idk i thought this was really badass

“You’re a sweet kid, Chat. And someday Ladybug’s gonna see it too. I promise.”

I will willingly toss myself at 3 headcannons:
1. Chat and Fox!Alya are totally furry bros. This BrOTP is my everything.
2. Fox!Alya is totally trying to set up Chat with LB, just like she is with Marinette and Adrien because she’s the matchmaker friend- everyone has one. They’ll be gloating at your wedding someday.
3. Fox!Alya and Nino have a Superman/ Lois Lane realationship. And with Nino being Adrien’s bro, they both totally drop everything to get him out of harms way leading to a very confused Nino and the BrOTP being all “Wait why do you care so much” “Idk why do YOU”

This show has soooooo many paralells and that set up is just perfectly ironic enough for me to looooove it. So I thought Fox!Alya saying to Chat something similar to what she told Marinette at the end of the Bubbler would be deliciously fitting.

Context: Idk, Fox!Alya is all angry and upset because of something (knowing the show something pertaining to relationships or gd Chloe, something personal she can’t really talk to him about) and Adrien (who is precious sunshine child) tries to cheer her up with goof and staff-copters into the night without a word and then cue comic.

Alya is badass and Adrien is my child. I need them to be bros and be happy. I N E E D it.

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Idk if you're still doing this but think you could give some sensory disorder aus?

disability au’s: sensory disorder!

  • “I come across as this Cool Badass™ because I wear sunglasses indoors but really my eyes are just extra sensitive to light so haha u thought—im pathetic like everyone else”
  • “my situation inspired you to make this art work that allows the color blind to see the colors they couldn’t before and since you made it for me, i tried it out and holy shit…i think i might cry”
  • “my hearing got messed up after an accident and so everything is really loud to me except you—you mumble your words according to all the complaints I hear, but it’s actually a perfect level for me and idk I think this is a match made in heaven??”
  • “there’s an entire project requiring to touch this fabric and you decide to come help me after ten minutes of me staring at it because I absolutely cannot stand the feel of it on my fingers–thanks”
  • “I didn’t mean to randomly start feeling the hem of your shirt but holy shit this fabric is so soft—all the other types rub my skin raw and yours is exactly what I need”
  • “yeah yeah okay I have a weirdly strong sense of smell quit telling everyone I’m a werewolf”
    • “okay vampire”
  • “every time I six next to you in class you keep fucking getting up and moving away and it pisses me off bc what did I even do to you:”
    • “turns out your sense of smell picks up my perfume twice as well and it gives you a headache…oops”
    • “turns out I scratch my pencil on my paper when I write and you will literally go mad at that sound amplified in your ear”
    • “either way you hate it bc I’m hella cute and you wanna stay by my side”
  • “I like watching you because you remind me of my dog whenever you hear something coming — your face and ears kinda perk up and you look around real fast because noises sound like they’re right next to you and u flip out”
  • “I’m pretty sure you only love me because I have no sense of smell to smell the shit covering our child’s diaper”
  • “I have a habit of talking shit under my breath and I forget you can always hear me when I complain and repeat what I say BUT LOUDER SO I KNOW I AINT SHIT”

A concept: Jon and Sansa think their first child will be a boy and pick out the perfect name for him. On the day Sansa gives birth they are both shocked when a screaming little girl with thick raven hair is placed in Sansa’s arms. They both look at each other in surprise but Jon melts instantly because he secretly wanted a girl, he just didn’t tell Sansa because she was convinced it was a boy. They scramble to find a name because the name Eddard doesn’t really suit a princess. When Sansa suggests Lyanna in honor of Jon’s late mother Jon is touched but he turns the offer down. Instead he suggests Catelyn because even tho she never liked him, outside of old nan she was the only mother figure he was around and she loved her children as fiercely as any woman could.

Ticklish (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

Request : “Hiya I love your writing😚 can you please write a fic with cheryl x fem!Southside serpent!reader? Maybe they’re just spending time together and cheryl finds out her girlfriend is ticklish which surprises her cause the reader’s supposed to be all tough and scary (though cheryl always thought she was cute)? Idk I just think that would be really cute😄😋 Thx lovely”


Warnings: Cursing, stupid Chuck, badass reader, kissing.

