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Why John "never shuts up about Sholto" with Mary but never mentions him in front of Sherlock? I can't find a heterosexual explanation.

Well..I spent the last 5 minute trying to find a heterosexual explanation…came up with none..I mean it’s actually like not mentioning ex-boyfriend so that current boyfriend doesn’t get jealous..

Sherlock’s fucking face journey though..

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Just Explain…If that’s not being jealous..idk what is..

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omg i love your auradon prep hcs! uma and audrey bonding over their anger for mal? YAAAS. audrey meeting harry and gil and being like damn who r these qtpies but harrys flirted with uma 38943 times in the 5 minutes she's spent talking with them so shes like "gil, it is!" b/c hes a big ol' sweetheart and those biceps! audrey aint blind! harry and gil messing with chad is the best thing in the world. you know they would too since chad thinks girls cant be on the fencing team smdh. any hcs?

this has been in my inbox for so long im so sorry IM READY NOW

  • Audrey would definitely be wary but intrigued at first, because while she might not be on the best terms with Mal, Evie has turned out okay and Jay and Carlos don’t really have anything personal going towards her so she’s seen that the original VK’s aren’t as bad as she’s been told
  • so when Uma, Harry, & Gil arrive for their stint, she’s less against it. also, potentially less scared around Uma because she wasn’t there at the cotillion and she probably thinks it’s kind of funny ironic that Mal got the same love-spell fiasco done to her as audrey did by Mal’s hand
  • sO

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another ask thing idk i am bored

(i was tagged by the fabulous @latenightdork Thanks dee!!

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1.nicknames » ami, mina

2.gender » female sign » aquarius

4.height » 5″3

5.time » 12:30 (GMT)

6.birthday » jan. 23

7.favourite bands » green day, tøp, fob, 5sos, bastille, imagine dragons, panic!

8.favourite solo acts » ed sheeran, halsey, troye sivan, conor maynard stuck in my head » well nothing rn, but radioactive by imagine dragons just came on

10.last movie watched » dunkirk i only watched it for harry styles don’t judge but it was good and v confusing

11.last show watched » i don’t really watch shows, too much commitment

12.when did i create my blog » october 2k16? (i can’t really remember)

13.what do i post » d&p, shitposts, vauge passive agressive text posts shading my old friends + other stuff

14.last thing i googled » i want to say something interesting, but it’s the twenty one pilot’s ‘o’ so i could abbreviate it you have other blogs » yep, a pjo headcanons blog @those-dam-headcanons and i’ll be starting a studyblr in september @intergalacticstudies you get asks » i’ve gotten some, not very often though

17.why did you choose your url » i wanted something punny and short, and i thought of this and was v surprised to see it wasn’t already in use

18.following » 352

19.followers » 72

20.favourite colours » purples, blues, pinks, pastel anything, dark anything, black is a shade but idc

21.hours of sleep » 8-10?? once i slept at 2am and woke up at 4am? and then once i slept at 2am and woke up at 2pm? idk my sleep is messed

22.lucky number » 7

23.instruments » learning guitar, know a bit of keyboard, ukulele, trumpet and trombone

24.what am i wearing » hp pj’s, i love them i got them for my birthday this year they are amazing many blankets do you sleep with » one duvet

26.dream job » idk, i might do something with art out of pure spite bc my cousin said an art degree will get you nowhere (i also quite like art, tbh)

27.dream trip » sydney was the first place my mind thought of, but also the hp studio tour in london, but we’re going there next year

28.favourite food » idk, southeast asian stuff? daal, rice, roti, my mom’s cooking

29.nationality » british (also, my parents are both bengali!!)

30.favourite song now » the death of a bachelor by panic!

i tag » @perhaps-trees-and-tea, @raincloudlester, @latte-howell + anyone else (did anyone expect me to know 20 people? i don’t believe it, i’m anti social, even on this hell site)


valentine’s day cards: kyungsoo edition
(because honestly what says ‘i love you’ more than creepersoo? nothing, that’s what)

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you like sprinkles on bread?????? like sugary sprinkles???? on BREAD?????

