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I thing I might be getting the hang of this digital art thingy

This is my second time trying to draw without lineart and tbh I think it looks a bit better ¿¿ idk

But anyway, I drew the lovely @wiishu because she’s the cutest and her art is goals and I love her she’s just so great aaaaa <3

Go check her out and watch some of her YouTube videos and give her some love, yo

(also please ask before reposting and give credit, aka tag me, if you do!! It took so long to finish, please be kind ;-; thank you!! <3)

kids. - Yoonkook Week day 3

Bruh I am so late with this and I haven’t even participated as much as I wanted I am sosososo sorry. BUT! Here is a funny little thing I thought of and just HAD to include in the week. It’s been lit, sugakookie babies! “AS OR WITH KIDS”
fluff; 1.5k

(will upload onto a03 later)

- A trip to the zoo has got Yoongi melting at first, but leave it to him to get lost in an unexpected (possibly scary) new thought. -

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can you do 46 with peter parker pls & ty!

Peter Parker + things you said when you kissed me goodnight

A/N: Thank you for requesting bb! I haven’t written any angst fics so i just, idk, This kind of, like, came? And i also strayed a little from the prompt too?

Tags: @theregoesximena @alessandra-writes @alcxsummcrs @heyitsbabycindy @castellandiangelo

Peter didn’t know what he was thinking when he came to you in the middle of the night for help. It had felt right at the moment he had gotten hurt, but now he was rethinking his choices.

He had been standing on your balcony for a couple of minutes, contemplating whether or not to wake you up. It wasn’t a school night, so that had almost pushed Peter to knock on your window.

He couldn’t, though. It was already too much for you to worry about him whenever he would go out as Spider-Man, he just couldn’t let you worry more.

Just as he was about to swing off, the glass door slides open, revealing your sleepy yet concerned figure. “Peter?” you groggily ask.

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OK!!! so like.. ive got... sum questions lmao. i was looking thru ur max tag and i gotta ask... why does he get fucked so much (i aint complaining tho) like ... prostitution? idk... also. leon. i went thru his tag too and at the very bottom... his face is in tact... so like,,, when and how did he get that badass skull twoface thing going on?

because i love him and all i think about every day is him getting fucked, when i’m makin dinner, while i’m at the grocery store, while i’m brushin my teeth :)

LMAO no okay so honestly though i’ve written about this pretty extensively in the past and i can’t really go TOO much into detail bc he’s the main character of my webcomic but literally his like ?? power/ability is just that he’s super fucking desirable, like he’s pretty average looking or whatever but he isn’t fully human, and one of the things that comes with his….. other half…… is that everyone?? literally everyone just ?? wants to be with him, even if it’s not romantic or sexual, people are just drawn to him naturally and it has it’s ups and downs you know. But he kind of just ?? attracts all sorts of people/creatures no matter what he does, it’s his thing.

AND AH you found early baby designs of Leon :’) 

Leon actually has always been half skeletal, it’s not that he went through any sort of accident or anything he just is half dead/demon. When I made him originally I sort of had in mind that he was capable of being happy, but throughout the years i’ve sort of just scrapped that and what we are left with today is this super cranky little asshole.

He CAN however heal entirely, it’s just hard because ? The whole reason he looks the way he does is because of his temperament, so the angrier and more awful he feels/acts, the uglier he gets. He’s usually kinda in an inbetween state, meaning he can be reasoned with and spoken to and he’ll at least listen, which is when only half of him is rotten and eroded. But when he’s at his absolute worst he’s just leftover skin, muscle and bones and pure RAGE. He’s really self-conscious about it :(

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Since there has been a new "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia" trailer a few days back I got reminded to ask: Are there things you would like to see to be in the game from the newer games? I for one would be happy if it had supports in general. and also- Are you hyped for it? (because for some reason I don't know I'm not [but I'm still looking forward to it], so I was wondering what others think)

(Didn’t saw this ask at first because I blacklisted the tag/word “Fire Emblem Echoes” in order to avoid spoilers;;;)

Of course I’m hyped for it, but I try not to get too hyped for it like I was for Fates (like drawing characters of the game without playing it first)

idk but I think if I can manage to keep my hype calm I can also put high expectation for the game lower, (idk if I had put it in the right words but I think that one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy Fates as much as I would have liked to is because I had to high expectation from all the hype)

As in what I would like to see in the game:

  • lowering the fan service grade (like the unnecessary cavaliers booty’s and Boob windows
  • since it’s a remake of Gaiden I assume they don’t include it but still I think it’s worth to mention for maybe the next fire emblem:
    No Marriage System or more importantly: Child units
    It worked in FE4′s plot, it worked in FE13′s plot, but it was totally unnecessary in FE14 since the children were just bonus and the baby realm plot was beyond stupid
  • Yet still I would love to see support conversations to show us more of the characters personality 
    (And I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the supports in Fates were mostly boring? I kinda enjoyed the ones in Awakening a lot more)
  • And of course nice plot/gameplay/lovely charcters/[…]
8 Questions Tag :)

I was tagged by @sunshineyootaeyang tysm luv❤️️

Rules: Answer the eight questions and then write eight new questions of your own


1. Favourite food? 🍱

I DONT ACTUALLY KNOW LMAO I JUST LOVE EATING but probably rice?? idk help

2. Ult bias group?

BTS yay

3. Most important object that you own?

what kind of question is this HAHAHA idk but I think my wallet?? its legit right

4. Favourite song at the moment?

Monsta X’s Beautiful I guess? and ofc my never ending love for I Need U ahaha

5. Last movie you’ve watched?


6. What colour would you dye your hair?

I wouldn’t exactly want to dye my hair but some natural light brown highlights would be cool

7. Favourite video of SF9?

this is a hard question HAHAHA I think it would be their Fanfare Let’s Dance? I mean that video got me into the fandom so yea

8. Do you play any musical instruments? If no, which one would you like to learn? 

NO IM PERFECTLY TALENTLESS IN MUSIC, I think the guitar or the piano would be cool I guess?

My Questions:

When did you get into kpop and how?
What made you decide to have a tumblr blog?
Favorite color? 
Favorite animal?
What are your interests? (or favourites)
If you have the chance to visit any 5 countries, which countries would they be?
Would you prefer music or movies? (i love this question idk why its interesting)
What would you like to achieve (or experience) before the age of 60? (like bungee jumping or visit the north pole)

I tag @jeonnings  @parkjiminbiased  @velvethoseok  @sleepingwithhissweater @kimyumbin @clickyourheart @sf9 and anyone who wants to do it!!

@magnolia-c & @stephanine-sims
Thank u so much both ❤

Hehehe, dankjewel!! :33

@wifemomsimmer (Who I cant tag, idk why tho?) @yumiaplace @moniquealienloveblog 

THANKS!!!! 💖😊


Omg thank u! I’m so glad to hear that :D


I hope you enjoy, indeed! 😇

Sorry if I forget someone, but don’t forget: All ya guys says at my posts, I read them all! Thank u so much everyone, it makes me very happy to read and what you think about my stuff! 💞😘

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rules: list five otps from different fandoms and tag ten people

(I don’t really have five otps or five fandoms, so I’m just going to list some ships I guess?)

1. Two/Jamie (Doctor Who)

2. Ben/Polly (Doctor Who)

3. Zoe/Isobel (these are all Doctor Who aren’t they. oh well)

4. Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)

5. idk, Nyssa/Tegan maybe? (also Doctor Who. I’ve been working my way through Five’s era so I’ve kind of been thinking about them lately)

these are all from Doctor Who stuff, I have failed the rules

tagging @ettelwenailinon, @keatulie, @penny-anna, @thescarletpaperback, @jellyqueue, and anyone else who wants to do it c:

i want it to snow

kageyama bros fight!

Every Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve read and loved


9 times Harry kissed Draco and the 1 time Draco kissed Harry

Action Figures

Animus Nexus

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Beyond the Mirror’s Edge

Chase the Wind

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Draco Malfoy and the Sleepwalking Saviour

Draco Malfoy’s Harry Potter Pickup Lines

Drarry 30 Day OTP Challenge


For Every Action

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Kiss the Joy (Until the Sunrise)

Marginal Notes


Seeker, Chaser, Keeper

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State of Mind

The Incredible Race

The LipLock Jinx

The Ministry Olympics

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight

The One Where Harry Proposes

The Proposal

Things I am Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts

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Zero to Hero


A Lone Wolf


Dating Remus Lupin

Five Stories Over Four Years- The Jam Instances


In the Middle

James Potter Proposes Excellent Bets

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Revelations In The Snow

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The Fire Whisky Interrogation

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The stars in your eyes and the moon in mine

The Voice In His Head

The Voice, Louder

To Kiss a Bloke


Hiding Scrawl, Licking Freckles, and Other Average Wizard Things

Staring in the Great Hall

Tell me if any of the links aren’t working. Happy reading!

I can’t believe that there’s people who don’t start crying when they think about their childhood