Word count: 1380

A/N: Thank you anon! I don’t think this is what you wanted and I’m sorry! I might make another one based on this request! Hope its okay :)

i didn’t correct this so i hope there aren’t to many mistakes!

(I don't own river dale or the Characters, i don’t own the GIF)


Originally posted by riverdales-daily

“Well maybe I don’t care if you need your money back! It’s not my problem and i didn’t make that deal with you, my father did! So fuck off and leave me alone!” You yelled at the man standing about five meters from you, he was much bigger than you but you knew he would’t dare to fight you because of your Serpent status. He mumbled something about not letting you go this easy next time and then he walked away not looking back.
You turned to your girlfriend who was standing a couple meters behind you, “I’m sorry you had to witness that, but i had to make him go away sometime” you told her. “Thats okay, I’m getting used to tough you, and honestly it’s pretty hot when you go all ‘tough-Serpent’ on people!” You laughed at her comment and kissed her quickly. “We better get going or we’ll be late for school” You told her and got into the car. Even tho you were a serpent you studied at Riverdale high school, that was because there were some kids that caused you extra trouble at South Side High, and also because you girlfriend, Cheryl went to Riverdale. When you and Cheryl started dating people were kind of surprised but after a little while they got used to it, you and Cheryl wasn’t that different from each other anyways. You both had a hard shell but when you were alone you were totally soft and loving.
You walked through the door to school next too your girlfriend, everyone knew you were the power couple of the school and no one dared to say otherwise. You fixed you leather jacked and kissed your girlfriend goodbye before you walked into your classroom, you and Cheryl didn’t have many periods together, but you were always together when you had the chance. You had english now, with Jughead jones and his friend, Veronica lodge. You knew Jughead, he was a Serpent too, and you had talked to Veronica s few times too. You took a seat next to a girl who looked frightened that you were next to her, you looked at her in disbelief “don’t worry, i wont bite you.” then, just to mess with with her you mumbled “not while everyone is watching at least.” Now she looked even more frightened, she stood up and hurried away. You laughed a small laugh and took out your books, “messing with the other kids, i see.” You heard a noise say, you looked up and saw Jughead looking at you with a small smile, you send him a grin, “it’s easier to frighten them than it should be” you told him. He laughed “I know, all you have to do is exist, honestly.” You smiled and addressed for him to sit on the now empty chair next to you, he did as you said. He took his books out as well, “so, how are things with you and Cheryl?” He asked. You looked at him, skeptical “do you really wanna know or are you just being polite?” You asked him, he thought, “a mix between the two i think”. You smiled, thats was one of the things you liked about Jughead, he was honest, unlike a lot of other people. “Well things are great, actually! My dad still doesn’t really approve that I’m dating a northside girl, and her family doesn’t like me, but everything else is great.” Your father didn’t ever approve of you dating a girl, and it only got worse that she was from the northside.
