idk i thought this was i good idea when i started making this

quick long rant

so lately ive been feeling like im not enough? and it has been bothering me that even that i now listen to music that i feel that im not good, attractive, cool enough to listen to it. like idk what to do about it, and don’t get all sentimental if youre like that pls. but it started when i got an art project assigned around a week ago, we had to find something on pinterest and that should motivate us to make something about it. firstly i wanted to write something but that would take to long and yeah i had too much ideas. then i thought omg, i could draw chenle and yesterday when i was working on it in class i thought why am i drawing this by the way, it looks like shit. so now im still thinking of things and idk, i could ask my friend if i could do somethign like her but that would look too much like her and then i would never finish it because thats me. but back to the point, yeah im not feeling very well, mentally (and it’s a bad thing when i don’t like to listen to music anymore!!)

I wasn’t originally going to post this, but I’m trying to get better at my illustration skills, and posters in general. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, and that’s make a ‘poster’ for each Doctor Who episode (I may venture into other shows eventually). Since this is where is all started for me, I thought I’d do “Rose” first. 

I’m not too sure about having the hands there anymore, it seemed like a good idea when I drew it, but coloured with text it looks a little too busy, but idk.

Opinions/ Feedback/ Tips are very welcome! :)

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