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my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

when you’re having a nice time with jonathan and then he says, “Nancy Wheeler, she’s not just another suburban girl who thinks she’s rebelling by doing exactly what every other suburban girl does… until that phase passes and they marry some boring one-time jock who now works sales, and they live out a perfectly boring little life at the end of a cul-de-sac. Exactly like their parents, who they thought were so depressing, but now, hey, they get it.“

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Ok since not today mv came out I think badass!jimin is really really nice and idk even if I like badass!kook and nerd!jimin would you write a hc about jikook both being badass? Like they're both dominant and boi

+ If you want shit handle you call in Jimin and Jungkook.

+ They’re both high ranking swat members and take no shit from anyone.

+ When the couple walks into a room everyone gives them their full attention cause they demand it.

+ Jimin and Jungkook have a even relationship and will fight anyone who dare comments other wise.

+ Jungkook is silent and Jimin is vocal.

+ even in intimacy they’re both dominate. Rolling around, being extra rough with one another, both grunting and panting.

+ They have so many scratches and Hickies everywhere it’s hard to figure out who even bottom that night (They switch all the time)

+ Even when they’re domestic they’re both adorablely dominate.

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What do you think about miu and yasu's relationship? I always thought it came out of nowhere but also i haven't reread the manga in a while and I noticed everytime I reread it rewatch the anime I always understand the series better so idk thoughts?

I really like their relationship! I think it’s nice, that two “supportive”/”caretaker” characters ended up together, since they can share the responsibility of looking out for their younger friends. They kind of remind me of Kyosuke and Junko, in that respect.

I didn’t think their relationship came out of no where - but I can see why you might because, for one, Miu’s relationship with Nobu was being built and seemed to be set up for them. Tbh, it’s something that still bothers me, that the moment Nobu went for Asami instead, he and Miu stopped interacting. but, Anyway!! 

Another, is simply that their relationship is very Adult. And by that I don’t mean sex or anything, but that it their attraction wasn’t shown through blushing and rapid heart beats, the way characters in love usually act in manga. They just started out talking and teasing. I think this is their first interaction shown in the manga, but presumably they’ve talked before since Blast had been living in the apartments for a while by then:

Just simple teasing and having fun! Though, Miu already seems to be interested at this point, so you might be right in that their we never saw them talk the first few times they talked. Tbh I dunno if Yazawa planned that Yasu and Miu would end up dating from the beginning, or if she realized that their personalities were much more suited and of course they’d be attracted to each other and have a lot in common just from a few conversations, or if Miu and Yasu did that all on their own.

After that though, they talk and find more and more in common (not liking crowds and the same taste in booze). While Yasu might have decided him being in a relationship was something he had to do because of feelings for Nana, he’s definitely genuine in his attraction, as well as in his concern for her well being. But unlike most of the characters that Yasu tries to look out for, Miu’s problems are helped just by his companionship and sincere kind words. Otherwise she can look out for herself. So she’s not just another person he has to feel Responsible for, like he does with Nana, Nobu, Ren, and Shin and she even takes to looking out for Hachi and Miu/Misato for him.  They lighten each other’s burdens.

That’s all I can think of atm, so hopefully I answered your question to some degree ^^;;  But it’s something I’ll keep in mind for my next reread, because I definitely agree - I always have a new understanding every time I reread/rewatch the series! Thanks for asking. <33



LAWL NO i am NOT part of any fangame and there is no fangame you had to read this for confirmation get shit on bub

But in all seriousness it took me a good while (2 days) to make these and this is my first time making talksprites and they came out quite nicely?? I’ve never seen anyone do pixel transformers talksprites so i wanted to try my hand at it I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT as much as I had fun making this with tender loving care :3

(Might put these up for commission options idk, also do you guys have anyone you think i should try making a sprite of??)

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So I'm a fursuit maker and I was commission for a body suit and feet. I've been working on it, and my customer is happy so far, but she's becoming like, friends with me? She'll send me messages almost every day, not even about her suit. She talks about having a meet up at anthrocon (which I'm okay with) and she just talks like we're friends. All the time. Is that weird for a customer to do that to a maker? She's really nice and all but idk I was a tad confused at first I guess


Careful not to treat her differently. Keep friendship out of work, but most of my closest friends were clients first.

I think that is the best thing about the fandom, is that you can meet some AMAZING people and make the coolest friends ever by working with the community! I’d say meet up! It’s amazing that something so beautiful came from you doing the suit from her!



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i was thinking of being cuddled just now and i started crying???

i dont know why?? it came out of literally nowhere.

i was just imagining how nice it would be to be held by somebody. how warm and soft and alive they would be…them nuzzling their nose into my hair and pressing their face to my cheek. the warmth of their breath…their chest rising and falling…the smoothness of their skin…a kiss on the cheek or a surprise raspberry ;) (god why am i crying over this…?)

i dont even want sex. just give me this right here


Nozomi came in!! I’m pretty excited to wear her since the cosplay is actually really nice quality.
The bikini top is a little eh, and maybe it’s just because I had to tie it myself, but it doesn’t feel secure so I’ll have to figure out how to solve that problem.


*casually posts finished art instead of wip’s finally*

This was my design for the jojo69min twitter prompt from yesterday and the theme was “humanize a stand’ so I picked Stone Free and this was the end result. I kinda’ like how it came out but idk about the bg though. Couldn’t really think of anything XD.

Last Kiss // Luke Hemmings



word count: 3.6k

A/N: This is based off of Last Kiss by Taylor Swift. I’m  not really sure how I feel about this but I think that the flashbacks (which are written in italics) are really good and I’m proud of the way they came out. I listened to the song about 600 times to write this perfectly. It’s sort of long. Not really. Idk. Feedback would be nice. Enjoy :-)

Breaking up was never easy. It always leaves behind a messy trail of tears, heartache, and what if’s. They leave you wondering what you could have done better, what did you do wrong, did he even love you at all and so much more. The breakup with Luke was no different. He had ended things, leaving you alone in the dark. It had hurt, oh god it had hurt so much when it had happened, but you couldn’t get yourself to get over it. You felt like a mess, like losing him somehow meant losing a part of yourself. No matter how many tears you cried you managed to always have more, no matter how many times you screamed you managed to always find it in you to scream louder, no matter how many nights you spent alone, in silence and in the dark you always managed to find more time to do exactly that.

There were so many memories, so much time of your life that you had spent with the boy that you couldn’t just forget it all. You wanted to forget, you tried so fucking hard to forget but you couldn’t. There was just too much; you couldn’t even remember a time when Luke wasn’t in your life if you even tried. It haunted you, scared you to death on how your life had once truly revolved around him.

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You see, I’m a fan of Benedict because I really believe he is a decent person. I also think he is a nice and playful guy and it seems that his heart is made of gold.

But honestly, there is NOTHING better than the feeling of seeing him getting praised and recognized for his work. Nothing is better than the feeling of pride that takes my whole heart. It happened when Star Trek Into Darkness came out, with his Emmy win, when The Imitation Game came out, with his Oscar nomination and is happening now with Hamlet. And that’s why I want to be here for a very long time. I can’t wait to see what else he has to offer. I can’t wait to find out what else he is capable to do. I can’t wait to feel so proud of him again and again and again for the years that are to come.

29 (valentine) days of positivity

ok I had a cute idea for people without a valentine this year (me) so @ mutuals: reblog this post and the first 29 of u to reblog will get a nice (valentines) message from me n I’ll send one out each day of february !!