After your last period you waited outside Cheryls classroom, she was off in fifteen minutes, you had plans about Pop’s and then a sleepover at her place since her parent were out of town for the week. a group of jocks passed by you one of the yelling “hey (Y/N), waiting for that bitch girlfriend of yours?” How dared he? Did he know who he was talking to!? “What the hell? Who said that?!” You yelled at the group you herrd mumbles, it was clear he regretted it now “Who?” You asked, “I need to know which one of you to beat up!” You heard one of the mumble something about it being Chuck, you never liked that guy, Chuck. “Chuck? Was it you? And may i ask why you think it is acceptable to call my girlfriend a bitch?” You were trying to keep your shit together while you were at school, you wouldn’t risk getting expelled. “Well, i.. Because it’s true, she is a bitch!” He said. That thing about keeping your shit together, that was long forgotten now, you smacked your hand against his face. “You’re a fucking idiot, you know?” This time you punched him in the stomach. You saw he was just about to slap you but he changed his mind when he remembered about your whole gang of serpents. “Are you done Chuck? I’m not gonna fuck you totally up this time, but watch your mouth in the future, okay?” The group walked away and you heard some kids clap at your little show, you took a bow and mumbled a “why thank you.”
Later that day you sat at Pop’s with Cheryl. “so, i heard about your outbreak on Chuck” She said, you nodded your head and said “yeah, he called you a bitch, and i wont tolerate that” She smiled and leaned in to kiss you. “I love you” she said and smiled, “I love you too” You told her and kissed her once more. You sat at Pop’s and talked about your day until Jughead and his friends came into the diner. Archie, Betty and Veronica, you were pretty sure that was their names. “Hey (Y/N)!” Jughead exclaimed, “hey Jug” you said and smiled. You looked at Cheryl, you knew she didn’t care much about this friend group, but she tolerated them when you talked to Jughead. “I heard about the Chuck-episode today” Veronica said, “it was brave of you to tell him off like that. And even braver of him to say such a thing about Cheryl.” You smiled “Thank you Veronica” You said. You looked at Cheryl “we need to go now actually, but we’ll see you on Monday?” You told the group, they all nodded “bye”.
You and Cheryl sat at the sofa in front of the television trying to decide which movie to watch. “What about The Notebook?” You asked her, you didn’t admit it to many but you loved romantic movies. “We watched that just two weeks ago!” Cheryl complained. “What about Grease!?” She asked excitedly “please say yes, please say yes!” She begged, “we can watch Grease. But next time we watch the notebook!” She agreed to that and you started the movie. Ten minutes in she wrapped her arms around you and hit the spot where it tickled the most. You squealed and laughed at her touch. “You are ticklish! Why did i not know that?” She asked you. “I guess I’m just good at hiding it!” You told her. You never told people that, but you guessed she would find out eventually. She longed for you again, trying to tickle you again, you avoided at first but then she got to you. It ended with a thirty minute tickle-fight, with Grease songs in the background. You stopped when you were both about to die of laughter. “Great, now my stomach will hurt all day tomorrow because of this” You jokingly said. She laughed and you laughed with you. Next Monday you sat in the student lounge talking to Jughead and his friends when cheryl came from behind and tickled you, you squealed and immediately turned around. “Hello there (Y/N)” She said in a fake British accent, you laughed, “fancy meeting you here” You said. Cheryl turned to the gang sitting in front of you, “did you know? (Y/N) is ticklish!” They all looked surprised at the new thing with was a sweet (Y/N). “I didn’t know that!” Veronica said, “thats a surprise.”
You smiled.I wouldn’t lie if i told you Cheryl would tease you a lot in public with the tickle thing. And i mean A LOT!


