idk i thought this was neat


“it’s been a while, investigator…” / / / haikyuu!! x tokyo ghoul au



okay like, b-boying is a thing in japan, definitely. but it’s not really a sleepy vacation town thing. it’s mostly popular around tokyo. so what i’m thinking… is that yuuri probably learned how to breakdance while he was living in detroit.

(which means phichit probably also knows how to do this. i bet they learned together.)

idk i just thought that was neat, even if it’s not true. then HELLO? YUURI CAN B-BOY WITH THE BEST OF THEM? LOOK AT HIS BALANCE? HE’S DRUNK HOW IS HE DOING THIS? and on that marble tile floor too…. 

so you know how police boxes used to be everywhere in london and then they just sort of stopped being a thing

well in 1996 they tried to revive the idea and make a load of ‘high tech’ police boxes, except the idea never took off and so now there’s just one police box left which is just there to attract whovian tourists

so when the guy in The Bells of St John said this

he was actually talking about this lonely tardis at earls court station

the signs as shit i've snapchatted

aries: the big purple dick is my child i love him

taurus: idk where eS my steank

gemini: why was i born a train

cancer: jim shook. sounds like a kpop artist.

leo: i thought it said roast week and i was like? okay sam e


libra: crikey, dabbing is neat

scorpio: !!! im screech

sagittarius: no you can’t relate to a gumboot throwing lane that’s not allowed

capricorn: this is a cute card i can’t afford so i took a photo and sent it to people


pisces: honestly we both already know i have no chill

Okay, so I know that we all joke about Jotaro being a marine biologist and everything, but recently I was reading the end of Diamond and I noticed something. Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler. (most of you know he’s in Part 6 anyway)

Not only was Jotaro still in school during Part 4, but he was getting his Doctorate! He was working on his thesis the entire time! Not only that, but he wrote it about the STARFISH IN MORIOH! 

So there were THREE reasons why Jotaro came to Morioh…

i’ve noticed the ‘peak trans’ tumblr has been inactive for a few years now and i think it’s really important to share the stories of the (many) women who have come from liberal feminist/transactivist circles into radfem or rad-leaning thought, to show that yes, there is an exodus, there ARE people waking up, even if we’re not super loud about it. with that in mind i was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me in starting an active blog for ex libfems to submit our experiences? maybe compile a radfem 101 for those questioning (like…a REALLY basic radfem 101) and have some bloggers on a sidebar who are open to talk to people (female radfems and male radfem allies)? idk im just spitballin here, i know these things exist in other forms but it’d be neat to bring it all together in one comprehensive space! thoughts?

I have the strangest feeling about her,” he says thoughtfully. “Her mind is filled with stardust and butterflies while mine is filled with libraries and chalk, but I can see myself loving her until the world ends.
—  She could be the one. // lily rose.

      side note and not sure whether im looking too much into it, but it seems like SkyClan [disregarding prefixes] continued to have the newer/stranger names like -willow, -creek, -brook, -moon, -fire, while for the most part, the main series has gone back to more ‘traditional’ ones like -heart, -pelt, and -tail, to use the main characters as examples at least.
    idk if it seems so because the authors rotate but it helps make SkyClan appear more estranged/unorthodox which i thought was neat!

idk i feel like phil would be the type of school teacher to wear lots of clashing prints and trousers too small for his legs that showed his funky socks while he arrived ten minutes late with a coffee stain on his dress shirt while spontaneously thinking up a lesson that is equally happy and exciting as it is lighthearted and funny to keep the kids concentrated and happy at his witty nature and upbeat tone while dan would be the type to be up 2 hours earlier than he needed to be to look as pristine and professional as possible with a neat setup of the classroom and a lesson planned out for every day with a backup lesson just in case like he would be prepared for anything and everything while still being relatable and understanding of the kids and constantly reminding them he believes in him and giving some speech with meaning at the end of every class to keep them going idk that’s just me 

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  1. Ah man, the thought of possibly going to UCSD for college. I never dreamed of it and applied on a whim, but yeah, it seems nice now that I got in. I think I will go there. It’s by the ocean and not too far from home. Plus, today I got a pretty neat scholarship from them. Not sure if they give it to all of their students because a friend of mine got it too, but idk. It was a lot of money.
  2. Argentinian Spanish is like… my new favorite thing. (I’m watching this telenovela called ½ Falta - or “Media Falta” - for my class and it’s pretty good for a 2005 show for teenagers. Go watch it on YouTube if you want! It can get a little cheesy, but it does try to bring good messages.)
  3. Egg tarts. Eggs in general.
  4. Loads of art supplies. I don’t care what quality they are; I love them all. Even if I find a ruddy pencil left behind, I love it. Scratch paper? Useful. Who cares if I have 3 unfinished sketchbooks and 50 pens. 
  5. All of you guys. You rock, and I mean it. Shout out to @takeabreathandsmile / @chiscribbles4smiles. She is a meadow of flowers and a ball of sunshine.

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woah woah woah

so im rewatching voltron for like the fiftieth time bc i have no life

and im up to the ep where rolo and nyma first appear, and considering im also a massive fan of TWD, i’d recognise this voice anywhere and hopefully this hasnt been pointed out yet bc id look dumb saying it //cries

but this guy

is voiced by this guy

(for anyone who doesnt know, that’s norman reedus, actor for Daryl Dixon in AMCs TWD)

And as probably the entire fandom knows, Keith is voiced by Steven Yeun, who is was also in TWD as Glenn Rhee. idk, just a fun little fact i thought was p neat

hi everyone! ive had a thought now that a few finished cards are trickling into my inbox - how would you guys feel about, like, a little sheet of paper or pamphlet included with the decks when theyre shipped out, where you all as artists can kind of point out/explain the symbolism in your cards, if there is any? a bunch of you gave me great explanations when you sent me your wips, and i would love to include that in the final deck somehow.

if anybody like, doesnt wanna write anything or didnt go for any symbolism, i can just put in the description i gave on the card explanations page of this blog, with maybe a little extra embellishing if i can work with my tarot-savvy friends. i just think itd be a neat idea and itd be nice to make sure customers are aware of how hard you all worked on these. so idk? reply to this maybe if you have thoughts?

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hello! to answer about the laurens and turtles connection is that our boy john had a sketch book of which there was a couple drawing of turtles. i don't know if there is proof but apparently alexander knew and thought it was coolio but idk. i don't think laurens was historically a big turtle lover, but he liked drawing them. while probably mostly made up by the fandom in some cases it's still pretty neat that john drew turtles and over 100 years later people are talking about it!

You’re right, that is cool! And I’m charmed by the idea of Alexander complimenting John on his turtle drawings.