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I’m sorry to the person who requested this that it took so long - I’ve only just realised that the list I was keeping of all the requests wasn’t in the right order. It’s hopefully been amended now but the couple of days without my computer really shook things up. Quite enjoyed this request, it was interesting deciding how the Avengers would stumble upon the relationship. The request was made by mattandbenedict but theunlikelyavenger asked to be tagged in anything with angst or secret keeping or both and this story fills at least one of those criteria. Enjoy, darlings!

Prompt: Steve and the reader are in a secret relationship since idk maybe 3 or 4 weeks and they trying to hide it, but somehow they get caught (kissing!?) by one of the avengers and the rest knows and teases them about it. <3

“Secret Keeping”

You sat at the table with Avengers, poking the rice with the prongs of your fork. Steve’s hand had slipped boldly onto your thigh during the course of the meal and, despite knowing he meant it as a purely romantic gesture, you still could feel yourself blushing profusely.
“Are you alright (y/n)?” Bruce asked subtly whilst the conversation was at its loudest. He was leaning over and peering into your face concernedly. You nodded politely.
“Yes, sorry. It’s a spicier curry than I’d anticipated.” You lied.

Recently you had become more practiced at lying and for good reason. When Steve was thawed, you’d been one of the few scientists responsible for keeping him alive afterwards. As a result, not only had you met the infamous Captain America but he’d also dropped your name at SHIELD so that you were employed with two more big names - Dr Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Both your job and home were now inside Avengers Tower and after many long nights spent helping Steve to cope with the modern world – as you felt was your responsibility having brought him into it – you soon began a relationship, right under the nose of your peers.

“If you’re feeling ill, I can take you back to your room.” Bruce offered with a soft smile. Cap interjected.
“Allow me.” He said, drawing the attention of the others at the table by standing up.
“Everythin’ alright Cap?” Tony asked with a cocked brow.
“Yes. I’m escorting (y/n) back to her room – she isn’t feeling well.” He stated before brashly taking your hand and practically yanking you out of your chair. As you left the room, you could feel the eyes of everyone in the room watching you.

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this is soso so late i think but i got an idea for @felicityash and @calgasms pregnancy/daddy blurb night !! it also may have some fire fighter!calum and also be inspired by the jonas brothers show

Every night, Calum would come home in a pair of sweat pants and a tank top. He would kick his shoes off by the door and kick them next to the side table. even though he had done so at the department,he would follow his usual routine of taking a shower. Dinner would be ready when he got out and on his way into the kitchen to eat he would grab two beers from the fridge, pop the cap off on the counter and kiss you on the forehead. Tonight would be different though, Calum wouldn’t shower or open any beers or kiss you on the forehead because he wasn’t going to be there.

You knew he wouldn’t, you called the station minutes after he hadn’t arrived home and they confirmed your suspicions; there was another big fire that would probably take all night to put out. What you weren’t expecting was for Calum to  not return until the next afternoon, soot and ash smudged against his skin and a tired look on his face. You instantly started running him a bath. You lit the candles scattered around your bathroom and made sure to drop in a bath bomb. Calum was still standing in the living room when you returned from the bathroom.

His shoes were kicked off his feet and you knew he wasn’t going to touch the couches to avoid getting them stained. He didn’t say anything as you pulled him into the bathroom and undressed him, the silence continued until he was in the bath and you were walking out of the room. “Could you stay? And get in?” Calum’s voice was soft as he reached his arm out and he pulled you into him after you undressed.

His arms were wrapped tight around you as he let his head rest against your shoulder. He was completely at peace when during moments like this. They didn’t come too often; you going to college and him fighting fires and training didn’t leave as much time as either of you would like. Nights like last night scared you both, thinking you may not see the other if he couldn’t get someone out of a fire or if it got too out of control.

Once the water started getting too cold for comfort, you pulled the drain. Neither of you made any move to get out until you sat up to pull to shower door shut and turn the shower on. “I guess we should get you cleaned up, yeah?”

Calum gave no vocal response but the slight smile on his lips was enough for you to pull down the shower head and move to sit behind him. You took your time washing his back and massaging his shoulders before moving onto his hair. It was getting long and you knew he would be cutting it off soon. You spent time tangling your fingers into his curls and scratching his scalp just the slightest bit. His head would fall back when you told him it’s time to rinse and with one hand you would hold the shower head, and the other was put to use combing the bubbles out of his hair.

Calum would hand you the conditioner when you asked for it and lean into you while you played with the curls you weren’t used to running your hands through. After spending the same amount of time on the rest of him, he would wash you off and wrap each other in the fuzzy towels. You immediately go towards the kitchen after pulling on one of Calum’s shirts and start dinner. It was early but you knew he would want to eat as soon as possible and then sleep for as long as possible, all with you by his side.

When you called him for dinner and he didn’t come running, you went to look for him. He wasn’t in the living room or your bedroom. The only place left would be the bathroom. Calum was sitting on the floor, staring at the pale stick on the floor. His legs were spread out and the test was between them, the bright pink lines too obvious against the white. “I guess the cats out of the bag?” He looked at you when you spoke and you could see how his eyes were glossed over.

“You’re pregnant? With a baby? With our baby?” He asked, his voice barely a whisper as he stood up. You nodded slowly, afraid of how he would react. He moved before you could say anything else and his arms were almost crushing you before he stopped and dropped to his knees. “Hi baby, it’s your daddy. You don’t even here me because you don’t have ears, but it’s me and I’m excited to have you buddy.” He looked up at you this time, “So, so excited.”

HOGWARTS AU (part one of???)

Okay Listen I know I said I was going to post something in this LAST NIGHT but I am complete garbage and spent my off day journaling instead of actually writing. I’m still working on chapter one of Werewolf Dex (Title TBA), and because I said I’d publish yesterday I’ll do my damnedest to get that up tonight. However, IN THE MEANTIME, I present to you these thoughts on House alignments and ages of our boys. 

Sorry…excuse me….Haus alignments.

Under the cut because this is getting long and starting to include ramblings on the background of the AU. This is something. @itsybittle​ I am so sorry and you so did not ask for this but your headcanon post will not leave me alone and it got me started on Actually Writing this au that my dear friend @actualhockeyrobot​ and I have been talking about since like, April, so it only felt right to tag you both in the MESS that is to follow. Without further ado….

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Ends of the Earth.

A/N: I put my tumblr before my school work when it comes to your requests. I love you guys so much - I enjoyed writing this.  I need to start working on the lengths of my oneshots (as requested by you guys and myself tbh).

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Request: Tony one shot requester here! It’s about the reader who’s a receptionist at shield the lowest of the low and tony sees here every time he’s there and takes a liking to her shamelessly flirting with her and she’s just oblivious and thinks he nice then tony falls in love with her. One day hydra kidnaps her and tony tries to save her and it turns out she’s not a receptionist but an agent assigned to protect tony. And well idk what else but tony steals a big Smooch from her confessing his love!

Warnings: Kidnappings, mention of death and gun to head.

Tony waltzed into S.H.I.E.L.D.S facility, half excited to get to work in his own lab and half excited to see his favourite receptionist. There was something angelic about her. Maybe it was her smile that could make the worst day better instantly or simply her sweet perfume. All Tony knew was that (Y/N) was a captivating young lady.

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