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since people are still caught up in the josh and megan drama from week one, this is what megan has said about the whole thing. she has forgiven him and is supporting him so idk why y’all are still using that as an excuse to demonize him? we didn’t even get to see the livefeeds during all of that so you guys don’t even know what actually went down.

Worlds 2017 Updates 

Canes: Lindy, Rasker, Nordy, and Lacko for Sweden, Skinny for Canada, Sepe for Finland, and Hanny for USA. 
Bolts: Heddy and Stralsy for Sweden, Killer and Pointer for Canada, and Vasy and Kuch for Russia. 
Stars: Klinger for Sweden and Rouss for France.
Avs: Landy and Soderberg for Sweden, Picks, Tyson, Nate,and Dutchy for Canada.
Flyers: Giroux, Simmonds, Konecny for Canada. 
Islanders: Lee and Nelson for USA, de Haan for Canada.
Coyotes: Larsson for Sweden, Murphy, Dvorak, and Keller for USA, and Rieder for Germany. 
Hawks: Panarin for Russia. 

Games start May 5th and go on until May 21st. 


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time

alekzandermorozova >>> niklasmalikovs

i literally just finished gemina like 10 mins ago and i’m in a high tbh. this could be temporary or not, but i’ll be tracking #niklasmalikovs for now#alekzandermorozova for some time

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Hey :) Just saw a swap au by a very talented artist (iacediai) and idk if you already know about it, but I'd loooove to read your thoughts! Have a nice day/evening/night!

Ahh! Yes! I’ve seen that post. It’s actually sitting in my drafts waiting to be queued, because I p much add things to my queue in batches of 100-200 about once a month. (Here’s a link for anyone who’s not sure what we’re talking about.)

First of all, A++ designs, I love them so very much. Loverboy Hunk and Sunshine Pidge are probably my favs, but I love them all.

I don’t have thoughts specifically about that role swap combination, but a while ago I saw pepplemint’s role-swapped!Lance art, and boy did that give me ideas. Specifically for a limited role swap AU where the only real *swap* is that Lance went to Kerberos in Shiro’s place.

