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Just friends

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: something fluffy? Like, taking years to ask you out even though you both clearly liked each other for a while?

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It was your usual weekly get together with the boys and the 8 of you sat around outside talking. You couldn’t remember who’s idea it was to camp outside for the night but you weren’t complaining. Despite the house being two feet away, the weather was really nice. It was a little cold but the sky seemed to be lit up with the few stars you were able to see.  

“I swear it was like I wasn’t even in the room anymore.” You sighed. 

Jimin burst out laughing. “Maybe it’s because you’re so quiet. I swear that stuff only happens to you.”

Jin laughed as well. “You’re shy too!”

“Yeah but I’m also hot. There’s no way they wouldn’t notice me.” Jimin said, smirking, causing all the other boys to groan.

“Anyway, are you guys hungry yet? The bonfire is ready.”  Hoseok added. 

You nodded. “Yeah I’m kinda hungry.”

Hoseok and Jin went in the house to get stuff for dinner and you moved over to Yoongi who was just sitting on his phone, cuddled up in a blanket. 

“Are you not having fun?”

He looked up from his phone. “Oh, no. I’m just tired and I feel like we should be preparing for our comeback since it’s so soon. It’s weird sitting out here.”

You watched his face, noticing he seemed more nervous than tired but you couldn’t place why he would lie about that. A bit of cold air blew down your back and you shivered, covering your arms with your hands. 

“But we always do this sort of thing.”

Yoongi seemed to be distracted by the fact you looked cold instead of answering you back. He moved his chair closer to sharing his blanket with you.

“Why did you come out here wearing shorts? I feel like you’re doing this on purpose.” He joked, placing your half over your legs. You blushed.

“Yeah sorry…”

As the night starts to go by a few of the boys decided to go to bed leaving you, Yoongi, Jungkook, and Taehyung still awake. Jungkook looks over at Yoongi.

“Can you go in the house and get my phone? I think I left it in there.”

Yoongi stands up from his chair, leaving you with a puzzled expression. He would have never agreed to that before.

“Y/N, can you come with me?”

“Yeah sure.” You say as you get up as well, following behind him into the house. 

“What’s the matter, are you scared now that it’s dark?”

Yoongi looked back at you, stopping in his tracks. His face was plastered with a serious expression and he exhaled. 

“…it was just a joke? What’s going on with you-”

He took a few steps closer to you, making you stop talking. His head tilts away from you as if he wasn’t trying to make eye contact with you.

“I don’t usually do shit like this but-..You’re an exception. It seems like you’re an exception for a lot of things. I don’t want to keep pushing this back anymore because i’m sick of it. I’m sick of playing around with the fact that i’m in love with you, that I keep writing music about you, that i’m tired of not being about to hold your hand or kiss you when I want. Jungkook only asked me to get his phone so I could be in here alone with you. I wanted to ask if….you’d finally go out with me?”

You stood there speechless, watching his ears turn red.

“Please say something already.” He muttered.

Your hands came up from your sides and made their way to the sides of his face. The split second the two of you made eye contact he leaned in to kiss you. Although you did initiate it suddenly you were aware of how loudly your heart was beating in your chest. When his lips finally pressed against yours you could feel your cheeks get warm. It wasn’t a secret to either of you that you liked each other but it was a whole other thing hearing it out loud and to be able to kiss him. His hands grabbed against your waist, only pulling you in tighter. 


“What are you worried about? Nobody’s even in the house..” He groaned, now kissing on your neck. 

“It’s not that. Jungkook is standing in the doorway with a flashlight under his face.” You laughed. 

Jungkook smiled at Yoongi, giving him a thumbs up. He knew he was dead in the morning but at least his joke made you laugh. 

