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[SPOILERS] All major characters’ dying words


* Be good, won’t you? M y  c h i l d …  (Neutral)

* Eheheheh!! You really are no different than them! H a … H a … (Neutral - Betray her)

* Now I see who I was protecting by keeping you here. Not you… But them!         H a … H a … (No Mercy)


* Alas, poor Papyrus! Well, at least I still have my head! (Neutral)

* You can do a little better! Even if you don’t think so! I… I promise… (No Mercy)


* No… No! Not yet! I won’t die! NGAHHHHHHHH!!! I WON’T DIE! I WON’T DIE! I WON’T DIE! I  W O N ‘ T (Neutral)

* Alphys told me that she would watch me fight you… And if anything went wrong, she would… evacuate everyone. By now she’s called ASGORE and told him to absorb the 6 human souls. And with that power… This world will live on…! (No Mercy)


* Even if I’m not cut out to be a star… I still got to perform for a human, didn’t I? So, thank you, darling… Y o u ‘ v e  b e e n  a  g r e a t  a u d i e n c e ! (Neutral)

* Gh… Guess you don’t wanna join my fanclub? (No Mercy)

* Ha… Ha… At least now, I can rest easy… Knowing that Alphys and the humans will live on…! (No Mercy - Failed)


* welp. i’m going to grillby’s. papyrus, do you want anything? (No Mercy)


* You have the power… Take my soul, and leave this cursed place. (Neutral - Kill him)

* We can be like… Like a family… (Neutral - Show mercy)

* It pains me to give you this responsibility, but… Please. Take my soul… And seek the truth. (Neutral - Show mercy after killing Flowey)

* Why… You… (No Mercy)


* I knew you had it in you! (Neutral)

* I can help… I can… P l e a s e  d o n ‘ t  k i l l  m e. (No Mercy)