idk i thought this looked really cool

Just watched Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer and I’m going to say…

  • Kanan sure had a nice beard…with a big…whatever he is wearing jfc
  • Sabine’s hair look pretty cool! The colors on her really fits her, because after all she’s a natural artist. 
  • Ezra. Blueberry son, why.
  • Maui through. I actually forgot he’s there. :”)) 
  • For a moment I thought I saw Agent Kallus but he had different eyes and that guy in trailer had blue eyes. :/
  • Hera’s forever a loving rebel mama. Oh and her dad’s there!
  • Zeb’s new outfit just make him had no sleeves now. 
  • Basically, everyone got a new makeover. 
  • I had never heard of Thrawn, other than that fact he’s popular in SW…? But he look like a interesting villain. 
  • Sabinnneee Wreeeennnnn. WIth JETPACK!
  • Okay I am sorry but Sabine with darksaber.
  • I just love Sabine. Honestly on the list of fictional women I am v gay for.

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hey.. sorry if this is weird but in response to ur post about that character and how shes your goals for 'girl looks' & the reply u answered after that: all of that is exactly how i felt for YEARS before i finally realized that im a trans girl.. i don't look like my goals for Girl Looks & im kinda scared i never will but i feel happy being able to say im a girl at least. Idk, i just thought i should share that. ps you're really cool & funny , i love ur blog

It’s not weird at all! Don’t worry bout it, anxiety issues make some things hard for me which is why I’d rely on goals that much. I’m a little scared to go into detail without sounding rude or invalidating you. But honestly the ability to say you’re a girl proudly is a big thing in itself, so that’s awesome truthfully.

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I’m gonna be brutally honest, I’m worried about this whole thing.

Like okay,finally we get an adaptation of some sort but I thought it was gonna be a YouTube series? And I.. I’m really just like “why”?

I’m not gonna lie though, the actors/actresses actually look cool. I mean sure they don’t match what I had in mind for the flock when I first read the books but I don’t hate them? Plus if they can play the part that’s all that matters, right? I just feel bad for all the hate and shit they must be getting from the fans. 

Kudos to the cast and the crew, I wish them good luck on the aftermath of this whole project.*

*Meaning that even though it’s selective theaters and it somehow happens to air in a local movie theater near me, I might not even freaking watch it.

And now I shall continue my summer homework that I just started a week ago. hahaha AP classes Imma die


Masculine/Androgynous Illumi Zoldyck Inexpensive Fashion for Anon

Maroon Marble Casual Shirt $5.45

Red Waistcoat with Gold Buttons $25.00

Dark Purple Sweatpants $9.04 (other colors available)

Red and Black Pyramid Studded Belt $13.30

Gold and Silver Buttons $3.19 (ik it’s not really clothing but i was thinking of the pins and how they looked liked large round buttons and idk i thought it would be cool idk)

Red Boat Shoes $29.99

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da meme

1. First impression: At first it was like, oh this guy and coccinae are like, together or something so I thought, hey he must be kinda cool and then BAM. The future is nigh. 
2. Truth is: I think you’re really cool. Like you just have a way of communicating that makes me really comfortable around you and enjoyable to talk to. 
3. How old do you look: I’m gonna go ahead and say you’re older than 18? If memory serves me right anyways. 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: A lot, yes. 
5. Have you ever made me mad: Never ^-^
6. Best feature: Idk if this means physical or not, but uhh. I’m just gonna go ahead and say your personality.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nope aha.
8. You’re my: Friend, (I hope D:)
9. Name in my phone: I don’t have youre number :c
10. Should you post this too?: Sure, go for it pal.

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bruh it was 32 degrees in Northern Ireland today and I thought my skin was melting off 🔥☀️🔥

i hope it cools down for you tomorrow!!! i’m pretty sure it broke 30 degrees here in manchester?? idk it was insanely hot tho and i don’t have any shorts other than ones for cosplay so i looked like a goon in morrisons + the air!! was just so hot!!!

idk my mum has this russian ring and it’s like three rings together and i just thought it was aesthetic 

it’s too dark to take really good photos of it but idk i thought this looked kind of cool 

i’m sorry birb it’s a bit weird but hey i’m posting something so fuckinf fight me 

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heyy (also liz i accidentally unfollowed u earlier im sorry dsnfkj but i followed u back)

(omg dont worry abt it!!! aofjkapofk)

1. first impression: i thought u were really cool idk if we met on rabbit or cah first (bad memory looool) but u were friends with like every1 there and i was o: i rly wanted to talk to u!!

2. truth is: ur super sweet n rly fun i LOVE ur tags especially on mark i think it’s sooo cute how much u love him :D playing with u was a BLASt we gotta do it again sometime!! or rabbit too i mean anything works :p and also ur art is like amazing!! ur so talented

3. how old do u look: like 16?

4. have u ever made me laugh: yes definitely during cah

5. have u ever made me mad: nopee

6. best feature: i lub ur hair i think it’s so nice hhajcbajb

7. have i ever had a crush on u: no o:

8. you’re my: fave mark stan!!

9. name in my phone: u r not in my phone

10. should u post this too?: u already did :p