Gotham villain christmas headcanons
  • Oswald and Eddie wear ugly christmas sweaters (ozzy did force eddie to wear it), Jervis has a christmas themed hat, barbara wears an elf dress,and Jerome fucking dresses as santa clause.
  • Jerome is constantly trying to get barbara under the mistletoe
  • tabitha is annoyed that jerome is trying to kiss her girlfriend, so she pushes eddie under the mistletoe with jerome, which is hella awkward  but jerome still kisses him cause why not (eddie is disgusted, jerome liked it)
  • Jerome and Barbara go around obnoxiously singing christmas songs 
  •  They ask what christmas movie they should watch and of course jervis says alice in wonderland and they are like “Shut up jervis that’s not even a christmas movie, wait how the fuck did you get in?’
  • Tabitha doesn’t really care about christmas, but still puts up a tree cause she knows barbara loves it, and also always gets barbara a gift.
  • Eddie just drinks all the eggnog and talks about how christmas is stupid and makes no sense (than barbara and jerome start singing mr grinch)
  • Barbara is the kind of person who is like ‘’Oh we shouldn’t do gifts this year’’ but than gets everyone the best gifts
  • Jerome gets barbara a best friend bracelet and is so excited when she opens it and is like ‘’put it! Put it on!’’
  • Jerome gets tabitha some kind of weapon with a note on it which says ‘’Ur brother is a dick but ur cool i guess’’
  • Oswald gets drunk and sings all i want for christmas is you to eddie
  • Jerome still  believes in santa 
Phanfics vs irl

Do you ever think about how if a lot of real things DnP have done over the past couple of years had been written in a phanfic, people would have dismissed it as unrealistic? Like, if someone had written a fic about Phil receiving a solo award but calling Dan up on stage to share it with him I would have thought it was a really cute idea, but too soppy and cliché for them, and yet here we are…

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12 Days of Larents - Day 8: Mistletoe

You gotta kiss everybody underneath it, geez Harry.

So I absolutely love Christmas and even when I was little, my absolute favourite part was anticipating the look on everyone’s faces when they opened presents I got them. Unfortunately I can’t send you all a something individually though, so I hope this is an okay substitute?

Brace yourselves  for 12 days of dumb little pictures about the Larents getting ready for Christmas. I’ve been sitting on them for a little while so I’m super excited to see what you all think :D


Midnight Whisperings

This is based off a conversation i had while talking to Anne ( @pudgypatrick ) and figured why not write it? 

Fluffy fetus Peterick (this is trash but thanks)

TW: light angst and fluff, warnings for depression/suicide mentions 

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Hey! I just have a quick question for the Phan elf AU.. So since Dan dislikes the rain and Phil really loves it, does Dan give Phil piggyback rides so he can protect Dan from the oncoming rain with his leaf cape? Idk I just thought it was a cute idea haha

Lmao I just snorted out loud - that’s so adorable to image XD I might draw it one day ^_^ 

How Astro would react to their girlfriend being short~


Jinwoo is such a huggable bear~ He would wrap his arms around you from behind and tell you he prefers short girls because he can do THIS! (Then plant kisses on the top of your head and giggle manically)

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Just a random thought that came up while in class: I just imagine Lena in her office thinking about the gala and not wanting to go by herself. Then like a lightbulb goes off and whispers ‘Kara’ and she smiles. She starts wondering if it would be a good idea and then after a while she makes up her mind. She gets all the way to CatCo and then just stands there for a while wondering if this is the right thing. She steels her resolve and walks inside. Then when she gets to where Kara is supposed to be she finds that she isn’t there and is kinda sad. Someone asks her who she’s looking for and then directs her to where Kara really is. Lena sees Kara standing there and it takes her breath away. She then walks straight up to her and then she starts talking and asks her to the gala.

Like when she’s speaking it doesn’t seem like she’s nervous but inside she’s like a total ball of mush and she’s freaking out. Then when Kara says that she’d go it was like the best news ever.

Could someone make this a fic????

If I could begin to be, half of what you think of me
I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love
When I see the way you act, wonderin’ when I’m coming back
I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love…. like you
I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true
‘Cause I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you

a post-Weirdmageddon idea i had. Stan, Mabel and Dipper are taking a well-deserved rest in a pile of flowers, while Ford watches them (after placing his coat on them as a make-shift blanket).

the lyrics are from Ford’s perspective; the flowers and mushrooms symbolize Ford’s thoughts about Stan and the kids, and his thoughts about himself, respectfully (good vs. bad)

idk i just wanted to draw some cute Pines family stuff and a self-contemplative Ford, and i always wanted to do something with that song, so this happened

(one day i’ll draw the Pines family doing something other then sleeping lmao)

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i had a fluffy fic idea that i cnt write for some reason and it was lin x reader where lin finds out reader is ticklish, idk i thought it would be cute! :3

You weren’t having a good day. Stress was eating you alive and the only thing you wanted to do was cuddle with your boyfriend and take a nap, so as soon as you got home, you changed into some sweatpants and threw yourself on the couch.

