idk i thought it was cute tbh


Sometimes I feel myself getting stuck in a CAS rut and a lot of my sims end up looking very similar. I’ve seen these types of click and drag generators often as writing resources, or as silly games to predict the “future” and thought it might be interesting to tailor it and incorporate it directly into the sims so I’ve thrown a quick one together. Everything is still quite open-ended so it’s all up for personal interpretation, it’s just a push to get you started. 

*Note: I included alien and vampire under gender. If you get one of these options, feel free to drag again until you get male/female to determine the gender, or choose it yourself. Like I said this isn’t set in stone and is more for inspiration than hardcore rules. If you don’t have the vampire pack, just pull a different result. No biggie.

By no means do I take any form of credit for this idea, I’m sure it’s probably even been done on simblr in the past, I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and thought I’d share it with all you lovelies as well. x

Might make a fun challenge too? tag your creations as #clickanddragcas or something and see what this prompts us all to make maybe idk!! just have fun nd make cute sims

was it ever established if animal and raizou knew each other from the baseball days??? well here’s a quick scribble of tiny chris and raichi anyways

i feel like iko would like,,,, be really good at photography? like she would really enjoy doing it? idk its just a random headcanon but imagine iko with a camera. she would be really good at like taking candid shots of her friends. cinder laughing at one of her jokes. scarlet giving a soft look at wolf when she thinks no one’s looking. of course she would do photoshoots of her friends for free, professional ones with backdrops and wardrobe changes, but like. iko notices her friends, its one of her traits and its one that makes her the most human, you know? and so i feel like she would get into photography bc she would be able to express those little things she notices about her friends. the way cinder’s nose crinkles when she laughs, the way the tips of cress’ ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

and of course she’d take hella selfies tbh


more doodles of delinquent!yaku au… this happened somewhere after they finally started getting along!!! cuz they both wanna win the nationals.

okay listen I have, like, rly cold hands 24/7 bc my circulation is bad or something, right? so my hands are ALWAYS cold and almost always very red (or sometimes purple), so pretty regularly people are like “girl what is up with your hands” and I explain. and usually they’re like oh okay, whatever. but every once in a while I run into someone whose first response to “yeah they’re always cold” is to immediately start holding my hands in an ineffective but nevertheless endearing attempt to warm up my icicle fingers and tbh it warms my heart (and also my hands. temporarily.) 

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I love your drawings! I can image seijo's situation to be as Shiratorozawa's with Semi and Shirabu as setters. I feel kinda bad for Oikawa if Tobio had gone to seijo but Tobio being friends with everyone melts my heart ❤✨

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my art (and sorry for the late answer ;; )

When I drew the Seijou!Kageyama thing, I tried not to think about Oikawa but then I read your tags, they made me think… I don’t know how Oikawa would react tbh, (now) he’s more mature than Kitadai!Oikawa, I think he could feel threaten his position being the setter and have a difficult relationship with Kags, but then in the canon Oikawa was nice enough to give him advise when he was his rival, in this AU you can say Kageyama is his ally, so maybe he would polish and use his talent as an advantage to win…idk, I thought so many things

oh well, kitadai trio going to the seijou and being friends is so cute, we need more!!

i know i said i had other stuff to finish but i had a MIGHTY NEED to draw this. so one night i dreamt that the next chapter to kill 4 love came out (which is real good so far i recommend it if you’re ok with some violence/death). then i saw this drawing of the squid bfs that i thought was cute, so i redrew it in the original style (i didn’t really mean to it just.. happened).

as for the actual context behind why geo is scared uh.. idk! maybe he saw a big ass bug or something..

tbh i’ve been meaning to draw these two but i just never had any good ideas. i love ‘em and k4l a lot! i’ve been following for a while (since before i had tumblr) and it’s wild seeing how much your art has improved since then! it’s a big inspiration for me haha~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

oji and geo belong to @legendwaker

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I have this headcannon that (when the war is over and EVERYONE obviously makes it out whole *sweats nervously) Evangeline meets the cadre and has the BIGGEST crush (not in a weird way ! just a very normal, innocent admiration) on Fenrys (tbh who doesn't...) and she goes absolutely tomato red whenever she's around him and it's hella cute and sweet and absolutely mortifying for her of course, and the only person who she tells is lysandra, who tells aelin ... or rowan idk, anyways thoughts ?