So next up is the first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, one half of Yoonmin, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D (all of the links down below are tumblr links btw, ik it’s a bit link heavy but I kept finding so much shit that could be used for this and I couldn’t pass that up)

  • First up are the visuals bc this fucks me up so much
  • Okay I have no idea why but I’m just really feeling blonde!Yoongi for this
  • I can just really see a blonde pirate!Yoongi with tousled up hair and maybe a lil stubble bc have you ever seen yoongi with some stubble that is some nice shit
  • Don’t get me wrong, you could totally do any hair color for him and have it work like you can do the black hair that would be really nice, green would be cool, orange, red, pink, literally any color he’s had bc it’ll work and it’ll look good on him
  • But there was this one photoshoot he did for Marie Claire (here and here are good examples of it idk if there’s more or if those were all of the pictures) and that was the first thing I thought of when I was trying to think of his look for this
  • Look and that and combine it with the outfits I have linked below this and tell me that shit doesn’t scream niCE
  • This and this are giving me some pirate vibes just wanna throw that out there bc now I’m fucked up
  • Tell me you guys can see it bc I’m honestly so ?!?!?!?! rn and I need people to be ?!?!?!?! with me over this bc I think this shit is pretty spot on
  • I could definitely see Yoongi being the advisor of the ship
  • Like he’s the one that helps plan out all of the moves, the finances, the recruits, he’s the one that says this place has this this and this and that place has that that and that, we should dock at the second one to get supplies
  • Probably has an ongoing argument with the parrot
  • Secretly adores the parrot and is visibly concerned when it flies away one day and is s o fucking relieved when it comes back
  • So this was just submitted yesterday so if you need the details on on who I’m talking about, you can read up on the person there bc it’s a pretty damn legendary story, maybe you’ve already heard of her but she’s a famous pirate named Ching Shih who basically fucking killed the pirating game
  • To sum it up, she was never actually caught, she only retired from piracy when she wanted to and she faced shit head on, she didn’t take shit from anyone, she fought her way to having like 80,000 people on her boats and she basically owned that shit
  • I feel like her story fits Yoongi’s personality?? Like even before I knew her name, I wanted to pair them up bc Yoongi is so smart that I feel like he could figure out how to do it
  • The dude is a self-proclaimed genius but seriously he’s so so smart and witty and I feel like if anyone could be Ching Shih in the world of pirates, it’s Yoongi bc he’s got the intimidation factor like his voice is s o deep and he just has this confident air to him, he’s got the intelligence, he’s got the charm to keep people on his side and keep them from starting a mutiny
  • Idk why but I just really see him as this total badass pirate who actually has a soft spot bc wait for it
  • I thought of this a while ago, when I originally started Jin’s post (like a week or two ago) and it’s been hitting me ever since and I have to share it
  • He has a daughter
  • So following the whole story of Ching Shih, she had a husband that was a pirate so we’re gonna stick with that and leave out the part about the husband passing away bc this is fluff and my heart is weak
  • But you two are married and are lowkey pirates together it’s nothing too intense until bby girl comes along
  • You two meet when you’re pretty young, when he’s docked at the same port you’re looking for a ship at and he invites you onto his with the boys and a couple other people
  • He’s always really really sweet and he makes sure you’re adjusting to the ship okay, that you and the boys are getting along, he makes sure everything is going well
  • And eventually, you two start to feel things that aren’t very platonic at all and that turns into you getting married on that same boat a couple years later 
  • By the time your daughter comes into the picture, you two aren’t very serious about anything yet
  • Bc he has his daughter, there’s a shit ton more fuel to the fire
  • Before she was born, it was just you two the boys and a couple friends, it was all pretty casual, retirement wasn’t even a word in your vocabulary
  • But of course, once you’ve both got another mouth to feed, it’s a very different story, now she’s depending on the two of you to take care of her bc bby
  • He has to take it super seriously now and he works his ass off to make sure he’s one of the best pirates around to make sure he isn’t caught and taken away from his daughter or have anything happen where his and your crimes effect her in some way
  • He spends a good few years just turning into this amazing pirate whose ship count just gets higher and higher by the month
  • I mean he’s got no choice but either get really fucking good or turn himself in
  • The minute he finds out about her, he’s gonna want to just retire on the spot and find someplace safe for her and raise her and learn all the wonders of fatherhood
  • But he can’t do that without getting the punishment of being a pirate so he has to use his wit to his advantage
  • He learns pretty quickly what the right moves to make are, he learns who to go for, who to fight head on, who to go for more of a sneak attack with, he figures his shit out
  • She doesn’t know what you two really do, if you were to ask her, she’d just say you were sailors and he doesn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise, not when she’s so young
  • It’s really interesting to see him get so loving and sweet around her and pepper her face in kisses and just give her lots of love and then turn around and turn into this really serious pirate who owns all of these different ships and is pretty quickly becoming pretty wealthy
  • And he has to sometimes turn that pirate off very abruptly
  • There’s this one time he’s having a meeting with a rival captain who wants to form some sort peace with him and she walks in bc she had a bad dream and he immediately goes from -_- to :D
  • He goes outside to comfort her and get her back to sleep and the other captain doesn’t even have time to think of a threat bc his reputation does a shit ton of talking but he also knows that and uses it
  • “Try to threaten my daughter, let’s see how long you have ships after that”
  • The two of you only retire when you want to, once you’re offered amnesty and can walk away freely
  • That was the perfect opportunity bc Yoongi’s been wanting to just settle down and focus on his family for a while so when it’s offered up, you can’t say no
  • When the two of you retire, you find a lil farm house to raise her in, in a really calm homey feeling town with all of the boys and you have your bby boy and you’re just really happy and you’ll always have the memories of sailing across the world with Yoongi

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Okay, okay, I've read a lot, I mean it, A LOT of scenarios, headcannons, stories, etc., about chocobros x reader and stuff like that, so... What if... The s/o confesses their feelings for a chocobro, he rejectes them, and then other chocobro developes, confesses or whatever, his feelings for them, maybe even a little fight or argument due to how the first chocobro could reject them. Am I expressing correctly??? PD. I like your writing so much!!! And... I love Prompto!!!

