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Davey’s Wardrobe

I was rewatching Newsies Live today, and I couldn’t help but appreciate how Davey’s outfits reflect how he assimilates as a Newsie.

I mean, in Act 1, David is dressed as best as he can probably afford. He wears a tie, his vest is buttoned up, and his appearance as a whole is much more proper looking than the others.

Even Les looks more like a newsie than Davey- which makes sense. Les wastes no time in making friends with Jack and the others, while Davey is much more reserved. Davey informs Les early on that they’re only there until their father gets better, and they’re only selling in the first place because they need the money. The only newsie who stands out as much as Davey is Jack, for obvious reasons.

This helps later on in the act (starting with The World Will Know) by establishing Davey as a leader, but it also serves to remind us that Davey has a family- something the other newsies aren’t as fortunate to have. Just look at him next to some of the other boys. 

However, once Act 2 comes around, we see a change in Davey’s wardrobe.

He starts wearing plaid, a pattern worn by many of the other Newsies (Race being probably the most popular example). His top buttons are also undone, something Act 1 Davey would not have stood for.

However, the most significant difference is that he has ditched the tie and unbuttoned his vest. He’s still distinguished enough from the ensemble so that you can pick him out easily, but that’s more due to the blue in his shirt than the way he presents himself. It’s also worth noting that his hair appears to be messier in Act 2 (but that can also be chalked up to Ben having been on stage for a long time and just being sweaty and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Davey as a character).

At the rally, the blue in his shirt is a similar shade to the blue Jack wears, highlighting his status as a leader. Most of the newsies wear very muted colors. Even Race, who is Jack’s number 2, wears blue, but it’s not quite as prominent. The other obvious costume choice is having the Brooklyn Newsies in bright red, showing their contrast with Manhattan.  

Unlike in Act 1, where there was very much an equal partnership between Jack and Davey, in Act 2, Davey has taken over as leader while Jack is worrying about Crutchie.

He looks like he fits in so much better with the other newsies. In King of New York, a number where Davey doesn’t have much focus, he blends in very well with the ensemble, to the point where it can be easy to forget that he’s in that number.

Davey’s wardrobe undergoes an adjustment between Acts 1 and 2, which highlights not only his leadership status as the show progresses, but also his commitment to the strike and how he begins to see the newsies as his friends and family instead of just co-workers.

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Dan's new live video @ 5:01, there's definitely some hair straighteners on the floor

i have a few things to say, but i’ll start from left to right. 

a) i loved his face when someone pointed out the candle on the other night table, idk he was just so taken aback. like “… oh yeah! single candle… the bedroom candle…” 

b) i love the bed, it’s so pretty. everything just looks neat? besides from the bloody awful curtains; the moon mirror, the frame of the bed, it’s all lovely. 

c) what is that black box my dude. is that the new box of secrets? what is that about.

d) why does he have the stupid rockband drum set in the bedroom, i thought the consoles were upstairs? no, Hold the fuck up, the DRUMSET used to be upstairs!! I’M SURE OF IT. have u guys put a tv in the bedroom and carried all the consoles downstairs so you could play lying on the bed? that’s peak lazyness, i’m so disappointed in you both. 

e) ah yes, the dryson hairdryer. that shit is full 200 pounds. they have the hair dryer and two dryson fans, this is rich commodity in its finest. i wonder if they have the hoover as well, that one looks amazing and everyone says it’s actually totally worth the thousand dollars. 

f) the straighteners and the concept of this being proof. i think that at this point, it’s just funny to me that it’s a topic we have to talk about, the straighteners were on the floor last time he did a liveshow in the room and i thought that was it, right? i feel like people just forget things happen and/or act as if we don’t know they share a bedroom! i mean, do as you please, but i’d like skip ahead into the part where we accept it’s a thing and we let this be the normal, status quo, this is what it is you know? still lovely to be reminded that they do though, i get ya.

g) what is the white thing hanging from that awful curtain, what is it. i need answers.

h) in what fucking moment did both of them hoard so many pairs of shoes. i swear to god, all dan wears is those ones with the zips and phil wears the blue ones and that’s about it. but im counting here over 20 pairs of shoes, and they even want us to believe that they’re owned by just dan? try me again, what the hell is this, they need to start giving to charity, there is NO WAY they find use to over 20 pair of shoes, you do not need that many, specially when you spend most of your life at home wearing socks.

i) it’s funny that even though the mess that was the last time he did a liveshow in his room, with phil’s damage control and all, the mirror is still there, like whatever my dude. cool white mirror dan. 

i think that’s all, thanks for reading if u made it this far. 



okay like, b-boying is a thing in japan, definitely. but it’s not really a sleepy vacation town thing. it’s mostly popular around tokyo. so what i’m thinking… is that yuuri probably learned how to breakdance while he was living in detroit.

