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1. What was the last movie you saw?
I honestly cant remember…i dont like watching movies that much

2. What was the last song you listened to?
You know that song that people kept putting over snk videos? The “not gonna die young” one? That (i think its called “Die Young” right? But idk)

3. What was the last show you watched?
Boku dake ga inai machi

4. What was the last book you read?
Memoirs of the Mausoleum: Gallows Humor (im pretty early in it but its good)

5. What was the last thing you ate?
An apple

6. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?
In some isolated mountain far far away

7. If you could pick a decade to travel back to in time, what would it be?
Whatever time period people died when they were 20

8. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do?
Probably fix my parents’ house

9. Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?
Kenma, bc i feel like i understand him on a spiritual level

10. What was the last fandom you joined?
I guess Assassination Classroom? Although im not completely caught up yet which is why i barely reblog stuff about it

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Excerpt from "To The Invisible Girl"

Mid the crowds of the world and the murmurs of care,
I might sometimes converse with my nymph of the air,
And turn with distaste from the clamorous crew,
To steal in the pauses one whisper from you.
Then, come and be near me, for ever be mine,
We shall hold in the air a communion divine,
As sweet as, of old, was imagined to dwell
In the grotto of Numa, or Socrates’ cell.
And oft, at those lingering moments of night,
When the heart’s busy thoughts have put slumber to flight,
You shall come to my pillow and tell me of love,
Such as angel to angel might whisper above.
Sweet spirit!–and then, could you borrow the tone
Of that voice, to my ear like some fairy-song known,
The voice of the one upon earth, who has twined
With her being for ever my heart and my mind

-Thomas Moore 

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Regarding the Undertale situation with Mark, I'm also kinda sad that he hasn't come back to it but I also understand that he's busy. (I know you do too) But if he actually doesn't want to play it, I think he should let us know. I'd be okay with that, y'know? And yeah, the fandom is feeling a bit...I dunno. I guess how you put it —lonely. I hope this drama clears up soon because its really weird to see. We normally aren't this negative, are we? (Idk I'm kinda new. Been watching since fall 2014)

I agree with you on all of this. I also hope everything calms down soon. Things will be better. I have also been here since the fall of 2014 and I think that that is a pretty good length of time to be in the fandom. I feel like I know my way around pretty well by now. Things always get negative when there is drama. As far as I know this is the first big bout of drama in a while and I think that makes it hurt more. People are generally pretty positive but this will pass like it always does. I have been here through some big things of drama and it always calms down. Just gotta stay positive and things will get better~

The little convo about notebooks made me go and look through some of my other ones and I found a Freddie Mercury/Rod Stewart fic I wrote in 8th or 9th grade and it’s so cheesy and saccharine but I think imma edit it and post it online anyways 😂😂😂

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should i watch ever after high because i heard that there are lesbians

aaaa yeah!!! eah is actually rlly good like theres a consistant story + the animaton/lighting and character design is usually rlly good and aaaa idk it just makes me so happy and stuff bc i loev!!! fairy tales. nd honestly for a kids show its pretty gay….. as gay as a kids show can rlly get w/o actually confirming it :// but uh yeah!!! if you like monster high youll probably like it but tbh i think i watched it before mh??? anyways i gotta get ready for school but yeah!! its v good imo esp if youre a mh fan ☺️💕

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Yea Danneel's face is always changing I mean look at the pic Steve posted of them. Idk if its the light, camera, angle, or if she had work done (which of course she has). Not mad at her though she was pretty before and still is pretty and it's her money she can do what she wants, but I would spend mine on other things lol have a good one. Love your blog and how nice you are XoXo


I think Danneel is decent looking as well. I’m not trying to knock her looks like most people do. Even though those behind computer screens act like they’re Giselle (the supermodel) and have the right to judge others based on their appearance. 

When in reality they most likely look like a mess….

Side Note: I remember for the longest time, I used to think that Steve and Danneel were together, or at least had a fling. But then Steve ended up getting married.

(And I doubt his marriage is/was fake it’s not like he has a big/decent career or reason to beard.)

But it would’ve made a lot of sense if Danneel and Steve were together. Seeing as almost every time that Jensen and Steve were together, Danneel was right there as well.


- K

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Name: Emelia
Nickname: Em, Emmy, what the fuck ever, some people call me Emma or Emily idrc
gender: Goddess
starsign: scorpio
favourite colours: black, white, pastel colours, darkish colours, nudes, dusty peach ect.
Time right now: 5pm
average hours of sleep: a lot
lucky numbers: 5
Last thing I googled: cold drip coffee
number of blankets: like none rn bc its so hot
favourite fictional character(s): Alma Walker, Maritxu from Witching and Bitching, Fiona Goode, Leon (the Professional)
Favourite band: Fleetwood Mac
dream job: psychiatrist
what I am wearing right now: white tshirt w black jeans
when did I create my blog: idk i think like early 2014
current amount of followers: 1,300 (thank u i love u)
what do I post about: American Horror Story, Lana Del Rey, things like that, and pretty things.
what made me decide to get tumblr: I wanted to scream about how much I loved ahs but none of my friends would listen
why did I choose this URL: bc i love alma and i love aliens 

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so im supposed to say 5 things i like about myself i guess? LMAO OK
1) i like my eyes. idk man i just think theyre pretty i guess
2) i love that i can play a bunch of instruments. idk really who i would be if i didnt have all that tbh its prolly not good
3) i love my friends. idk if thats really about me but i mean i made friends!!! theyre super cute and nice!!!! they support me even when im irrational and confusing and insecure and annoying. they just tell me they love me. im so glad for that.
4) i like the fact that i can sleep idek man
5) i can art good i guess

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help my mum got remarried two years ago& 3 months ago I got my heart broken and my stepdad consoled me and he kissed me and we have been sleeping together.. It's really wrong I know but now I'm 2 weeks late and I think I'm pregnant I'm only 16 :( :/

umm holy shit ok that’s pretty bad pls tell your stepfather that you might be pregnant and then get a test to see whether you are or not and then decide whether you wanna keep the baby or not and idk if its a good idea to tell your mom but that’s a messy situation and you should stay away from your stepfather for a while after you take care of the baby issue like try to avoid being in the same room as him and put an end to whatever you guys had bc its so wrong

Think I’m going to play Kol Nidrei as a cello solo for this music festival we have here I’m excited.

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Life is strange for the shipping meme :$

  • lowkey otp: rachel/chloe
  • highkey notp: fucking warren/max. i’m still so mad about this lmao.
  • [softly] don’t notp: actually, max/any dude.
  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice: uh, idk. not highkey but victoria<>nathan is good. au where they handle nathan’s character better pls.
  • highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it: pricefield AND marshfield!! i honestly love them both pretty equally though i think i’m a bit more vocal about the former since its canon.

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Recently my social anxiety and just anxiety in general hav been getting a lot worse. I used to have it sort of under control but now I've been losing that control and its been making it really hard to be in school or in any social situation really. But tbh I'm feeling pretty good about things bc after a lot of thinking I told my mom and now we're planning for me to go back to therapy and also start talking to my guidance counselor and idk why I'm telling u this but I felt like telling someone :)

i’m sure that once you begin therapy again, you’ll feel so much better. your counsellor will understand exactly how you’re feeling and will give you the best advice they can. i hope everything goes well x