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So if we like the books the show stans say we're homophobic? Do you think i should inform my girlfriend that her girlfriend is homophobic? She might want to know

*rolls eyes to heaven* it’s definitely a mystery how they get that information from us reading + enjoying books! (as a member of the lgbt+ community as well,, idk how u can would get a homophobic vibe from me)


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Being honest, do you think the golden age of Dnp is over? Do u think their content isn't the same as it used to be? I find myself watching their old stuff and they seemed happier idk dan can be so rude sometimes these days

i think that the “golden age” at least with like big things happening in their lives sort of ended with tatinof just because it was a huge wave of success they were riding. i genuinely think dan and phil are making content they enjoy rn but that might not mean their audience might enjoy it (e.g. sims or google games). right now they are relaxing from all the huge things they did and i think this is just a trough in the waves of their careers ya know? i think they are loving life rn and that’s all that really matters.

When the Lights Go Out

Featuring: Jung Hoseok x Reader

rated m (to be safe) // angst // warnings: implied sex + foreplay

“Love is blind / when the lights go out” 

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No response.

“Jung Hoseok, you need to get up so we can go home.”

“Mmmmm no I dun wanna…” he replies, words sloshing into each other as they spill out of his mouth the same way his drink is escaping the red solo cup in his hand.

You snatch it away from him and place it haphazardly on the nearby coffee table, half rising and attempting to pull him up off the couch where he has decided to take up residency.

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You can’t forbid it

Hey, angels!
Sorry, this took a little while to write. I’m not entirely sure if I like this one. I have a few other requests which I’ll write as soon as possible. Please tell me what you think, enjoy reading! xx

Also, please note that my mother tongue isn’t english so there might be some mistakes. You can always correct me!

Requested by Anon: “ Can u do a Bettyxreader where the reader is sneaking out to see Betty(since Alice doesnt let Betty see the reader) and she climbs up the window, but Alice opens the door and reader has to hide in the closet. U decide the end💛 idk if it makes sense?”

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Pairing: Betty Cooper x Reader

Words: 858

Alice Cooper always told her daughter that I’m a bad influence, that I’m just another fool. Obviously this didn’t stop Betty to befriend me. To say that Betty’s mom freaked out when she found out we were friends would be an understatement. She forbid her daughter to be friends with me. She never told the reason why she was so against me. The friendship between the two of us didn’t end though. Betty meant way too much to me to just quit seeing her. The both of us agreed that it would be the best if we would meet behind Alice’s back.

A few months later I caught myself staring at Betty a few seconds too long. Even my heart skipped a beat every time Betty smiled or laughed. At first I was confused but shrugged it off, waiting for it to just go away. But weeks later when my behavior got even worse something in me clicked. I realized I started catching feelings for my best friend. Since I never were the person who hid their feelings so I just told her. While telling her my breath was quicker and my heart beat the fastest it ever had. Let’s just say I was a nervous mess but I was the happiest person on earth when Betty said she felt the same way as I do.

Now four months later I still were the happiest person alive. Betty’s mom had still no clue that we were dating. How we managed to keep it a secret from her, I have no idea. 

It was a little bit over 7 P.M. and as cliche as it sounds I was throwing rocks on Betty’s window. After the fourth rock, the window opened. “What are you doing here?!”, Betty whisper-yelled. “Can’t I come visit my beautiful girlfriend?”, I grinned and started climbing up to her window. “You can’t just come here what if my-” I cut her off my putting my lips on hers, kissing her slowly. My hands wandering up her body, wrapping around her neck.  Betty’s hands laid on my hips, pulling me closer.

Our tongues danced together. We both were in our own little world. Nothing could distract us. Unfortunately we had to separate our lips since we needed to breathe. For a couple of seconds we just stood there smiling at each other. “As much as I like you sneaking in, you have to tell me when you’re coming over. What if my mom sees you?” I laughed lightly. “Oh please. Maybe it’s time she knows that she can’t control you anymore”, I said, hoping she would agree.

As if Alice would eavesdrop, there was a knock on the door and a ‘Betty?’ was heard. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Betty. “Not today”, she mouthed and pushed me in her closet. I sighed and tried so breathe as quietly as possible. I heard the door open and how a person, probably Alice, entered the room. “I heard voices”, she simply said. Her voice is as cold as always. “Yeah, Veronica called. She needed help with something” Betty’s voice trembled a little bit. I’m sure Alice heard it, too. 

Betty’s mom didn’t say anything after that. The next thing I know is that the closet door was pulled open and an angry looking Mrs. Cooper was standing in front of me. “I- I can explain”, Betty said, sounding afraid. Honestly, I myself was a bit afraid. Betty’s mom was unpredictable. “Shut your mouth” If looks could kill I’d be dead now. Alice grabbed my arm and pulled me out off the closet. “Mrs. Cooper-”, I tried to say but I got cut off by her immediately. “I thought I forbid you to see Y/N”, she snapped at Betty. Her eyes staring into Betty’s. “I can’t believe you betrayed me, Betty. That’s not how I raised you! How many times did I tell you that Y/N isn’t the right person for you to hang out with?!” Alice words were full of hatred and anger.

