…

“I can protect you.” He offered his hand for her to hold, an invitation… with no way out.

In this moment, she felt her entire life rush over her, this gorgeous man whom she had never seen before is standing before her, her friends, her family, her past… her future.

Something came over her, it was an automatic impulse. She took his hand. He leant forward a softly kissed her forehead, nose, and cheek.

“Good girl.”

“I’m Kim Jongin,” He said with a smile “and this is my world.”

Best Boyfriend You’ve Never Had (Bucky x Reader)- Part 1

Summary: When you find out your sister is getting married and expects you to bring a date to her wedding in two months, you panic, having not gone on so much as a coffee date with a guy in far too long. After all, being an Avenger doesn’t leave too much time for a life outside of work. So, when your best friend, none other than the James Buchanan Barnes himself, offers to pretend to be your boyfriend and plus one, how can you refuse? It seems like something that would come out of a movie. However, real life is never like the movies, and stories like this never go as planned. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader, OFC (Cathryn), OMC (Thomas), OMC (Max)

Warnings: None at the moment, I don’t think

Word Count: 1331

A/N: I know this is a super cliché plot but I think it’s cliché because it’s an idea you can have fun with. Idk if I’ll even continue with it, so please let me know your thoughts on doing so. I’ll post this first chapter, but let me know if it’s worth pursuing any further after that. Thanks, and enjoy!

Part 2

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*not my gif, credit goes to rightful owner*

You were finishing your report for your last mission when you heard a knock on your door. You looked up to see Max, the mail deliverer for the floor, standing in your doorway with a handful of envelopes and folders. A warm smile broke across your face as you saw the young raven-haired employee.

“Hey Max, you got anything for me today?” He sent back a smile in greeting. You liked Max. He was a good kid, barely out of university, trying to make it in New York. Smart, too, having a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, and especially so as he went to Stark Industries to start his career. Now, working in the mail room wasn’t exactly ‘making it’, but you’d passed his name on to Tony after he’d fixed your computer in ten minutes like it was nothing, so you were sure he’d be well on his way to a position in Stark labs in no time.

“Sure do, Miss (L/N). Mostly files from Mr. Stark, but one from a…” he checked one of the envelopes in his hand. “…Ms. Cathryn (L/N),” he read. Your eyebrows shot up in pleasant surprise. You loved your sister, but you hadn’t heard from her in ages, what with the two of you on other sides of the country, both with time-consuming jobs. You took the mail from his hands and wished him a good day, to which he wished the same and left. You tossed the files on your desk and looked at the letter from your sister, analyzing the cream colored envelope and elegant cursive writing on the cover, fingers tracing your name and work address delicately. It looked very fancy, more sophisticated than some average letter asking to catch up. It looked more like a- no, it couldn’t be. Had she even been dating that guy for that long? What was his name- Terry? Tim? No, Thomas.

You excitedly tore open the envelope to have your suspicions confirmed. In your hands lay a gorgeously elegant wedding invitation, a photo of your sister and her now-fiancé smiling brightly up at you, Cathryn in front of Thomas with his arms wrapped around her waist. Glinting silver bands shining on their left ring fingers. You smiled, feeling so happy for your sister. You read the script beside the photo.

You have been cordially invited to the wedding of Cathryn Elizabeth (L/N) and Thomas Joseph Preston.

You read the location and date, seeing it was in two months in your hometown. You immediately grabbed your phone, dialing her number.

Hello?” You could hear indistinct chatter in the background on the other line as your sister answered.

“Catie, hi, it’s (Y/N).” Your sister gasped.

(Y/N) I’m so glad you called! It’s been ages! So you got the invitation?

You grinned. “Yes, congratulations, sweetheart! This is so exciting!”

I know, can you believe it? It all happened so fast, I meant to call you weeks ago to ask you!

“Ask me what?” You chuckled.

You sister hesitated. “Well, I was hoping, obviously, that you’d be a bridesmaid!

“Of course, you dork! I’d love to!”

Fantastic! Yay! I’m sending the rest of the invites to everyone in three weeks, but I wanted you to get yours early as a surprise! I know you’re busy as hell so I know you probably won’t be able to be a big part of the planning, but I’m so glad you’ll be up there with me! Plus I needed to give you more time to find a date,” she sang teasingly. Your eyes widened in panic before calming yourself.

