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Worlds 2017 Updates 

Canes: Lindy, Rasker, Nordy, and Lacko for Sweden, Skinny for Canada, Sepe for Finland, and Hanny for USA. 
Bolts: Heddy and Stralsy for Sweden, Killer and Pointer for Canada, and Vasy and Kuch for Russia. 
Stars: Klinger for Sweden and Rouss for France.
Avs: Landy and Soderberg for Sweden, Picks, Tyson, Nate,and Dutchy for Canada.
Flyers: Giroux, Simmonds, Konecny for Canada. 
Islanders: Lee and Nelson for USA, de Haan for Canada.
Coyotes: Larsson for Sweden, Murphy, Dvorak, and Keller for USA, and Rieder for Germany. 
Hawks: Panarin for Russia. 

Games start May 5th and go on until May 21st. 

I want to go to the big local pride parade but my mom doesn’t know if she wants me to go bc she’s nervous something bad’ll happen and I want to be annoyed but? I can’t be because it is actually (however slim) a possibility and after Portland (which is only a few hours away) and Orlando last year…like I want to argue with her but her concerns are valid and I’m just Really Disappointed


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time

False Starts has been kicking around since last summer when I was very much caught in a ‘I want to recover but I’m also not yet ready to fully commit to this and thus extremely prone to relapsing’ thing for a while, and while I’m not really in that headspace anymore thankfully, it’s still a song that’s not easy to perform for me. It’s basically an eulogy to myself if I had carried on getting worse instead of getting better, which is why I wanted to make the music as beautiful as possible, cause that’s kinda what you do in eulogies, right? Gloss over the bad shit and make it sound nice so you can remember the person for the good things instead. There’s a lot of very specific things in there that probably won’t make sense to anyone but me, but it was important for me to get them out somehow and sometimes it’s easier to put some truth in a song than to say it out loud to a person. And maybe other people will find their own things in these words, which is kinda the more important side of this anyways.

“I write it on the sidewalk, praying for rain
„This is the last time“, I tell the cold porcelain
But we both know that that’s a lie
I’m a lost cause, undignified.
I’m on my best behaviour, but that doesn’t mean a thing
It’s only a matter of time until I turn to stone and sink
Things keep falling through the holes that spot my mind
Deliberate habitual slow suicide…”

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I don't know if u care at this point but if Gabe were blowing hard enough on that horn to make noise, his lips would have to be in complete contact with the mouthpiece. Idk if you care but I just thought I'd drop inXD I love the piece btw

the piece is still in progress! it’s not quite done yet. a lot of them still have some rendering left. i don’t like posting WIP views very much because the Unprompted Critique The Unfinished Piece Brigade likes to blow me up, so do know i know you didn’t mean any harm, but i’m gonna just show that i’m still rendering gabe so that more don’t think that’s staying lol

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What was the bubble wrap incident you referenced in your tags (the post about your etsy shop being back up)?

What ‘bubble wrap incident’ would that be?


the etsy shop still has a handful of charms left, since this has been brought up!

but, uh, kitty cain has an…AFFINITY towards soft plastics, like saran wraps. and when i say “affinity” i mean his thought process appears to be “oh my god this stuff is so delicious” so i have to keep a close eye on him if i have any around

and i didn’t realize it, but he got into one of my rolls of bubble wrap and really did a number on it. cain’s totally fine which is what was really important here (he just had a vet visit! my big dude’s doin A-OK) but i was afraid i wouldn’t have have any left for orders! thankfully, i have a bunch left from a previous shipment i got. i don’t have any stores around that i can pick anything like that up from, so yea

and that, my friends, was the bubble wrap incident

[SPOILERS] All major characters’ dying words


* Be good, won’t you? M y  c h i l d …  (Neutral)

* Eheheheh!! You really are no different than them! H a … H a … (Neutral - Betray her)

* Now I see who I was protecting by keeping you here. Not you… But them!         H a … H a … (No Mercy)


* Alas, poor Papyrus! Well, at least I still have my head! (Neutral)

* You can do a little better! Even if you don’t think so! I… I promise… (No Mercy)


* No… No! Not yet! I won’t die! NGAHHHHHHHH!!! I WON’T DIE! I WON’T DIE! I WON’T DIE! I  W O N ‘ T (Neutral)

* Alphys told me that she would watch me fight you… And if anything went wrong, she would… evacuate everyone. By now she’s called ASGORE and told him to absorb the 6 human souls. And with that power… This world will live on…! (No Mercy)


* Even if I’m not cut out to be a star… I still got to perform for a human, didn’t I? So, thank you, darling… Y o u ‘ v e  b e e n  a  g r e a t  a u d i e n c e ! (Neutral)

* Gh… Guess you don’t wanna join my fanclub? (No Mercy)

* Ha… Ha… At least now, I can rest easy… Knowing that Alphys and the humans will live on…! (No Mercy - Failed)


* welp. i’m going to grillby’s. papyrus, do you want anything? (No Mercy)


* You have the power… Take my soul, and leave this cursed place. (Neutral - Kill him)

* We can be like… Like a family… (Neutral - Show mercy)

* It pains me to give you this responsibility, but… Please. Take my soul… And seek the truth. (Neutral - Show mercy after killing Flowey)

* Why… You… (No Mercy)


* I knew you had it in you! (Neutral)

* I can help… I can… P l e a s e  d o n ‘ t  k i l l  m e. (No Mercy)

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have you ever wondered what year hxh takes place in? like in the series?

oh! i used to bc i dont remember if the anime showed the dates?? but it begins to take place in 1999. here look–ch 146, when killua leaves greed island for the hunter exam:

12-29-1999 (just in time for the exam!)

and, also, just for a little more evidence of time being mentioned, greed island was released in 1987:


Number Seven

Summary: Dan is unfortunately forced to be a chaperone for his little brother Noah’s classroom party. They’re made to go on a scavenger hunt around town, and when one of their items for the hunt escapes, Dan has to be a little creative in its replacement. And with that replacement, well, maybe him being forced to come to this party wasn’t so unfortunate after all.

Warnings: I mean, a few swears, but that’s all.

Word count: 3,932

A/N: Basically, a few months ago, I found this prompt on awful-aus that I can’t find for the life of me, but essentially, it was, “My friends and I are on a scavenger hunt, and for number seven, we need something alive, and we had a rabbit but it got away, and we have like five minutes, will you please be our number seven???” so I wrote it and yeah. Here you go.

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hey i know you like monsters, so there's a new game in the works called Dead By Daylight, where you play as a serial killer or a survivor, the survivors fix generators to run away and make it to the exit, the killer hunts them and hangs them on hooks to sacrifice to demon/monster things, idk if it's your kinda thing but i thought i'd give you a heads up

Normally not a fan of slasher/murder-man monsters but those designs actually look… kinda cool…. i might give it a go :>