No, my uncultured American friend. Unlike your distasteful byproduct you call ~sprinkles~ and a ~breakfast~ let me show you the world of the Dutch breakfast that’s both simplistic and wonderful.

  • First the bread. Or as we like to call it “boterham”.

And I’m talking bread okay, not that soggy cheap piece of knock-off that tastes like poison and death had a fucking baby. In London I once had “”bread”” and let me tell even toasted that was the most disgusting piece of wheat I ever tasted, so I assume in American your “”bread”” is even worse. DON’T MESS WITH BREAD OKAY. In the Netherlands we take that shit serious

  • The bread is your basis. Then comes the butter.

This is not the kind of butter you use when cooking, no this is butter specifically designed for your breakfast. It’s lighter and you use it to add just a little more flavor and also that at step three the stuff you put on your bread doesn’t fall off the minute you take a bite but stay on your fucking delicious bread. 


No seriously, this is basically where you can go all out every day!! You can put slices of cheese, or chicken, ham, WHATEVER piece of meat! But it’s again specifically designed for you breakfast goodery so it’s thin and you can eat it cold so you don’t have to cook shit and it’s really nice!! 

OR. YOU CAN EAT HAGELSLAG!! Which is chocolate sprinkles. We even have flakes if that’s more your vibe. And not that factory overly-sugarly-made bullshit. No. CHOCOLATE. Okay. I eat fucking chocolate at my breakfast and if that isn’t the best fucking thing in the world idk what is. You Americans lose your shit over Nutella like it’s a godsent, but Nutella isn’t even the best “chocopasta” there is!?!? Like we have so many brands here in NL that taste so much better. And you know where we put that shit? THAT’S RIGHT. ON THE BREAD!! 


Yeah sure, it looks simple, but you know what? When I wake up in the morning I don’t want to spent spent 20 minutes cooking a fucking sausage or sip my way through a fucking bowl of cereal, where the milk turns warm in 0.02 seconds and with 5 bites there’s awful crumbs everywhere and your cereal turns all wet and yucky and it’s a race against the clock. 

Like, if I want I can both make and eat my breakfast within 5 minutes, and if I want, I can take over half an hour. IT DOESN’T MATTER!! It’s freaking perfect for in the morning. 


I was laying in bed & my dog was underneath the covers so I was trying to pet her except I forgot that I took off my fuzzy slippers & they were under my covers too so I literally just spent 10 minutes petting my slippers underneath the covers instead of my dog

ok, I’ve thought about episode 12 for a while now, and I don’t think it will be as angsty and drama-filled as we all think and as episode 11 suggested

the episodes are usually 20-23 minutes long, including intro and endings. So unless they make this one longer (I hope they do, but I doubt it) the creators will have 20 minutes to:

- Show us a lengthy talk between Viktor and Yuuri about their future
- Show us at least parts of every skater’s FS performance, which is I think between 2 and 5 minutes long?
- Show us an award ceremony
- Show us an epilogue (since this is the last episode of a season, I assume we will get to see what most characters will be up to after the GPF, right?)

idk about you guys, but to me 20 minutes doesn’t seem enough time for there to be a conflict between Yuuri and Viktor.

or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, lol ^^

i honestly don’t understand why ya’ll are freaking out over taylor not being on tumblr in two days like slow ya roll folks you realize she has a life outside of tumblr and not just any life but the life of a damn HBIC who’s trying to take over the world like seriously it’s been two days and also it irks me cause i feel like the only people who are freaking out about her being gone are the people who joined tumblr after taylor did like idk maybe you guys just aren’t used to tumblr without taylor but like i spent idk like 5 years on here without her so it’s kinda peaceful rn my dashboard is just people blogging what they want to blog like don’t get me wrong i understand reblogging yourself or posting a lot trying to get taylor’s attention but when you post 60 things in one minute it’s just a bit.. much like honestly this site is such a mess these days i barely make personal posts cause it feels like the sense of community is just gone like i don’t even see anyone’s posts anymore it’s just a constant stream of trying to get taylor’s attention and it’s really starting to annoy me