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Modern heartbreak is “read at 9:13 p.m.” when it’s 9:40. it’s unliked photos, it’s blocking and unblocking and blocking and unblocking. modern heartbreak is sick with being watched, it’s breakups playing out on twitter feeds, it’s unfollowed unfollowed unfollowed. it’s screenshotted photos that shouldn’t have been saved, it’s screenshotted texts meant for one person only. it’s seeing your ex lover with their new one, watching their lives playing out like yours didn’t, it’s phones thrown into bedroom walls when their profile changes from single to in a relationship. it’s snapchat stories to make that one person jealous because it feels like without them you’re nothing, it’s that one story expiring before they see it because they don’t give a fuck about you now and you know it, it’s deleting their contact info but wanting it tattooed on the back of your hand in case you ever want to call, it’s messy it’s messy it’s messy it’s so fucking messy because everyone fucking sees it and it never goes away.

I’ve been receiving a lot of complaints about Taemin’s AU (mostly on FB & IG .. im glad people here read my captions hehe ♥ ) //

•“Isn’t Yoosung’s kid a boy???!!!”
•“Isn’t Jaehee’s kid a girl???!?!?”
…. and the best one

Well for the most part, I did state over and over in ALL captions that this is a different au – and if I had a penny for every time I had to explain that the au was different because people didn’t read or bother to find out…. well maybe I could buy myself a cheeseburger or something ;; i know some are genuinely confused but there were those who were quite rude about it like it was their own AU haha;;; +++ ((but also… GASP …. maybe ?? just maybe?? it’s possible to have more than one AU? hahaha lol)) +++ also nobody’s stopping anybody from making their own aus – it would also be nice that way because then we would have more MM content to enjoy! there are infinite possibilities •v•;;;

oh no…. i have this RFA+MC family idea for the Holidays (same with the preschool post) …. what if people confuse them with Taemin’s AU again HAHA r.i.p. me

im sorry for posting two text posts in a row aaah idk where else i could post ;; i still dont know how twitter works :))) ill delete this text post later akjdsh i just wanted to let my thoughts out

Things that I want to scream at the assholes in the cancer crew fandom
  • Anisa is a great person who does no wrong and should be respected as such. Stop leaving mean comments on her Instagram just because she is dating Ian. 
  • Don’t harass Joji on Instagram or Twitter. He is a human being who clearly wants his life to be at least semi private, and he deserves a break every once in a while.
  • Also I noticed a couple of days ago Joji posted a pic on his Instagram of an ash tray full of cigarette buts, and people were having a goddamn war in the comments because of it. Idk why yall are all of the sudden furious over him smoking (he’s been doing it for years) but do you honestly think that he gives a fuck?
  • If you got angry over Idubbbz’ new video on fan edits, but love it when he roasts everyone else, you’re a massive hypocrite. This video was meant to be taken as a joke with a grain of salt, like when he says the word faggot or the n word.
  • Did I mention be nice to Anisa
  • PLEASE DON’T FORCE YOUR SHIPS ON THEM. It clearly makes them uncomfortable, and they have said this before.
  • Please don’t try and find out where they live. The reasons for this should be obvious.

(Edit: removed the link to the post about the tweet since I was informed it was fake)

I have decided to overanalyze the preview for ep 10. 

Viktor and Yuuri are getting engaged

Here is why I believe this.


Yuuri is looking down at something plus he’s blushing??? which I GUESS you could write the blush off as it’s chilly out seeing as he’s got a scarf on, but I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that.


Yuuri is looking back up at who I’m 99.9% sure is Viktor after looking down at something Viktor was probably holding. And he is still blushing.


Viktor is ALSO looking down at something (with a very fond expression on his face might I add) 

Now whatever Viktor is looking at is closer to him, judging my the angle of which he is looking. And Yuuri was looking at something farther from him judging by the angle of his eyes. 

I should also note that this happens while Yuuri and Viktor talk about the whole “round and golden” thing

Twitter and the ARG?

Two hours ago, contactjhw and contactsh were contacted by an entirely new account on twitter that goes by the name of denomdeplume. If you’re following the accounts, you know they’re in Amsterdam right now, and apparently they met up with denomdeplume at 1pm at a location they tweeted a picture of and which should be entirely identifiable.

This seems like exactly the sort of thing we should be looking out for in the context of an ARG. If someone here is currently in Amsterdam, maybe they could check out this location? And if something like this happens again, I’d think it might be something we’re supposed to react to.