  • Lance and Keith trained under Shiro after graduating from the Garrison. They were rivals, not least of all because Keith and Shiro were so obviously friends that Lance felt ignored outside of training
  • Shiro was originally supposed to pilot for the Kerberos mission but was in a car crash or something similar that injured his arm to the point he needed to have it amputated. This was, like, six months before launch, so at first the mission is just delayed–there’s no one to take Shiro’s place, and everyone at first is hoping that if the Garrison pays for the top of the line prosthetic maybe Shiro will still be able to go. (After all, they’ve already pumped so much money into this mission and into Shiro specifically.)
  • But Shiro’s recovery is slow, and PTSD + reduced dexterity mean he just can’t fly at the same level as before. So the Garrison decides they’re going to find a new pilot and have Shiro train them, since he knows better than anyone what this mission is going to require.
  • This is about the time the show would have started–one year after the original launch date. And the Garrison needs some gimmick for the media to “salvage” the mission from a PR standpoint. Shiro was literally the face of the Kerberos mission, and the public is more concerned about his recovery than the Garrison’s expedition (which is… you know, a good thing? But the Garrison cares about the publicity. They want the Kerberos mission to drive recruitment and all that.)
  • So they go to the next graduating class of fighter pilots and say, “Hey, guess what? One of you is going to be the youngest solo pilot in history, and you’re going to go farther than anyone else has ever gone. Ready? Cool. Now duke it out for your spot on this crew.”
  • (In more PR-friendly terms, obviously, but that’s the intent.)
  • Keith and Lance are the two top contenders, so both get to undergo training with Shiro. They’ll both have the full training, just in case there’s another car accident or something, and the Garrison is running it almost like a reality show, getting the public invested in the Big Question of Who’s going to pilot the mission???
  • The decision is ultimately Shiro’s, and he’s as pissed off about the spectacle of it as Keith is. (Lance, conversely, is absolutely loving the attention.) He doesn’t know what the public opinion is, and frankly, he doesn’t care. (It’s about 60-40 favoring Lance, but the Garrison bigwigs are split the opposite way, because Keith is Iverson’s golden boy the same way Shiro was–just a little less inclined to put up with bullshit.)
  • Lance is sure Shiro’s going to pick Keith. Frankly? So is Keith. Both of them are shocked when Shiro picks Lance.
  • Lance and Keith have a big fight after it’s announced, and they didn’t talk once in the last month before launch.
  • It’s now about two years later than canonverse–Lance is 20 for most of the mission, but they launch when he’s still 19, purely for the headline “Teen Pilots Landmark Mission to Kerberos”
  • The Galra still attack, and the disaster still goes down in history as pilot error.
  • Pidge didn’t have to sneak into the Garrison–she entered openly a year before the mission launched, has her own crew, and is the top communications cadet in the Garrison. She wants to wreck shit when Sam, Matt, and Lance are declared dead, but Shiro talks her down. (He stayed friends with the Holts even after he was removed from the mission, and through him Pidge knows Keith.)
  • So Pidge takes a week or two off from classes to grieve and to talk with Keith, both of them stoking the flames of their anger. Pidge doesn’t buy the official story and when she returns to classes she starts hacking the Garrison computers–secretly–looking for the truth.
  • Keith, in contrast, fully believes Lance was at fault and blames him for killing Pidge’s family. He doesn’t think any of them survived, and he has no outlet for his anger, so he starts going on long flights into the desert–which is where he stumbles upon the Blue Lion’s cave.
  • Hunk graduated along with Keith and Lance, having been Lance’s engineer as in canon. He spent the year/year and a half after graduation working on Garrison ships, but when Lance “dies” he quits and opens a restaurant/gets a job as head chef at a restaurant instead. He can’t stand working at the place that reminds him of his best friend.
  • Shiro is a regular patron at Hunk’s restaurant, and the two are pretty good friends, all things considered. He knows Pidge and Keith distantly–Keith mostly as “Lance’s rival who’s actually a pretty cool guy” and Pidge as “Shiro’s friend who’s always on her computer looking at technical diagrams.”
  • Pidge and Keith both wind up at the crash site in the desert as they do in canon. Lance has visible scars and a white streak in his hair, but he has a cybernetic eye and maybe a prosthetic leg, too, instead of the arm Shiro has. Keith and Pidge break Lance out mostly to get answers about the Holts, and once they have him, they kind of panic because, hello, they’re now fugitives.
  • Keith calls Shiro and tells him exactly nothing except that Lance is at their shack in the desert. Shiro was at Hunk’s restaurant when he got the call, and Hunk overhears. He rips off his apron and demands that Shiro bring him along, so the five of them are once more all together in the Blue Lion’s cave when she chooses Shiro.
  • Shiro still kind of thinks of himself as Lance’s mentor and it takes a while for them to get used to the changes. Because Shiro is still happy and mostly healthy and he wants to protect the younger paladins, Lance especially, but he can’t deny that Lance is far more suited to protecting the rest of them. He knows the enemy, he has practice fighting, he’s a scary good sniper and just as deadly in the heat of battle. Lance ultimately becomes the team’s leader, while Shiro acts as their emotional support.
  • There’s also friction among the younger paladins–a much deeper rooted conflict between Keith and Lance than in the show, and Pidge’s festering resentment about the Kerberos mission (she knows it’s not Lance’s fault, but she and Keith fueled each other, so she can’t quite let it go). Hunk is 100% on Team Lance, so he initially doesn’t get along well with Keith or Pidge, and Lance just isn’t interested in repairing bridges other people burned for him. It falls to Shiro to play peacemaker and get them all on the same page.