Lin looked up from his laptop, “Hey, babe.” He said, “How was your day?”

“God,” you started with a groan, “I’m so tired. I just want to sleep for like three months, maybe.” He laughed at you and closed his laptop, putting it on the table before getting up.

“C'mon, let’s go take a nap.” Lin said, extending a hand towards you. You took it and let him guide you to the room. You practically threw yourself on the bed. “Savage,” He mocked you, making you roll your eyes.

You laid your head on his chest and his hand found its way around your waist. He lifted your shirt a bit, moving his hand up and down. You giggled against his chest.

“Stop doing that!” You exclaimed him with a laugh.

“Doing what?” He asked you.

“That!” You said when he did it again, “It tickles.”

He laughed loudly, “(Y/N), love,” He started, “Are you ticklish?”

You shook your head, hiding your face on the crook of his neck. “No!”

“You are!”

“Am not!”

“You definitely are, (Y/N).” He told you. You felt his hand ghost over your skin again, so you moved, facing away from him.

“Nope,” You said. “Fuck off.”

“What?” He laughed, “Scared I’m gonna hurt you? Or worse! Tickle you?”

He pulled you closer, his head resting on the space between your shoulder and your neck. “I hate you,” You said in a whisper.

“Whatever you say, babe.” He whispered back, “But you’re definitely ticklish.”

Mitch Marner #7

Requested by Anon:  Hello!! I really like your writing and the work you put into it :) I was wondering if you could write something either with Jeff Skinner or Mitch Marner where they go over to your house or something for the first time and they meet your service dog and the dog really likes them? Idk why but I just thought it was a cute idea seeing as I have a service dog that doesn’t like a lot of people. Thank you in advance :)

*Hi! I really hope you like this. I personally don’t know anyone who has a service animal so I did some research about this. I hope you enjoy this one and I wish you a great year ahead! :) Thank you so so much.*

Word count: 933

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You looked at the big dog sitting by your feet and gave her a stern look, “you behave okay?” you told her, “I really like this one,” she raised her paw and attempted to cover her eye with it, “uh, uh,” you warned, “you can’t act all cute here because I’m not the only one in this relationship,” you said, pointing at her, “you are very much included and I still haven’t forgotten the last guy you scared off.”

She put her head down, just between her paws, and looked at you.

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tsukki, terushima and kuroo lil drabble where their stubborn s/o is really really artsy like she paints and draws and everything and once she starts she can't stop until she's finished so shes always owrking at like 5pm-4am just painting and painting and one day the boys are staying over at her house and shes painting yet again but they can tell shes really tired and stuff and try to drag her to bed? idk i thought it was a cute idea hahah


Kei was Bored, with a capital B. He didn’t want to be rude and put on his headphones and listen to music. Nor did he want to turn on the TV because, frankly, nothing good was on Tuesday nights. But it was eleven at night and you were still painting. When inspiration hit you after dinner, Kei said it was alright for you to paint, thinking you’d be done in an hour—two tops. But here he was, three hours later.

Eventually he fell asleep watching you paint from where he lounged on the couch. It was only a nap, really, and he woke up at three in the morning. He expected to find you in your room, snoozing away on your bed, or perhaps in the chair next to him, but instead all he saw a soft light glowing in the corner and you perched on a stool, paintbrush in hand.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he observed you closer and noticed the bags forming dark circles under your eyes. You took a sip out of a mug labeled Tea and set it down next to the mug labeled Not Tea. Despite the caffeine, you still yawned widely, rubbing a hand across your face, smearing yellow across your cheekbone.