(Also: denomdeplume is a really suspicious twitter handle in this context tbh.)

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Idk why I thought this but I have to know, out of naruto, who do you think are the most savage? Who are the straight savages in their respectable arena like, I gotta know. Who gives no fucks?

LMAOOO damn this is funny

Madara is obviously a straight savage. Savage since he was first introduced in the show holy shit. Came out of his edo tensei coffin like a savage too he didn’t even wait for the shit to open he blew the door off like who tf does that like been dead for yearsssss and he comes back just as salty, just as savage. Dropped not one but TWO meteors on all these shinobi he just fucked their shit up. Broke the edo tensei release at the last second just to come back down and beat ass. His entire fight vs the 5 Kage was just one savage L like every damn thing he said and did was savage. Roasted them the entire time too. So disrespectful. Let himself get stabbed straight through the damn bicep like a straight savage. Had his eyes closed 40% of the time he was fighting Naruto Sasuke Sai the bijuu like everyone and their momma like damn. I’m gonna say he’s the #1 savage. Everything he does is savage

Ay is a savage like you see the way he beat Sasuke’s ass that one time holllly shit no mercy Sasuke thought he had him with that Amaterasu and Ay went SIKE

Tobirama’s definitely a savage. Top tier savage. All he had to do was lift one finger and had everyone losing their shit. Came one finger close to ending Sasuke’s life. Sassed the shit out of the Sage of Six Paths like who does that. All around straight savage, too real, realest Kage to ever live. Takes no shit from anyone ever. All the while looking spiffy as fuck with the fur collar. Damn. What a classy savage

I knew Itachi was a savage the minute he roasted the shit out of Orochimaru and beat his ass at the same time. Trying to steal Itachi’s body and shit??? Orochimaru doesn’t learn. That entire final fight with Sasuke I just couldn’t believe Itachi throwing this boy around and shit like actually grabbing him and THROWING him like it was nbd. Also, when he and Sasuke fought Kabuto. And Kabuto wouldn’t stop talking. And Itachi was basically like “Stop talking. You die here.” i WAS LIKE OH HE BOUT TO DO IT OHOHO MYGOD

Gai is honestly a savage. How disrespectful he gotta be to forget Kisame EVERY DAMN TIME THEY MEET. Mainly, opening the eighth gate OOOOOOOO. Soon as those eyebrows lit up I knew some savage shit was about to go down he went the fuck in. Did not hesitate to fuck shit up

Hashirama may not be a textbook savage but there are times he’s raw af. That time he overrided Tobirama’s savageness with his own savageneess to make double the savage. Anytime he goes into sage mode. How is it not savage to summon that big wooden 1000 hands shit like, basically to bitch slap the shit out of people 1000 times like 1000 backhands boy wtf

Neji was pretty much the OG savage I can’t believe how much savagery he passed around in the Chuunin exams he was really out here trying to end lives 


some sketches I did for an idea I had the other day

basically, this copy paste from my twitter: 

 “I cant stop thinking about Hanzo fake flirting with McCree just to piss off his dad and McCree being flustered cuz a hottie is noticing him”

(idk Blackwatch had a mission near Hanamura or something lmfao)

So yeah, Hanzo in this thing is trying to rebel agaisnt his family, he is tired of being bossed around by the elders about his life and who he should date and stuff, specially when its his father the one pestering him, treating him like a child when he clrealy knows his role in the shimada clan as the heir and the responsabilities that come with that title, so he decides to play a little game to teach them a lesson and what better way to do that than to flirt with a member of like the international cops/superheroes????

plus Dad Shimada concepts, the man is an ass and the worst dad ever, but what can you expect from a crimelord who values his bussines more than actually being a good fatherly figure and spending time with his sons other than to scold them because they are not up to his expectations.


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one of the girls posted an audio talking to louis and I can hear the wind and waves in the background so i think they were really at the beach but idk if the date is right twitter*com/wtvrkelly/status/831173736128655366

Then it’s a stretch of beach they don’t want us to know he goes too

some thoughts on long exposure's growing popularity and my apparent inability to keep up

(tldr at end)

this is something i’ve been thinking about writing for a long time but never really knew how to word… so this might end up sounding more like word-vomit with no coherent message but i’ll try my best haha

i am an intensely introverted and anxiety-prone person. attention is something i have a complicated relationship with. i think everyone wants attention and recognition and love sometimes? but lately it’s been getting sorta overwhelming (that’s the word of the day btw, “overwhelming”).