Okay, so this is round 2 and I really hope this is more of what you had in mind. I do seriously love me some sweet Prompto but I also love me some badass Prompto. So…idk I did both. Anyways, I hope you like this! 

Word Count: 2146


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Who's most likely to have the 'badass evil heartless bitch' look on the outside, but contains the equivalent of a thousand hearts and cuteness on the inside?

INTP: hey, INTJ, we need to answer the recent ask
INTJ: uh… do they mean like out of us three?
INTP: I thought it meant out of all the types
INTJ: Well, you’re dead inside, so not you
INTJ: um… me, INTJ
INTP: I mean, ISFJ doesn’t exactly give off a “heartless” vibe… but if I were to describe you, the word “badass” wouldn’t even surface
INTJ: I may not be a badass but I think I’m closer to being “a thousand hearts and cuteness on the inside” than you are and more of a “badass evil heartless female doggy” than ISFJ
INTP: agreed
INTJ: So what do we say if they meant out of all the types?
INTP: idk man

Everyone is different, so really anyone can display this sort of trait but the internet seems to think it’s most common in INXXs. If I had to pick, I’d say INFJ. I’m not exactly sure I’d call them an “evil heartless bitch” but they can certainly appear cold and distant on the outside but then warm and fuzzy on the inside. INFJ’s in particular tend to be rather quiet and reserved but their auxiliary Fe draws them towards others and is probably the source of their kindness and compassion. Another thing to be noted would be the “inner world” of the INFJ; something that’s described as being very deep and complex. I’d say it’s definitely the NiFe combination of the INFJ that would lead to this “cold on the outside, warm on the inside” kind of persona, as Ni draws their thoughts and focus inwards, but Fe wants to interact with and help other people. Of course, it’s not as though this is a trait reserved only for INFJs, and it’s not to say that other types cannot be like this, but if we have to pick one type, INFJ it is.

-INTP admin

I don’t agree with INFJ at all, I’d go with ESFJ or ESTJ from personal experience but I think this is relative to the individual rather than a type as a whole. So let’s just say your type (applying to anyone reading this). -INTJ admin

I disagree with ESFJ… all the ESFJs I know always try to hug me. -INTP admin

Oh no the b word -ISFJ admin

Under The Mask

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Words: 723

Warnings: swearing, 3 people get murdered

Request: Requested by anonymous: can we hav a hamilsquad x reader where the reader seems to be shy af and ppl think she’s rly feminine, but in reality she’s gwash’s personal assassin who interrogates redcoats. how abt the squad meeting her in the marketplace and thinking she’s adorable, then have them meet reader when she’s killing a bunch of redcoats single handedly? bonus if reader swears a lot

A/N: The title really bad it’s like,,, she’s shy but under that she’s badass idk I thought of it and didn’t know how to put it into words…

You sat silently, listening intently to the conversations happening around you. You were mostly focused on the conversation between four boys, who sat carefree and chatted carelessly.

You recognized the men.

Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens.

George Washington’s right hand man Alexander Hamilton.

Tailor and spy Hercules Mulligan.

French General Marquis De Lafayette.

You stood up, off to meet Mr. Washington. As you walked behind a tent you heard two men inside it talking. You would’ve ignored it and continued on, but you heard your name.

“That girl, I think her name was Y/N? She never speaks…” One of them commented. You felt your cheeks grew hot.

“Yeah, I don’t know why General Washington keeps her here. She’s completely useless.” You huffed, walking towards General Washington’s tent.

The small marketplace was nice, bustling with people. You were glad for missions like these, even though you had to keep an eye out, you were able to relax and think.

Familiar voices caught your attention, bringing you out of your thoughts. You turned your head, noticing the group of men talking. One of them noticed you, and you could see he recognized you.