“Well, have no worries, I’m checking plus one as we speak. But listen, I gotta go hon. I’ll call you back tonight, yeah? You can tell me all about the horrible bridesmaid dress I’ll be wearing.” Your sister fake gasped.

I’ll have you know my bridesmaid dresses are immaculate! And if you’re already checking plus one, that means you finally got yourself a honey! You’ll tell me all about him tonight, yeah?

“Of course, hon. I’ll call you tonight. Bye,” you bit your lip.

Bye, sis.” You hung up the phone, grimacing.

Shit, shit, shit, shit. Why did you say that, you idiot?!” You held your head in your hands, groaning loudly. “You fucking idiot, now you have to find a date! A date!” You mumbled to yourself. “You haven’t been on a date since Jesus Christ fucking rose from the grave, how are you supposed to find someone willing to go to a goddamned wedding with you?” You were pulled from your incessant muttering by a knock at the door. Your head snapped up to see the only person you would want to talk to at the moment. A fucking godsend, delivered to your door in all but a big red bow with that glinting metal arm peeking out under the sleeve of his black jacket and magnetic ice blue eyes boring into your own, that careless dorky smile reserved for only a select few tugging at the corners of his lips. Focus, (Y/N).


You groaned. You held up the wedding invitation, letting your head rest in your hand as your best friend stepped forward to pluck it from your fingers. He flipped it open, a pleasantly surprised expression spreading across his face. “Your sister’s getting married? That’s great!” His eyes fell on your distressed face. “…Or is it? I really can’t tell with you, sweetheart.”

“No, it is. It’s great and wonderful and I’m so happy for her, but I may have told her I have a plus one when I, in fact, do not. I know it’s in two months, but I don’t want to just take the first guy I see, because it’s my sister’s wedding and it’s gotta be someone special, you know? And I feel like I need to bring someone, because literally everyone in my family is either dating, engaged or married and I’m one of the oldest of my cousins and siblings and I’ve never brought someone to a gathering or anything, but Bucky, I’m only getting older and I need to show them I'mnotbecomingsomeoldcatlady!” You took in a deep breath, heaving after your rant.

Bucky shrugged. “Why don’t I go with you? I’ll pretend to be your date.” He asked nonchalantly, as if it was the simplest thing.

Your brain froze. Bucky wanted to go as your date to your sister’s wedding? Sure, you knew he was a good looking guy, and he was possibly the most genuine person you’d ever met, but he didn’t see you in that way. He was your best friend on the team, and while you certainly wouldn’t say no if he ever somehow seemed to reciprocate your feelings for him, it was hardly a possibility in your mind that it could actually happen. Bucky was Bucky and you were you, the best friend who was obviously going to stay as just that, the best friend. “W-what?” You spluttered.

“It’ll be like an undercover mission. We can pretend to be dating and prove your family that you can, in fact, snag a sexy beast like me.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “It’ll be fun. We’ve known each other for so long, it’ll be hardly like we’re pretending.”

Fun was not the word that came to mind when you thought of this scenario. But, with your line of work, you were so busy you hardly had time to meet guys, and Bucky was right, you were close enough that you were often mistaken for a couple when you went out for coffee or other. Plus, it would get your family off your case about finding a boyfriend. You looked into those crystal blue eyes, and you knew you were a goner. You were so going to regret this.

“Fine. Let’s go to a wedding together.” Bucky’s face broke into an excited smile.

“Great! It’ll be fun, I promise!” Suddenly, his expression went dead serious again. “(Y/N) (L/N), I’ll be the best boyfriend you never had.”

Part 2

A/N: So, thoughts? I really don’t know if this’ll go anywhere, but it’s a cute idea, no? Let me know… 

Miniminter Smut: LA Love

Summary: Could you do an imagine about Y/N and Simon meeting in LA when he’s on holiday with the rest of the boys and they just click get chatting and they go out together like to the beach and shopping and stuff and end up kissing and you stay the night (just cuddling not smut if your not comfortable with it lol) and the boys tease in the morning about it but they’re happy for you both- idk I thought it would be cute thanks!!💗

Warnings: Pure FILTH, Daddy Kink, swearing.. I think that’s it?

