idk i thought it was cute shh

If this isn’t too much, junkrat, Hanzo, 76, reaper, genji (maybe mccree too) with a shy s/o putting on some moisturiser or cleaning their face, they think their s/o is putting on makeup causing them to go on a rant about how their s/o doesn’t need makeup and their beautiful without it, their s/o laughs at them and kisses them for being so sweet but they weren’t gonna put on makeup they were just moisturising? Idk why I thought of this it seems cute😂

A/N: It was so funny when I read this because my best friend is obsessed with makeup and she hates when people say ‘you don’t need makeup’ to her so I just imagined her slapping these poor bois ehehe~ Also, we added a rule page to our desktop blog which states we’ll only take five characters per request so I’ll do everyone except McCree since the first five seemed like the ones you really wanted. I love you and I hope you have a good day! ~ Mod Lottie

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