idk i thought this was neat



okay like, b-boying is a thing in japan, definitely. but it’s not really a sleepy vacation town thing. it’s mostly popular around tokyo. so what i’m thinking… is that yuuri probably learned how to breakdance while he was living in detroit.

(which means phichit probably also knows how to do this. i bet they learned together.)

idk i just thought that was neat, even if it’s not true. then HELLO? YUURI CAN B-BOY WITH THE BEST OF THEM? LOOK AT HIS BALANCE? HE’S DRUNK HOW IS HE DOING THIS? and on that marble tile floor too…. 

the signs as shit the qlcpgc does
  • Aries: ellen sippin tea
  • Taurus: christina chiming in with that smutty phan headcanon at 2am
  • Gemini: audrey slurping maple syrup during the hockey game
  • Cancer: phantom swearing in at least 5 languages
  • Leo: gabs being the emotional drunk
  • Virgo: mikayla crying over ryan ross
  • Libra: key vaping
  • Scorpio: em being in love with lee
  • Sagittarius: anushka expressing her undying love for phil
  • lester with shitposts
  • Capricorn: kyra petting doggos
  • Aquarius: tawnie having an intense game grumps marathon
  • Pisces: ash being a harry styles stan

There was a very neat kinda throwaway bit in Matthew’s interview where he was basically like, “You don’t vet other Shadowhunters, of course not” in regards to how Sebastian is able to fit into the group.

I thought this was an interesting comment because I suppose from our perspective, it seems obvious not to trust a new guy coming in. But for such an insular and rigid community built on authority like the Shadowhunters, it makes sense that if Sebastian entered the Institute through official channels – i.e. sent by the Clave – no one would really question his trustworthiness, especially if he proves compliant and helpful.

Because even though multiple Shadowhunters in the past have proven not to be trustworthy, I think it’s a very Shadowhunter flaw to be blinded by their faith in one of their own, born out of a sense of supremacy. Their entire identity is built on the concept that they’re morally upstanding, which means they should of course trust their own. As in, “If our own aren’t morally good and trustworthy by default, then we’re no better than those sneaky Downworlders beneath us.”

Anyway, as usual, I don’t anticipate the show to explore this in depth, but it’s something I thought about.

so you know how police boxes used to be everywhere in london and then they just sort of stopped being a thing

well in 1996 they tried to revive the idea and make a load of ‘high tech’ police boxes, except the idea never took off and so now there’s just one police box left which is just there to attract whovian tourists

so when the guy in The Bells of St John said this

he was actually talking about this lonely tardis at earls court station

So, I was amused by this and it relates to goblins so I’ma share here.

When Cataclysm came round I was SO SURE that my new main would be a troll druid. I was HYPED for them!  I’d always wanted a troll druid and am obsessed with blue people and nature stuff!  Before then, my main had been a troll hunter since BC with a brief troll DK stint in Wrath. Cause tall and tusked and strong and blue/greens with leaves and nature-y things! I’m often drawn to that first.  Big, willowy, monstrous or alien types with nature themes. I’m a sucker for it!  Especially when they’re blue. Which is why I was all over trolls and draenei (and still am).  I had this whole tragic Shatterspear story worked out and everything. And I do love that character, I think she’s lovely!

Then goblins happened, I made a warlock, and I fell HARD. Got more into Roulette than I’d ever gotten into a character before. She’s been my main since. I don’t think even a naga could knock her out of my #1 spot and I’ve wanted to play naga *for-ev-er*.

Then I got into Steven Universe. My wife and I watch it together, it’s so cute and feels like visual-audio comfort food.  And I loved them all, quite sure I couldn’t have or pick a favorite character. I suspected tall strong 3-eyed Garnet would be my fave… then Lapis came along and I thought, oh wait, surely the angsty blue water/space themed gem would be my fave because how me is that?  And aesthetically? Yes. 

Then Peridot happened. And I quickly became filled with glee whenever she got an episode. I still do. I need a lil action figure of her for my desk. Peridot delights me to no end, and she has a lot in common with Roulette.

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I was beginning to see a trend here and have mused to myself on multiple occassions that I think I’ve got this kinda gothic blue nature fae thing going on, or I WANT to have that going on, when deep down I’m really a tiny goofy green paranoid mad scientist nerd.

So, that’s been sort of a running gag in my head for some time now.  And today I noticed something about my gender identity flag.

It has a weird tiny green center.  

Just like me.

Go figure!


well i cant sleep rip but heres a few of my favorite stim/fidget toys because why not!

-pink spinner (3d printed, has cat ears!!)
-green spinner
-blue chew necklace
-weird rubiks cube oval thing… easy puzzle, fun to spin
-off brand yellow + black fidget cube (its called like fidget gidget or something but it works pretty well!)
-rly nice smelling hand sanitizer

also some really nice smelling sensory dough (pink is pink geranium and green is lime, the lime one is my fav!) featuring my angel and stitch tsums because theyre soft and good

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Me and some friends were discussing your AU, and it's really neat! We even thought about what Mercy's name would have been.. The best thing we came up with was Valkyrie! It's not exactly the best, I know, but I hope you like the suggestion! Love the au and your art, once again!! Toodaloo!

angela is a nurse at the city hospital who’s taken helping people into her own hands. she’s probably best at teaming up with people, since her focus is on saving lives and not on fighting crime. for example - someone like vigilante would track down a thief or assailant, while the valkyrie focuses on healing injury and making sure victims are okay.

she and the widowmaker have a fair bit of rivalry, and she has a fairly obvious crush on her roommate fareeha amari.

(click on the image to get a less-blurry version)

I felt like drawing Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

so I drew Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

the hoodie design is from the “Green Hazard” skin for DJ Scully from Killing Floor 2 btw because I thought she’d look good in it and I was totally right

i have a couple more ideas in mind for something of a “casual” lineup of all 3 of my OCs in super casual outfits of course, but I think some other ideas i have in mind are of higher priority so those might be a while.

(also made some slight changes to her design, more on that in the Mod Commentary under the break)

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so one thing i always thought would be cool to introduce somehow into steven universe is Cubic Zirconia. They’re “fake diamonds” and often used as a cheap alternative to diamond engagement rings

because of this, i felt like it might be a neat plot point that at least one of the diamonds was really cubic zirconia. given the way the series has gone, i dont think it would be as effective, but i once imagined a show where the diamonds were all really cubic zirconia, and lied to the other gems about them being diamonds, and therefore better then everyone else.

idk how it would work in now, but i still like the idea bc this show about literal rock people seems to pay little attention to gemology or geology, which is a shame

This guy in church is talking about how alma the younger probably grew up just before and during the time alma the older & co. got enslaved by amulon & jerkfaces and how alma the younger must have seen that all their religion had gotten them was burdens and like idk it’s really neat like i never really thought about why alma the younger would’ve gone off like that but this makes sense