This is adorable and I totally get what you’re saying. Kids get crushes on adults not in a weird way but in a “you’re cute and idk how to act around you please don’t forget to cut the crust off my sandwich” kind of way. (My niece is a year and a half old and whenever my bf walks into a room she smiles at him and laughs and runs around. It’s hilarious!)

The only thing I’d add to this is that IT PISSED AEDION OFF. At dinner one night, Evangeline is looking at Fenrys and Aedion is like, “Gelly, eyes over here, daddy is over here. Look at me. Focus.” BAHAHAHAHA.

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*slides in with sudden narukiba thoughts* ok so dogs. good boys. can sense the good boy in humans too this is known. picture if u will: academy era, akamaru being friendly with naruto. (for example: when someone is sitting sullen and alone on lets say a swing what dog, i ask you, what dog can resist going up to a person like "hey bud u good?") TLDR: these thoughts were less narukiba and more improving naruto's childhood thru canine friendship idk where it was going originally.

…Is it canon or fanon that animals dislike Naruto because of Kurama? Tbh I can’t remember, and I have no idea if it would affect a nin-trained dog like Akamaru, but this is a really cute idea. I can totally see Kiba being offended to Naruto’s face that Akamaru likes him, and then behind his back totally becomes Commander In Chief of the Naruto Defense Squad. 

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There were a lot of mistranslations and people should have fixed that (there were no subtitles for me during the whole thing so I didn't know) but you know what is not mistranslated, because I saw them without subs? Their actions lol apparently they hugged in a performance of camera and were being adorable af during the whole show, including the drawing bit and bumping Jimin on the head lol. So, honestly, I am not worried about it. Why? Because Jungkook still only bought a gift for Jimin 😉

Okay but for real though???? what was that little boop on the head with the whiteboard and why did they both smile so happily afterwards with this shy aura surrounding them??? why did hoseok stare at them fondly as if something was happening?? i feel so confused by jikook it’s honestly nerve wracking for me. And idk i’m just not over how cute and perfect they are, like those boys are adorable together. And the hug????? i swear someone better have gotten a blurry ass pic of that or else i’m going to fight everyone who was there. I need that in my life okay?? and lmaoooo nothing will ever beat how jungkook only got a present for jimin tbh… like without the romantic connotations, it’s very apparent that jimin means more to jungkook than everyone likes to think. I just…. i thought 2015 and 2016 jikook were alive??? lmaoooo 2017 jikook has been so alive, we are all blessedt. 

Birthday Page!

hey everyone!! I’ve decided to go ahead and make a birthday page, i’ve been procastinating for a while tbh! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but just haven’t found the time, i wanna remember when all your birthday’s are, but also you can find fandom friends birthdays easily and surprise them with cute messages or whatever idk, i thought it’d be cute :)

how to enter:
must be following me
- reblog this post
- send me an ask with your name + birthday (off anon so i can link your blog!!)

what you get:
- a space on the page
- a promo on your birthday and a cute message from myself
- a spot on my updates tab for your birthday week
- a chance to find your birthday twins!!

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Hello~ Dropping into your ask box to say I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SOOOO MUCH~ I love how you draw the eyes, though. Those little hearts in them always get me. So cute~. I never knew I had a thing for piercings until I saw that artwork of Yoosung. I love how you draw him, btw. I especially love bad boy yoosung! I've been wondering tho, does bad boy yoosung's (dirty) interests similar to what's in the game? (I'm getting thoughts~ many thoughts~) I hope you day/night is going well~! :D

!!! Thank you so much! haha Drawing hearts as the pupils became pretty addictive tbh– it’s hard to stop aha and don’t worry, I love it when guys have piercings! Idk the look of it is really cool. I hope you have a great day too!