Requested: Yep by a lovely anon (check summary)

Rating: 17+ (smut & swearing)

A/N: Hey, this is my first smut! It is pure filth! I will happily do more if people want it! Please be aware I have never done anything sexual in  my life so this may be complete and utter bollocks so… yeah lol! I’m sorry this took so long as well! Anyways, I hope you enjoy! :) <3 (sorry it’s long). Y/FD = Your Favourite Drink Y/D/J = Your Dream Job Y/B/S = Your Birth Stone (Anymore you don’t understand, hmu)

~Beth <3


It was your first ever official outing. Well, ever since your “boyfriend” left you last week for that stupid, mysterious girl in the club. You should. No, you need to forget about him. Today was your day! You’ve been invited to go to meet one of your old-school friends for a coffee. So, that’s what you should do! Go for a coffee and enjoy yourself! You sat up and walked to the bathroom to have a shower, in fact, you’ve got plenty of time – checking your phone, why not have a bath?

You ran the bathtub with your favourite scent and at a nice, warm, soothing temperature. You dipped your toe in cautiously - it was perfect. You stepped in, holding onto the sides, making sure you wouldn’t slip and laid down on the throne of bubbles.

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Not Nothing - Peter Parker

summary : the reader is being bullied at school for being plus size, and when her friend and crush Peter Parker finds out, he goes out of his way to make her feel special. To make sure that she knows she’s not nothing.

word count : 2.2k+

warnings : bullying, self-hatred, sad!reader, angst, sad!Peter, self-doubt, puking, fluff, Peter being the nicest person on the face of the planet.

pairing / characters : peter parker x plus size!reader, MJ, Ned, Flash,

prompt : “ Hi! I was wondering if you had time to add a Peter Parker request to your list. I’ve got two ideas but you can chose either one. One idea that based on the song "When He Sees Me” from waitress and maybe the reader was talking to MJ and the other idea is one where the reader is getting bullied for being plus size and they kinda retreat into themselves and ignore everyone and then Peter does some fluff to make them feel better. Honestly I would be happy with either one but only if you have time" - anon

A/N : so I decided to go with the second idea, because I had a better thought process with it? Idk, just enjoy!

p.s. if you can not handle what is written I suggest not reading this. Just a heads up.

p.p.s. I do not suggest ANY of you ever thinking that you are not worth it, or that you need to make yourself sick to look ‘pretty’. You are all beautiful in your own ways, and you should own them, not throw them away. <3

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A Grave Situation

Summary: In which Dan is dead, cold, and sick and tired or no one being able to see him - until someone can.

Word Count: 4.7k

Genre: angstyish fluff? just read it man

this is a birthday present for @haleykinz ! i won’t have time to upload it tomorrow morning so i thought i would do it now. ily haley :]

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ok so i’m fed up with seeing negativity every fucking where over danny and the ppl who actually enjoy his character SO i suggest we create a tag for us fans to enjoy content bc i’m tired of going to his tag and only finding hate, same for the show 

i suggest safedannyrand or safeironfist maybe? so just like you would tag danny rand but since that tag is full of assholes this way we can enjoy content w/o finding insults.

i was also thinking of maybe creating a defenders positivity network or something for ppl who love&appreciate all 4 defenders and the rest of characters.

BTS  reaction: How they would tickle you

Anon requested: BTS gif reaction to how they’d tickle you? Idk if I already requested or not

Anon requested: Gif reaction to how BTS would tickle you♥️👏🏻💓😂

I hope that’s the reaction you had in mind <3


He’d go straight to your stomache, knowing it’s your most sensetive spot. He thought it was just a small tickle, but with that small tickle, he didn’t start a tickle fight, but a tickle war.


He’d be to lazy to start a real tickle fight, so he’d just stoke your nose from time to time, enjoying your cute reaction.

Originally posted by carafanpage


This boy knew everything about your body. Coming up with the idea of tickling you, he aimed for your back. Overwhelmed by the feeling you wouldn’t even breath normally and be able to tell him to stop.

External image


You would be spooinin when he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck knowing it’s your sweet but also most ticklish spot, causing you to giggle uncontrollably.

Originally posted by phototakercrazy


At first, he was just caressing your tummy, but noticingn how you would sweift from side to side by his touch, he started to tickle your tummy for real. Too weak to defend yourself, you would only roll from left to right.


He always thought you weren’t a ticklish person, until he put a strain of your hair behind your hair making you flinch by his action. From then onwards he’d random come up to you and touch your ear, causing you to rub your cheek on his hand in order for him to stop while being unable to hold back your laughter.

Originally posted by shookbin


He would now the perfect place and time to tickle you, always when you never saw it coming. You sat on top of him and were about to kiss him, when his fingers sneakily poked your side, causing you to jump out of your seat.