“I thought you knew better. How can you be this stupid?!” I felt anger boil inside of me. “Mrs. Cooper with all due respect you have no right to tell Betty who she can be friends or even be in a relationship with. Betty’s old and smart enough to make her own decisions! I really don’t want to be rude but someone had to say this”, my voice was strong. I almost broke out into a smile when I saw the look on Alice’s face. “How dare you to speak to me like this?”, she asked, sounding unbelievable. “Mom, I think it’s best if you would leave my room”, Betty said and forced a smile. Mrs Cooper turned away from us and left Betty’s room.

“I’m sorry that I-” My words had been cut off by a small kiss. “Don’t apologize. At least now she knows that she can’t forbid me to see you”, my girlfriend smiled. Even though Betty’s mom must hate me even more I couldn’t care less since all I care about is right in front of me.

you can ignore this i’m just dumping my thoughts here lol

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just wondering as a pin maker myself is bigcartel better or easier to use than etsy? (ps im ordering your pins after i get paid cause theyre rad)

ahh thank u !! i really like big cartel, i haven’t really used etsy. i guess i like it more because it seems more like a small business? like more professional? idk. i’ve had friends that really enjoy etsy as well. im not sure the comparison of seller fees on etsy vs big cartel, but it’s not too bad and it’s really easy to keep orders organized. the only thing w big cartel is the free version you can only upload 5 items at a time. for me its nbd but if you want to have a lot of products, you need to upgrade where etsy you can kind of do however many you want. 

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Hi. Was it you who recommended captive prince? If yes then I LOVED IT OMG!! Do you have any other book recommendations?

YES IT WAS ME, AND YES I DO! I love to read original m/m romance, and I’ve gathered quite a collection over the years :p Here are a few of my personal favs; those I truly believe are worth the read (cus I’ve also read lots of awful stuff, too – but I’ll not rec you that, don’t worry XD)

OK let’s go

(these are all links to the Goodreads summaries of the books)

it’s a series of 9 books, two FBI agents who hate each other’s guts (at first…most of the time…not always!!); one of them is batshit crazy but SO LOVABLE, and the other one is all I find sexy in a man tbh. This series is MY MOST ABSOLUTE FAV it ranks right next to Captive Prince!

ok it’s a lot of porn. But I just love the trope of the sexy bisexual man who always fucks with no strings attached UNTIL THE MOMENT HE MEETS HIS SOULMATE aka mr straight barman :D At first I didn’t like this book cus I thought it’d be porn only but SURPRISE: it has lots (and I say LOTS) of angst too; and so much love. I recommend this series 200/10!

after all the porn, a little bit of gay man (well, early twenties is “man”, right?) in a small town shenanigans. This series (ONLY THE 1ST TWO BOOKS, last one was a let down tbh) is absolutely UNIQUE and it’s so funny, and angsty, and cute, and fluffy, and moving; it’ll make you laugh and cry and thank JESUS this book exists XD Obviously, it’s a must read at any time of day since it’s got little to nothing too sexy in it.

imo this is the BEST gay bdsm series EVER (up until book 3 or 4, anyway; after that it’s…. well, you’ll see). I’ve given lots of other series/stand-alones a try but nothing has ever been able to beat this. TRULY my most favorite D/s couple, and everything about the bdsm world sounds wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more believable and respectful of every party than, say…. 50sog *gag*

this book is gonna be a series, but the other books aren’t published yet PLUS they won’t be about the same characters, so I don’t wanna call it a series exactly (all the previous ones are always about the same couples/people). THIS BOOK IS THE EXACT PERFECT MIX BETWEEN HILARIOUS AND SEXY AF. I LIVE FOR THESE TYPES OF BOOKS.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so how about a novella about a guy who owns a robot. And um.. somehow discovers he can… um….. ask him……stuff…. of the intimate sort. I’M NOT KINKY, THE BOOK IS!

So, this book is like that one AO3 fic that’s got all the most dreadful warnings like non-con/rape, gore, etc etc. Yes, it has all these things. Honestly, be careful, there are some scenes I could NEVER re-read. Whenever I read this book all over again I literally skip those parts cus I just…. can’t. OK SO BASICALLY it’s a fantasy book about an ogre (CALM DOWN HE’S NOT SHREK, he’s a half-ogre half-human so I guess it makes the sexing ok lmao), and about some kind of wildling who gets captured by the ogre’s tribe and is sold to SHREK (jk jk, he’s not Shrek omg) as a sex slave. SEE WHY I READ THAT ONE. SEX SLAVES. HUZZAH. o// It’s a truly epic/gripping/hot-as-all-fucks/kinky/gory/oh-god-why-DO-I-LOVE-THIS-SO-MUCH story. Be careful, though. It’s not for the sensitive souls.