And yeah, idk where the plot goes from there except more or less the same way canon goes, but there’s lots of angst. ^.^’


Two of my favorite photos of the Apollo 1 crew

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For the Altean!Pidge AU, how do you think Matt and Sam Holt would react to seeing Allura and Coran? Based on some of your earlier posts I'd guess that Matt would be really happy to see other Alteans and if Sam had worked for Alfor he might know Allura or Coran?? Idk yeah I just really love the idea of them reuniting with Pidge and then?? More Alteans?? ?

GosH OK SO LIKE I had a whOLE REACTION idea thought out but then I watched season 4 and it was sO OFF and so since I’m not sure about Sam’s personality, I can’t be sure how he’d react other than he’d probably bond with Coran since!! Yeah!!

And my god, imagine Matt meeting his people’s princess AND being completely smitten with her like he is in season 4???

“Princess!! If you need help repopulating Altea, I’m your man!!”


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You know masky isnt a creepypasta ???? Marble hornets isnt even apart of the creepypasta, Okay. Idk just thought i'd put that down. Here.

Well if you pay attention to the tags you’d see that I put Marble Hornets in almost every post he’s in, and yes I know that it has nothing to do with creepypasta. It’s just that Masky and Hoodie has been associated with the fandom for a long time that it seems a bit odd to just leave them out at this point.

About Bellatrix Lestrange

Since we here in the Harry Potter rp community often ignore things that are canon, I thought I might give my opinion on Bellatrix and why school-age Bella is a lot different then post-Azkaban age Bella, or at least in the way I portray her.

To me, when she was younger, Bella was a lot more controlled in her insanity(read: sadism). Having been raised in the Black family, how people perceive her is a big thing. Unlike Narcissa and Andromeda, however, she’s not really one to keep her head down and pretend nothing’s wrong(although both do so for very different reasons). 

So she goes about in her cruel ways, bullying small children, picking fights, and she openly supports Voldemort. But she’s still smart about it- Bella knows that if she goes to far, if she isn’t careful, she could be expelled or worse. So she bides her time.

Once she leaves school and joins Voldemort, she starts to shift. She’s finally able to let loose a bit more, and she starts ignoring the law. She’s still smart about what she’s doing, though. Let’s remember, Barty Crouch Jr., however horrible, was a fucking genius and probably matched Voldemort in his abilities. Moldy-Voldy wasn’t about to let just anyone be close to him.

Finally, she gets to where she needs to be, and she’s sent to go take care of the Longbottoms. But she’s been stifled for too long. Bella doesn’t make it clean, and they live, while she’s caught and sent to Azkaban.

And for over a decade, that’s where she stays. Slowly stewing in her anger and devotion to this maniac, and in that time, her mind twists and warps and she loses all sense of control. She’s now completely detached from any false sense of affection she’s felt for anyone, and she doesn’t let that guide her actions anymore. She doesn’t care what she does, so long as it makes her happy(or whatever warped sense of happiness she feels) and furthers her goals. 

That’s when she becomes the post-Azkaban Bella that I’ve made her out to be. Completely sadistic, worshipping of her Dark Lord, and ready to do whatever possible to become the most feared Witch(not Wizard, that’s Voldetort). 

some quick ghosty cousins! :D I like to imagine them working the snail farm together and getting into all kinds of wacky hijinks and hilarious misunderstandings due to their charmingly mismatched personalities. what sort of misadventure will they find themselves in next??? (brb, gotta go pitch this exciting spinoff sitcom)

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I don't know if u care at this point but if Gabe were blowing hard enough on that horn to make noise, his lips would have to be in complete contact with the mouthpiece. Idk if you care but I just thought I'd drop inXD I love the piece btw

the piece is still in progress! it’s not quite done yet. a lot of them still have some rendering left. i don’t like posting WIP views very much because the Unprompted Critique The Unfinished Piece Brigade likes to blow me up, so do know i know you didn’t mean any harm, but i’m gonna just show that i’m still rendering gabe so that more don’t think that’s staying lol

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What was the bubble wrap incident you referenced in your tags (the post about your etsy shop being back up)?