Cute, Kei thought, but highly unhealthy. He stood from the couch, stretching his long limbs in the process and moved to where you were painting. He looked at the canvas and was in awe with what you were working on; it was a painting of him laughing and the way you painted him, frankly, it made him feel beautiful. But, there was a limit on how much one person could blend a background color.

Willing to risk getting yelled at, Kei scooped you up in his arms and starting walking you to the bedroom. He didn’t get reaction he was expecting: thrashing, resistance, a few choice words. Instead when he looked at you, he saw your eyes ease shut and a soft smile on your lips. He placed you softly on the bed and crawled in after you.


Yuuji liked to watch you paint—he loved the passion, the spark, he saw whenever you had that brush in your hands. The only problem here was that it’s been six hours since you said “Yuuji, please let me just get this idea started before I lost it.” So, he expected you to work for just half an hour or so, just enough to sketch an outline. But now it was six hours later, and he just wanted to get you to bed.

You were exhausted, he could tell. It was two in the morning and he just wanted to sleep, but he wanted to sleep next to you. He wanted to cuddle—but he couldn’t do that if you were sitting there painting.

He tried to talk to you, but it went a little something like this:

Yuuji: Hey, ­_____, maybe you should take a little break.

You: Mhmm.

Yuuji: What are you even planning on painting, _____?

You: Mhmm.

Yuuji: I never told you this, _____, but I’m actually a forty-seven-year-old woman.

You: Mhmm.

So now, he finally decided to take things into his own hands, but how? Should he carry your thrashing body into bed and force you down with his cuddles? Or should he mix some melatonin into a cup of water? Or would that be illegal?

Instead, he tried a different approach. He waited for you to start mixing some new color and carefully grabbed the canvas and set it down (paint side up, obviously) on the table behind the easel. That obviously caught your attention and he awaited your criticism.

Instead he heard, “Yuuji, how long have I been painting?”

“Six hours,” he answered truthfully and you had no choice but glare at him.

“Why didn’t you stop me earlier? God, Yuu, I’m so sorry for ignoring you.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s go to bed.”

“Okay,” you said, standing up and placed a quick kiss to his cheek.


Testurou liked to encourage you and your passions and you liked to do the same for him. You pressured him into going to different science museum exhibits and asking questions, and he pressured you into buying new paintbrushes—it was a balanced relationship. But just as you knew he should limit himself, he knew you should do the same.

You started painting when he started his homework, which took him three hours. He finished that two hours ago and you were still painting. It didn’t seem anything special to him yet, just a flash of colors all over. Must be an abstract, he reasoned.

He was tired and he knew that if he went to bed without you, you’d stay up all night unless you finished your painting, and that was quite unlikely. A painting on a canvas that size usually took you a total of fifteen hours to complete.

Testurou analyzed the situation and found only one way to distract you from painting long enough to get you to bed.

Taking a breath, he uttered, “_____, I think I’m going to change my major. Chemistry is just too difficult.”

He knew it was successful when he saw you slowly clean your paintbrush and place it in your paintbrush cup. When you turned to him and saw his sly smile, you huffed out a breath.

“It’s been that long, huh?”

“Yeah, _____. It’s time for bed.” He held out a hand and you took it, willingly being led to the bedroom.

Testurou liked to encourage you and your passions and you liked to do the same for him, but you both knew there were limits.

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Ever thought about about drawing your fairy Keith (gorgeous btw) holding your baby Lance??? (Beyond cute like death worthy cute sos I have fallen and cannot get up) Obvi only if you have the time or want to!

That would almost make sense because don’t fairies steal kids in like old stories or whatever? 

idk, cute idea either way 

FUCK!  that makes me think of a cute au that I could do with the fairy thing.  concept: Keith and Shiro are fairies and related. When Keith is still tiny Shiro goes and steals Lance away. So Keith and Lance meet when they’re still young but Lance figures out a way back home. He sort of forgets it happened but after years he sees maybe keith or shiro out in the woods and is like ‘oh shit that really happened. I gotta go find these things/guys again!’.  and that’s all I got so far. 

just an idea! XD 


Really quick Batman comic I call “Days after Release of Pokemon Go:Gotham City crime rate at all time low”