idk i thought this was funny

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Can you explian to me this 5sos wormstein thing? Thank you, love ur blog <3

5SOS = WORMSTEIN. They are the same people. For some reason these idiots thought it’d be funny to put on masks and post a music video on the internet under a different name and not tell anyone except for other artists who then tweeted about it until we caught on. IDK I think they are just goofing around and I doubt anything will come from it except for occasional crazy songs like “Pizza” and “Donuts”

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the thought of tayvin doing it is really funny to me idk why

i know they’re probably so good at scrabble i bet they come up with such funny words 

As clingy and cuddly as I am, I’m a fan of the kind of thing where two people share a room and do absolutely different shit in almost complete silence except to say a thing or another, show something funny, or idk silently keeping company while doing shit, like one is drawing and the other one’s playing games and person A is like “hey does this look nice” and then from time to time person B is like “fuck this game this is bullshit can you believe it” and usually person B is me pff anyway
Like I am a fan of company but no need to fucking do every single shit together, of course some multiplayer games are nice, drawing together, watching shit, all cool, big fan, but just spending a day sharing the simple singular things seem nice to me, is that what’s like when you live with a buddy or something?
Or like am I talking weird shit bc idk that’s how I feel.

I’m doing this project for my psychology class and we take a shoe box and put pictures/quotes/etc on the inside and outside of it. On the outside is how we think others see us and on the inside is how we see ourselves. For my project in particular on the outside I have a lot of sassy, confident, funny pictures and such but on the inside it’s mainly sad, depressing and creepy things and it’s just really eye opening

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idk i thought this would be funny to share. so i had this hook up guy who was really sweet and cool and things ended badly cuz ya know FEELINGS. so in my memories...i replace his face with luke's. and it's fuckin hysterical. thank u & goodnight

Awh babe I’m sorry it didn’t work out :(