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“So what do you say, amiga?”

Can you say ‘unnecessary sexual tension’?

Sombra’s confronting Widowmaker for some reason idk you can fill in the gaps. All you need to know is that Widowmaker is #not in the mood right now and Sombra is in way over her head. Also, don’t let their position fool you. Widowmaker’s in complete control of the situation. You don’t get as far as she has without learning some tricks.

All Music Shuffle Tag!

I was tagged by @furiouslydecaffinated​ ! Thank you!! c: 

So, okay here I go. 

1. Can’t Be Saved - Senses Fail 
2. Victoria - Joyce Manor
3. Universe or Worse - Braid [omg okay most of these songs I only have like 1 play lol
4. And Darling - Tegan and Sara [This one has 2 plays lol i have tooooo many songs so I dont end up listening to everything a lot….uhm edit, I kinda like this song now lol]
5. Happy Song - bmth
6. Introvert - Title Fight
7. Swim Down - Moose Blood
8. Zoal, Face Dancer - Grimes
9. Home Song - Converge
10. Same About You - ADTR

Okay, thank you again for the tag! I got re-introduced to some songs I use to listen to all the time lol. 

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As always, don’t have to do it! And sorry if you already did it, I haven’t been on much lately. Thank you!  ♥ ♥

10 Facts About Me!!❤

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1. I got my name from a french game I played a few years back lmao and it just stuck. Can’t wait to change it on all my records!

2. I fuckin hate spiders. Fuck those multiple legged pieces of shit.

3. I’m gonna dye my hair blonde or silver idk when but I will.

4. Yuu Kanda is bae.

5. I have 0 summer clothes. All my stuff is for cold weather and layering.

6. I’m more confident now than I have ever been in my entire life and I’m so thankful for that.

7. I’m probably in fucking love??? And we just started talking on social media???? I’m such a dork ok. I would send him flowers if I could ok

8. I binge on horror movies yet I wonder why tf I can’t sleep lmao.

9. I would love to go hiking with my dog Snowball and that’s a future plan.

10. I can lift 100+ lbs thanks to my dog being a huge punk and not wanting to go down steps.

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Climb Inside His Skin

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@roblivionchristmas it’s kinda difficult to ignore but I’m trying my best lmao

@eloquentmydear that is exactly me, I’ve always been so so invested in Robert and now I just wanna skip his scenes because I just can’t see how any of this is true to his character (I also don’t like babies so maybe it’s just us???) Idk how holding a baby can have all these life-changing magical powers??? Especially like you say, for less than 30 seconds??? And when he’s hated the baby for the entire time he’s known about him??? Its just weird

Help this stupid teen deal with her insecurities!

Ok so you guys know ive been feeling really down and alone lately and ive had problems believing that anybody actually gives a shit about me and ive got a stupid and childish request that i hope that it will make me feel less alone. So if you can just draw a simple heart and just tag me in it so i can be like hey look at all those people that dont hate me! Im so sorry if its annoying. I love you guys!