“Hey, I’ve seen you around the camp!” He walked towards you, the other three following behind clueless.

“Yes, you must be John Laurens.” You curtsied collectively for the whole group.

“I am.” He took your hand, placing a gentle kiss on it.

“I’m Alexander Hamilton. What’s your name, miss?” Alexander cut in. You laughed lightly.

“I’m Y/N L/N.” You smiled.

“I’m Marquis De Lafayette.”

“I’m Hercules Mulligan.”

You already knew their names, but you politely allowed them to introduce themselves.

“May I say, you’re quite beautiful.” Alexander complimented.

“Why thank you, sir.” You laughed.

It was nice talking to the men you’d never had the chance to speak to, but as you took your gaze away from the men, you saw what you’d come for.

The redcoats.

You sprung into action, forgetting entirely about the boys you had just had a conversation with.

“Redcoats!” You heard Lafayette grumble.

You waited for them to walk into an isolated area. You snuck behind them, the four men had gone unnoticed by you as they watched from a hidden location.

You suddenly grabbed one of their arms, twisting it in a painful position. The redcoat let out a yell, attracting the attention of everyone else.

“What the hell?!” One of the redcoats roared. Another one jumped onto you, pulling out a dagger.

“Shit!” You grit your teeth, kicking the redcoat to the ground.

“Fucking bitch!” He retorted, lurching over in pain.

A jolt of pain went through you as your hand was grabbed from behind you. Thinking quickly, you leaned forward. You used your light weight, flipping the redcoat over you. He collapsed onto the ground, groaning in pain.

“Fuck!” You shrieked as the familiar dagger sliced against your arm. You spun around, grabbing the knife from his hand.

A scream echoed through the dark alley as you plunged the knife through the redcoat’s chest.

“Bastard.” You spat, turning to face the two redcoats on the ground.

One of them moved slowly, standing from the ground. The knife plunged through his chest as well, and he fell to the ground once more. You stabbed the third man in the head, dropping the dagger to the cold ground.

“You just…” John’s voice surprised you. “You just killed those guys like nothing.

“You saw all that?” You squeaked, surprised.

“That was amazing!” Hercules cheered. You couldn’t help but smile at their excitement.

“Who knew the strange girl from the camp could fight like that?” Alexander laughed, walking up to you.

“Oh, actually I’m General Washington’s personal assassin.”

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Hey Luna! HUGE fan of your art and animation works! I'm female & 16, self-teaching myself how to draw to make a portfolio early for art school + become an animator! Assuming u took post-2ndary art, I have a question. Would it be okay if I put AT LEAST 1-3 badass anime inspired arts in my portfolio? I heard anime is really hated by the art teaching community, but idk if thats the case? Thoughts? If not, advice to live as an artist and what to do to start freelance and/or get a job in animation?

Hi-yah! Glad you like my work~

I actually only took basic art classes in highschool, and by basic I mean one, cuz my school hated the arts and didn’t have any classes for it. Anyways for my portfolio, I specifically created a project for it that centered around character designs. I made three different characters, their sheets and concept art. My college is not an art school btw. I got in, and I became a digital art scholar based solely on my portfolio. My art major is more liberal, meaning the professors favor fine art, but also let you draw whatever you want.

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hasensalat respondeu seu post “lisaamd respondeu a sua foto “erasmusofakielos: I’M DYING OVER…”

Same! I really hope it’s either Talik or Paschal!

Listen yesterday I remembered Talik and thought it could be about her, she’s one of the few (the only one?) female Pets we see and man she was such a badass I’d love to get some material about her. 

But even though Talik would be a lot more interesting than Ancel I still don’t see her as such an important character to warrant having four chapters written about her, you know? 

Idk we’ll have to wait and see. My hopes now are on it being about Paschal *fingers crossed*


Got ourselves a couple of real badasses (⌐■_■)

dammitfeanor  asked:

The Tolkien fandom, Feanor/Fingolfin and Feanor?

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

(I’m just doing the Silmarillion for this)

Favorite character: CELEGORM

Least Favorite character: Hm. either Eol or Luthien

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Tyelcurvo, Russingon, Orome/Celegorm, Aredhel/Galadriel, Glorfindel/Echthilion 

Character I find most attractive: Celegorm. Or Aredhel. Or Galadriel. Or Glorfindel. they’re all supposed to be really pretty tho so…??