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A/N: I don’t know why it the gifs look so fucked up on the mobile view. If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me >.>

Requests are open :) 

anonymous asked:

“When it happens to you enough you just learn to pick up on it.” with Jason and Damian. I love your writing :)

Aw thanks :) It’s been a while since my last prompt and I haven’t written almost all week. I thought I’d get back in the swing of writing by following up this prompt, which is a sequel to my story I’ve Already Come Undone. So this is a sequel to a sequel, I guess? Idk, just hope you enjoy!

Jason has got to stop answering the door. Either that, or he should have Barbara install a new security system. One that would let him see who’s there before he opens the door and regrets pretending he isn’t home.

It’s Damian, and Jason’s almost surprised. Almost. Except he’s still got Dick asleep on his couch and Damian always seems to come running every time the mother hen gets himself in trouble. Jason’s actually surprised Tim isn’t here, too, but then again, Jason’s not sure how Damian even figured out where Jason lives and how he’d known Dick would be here.

Because, it has to be Dick. Why else would the Demon Brat pay him a personal visit?

“What d’ya want, kid?” Jason asks anyways.

Damian scowls and crosses his arms. “Is Grayson here?”

“And if I say yes?”

“So he is.”

Jason sighs, stepping aside as Damian comes stomping in, and it’s just as Jason closes the door and watches Damian approach their brother that he thinks that he’s way in over his head. Sure, Jason’s been through trauma, but he’s way of dealing with it has been to…not. And that’s what got Dick into a situation like this in the first place.

A situation like scaring all his whole family half to death by revealing that no. He didn’t fake his death. Not really. Luthor paralyzed his heart by forcing a fucking pill down his throat. The situation like Bruce forcing him undercover after losing Damian and not being emotionally stable enough to say no.

Yeah, Jason’s been there, too. Doesn’t want to think about that one much, though.

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Denial (Steve Rogers x Reader)

does this angst reflect back on me cos i think it does


Song; Heavy by Linkin Park

Request; Ok, so this isn’t on your lyric prompt list, and I hope this is ok with you? Heavy feat kiiara by linkin park. I feel like this is a Steve song? Idk, thoughts on it?

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; lotta angst, bit of swearing

Word count; 1331

Originally posted by wordstocrave

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wlw queerbaiting survey results!

thank you to every wlw skam fan who took mine and @aliciqvikander ‘s survey! we ended up with 313 responses! below is a summary of each question.

disclaimer: though it was explicitly stated that the survey was for wlw, there were several straight people that decided to take the survey and give disrespectful/homophobic answers, and they were deleted from the survey pool. this survey is by and for wlw skam fans, and the below statistics will reflect that. the point of this survey was to give wlw skam fans a place to share their thoughts, not for straight people to spout homophobic rhetoric.

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i reached 2k followers yesterday and i honestly have no idea what to say… THANK YOU SO MUCH. i’ve never thought this would happen. i hope you’re enjoying your daily dose of harry on your dash :D

so to say thank you, i’m doing follow forever and i’ve tried to include as many people as possible because i really love all my mutuals

(also idk how to make banners so just have a beautiful face of harry)

firstly, a big shoutout to these amazing people. i love you so much and i’m so happy i’ve had a chance to get to know you and talk with you ❤

@magnuslightswood - where do i even start :D our conversations are like 90% harry thirst and sharing our love for this perfect human being. you are the nicest person i’ve had a chance to meet here and i’m so happy we started talking because of your harry gifset that basically killed me haha and all your gifs kill me because they are amazing and so are you ^_^ love you lots ❤

@thirstyalec - you are absolutely the sweetest and by the sweetest i obviously mean the most thirsty haha i love how we always expose each other because apparently we have a reputation haha i love talking to you and i still have no idea how you put up with me haha i’ve said it many times but i love you a lot ❤

@daemonya - ahhh, you are my biggest motivation to continue writing my fic and i have no idea what i’d do without you. i love our talks about others fics because you always have the best recs. and i love talking about literally anything with you because we can never run out of topics :D bonding over healthy relationships is the best way to become friends ^_^ looove you! ❤

@lightwoodclan - MOTHER! should i be worried that my mother is younger than me? :P our convos are sometimes so wild haha but i love you and i love talking to you ❤ even when you’re trying to pretend that you’re innocent haha we know better lmao

@jacehvrondale - i have this huge urge to just send like 5 million hearts because i love you so much ❤ you’re such a sweet and cute person and i’m just so happy that we’re friends. you’re one of the best people i have ever had a chance to get to know