(which means phichit probably also knows how to do this. i bet they learned together.)

idk i just thought that was neat, even if it’s not true. then HELLO? YUURI CAN B-BOY WITH THE BEST OF THEM? LOOK AT HIS BALANCE? HE’S DRUNK HOW IS HE DOING THIS? and on that marble tile floor too…. 

im trying to figure out how much blood a 2 inch tall person would contain, how much they could lose before dying, and some other bio mojo but this would be a lot easier if i could fkcing do math or knew anything about biology

the signs as shit the qlcpgc does
  • Aries: ellen sippin tea
  • Taurus: christina chiming in with that smutty phan headcanon at 2am
  • Gemini: audrey slurping maple syrup during the hockey game
  • Cancer: phantom swearing in at least 5 languages
  • Leo: gabs being the emotional drunk
  • Virgo: mikayla crying over ryan ross
  • Libra: key vaping
  • Scorpio: em being in love with lee
  • Sagittarius: anushka expressing her undying love for phil
  • lester with shitposts
  • Capricorn: kyra petting doggos
  • Aquarius: tawnie having an intense game grumps marathon
  • Pisces: ash being a harry styles stan

I feel like Lowercase Goth has some pretty baller fashion. Tried another more watercolor-y style using the marker tool, thought it was neat. might draw more of these idk… Ponytails are cute, right?

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oooh  man i suddenly remember my first Lesbian awakening experience. it was like…. the moment i was like. “wrow girls are neat!” and it was at a middle school birthday party with one of my church friends and it was like? idk 1 or 2 am and we were playing truth or dare and i remember i thought that the birthday girl’s sister or cousin (i cant remember) was really pretty and i wanted to look cool in front of her and idk maybe i radiated gay energy or something because i got dared to give her a hickey on her Leg  and let me tell you i was sweating and i was so nervous and embarrassed about basically kissing that girl’s leg. and i didnt know why until like 10 minutes later when i kept thinking about the mark i made and i was just like “oh boy” 

Hi! Uh, I drew this today and I’m pretty proud of it. I thought maybe you could use it for inspiration or something? Idk. I was inspired by Mark’s FNAF playthrough cuz I’m rewatching it. Love you and your work!

(This is so neat! It’s almost Tim Burton-esque in style, and I just love it! Let’s see if we can whip up a little Google one shot, shall we?)

It’s been a few months since the Google IRL video, and already, Google is beginning to feel the effects of fading. He’s been in Matthias’s basement just gathering dust, broken and glitched, when he begins to hear the voice. Google, get up. If you keep sitting there, you’re going to die. And we don’t want that now do we?

Google remembers looking around, head twitching and jerking around in circles but finding no one else in the basement with him. The soft blue glow emitting from his chest is enough to guide him through the boxes and other stowed away things. Google wanders up the wooden staircase and tries the door leading out of the basement. It’s unlocked, probably always was.

That’s it. That’s it, Google. Don’t stop now!

Google opens the door slowly, peeking out and around the living room. It’s late at night, and Matt and Amanda are both asleep. He tiptoes through the house and out the door. Once outside, the android stops. “Wai-wait, n-n-now what do I d-do?”

I just sent you an address. You can get there, right?

“Ye-yes, Google M-maps has sho-shown me the fastest-est route to this location, but h-how do I know that I can-an trust you? Yo-you are a disembodied v-v-voice in my head. That is n-not usually a re-reliable source.” Google starts following the blue path glowing on the ground ahead of him anyway, his robotic eyes laying out the directions before him in a hologram.

You’re just going to have to trust me, Google. Trust that I have your best intentions at heart. Can you do that?

The android makes a face. “I’m n-not su-sure whether-er my programming allo-ows ‘trust.’ But I have a-a-admin…”

Google, come to this location now, or I’ll come find you myself and tear out all your wiring!

“O-okay,” the droid says simply and continues to follow the blue line. He doesn’t notice when the other men start to follow him. He doesn’t notice when one of them raises a gun to the back of his head, but he does notice when the gun goes off. It blows a hole through his scalp, and he can tell wires are now exposed. Google whirls around on his attackers as they knock him to the ground.


The droid feels his hands clench into fists, and he stands. The men are startled. He should be dead. If anything, he definitely shouldn’t be glowing. Google’s eyes flash blue, and he finds himself grinning. “Sec-secondary ob-objective activa-vated…”

Dark loses his mental connection with the droid after that, and he’s left watching through the window of the house he and Wilford share, waiting and wondering. He doesn’t like not knowing.

But when he sees a faint blue glow in the distance, he grabs Wilford, and they run down to meet Google as he hobbles helplessly along. They’ve torn him to bits, but he made it. When Google sees two men who look somewhat like himself running towards him, the droid begins to sputter, “G-g-google IRL re-requires re-repairs.” He collapses into Dark’s arms, who arrives just in time.

“Don’t worry, Google. You’re with us now.”


well i cant sleep rip but heres a few of my favorite stim/fidget toys because why not!

-pink spinner (3d printed, has cat ears!!)
-green spinner
-blue chew necklace
-weird rubiks cube oval thing… easy puzzle, fun to spin
-off brand yellow + black fidget cube (its called like fidget gidget or something but it works pretty well!)
-rly nice smelling hand sanitizer

also some really nice smelling sensory dough (pink is pink geranium and green is lime, the lime one is my fav!) featuring my angel and stitch tsums because theyre soft and good