Character I would marry:  Aredhel, i think.

Character I would be best friends with: Aredhel.

A random thought: uh… idk

An unpopular opinion: I don’t like luthien and beren

My canon OTP: feanor/nerdanel

Non-canon OTP: tyelcurvo

Most badass character: possibly Maedrhos? 

Pairing I am not a fan of: Luthien/Celegorm or Luthien/Curvo 

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): idk… I’m just… not a fan of how Aredhel’s story played out. It’s too sad and shes one of very few women and she just deserved better ok? 😭😭😭😭

Favourite friendship: “friendship” lol Russingon, or Tylpe and Annatar… lmao  😭😭

002 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

when or if I started shipping it:  Ooooo it has been so long since I’ve “tolkien-ed” uh.. maybe four years ago? I’m not a super hardcore shipper of this, but I love that fucked up dynamic they have in a lot of fic

my thoughts: t e n s i o n for daysssss (the sword thing? so great)

What makes me happy about them: uh… all that really good hair tbh. and that potential genuine hate-hate dynamic

What makes me sad about them: god fucking… everything. the canon is devastating

Things done in fanfic that annoys me: honestly, i don’t really remember. 

Things I look for in fanfic: I haven’t read anything in years, so idk. 

My kinks: hm. for this pairing. i don’t know if i really have any that i can name these days?

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: their canon spouses, ofc.

My happily ever after for them: they really, really don’t get (or deserve) one together. 

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

How I feel about this character: Ah Feanor… I love him. 

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Nerdanel, Fingolfin (kinda sorta, from what I can recall)

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Hmmmm. His relationships with his sons are so intriguing. I think Curvo’s would be my fav. Or Maedhros. 

My unpopular opinion about this character: That he was a good dad and that his sons loved him. (is that still unpopular?)

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: At this point, I’m pretty satisfied with canon, I know I had ideas but… I’ve forgotten them. 

My OTP: ah– I still don’t OTP well– but I suppose Nerdanel.

My OT3: Feanor/Nerdanel/Fingolfin ?? is that a thing? idk. LOL

Send me a character or fandom!


request: badass jimin ft. the maknae line convinces you to skip school and go on a trip into the city with him

yknow i really love spontaneous trips with friends this would seriously be so amazing idk just the thought of this makes me smile

I‘ve been blessed.

I‘ve been so worried and disappointed that I wouldn‘t be able to watch The Shannara Chronicles since amazon prime aired season 1 weekly when it first came out but they never said anything about season 2 (which I thought might have been because Shannara was moved from mtv to spike idk shit about american tv and rights and stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


An hour ago I got an email from amazon prime

and they told me that the first episode was up and that there will be a new episode every Thursday

And let me tell you guys, the first episode was so good and gay and badass and my bisexual bad ass rover girl kicked so many asses and she has a super cool and sweet girlfriend and y‘all really should watch this show if you aren‘t already.

This show is a blessing.

barrnowl  asked:

overwatch for the ask game!

  • Favorite character:

D.Va, I love her

  • Least Favorite character:

Idk really for fandom wise, but if I see an enemy Mei in game I rage internally

  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):

Pharmercy, Soldier/Ana, Lucio/D.Va, Tracer/Emily, Gency

  • Character I find most attractive:

Either D.Va or Mercy (mostly D.Va)

  • Character I would marry:

D.Va…. she be me gamer wife

  • Character I would be best friends with:

Either D.Va or Sombra

  • A random thought:

So much good art mmmm

  • An unpopular opinion:

McHanzo is not really a good ship imo…… I mean they look cute but I don’t think they’d fly chemistry wise

  • My canon OTP:

Gency or Emily/Tracer

  • Non-canon OTP:


  • Most badass character:

Tbh Tracer lol

  • Pairing I am not a fan of:

Eh idk rlly

  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another):

Idk I just want consistent lore pls Blizzard I am tired

  • Favourite friendship:

Reinhardt and Ana….. pure

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remadoras  asked:

Legends + aos for one and Laurel for 3


Favorite character: sara, amaya, jax
Least Favorite character: vandal savage
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): sara/amaya, nate/amaya, jax/sara, sara/kendra, sara/rip (kinda? idk it’s growing on me)
Character I find most attractive: AMAYA
Character I would marry: AMAYA
Character I would be best friends with: nate
A random thought: im really neutral about snart/rip/carter/ray 
An unpopular opinion: idk if this is unpopular, but writing off kendra was complete bs
My canon OTP: don’t have one :?
Non-canon OTP: sara/amaya
Most badass character: AMAYA, SARA, KENDRA
Pairing I am not a fan of: amaya/mick (romantically)
Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): carter, vandal savage
Favourite friendship: sara/kendra


Favorite character: daisy, may, mack, bobbi
Least Favorite character: grant
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): daisy/robbie, daisy/jemma, phil/melinda, mack/elena, daisy/lincoln
Character I find most attractive: daisy
Character I would marry: daisy
Character I would be best friends with: bobbi
A random thought: remember that time daisy woke up in a simulation dating ward? can marvel take that back?
An unpopular opinion: s4 ruined f/itzsimmons
My canon OTP: is philinda canon? if not, mackelena
Non-canon OTP: daisy/happiness
Most badass character: may
Pairing I am not a fan of: i really hate skewward
Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): currently it’s fitz…
Favourite friendship: daisy/jemma

Laurel (I’m guessing E1!Laurel, not BS)

How I feel about this character: idk if ppl know, but I was negative about her until I left the toxic part of the fandom I was in. Ever since, I can’t describe how connected I feel with her character. Her strength help me be strong when I needed it. She moved me to come out to my mom. Laurel is really important to me on a personal level, so my feelings are hard to explain bc they deep.
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Felicity, Tommy, Nyssa-ish
My non-romantic OTP for this character: Sara
My unpopular opinion about this character: one of, if not the most inspiring characters to come out of dctv
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: she didn’t have to die.
My OTP: Laulicity
My OT3: Felicity/Laurel/Thea for a brot3

straight2space  asked:

All companions find an old prewar book about dinosaurs. Which one is their favorite?

Oh man I fricken LOVE Dinosaurs (there’s a pretty cool dinosaur museum an hour away from where i live so I’m a large nerd for dinos) Thank you so much for the ask!!
I was thinking i was just gonna put pictures but, idk how to do that in an Ask


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anonymous asked:

Teresa + Minho *-*


The umbrella, when it rains - minho does because whenever he has the umbrella teresa hugs him while they’re under it and he secretly loves it so he just offers to hold it every time it rains now
The popcorn at the cinema - they put it between them but minho kinda leaves his hand there until teresa finally notices and says “you know, if you want to hold my hand you can do it without covering your own in butter”
The baby, when it cries - they trade off a lot but sometimes teresa feels extra tired so minho will get up and take care of the baby a little while longer so she doesn’t have to wake up
The ice cream cone, when they share - teresa and she always offers it to minho and he says “no it’s fine” until it’s gone and then he says “actually can i have some” and teresa gets all angry like “mINHO ARE YOU KIDDING I’VE BEEN OFFERING FOR 10 MINUTES AND YOU WAIT UNTIL IT’S ALL GONE” and minho just laughs and says “no i was just joking” which causes teresa to give him a little punch in the arm before holding his hand
The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - teresa because every time minho has it she manages to get it back with puppy dog eyes and lots of kisses
The basket, when they go shopping - minho because teresa is WAY too organized about her shopping list for minho to get in the way of it
The door, on dates - teresa always runs up in front of minho to do it and he always groans and makes a show of throwing his head back but teresa just laughs and says, “come on, minho, your masculinity won’t be that hurt from your girlfriend opening a door”
The other’s hand, most often - minho because her hands are so soft and they fit in his so perfectly and he just really loves her a lot
Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - minho because he thought teresa was normally crazy beautiful but now and he’s absolutely floored by the fact that she managed to look even prettier for their wedding
The camera, when they take pictures together - teresa because she secretly loves just having them to look at when she’s not with minho

send me a ship!!