But Yoosung’s dirty interest? Like how he’s a masochist?? Then yes, bad boy Yoosung (LMAO) definitely has the same interests. Whenever he accidentally hurts himself, he REALLY likes the attention he gets from the MC. There are times he intentionally hurts himself (like not full out bleeding), but for example, he made hot coffee or instant noodles, and rather than waiting for it to cool down a bit, he would burn his tongue. When that happens, he calls MC over because it’s an emergency and she rushes to him, asking if he’s alright. He does a fake pout and tells her that he burnt his tongue, and basically asks her to do this:

Despite his inexperience with relationships, you’d be surprised how bold he becomes the longer you go out with him. You realize that he’s the type of person that really… and I mean REALLY likes getting physical. He just likes touching you at all times, even if you guys aren’t doing anything sexual, he likes holding your hand, wrapping his arms around your waist, giving quick pecks on your cheeks while you’re sleeping, etc. He’s like a cute lil bunny at first, and then transforms into a sneaky fox.

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can i ask you about seokjin being mysterious? can i know your opinion about it? i kinda want to know the other's opinion about it cause he's just so precious for me even though he's not my ub.

So i saw the anon saying how seokjin is the most confusing member bc there’s so many layers of him & i couldn’t’ve said it better tbh. Even tho there isn’t much of his other side that we can see, it’s cool how we can collectively agree that there’s more beyond his cute & bubbly character. I feel like he’d be much more quiet, calm & pensive irl. And i know that he knows he’s beautiful but whenever he says it himself on tv, it kinda feels like it’s just for show. Idk sorry just a random thought

my opinion about jin’s personality is still the same, he’s truly a great actor even to his own life. for example that time when he can’t attend his own graduation because the boys had to attend an award event. remember what jimin said on the vlive broadcast that day, he knows jin must be upset because of that but he will never show it. though jin said he’s sad but he was still smiling to us and smiling when the guys gave him a little graduation surprise party no matter what. i feel like he’s the type of person when he feels something burdening him, he will just keep it to himself rather than showing it off. do you guys notice whenever he’s mad, he’s just trying to look mad because then he will try to make it look as funny as he can. he’s still cover it off with his great acting.

and yes the 2nd anon i agree with you, there’s definitely more beyond his cute & bubbly character. i think there’s a reason why yoongi likes him to be his roommate. remember when yoongi said “we will see the world peace through jin hyung” or that time when he said “jin hyung doesn’t need to do anything, his presence alone calms me” or something along that and i believe yoongi is the no-bullshit person so there you have one fact about jin, that he’s actually a calm person. yes jin acts all noisy and cheery with the maknae line, with hobi, even namjoon, and then when we see him with yoongi, idk in my eyes he’s not that loud like he’s with the others? like he’s much tamer??? yes he nags yoongi alot at times as well but sometimes he’s just.. stood there and watch the others when he’s tired of acting. and the last time jimin also said it too in the vlive broadcast, said jin ever mentioned that he acts all childish for the sake of the youngers and jin immediately said “of course”. jin himself admit that it’s him who match his actions to the youngers’ mentality.

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Omg so I have a shipper friend (she's not a Jikook shipper tho) who once mentioned something about how people who haven't done "the do" would still be shy to initiate bodily contact. like they are still trying to size each other up etc. but nowadays we've stopped seeing JK backing away/flinching from any of JM's skinship/touches??? Like he used to flinch REALLY HARD didn't he??? Lmao does this mean what I think it means (Kind of reach tho. just wanted to share this with you bcs ily)

(omg thanks for sharing ily2)

Tbh, I feel like if jikook were to be dating, they most likely have had intercourse by now. And like jungkook did use to flinch hard around jimin, but I think it was more of a nerves thing… idk if he did it with other members, but I think it had to do with more than just jimin. I do think that once ppl r more comfortable in a relationship, they are able to be closer and they relax around each other. the thing is, though, jungkook doesn’t flinch anymore but he still gets nervous around jimin and it’s really cute. 

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

like he looks so awkward just with jimins arm around him?? and then once jm touched his hand he got really shy. idk i think jungkook is just naturally shy and gets cautious around people. not doubting theyve done the do though tbh 👀 

(i have no idea where my answer was going im so sorry 😩 i tried to make it comprehensible but its messy , i couldn’t organize my thoughts…)