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★ Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots ★

This post wasn’t originally meant to happen; I wasn’t planning on writing for YOI, and it’s always a little hazardous to write extensively about shows that have yet to end anyway. But sometimes I get ideas that refuse to leave my head until I type them down, and I’ve spammed my twitter enough as is. So here’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now; namely, a quick post I call Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots.

I’ll try to contextualize a little: it took me a while to warm up to YOI. I’m the type of viewer who likes slow build-ups, to really witness dynamics evolve, but much of YOI’s pacing seemed to work on fast-forward. It wasn’t that I disliked it, but the show didn’t initially engage me as more than a casual viewer. However, halfway through the show that started to change. At first it was hard to pinpoint the reason; I’d always liked the themes and atmosphere, but also understood why some people felt the execution didn’t deliver. So why was I suddenly being pulled in by the narrative that left me somewhat detached before?

Interestingly enough, when trying to explain my new-found fondness for YOI irl, what came out was this:

“The show makes me feel like I’m watching snapshots. There are all these glimpses at themes, elements, personalities, dynamics – almost as if it’s not about a single, in-depth story, but several stories in snapshots instead. And so I can fill in all the gaps, however I see fit.”

Filling-in-the-gaps is, of course, a method often used to draw in the fujoshi audience. Its success often depends on the creator’s ability to recognize when and how much subtext and/or ambiguity to use, in order for the viewers to run off and transform the original text. Of course, this might accidentally make the pacing come off as confusing: isn’t leaving all these gaps between the extravagant scenes only a sign of bad writing, if the actual development is only referential on screen? Well, sometimes it can definitely be. But what I’m proposing is that with YOI, employing this snapshot-like subtext is actually a rather deliberate narrative choice through which to tell the entire story.

The first thing most of us noticed when we started watching was YOI’s gratuitous use of internet and social media, mainly Instagram. Shorter scenes are expanded through the use of “behind the scenes” material shared by Phichit and co. This relies on the way we’re taught to interpret social media: we understand that there is more to the image than we see. Moreover, we love the snapshots because it leaves that room for our imagination – a glimpse at someone’s photo feed only ever alludes to the real story behind the picture, one that’s ours to construct in our head.

In this manner, you can take almost any episode, any scene and apply the same logic: there’s more story behind these characters and their dynamics, their dreams and aspirations, even the training that goes into their skating programs. What we see isn’t the full picture, surely, but is it even meant to be? Or is it meant to give you a glimpse into this world, like a snapshot scene, just enough to cultivate thought and feeling before moving onto the next?

In this regard, I found episode 10 even more proof of the idea that YOI is intended to be told in snapshot scenes. We literally go back a year in history playing out in the images of a photo roll, and the stories they share are more incredible in our heads than they ever would be on screen. How long did this danceoff take? Did Yuuri drink all those champagne flutes? Who first pointed out the stripper pole? This is the world fanfics are made of, the world of imagination that fujoshi love. This is the real subtext of Yuri on Ice, and evidently very successful in what it’s trying to do.

For a story that takes place in so many countries and the minds of so many people, it makes sense for the narrative method to employ this kind of subtext/ambiguity. For example, my ultimate favourite JJ comes off as either a legendary egomaniac or a friendless loser depending on the scene you catch him in. This leaves it up to the viewer to construct how these identities work together, much the same way we piece people’s identities together through social media every day. Another example is my other favourite, Yurio, whose true loneliness was always hinted at (through the scenes with his grandfather, or things like being hung up on Viktor’s promise); yet when Otabek asks Yurio to be his friend, the scene is effective depending on how long you really think he’s been waiting for someone to ask him that question.

Admittedly, at the beginning of YOI it was tricky to suspend my disbelief at the rapid-fire rate everything was taking place. By the time episode 10 rolled in, though, combined with everything I’ve since learnt about Kubo-sensei’s fondness for ambiguity, I realized I had actually been following a pretty consistent internal logic all along. The end of that episode confirmed this for me, because when the audience learns of the memories Viktor has that Yuuri doesn’t, everything you’ve constructed in your head rearranges. A single snapshot is all it takes, because the expectations we’ve cultivated over Viktor’s motivations were based on snapshots too. The more ambiguity over this, the more our expectations are taken by surprise.

Still, in order for that twist to work, you’ve had to fill in the gaps between these snapshots with some sort of meaning in the first place. In other words, the success of constructing narrative in such scenes calls for voluntary participation. This is ultimately also the reason why this kind of style does not work for everyone; if the script relies on the willingness to imagine how the rest of the story happens, not every viewer is going to want to do that. If the chosen themes, characters or dynamics fail to strike a chord, not every viewer finds something worth imagining at all.