What ‘bubble wrap incident’ would that be?


the etsy shop still has a handful of charms left, since this has been brought up!

but, uh, kitty cain has an…AFFINITY towards soft plastics, like saran wraps. and when i say “affinity” i mean his thought process appears to be “oh my god this stuff is so delicious” so i have to keep a close eye on him if i have any around

and i didn’t realize it, but he got into one of my rolls of bubble wrap and really did a number on it. cain’s totally fine which is what was really important here (he just had a vet visit! my big dude’s doin A-OK) but i was afraid i wouldn’t have have any left for orders! thankfully, i have a bunch left from a previous shipment i got. i don’t have any stores around that i can pick anything like that up from, so yea

and that, my friends, was the bubble wrap incident

My modest shrine/altar to the NTRW. I’ll be adding more pretty things and candles as time goes on. Also pictured are my various pieces of magix-related items I ask them to help power; my list of petitions; the pieces of jewelry I have dedicated to Set and HSA; my wallet and change jar so I’ll be offering any money I possess to them on a daily basis; and my weapons I ask them to enchant to help keep me safe :>

[SPOILERS] All major characters’ dying words


* Be good, won’t you? M y  c h i l d …  (Neutral)

* Eheheheh!! You really are no different than them! H a … H a … (Neutral - Betray her)

* Now I see who I was protecting by keeping you here. Not you… But them!         H a … H a … (No Mercy)


* Alas, poor Papyrus! Well, at least I still have my head! (Neutral)

* You can do a little better! Even if you don’t think so! I… I promise… (No Mercy)


* No… No! Not yet! I won’t die! NGAHHHHHHHH!!! I WON’T DIE! I WON’T DIE! I WON’T DIE! I  W O N ‘ T (Neutral)

* Alphys told me that she would watch me fight you… And if anything went wrong, she would… evacuate everyone. By now she’s called ASGORE and told him to absorb the 6 human souls. And with that power… This world will live on…! (No Mercy)


* Even if I’m not cut out to be a star… I still got to perform for a human, didn’t I? So, thank you, darling… Y o u ‘ v e  b e e n  a  g r e a t  a u d i e n c e ! (Neutral)

* Gh… Guess you don’t wanna join my fanclub? (No Mercy)

* Ha… Ha… At least now, I can rest easy… Knowing that Alphys and the humans will live on…! (No Mercy - Failed)


* welp. i’m going to grillby’s. papyrus, do you want anything? (No Mercy)


* You have the power… Take my soul, and leave this cursed place. (Neutral - Kill him)

* We can be like… Like a family… (Neutral - Show mercy)

* It pains me to give you this responsibility, but… Please. Take my soul… And seek the truth. (Neutral - Show mercy after killing Flowey)

* Why… You… (No Mercy)


* I knew you had it in you! (Neutral)

* I can help… I can… P l e a s e  d o n ‘ t  k i l l  m e. (No Mercy)



why are men trash. jesse lacey came off as such a brilliant lyricist and his music was so fantastic i always thought he had a mastermind. I never shut up on here about how much i fuckin love Brand New and how involved their music has been for my adolescence and even as an adult. I’m so used to listening to them every day but now idk what to do. I can’t forgive him or support him and i can’t listen to their music anymore which is gonna be such a difficult change and this sounds so dramatic but idk how else to put it. Jesse lacey is a sexual predator and i want to cry.

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have you ever wondered what year hxh takes place in? like in the series?

oh! i used to bc i dont remember if the anime showed the dates?? but it begins to take place in 1999. here look–ch 146, when killua leaves greed island for the hunter exam:

12-29-1999 (just in time for the exam!)

and, also, just for a little more evidence of time being mentioned, greed island was released in 1987:



would ya’ll be interested in these shirts? they are still a wip because first cc and everything but i don’t wanna put too much effort in them in no one else is interested ya know?

they say:

1) let me be perfectly queer
2) GAY
3) too gay for this world
4) i’m like sooo gay dude
5) nobody told me life was gonna be this gay

just like or comment if youre interested please :)