As the title suggests, it’s a love story happening in the army. It’s absolutely the most amazing book about gay soldiers I’ve read so far! You’ll love every single one of the characters, especially BIG DADDY GRABOWSKI *cackles*

[tons of GREAT books about gay soldiers spill out of my bookcase]

[tries to convince you I’ve never seen these books before in my entire life, but wow, they do look good, huh?]

AGE GAP. ADORABLE. HOT HOT HOT. ITALIAN MOB. AND CUTE TEACHER. NEED I SAY MORE. I have a special shelf on GR for this type of books actually, and it’s titled: adorable-self-deprecating-babies.

from the same author as the previous book, and again it’s on my #adorable self deprecating babies 5ever. It’s got a bit of the “beauty and the beast” feel to it. AKA, one thinks he is useless & dumb,especially compared to the other man who is successful & smart.

SO ADORABLE SELF DEPRECATING BEEFCAKE I love this book so much omg. Also, another beauty & the beast story. Idk I just love those :’D

If you manage to go through this and need more, don’t hesitate to ask! I could actually leave you my Goodreads profile so you can browse my bookshelves.

Voilà <3

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This might be a reach, but like even if Rachel practised her singing more then mercedes that isn't necessarily a good thing. Like she seemed to base her whole life around singing, which isn't healthy. When she got sick in s1 wasn't that because of overuse of her vocal cords or something?

yeAH the show romanticized overworking a loT TBH

like she would LIVE and breathe bway and it just made her an unbearable character. i guess that’s why i also liked hcaracters liek mercedes and kurt, bc while they loved 2 perform they also enjoyed other things

like im p sure it’s canon that cedes and kurt make their own accessories/prom attire. 

thinking back i kinda used 2 be the same as rachel, when it came 2 my passions. i only saw myself doin animation throughout my hs career, and in a way i pushed down other passions i might have had. only recently did i realize that it’s not the ONLY thing i wanna do. idk im really over the ‘u better be passionate in ONE thing bc that’s what yer gonna do for the rest of yer life’ shit bc it does more damage than good :’0

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sagittarius, capricorn, pisces!

hi thnk u sm!!!!!

placement asks

sagittarius - do you like to party?

well, no not really. i might enjoy a party for a bit, but eventually my anxiety starts kicking in and i want to leave. id much rather get high with like two close friends tbh dhijdfh

capricorn - whats the latest book you’ve read?

i dont rlly… read,, idk its just very hard for me to find books i genuinely enjoy. but the last book i read was for school and it was To Kill a Mockingbird! i think its my favorite

pisces - how frequently do you remember your dream?

close to never. idk if i just dont dream, or if i only remember the bad ones. but whenever i do remember a dream its one where someone close to me dies so,,,,,

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hello gabbi!! i was wondering what u think the point of life is? i was thinking about it and thought u might have some cool ideas about it. honestly idk what it is but i figure if we get one life or get many lifes i might as well live this one up because otherwise it would be a waste of time ya kno? ok well hope ur having a good day!

oh man you have approximately 3 billion seconds here as a human and then it’s back to nothingness again. u can approach it many ways, that it’s brief so u might as well enjoy it, or that the inevitability of death renders it meaningless. u can think of it as a dream. u can think of it as level one. u can think of it as a non linear sequence of events that never starts or ends. u can think of yourself as an ant or a giant. life is a miracle. a dinosaur probably pissed where you are sitting. some old woman is probably getting really good head as i type.  i don’t think any of us really understand what it is that we’ve been born into but we’ve called it life and it goes on and that’s the best i can do right now and. i love you.

Hey, guys. This is my first ever follow forever. ;; i have never thought that i’d be making one of these tbh. But yeah, I recently reached a certain number of followers and i’m just like  "aldsfjalsdkjf???“ seriously.  Plus, I’ve met new people through tumblr. I’ve been here on tumblr for 4 years ( since october 2010 ) but, it’s only this year where i actually started talking to people and continued making edits/gifs/graphics lmfao. I’ve been a quiet blogger ever since..and i still am (kind of lol).  So, i’m taking this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. ^^ I’ve been quite inactive the past few days because i was busy making a video for you guys. Here’s the video: {x} please do read the description first before watching. <3 I apologize since, the video is out of sync. I’ve been trying to figure it out on how to sync the video with the audio but i just can’t. So, i’m just going to show it to you guys first before publicly posting it. ^^ I hope you guys enjoyed it even if the video’s out of sync. T_T Oh, it’s a chanyeol edit btw lmao. i might open up a request for videos or smthing but idk ^^; 

anyways, thank you  everyone.. for making my dash beautiful. The edits/graphics/pictures.gifs that i see on my dash everyday can literally make my frown into a smile. <3 plus, the tags can also make my day, too. I read tags okay. I enjoy reading them. HAHA. ok ok, i’m going to end my message here. /showers you all with love/ <3

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