idk i think this looks pretty cool tbh

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which tribe is your favorite do you think?

oh gosh, this is hard to choose!!!

Culturally, I really love SandWings; they have a really diverse tribe with well thought-out traditions and a huuuuuge possibility for headworld additions and so forth. really cool <3

Design-wise i would pick SeaWings, because i just love their roundy squish boddies <3 They have a tooon of diversity in terms of palettes, body shapes, and seem to be the most fond of jewelry/other embellishments. theyre super fun to draw <3

BUT i think my overall favorite is SkyWings….haha ^^” Partly because of my own character that is a very important political skywing in a discontinued AU, but idk…they just rlly clicked with me ^^” 

Dut i was definitely not a fan of NightWings (the blatant nazi allusions really turned me off of…all of those characters lol), and IceWings are equally bad (stifling oppressive society on steroids tbh). RainWings are nice to look at but really are very bland , though i will admit theyre my favorite to design with. And sorry MudWings, i think you’re pretty cool, but your shapes are so strange im just not 100% at drawing yall haha ^^”

taz/marvel mashup

hey here’s an au for ya. lets roll marvel movies with taz characters. okay okay okay here’s how this rolls out.

here’s the chronology. we start with lup and taako. young, broke, scrappy. lup gets in a buncha fights. taako mostly pulls her out of them, except for when its the other way around. they’re doing okay. lup’s gotta job as a bartender and taako’s workin’ in the kitchen and they talk about startin’ a restaurant someday but that’s a pipe dream, you know?

war breaks out. taako gets drafted. lup doesnt get drafted, cause sexism. like hell is lup staying behind while her brother gets shot at. but obvs everywhere rejects her — maybe she refuses to fuckin misgender herself for the army, and she gets rejected from the nursing corps cause she probs has like, a criminal record for something related to arson idk i havent history’d this and im not sure how realistic re: sexism/transphobia would be good to take it(cause yall history sucks) lets handwave it for now. and then. well, we know how this goes. the super soldier serum. and i dont think it makes her look super buff although tbh? thats cool and buff lup is weirdly good, and im into that, but i’d rather give her f i r e p o w e r s or something anyway long story short, the rest of cap america plays out pretty much like normal with taako falling from the train and becoming the winter soldier and lup crashing the plane and waking up seventy years in the future.

cut scene.

okay yeah i’d write more but im in class - might add more later but feel free 2 comment/add on <3 


lup - captain america

taako - the winter soldier

barry - …….tony stark, i think? a very very nerdy tony stark. or bruce banner.

magnus - ……….thor. magnus “the hammer” burnsides, lmao.

lucretia - the director.

davenport - hmmmmmmm tbh he’s hard to peg. we’ll come back to that.

killian & carey - hawkeye and black widow i guess?

angus - oh you KNOW the boy is…….spider man :D

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Imagine how overly protective (ESPECIALLY kaneki) the kids parents will be when they go on their first date and the poor child has no idea why kaneki and touka looked like they saw a ghost when they asked if they could go on their first date.

Mod S:

Idk, I think Touka is actually going to be pretty chill about things when it comes to her kids. She’d be worrying internally, but she’d try to be cool. Kaneki though…especially if it’s his daughter…very over protective. But tbh, it’s gonna be an interesting life for their kids because their father is the “King”.


but like…. from the LWYMMD vid: LOOK AT WHAT GORGEOUS MIGHT BE

Ready for it was track #1, and taylor is dressed as a BADASS BIKER CHICK (and tbh the song is p cool and badass so it makes sense)

LWYMMD is car crash paps taylor which again makes sense for the song and it was track #6

Gorgeous is track #8 and 8th in line is 2014 met gala taylor WHICH MAKES SENSE BC DUH THAT LOOK WAS GORGEOUS

idk i just think this is still lining up pretty well and I thought abt it while i was in class


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do you have any crack ships for hunter x hunter? i kinda like shalnark and pyon (the rabbit zodiac), simply because they're both cell phone geeks ... i know it's weird :'D


omg nonny :’D That’s actually pretty cool!!! It’s not weird! I could be fun to explore those two tbh!!! :’D

I admit I don’t really have anything too crack-y? I mean depends what you mean by Crackship, if it’s character who never met or such, I don’t think i have any of that.

And I may have, like, joke ships (ships that only exist for me to laugh about it, like, Ging x Beans. Once you watch amv about it, it’s over. Kinda ship Ging x Pariston as a joke too.), but that’s not really ship i’d be involved into

But I find it cool still though! I like your reasoning behind this crackship really dkfhdk

Take care!!

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5, 7

5: What are you looking forward to in the next week?

Uuuuuuh, I will probably go see “It” and I am very excited cause I love Stephen King and the movies based on his books are always pretty cool. Also, Idk if it will be next week or not, but I am waiting for an online order to arrive for a special thread I’m planning ;)

7: How late did you stay up last night?

Not that late. I think I was asleep by 1:30 am tbh, I was pretty exhausted.

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omfg kristen look!! cleantechnica[.]com/2014/01/30/built-450-lumen-solar-light-40-watts-equivalent-usb-battery-combo/ zayn inspired someone to build this, so random and idk if it makes sense or anything tbh because i'm stupid but how completely awesome that he even made someone think about this and do something!

ZAYN INSPIRING PEOPLE TO BUILD THINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!! ZAYN BEING AN INSPIRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZAYN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg i wish he would see stuff like THIS on the internet instead of all the bullshit. he’d probably find this pretty cool hehe. thanks for pointing it out, nonnie!! <3 :D