@mrspotterblack05 - it feels like we’ve been mutuals forever and i just love you a lot? ❤ i love talking to you about sh, freaking about literally anything. when something happens, i always go to you because we can analyse literally everything and anything haha you’re always so nice (or salty when there’s a reason :P). i’m so so happy we’re friends ❤

@magnusandalexander - you enjoy way too much exposing me all the time haha but i love youuuuu ❤ you’re so smart and funny. you’re sweet but also super salty (but it’s always justified :P). i have no idea how you put up with me lmao also, your gifs give me life ngl aaaand writing our smut fest was amazing so we should probably go back to it at some point :P

@malecisright - i love writing with you! i love exchanging those cute (or smutty :P) prompts with you. (not so) casually screaming at each other when magnus or alec did something and we just needed to write a short story because we always need more and more :D you’re one of the best people and i love you ❤

@magnusfray - you’re such a sweet person and i love our conversations ❤ your edits are so cute and i’m always in love with them. i even reblog clace for you because they’re just that good haha

@jacelghtwood - bonding over the magicians even though we’re sh blogs? sure, why not :D i love analysing every episode with you ❤ especially when we both can’t stop talking about how amazing eliot is :P i’m so happy i replied to your post that one time because we started talking because of it and it was definitely one of the best decisions :D

my other lovely mutuals who i love so so much (absolute faves are bolded)

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half a yellow sun

Summary: “Do you come here often?” asks Gamora, tilting her head.

“No,” says the girl. “I’m just here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

The birds coo.

“Would you believe me,” says Gamora, “if I told you that I, too, am here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

I had this thought last night and after a month of writers block i sat down and wrote the whole thing in two sittings God Bless America. i guess like it’s set right before infinity war??? idk i took a couple details from the teaser trailer and also HOW PURE WAS SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING here have an obscure fic where gamora and michelle jones hang out on a bench. @ygrittebardots and @taxicabsandcupcakes u both shamelessly encouraged me to write this so im tagging you. title is from chimamanda ngozi adichie’s book which is have been meaning to read forever and sounds like something MJ would read. enjoy!

There’s a girl sitting on the bench beside her, her nose buried in a paper-bound book.

Gamora resists the urge to look over curiously and scope out its cover and pages; she hasn’t seen pressed paper since a mission on an old Xandarian moon outpost nearly ten years ago, and it’s not like she thinks back on that experience with fondness. It’s just – information is more easily stored in mechanized databanks. Everyone knows this.

Gamora cannot help but think that Terrans have a stubborn tendency to do things for the sake of sentiment instead of practicality. For the first time since they touched down on Terra, Gamora thinks that in this, Peter reflects his home planet absurdly well.

In other things – he’s been gone for a long time, is what Gamora has let her thoughts settle on. He hasn’t said anything, but – it’s Peter. He’s not an awkward person by nature, but she’s known him a long time by now, and she’s trained to be observant, and it becomes more evident by the second that he’s out of his depth. It’s in the erratic flick of his eyes, widening from point to point and landmark to landmark, skating up buildings and narrowing at transport vehicles. Cars, he’d called them, she remembers, and files away the knowledge that Terran technology advances swiftly. It’s in the way he holds his arms, close to his sides when he thinks no one is looking at him, and the exaggerated swagger to his walk that she stops herself from calling out because she’s had it mentally categorized as a defensive mechanism from roughly the third minute after she met him.

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I'd Love to See You Out of That Cosplay

Originally posted by crankyethans

Request: Hi. This is my first request so IDK for sure if I’m doing it correctly, but any chance you can make a part 2 to the ‘Falling’ in love one you made for Crankgameplays? It was really good.

Summary: This picks up where “‘Falling’ In Love” leaves off. Reader’s phone gets bombarded with notifications after Ethan tweets about her and they run into each other again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

You can find part one here

A/N: Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post all day even though I said I would, I was social for once. Anyway here she is! As always anything in italics is usually the inner thoughts of a character. Hope you enjoy this one! I was super excited to write this and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Wordcount: 1094, bit longer than the first

Requests are open!

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Tour Diary: The 1975 in Allen (15.4.17)

A ridiculously long post documenting my experience seeing this band again. It took place at the Allen Event Center, with the openers Colouring and Pale Waves. This is the first show on their last US tour before breaking for album three, and I think it was the best show I’ve been to yet. 

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