Even so, I would claim this ambiguity remains Yuri on Ice’s biggest strength. Not only does it piece the multifaceted narrative together (for such a character-oriented show, a good chunk of an episode can be spent on the sports alone), but it also doesn’t dictate how the story should be consumed. The way the show is structured really encourages that active participation: just jump right in! Here you’ll find enough solid content to get your imagination going, and enough freedom to interpret it as you see fit! Sure, you can turn down that opportunity if it doesn’t seem suited for your needs as a viewer, but like an Instagram feed, at its best it can turn into a colourful, vibrant platform – to be inspired, to be entertained, to dream.

This is how Link sees Rhett at age ten: Rhett’s a storm, and Link feels as if he’s watching him from afar, even as he gets soaked.  He watches as Rhett pours down on every house in their street, leaving his mark in the form of twittering mothers who wistfully wish their own boys were quite as charming or as smart or as tall or as good at basketball. 

Just like with a storm, everything Rhett does comes with an announcement. (Watch out for Rhett at the next game, they’ll say.)

Being friends with him is like having your birthday on Christmas - there’s always that knowledge that you’re only the second most special person born on that day. 

But Link loves getting soaked in the storm, and he’s never been bothered by how small he is in comparison. At ten, he’s just glad to be able to watch the lightning.

This is how Rhett sees Link at age twelve: Link’s an old VHS tape - predictable, comfortable. Rhett can go out into the world and be safe in the knowledge that Link will be there when he comes back, with the same story and the same characters that Rhett knows like the back of his hand.

Rhett’s comfortable in his knowledge that Link won’t change, that he can look away for however long and still come back to where he’s left off. 

He forgets how easy it is to record over VHS tapes, or how easy it is for someone else to press play. At twelve, he’s glad for the perceived security Link offers, even if he doesn’t appreciate it.

This is how Link sees Rhett at fifteen: Rhett is still a storm. Link realises that storms end. 

Lightning has never terrified him as much as the seasons changing.

This is how Rhett sees Link at sixteen: Rhett’s father asks ‘what do you think you’re going to do in college?’, and Rhett’s basketball coach says ‘there’s going to be a scout at the next game’, and his teammates tell him there’s going to be a party with college girls and beer.

Rhett asks Link to recount their plans to him - the same one they’d had since they were twelve, and listens to the cadence of Link’s voice as he says the same words Rhett knows off by heart, that Rhett had written on a piece of paper and sealed in blood. This is what Rhett needs.

And then one day Link asks if he plans to do basketball in college, and Rhett realises that someone’s recorded over his VHS without telling him.

This is how Link sees Rhett at twenty: He runs after the storm, and he doesn’t know where its taken him, but it’s okay, because the water on his face feels the same as it always has.

This is how Rhett sees Link at twenty-two: Everything has changed, and Rhett no longer knows Link like the back of his hand. He still knows Link, but it’s no longer like memorising an old VHS tape. It’s a different knowledge, one that can’t be taped over. 

This is how Link sees Rhett at twenty-five: Link notices he is no longer chasing after a storm, but Rhett is still there.

This is how Rhett sees Link at thirty: Link’s familiar to Rhett like he’s familiar with the stars in the sky. He knows where they’re supposed to be, their names and the stories behind them. 

They are constant, yet mysterious. Safe, yet wonderful. Brilliant, and filling his imagination. 

Rhett knows he can go anywhere, and Link will be right above him, twinkling and endless. Rhett knows he can wander, and Link will be with him. Unlike when he was twelve, he finds it’s not as easy to look away.

This is how Link sees Rhett at thirty-five: Rhett is a forest, and his presence makes it all the more easier for Link to breathe. Rhett’s existence is air in his lungs, tangible, comfortable, automatic.

Link does not need to chase the trees. 

It can only build and grow. 

can i just say,,,, i love kim myungjun. like, the members are always poking fun at how tanned he is,, but he still thinks he looks really great (which he does). lIKE he has and endless amount of confidence in his tanned skin in a country where fair skin is beautiful. i ju st lo ve h im

not to mention,,

Cha Eunwoo: MJ hyung seems like chocolate milk especially today.
MJ: I matched the color of my skin to my hair.

(cr. to @.99pmh on twitter)

idk its just so nice to know that mj loves his tan skin bcause i love it ((even tho he’s probs a lil less tan right now bcause its not summer anymore))