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Am I allowed to crush on someone I don’t really know just because I think they seem pretty fucking perfect like I don’t really know them like I said so the crush isn’t really “I wanna fuck them” just sort of “I wanna mind fuck them” not like confuse but sort of really in depth get to know but I don’t really wanna wait I wanna know them NOW also though I wanna take time getting to know them because spending time talking to them would be really cool and maybe just hanging like idk getting a milkshake? Do people who aren’t in American teen movies and shows get milkshakes and talk for a long time? Haha my feelings make me wanna explode haha

why are assholes such fucking dick heads?


You can call me all the names you want, but at the end of the day, I am not a grown man, so desperate for views and validation that I’m willing to make a video shitting on a group of people (mostly minors) for liking and talking about, my colleagues. 

If I had any sort of following I would not use it as an opportunity to attack others. Especially if in most cases, those “others” haven’t really done anything wrong.

So like, you may be rich and famous (for now), but I can go to sleep at night knowing I don’t publicly come after what are often, adolescents - and neither do the people I look up to. However, I’m not so sure if some people *cough* can say the same.

have i gone down this rabbit hole before? did i see a post on the subject that i forgot wasn’t something i came up with? idk

but Gerudo Town in the new zelda is a weird place, and it looks like they have really strange gender politics, as a side effect of, like… okay, only women are allowed in here, that’s a brute fact about the setting, but obviously nintendo isn’t going to get explicit about gender politics in their mass-market E for Everyone game and tell us why, so we’re forced to just sort of draw conclusions from how you’re treated when you break the rules.

if you’re wearing normal outfits, the guards won’t let you inside. you’ve got to be wearing the Gerudo Vai armor set to pass as a woman, and if you change clothes in town, they immediately kick you out. that’s pretty straightforward.

the weird thing- usually written off as a bug, or some failure to implement a line-of-sight detection system- is that if you go up to the main gate, where two guards are staring directly at you, and change into the vai outfit… they’ll let you in. even though they just watched Link, a guy, change clothes right in front of them. there is no way they are fooled by this. so what gives?

i think gerudo gender politics are in an awkward place between hardcore radical feminism and liberal feminism, here. where radical feminism positions both men and masculinity as irreversibly evil, the source of all gender dysfunction in society, Gerudo Feminism takes one and not the other.

specifically: they refuse to tolerate the male social role. they seem to have some kind of oppositional gender essentialism going, but identify masculinity as a performance rather than an identity. they have pretty rigid, binary ideas about what gender is, with little tolerance for blurring the lines- but gender is for them a verb, wearing the skin of a noun. in Gerudo Town, it is acceptable to be a woman, which here means wearing women’s clothing and performing a feminine presentation- and unacceptable to be a man- even if they’re aware of who you are. you can change clothes and get kicked out over and over again without anyone deciding “oh, we know you’re a voe now, we’re not going to let you back in.” the crime was being a man in Gerudo Town, not pretending to be a woman in Gerudo Town. they fully expect you to be wearing the vai outfit, and are happy to let you do as you like as long as you’re performing the correct role. why would the guards bother stopping you at the gate, if by changing your gender performance before you go inside, you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do?

there’s plenty of room for this to be a fucked up society to live in, entirely outside of the question of “hey, is there actually anything wrong with being a man?”. for example- if we assume there’s no transfemme utopia thing going on, and the Gerudo are all presumably cis women (hence their need to journey outside to reproduce)- it’s gotta suck for trans boys born Gerudo. being told that who you want to be (are) will get you kicked out of not just your home, but your whole nation? not great. and… for that matter, what do they object to about maleness? it’s clearly not the classic stuff- being violent or domineering or entitled or emotionally closed. they clearly have no problem with celebrating those things in their highly-regarded military caste! all that’s left, it seems, is harmless aesthetic stuff, betraying a not-particularly-healthy view of gender.

some question marks: is there a racial element here? like, i can easily see them “busting” some hylian guy who thinks he’s figured out the kayfabe, that he can put on a dress and go around hitting on the girls and being very loud and not at all pretending to be a woman aside from the costume. but i would guess they wouldn’t kick out a particularly boorish cis lesbian for behaving in exactly the same way, much less a Gerudo. or… would they? do they lack a norm for “catching” obviously “fake” vai? would they hypocritically accept sex/race as proof of gender? what are the rules, and how do they handle edge cases and poorly-performed femininity?

nintendo really failed to give us more than a cardboard cutout of a women-only society with Gerudo Town- it’s hard to square the circle here. the few details we’re given, plus the weird way it comes across mechanically, raise a lot of interesting questions about how this works.

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can you explain the verses about the girls and the boys in when the world was at war?

it’s just my interpretation.. but it made me think of traditional/ old school gender roles and then “lean in to the fucking youth” and sort of like comparing then and now and possibly how we get past things. Like nowadays gender roles are not so extremely rigid.. Like we learn and keep going. Maybe not even about how roles are changing? idk. But the boys verse she is talking about guys cat-calling and being boisterous and how it’s not always appreciated / to be aware of that. 

I’m not the best at wording things but I tried x) 

Is there any sort of shallura discord out there? Part of me would love to find and join one to have a place to just chat with people who also love this ship.

The other part of me is thinking of just outright making one, even tho I don’t know how.

I’d just love a place for people (maybe even just for adult fans like myself) to just chat about our ship or the show in general

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I have two questions for you. First: where do you get your makeup from and second: what does Canada look like?

Mostly from Sephora and some stuff from the drug store but I haven’t bought any makeup in a long time. I can show you guys my main stuff I use everyday if you like!

And idk how to describe Canada. It’s different in every sort because it’s so huge. I grew up in Saskatchewan and it’s basically just prairies. We don’t have many trees, many are planted (at least in the southern part of sask) but it’s really pretty cause you can see the sky so well and yeah I love it. In Alberta or BC it’s all mountains and trees and it’s absolutely beautiful. Never been out east tho, like Toronto and what not.

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How abt a Solangelo boarding school au? Or! How abt like a high school sports au thing like an anime??? Or BETTER YET, BOTH OF THOSE COMBINED. OH and maybe they can be like roommates or live across the hall from each other?? Idk man I'm just spouting Shit from the top of my head now 😂😂 but! I Rlly want some hardcore angst, maybe a depressed will? Cuz Nico is always the one portrayed as depressed and Idk I feel like wills "sunshine" complex is like a front to hide his depression, anxiety, etc

aaaaa I actually already wrote a solangelo boarding school au way back when!! also here is a high school au where will is a baseball player, which sort of hits on that sports anime request? lol

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Need advice. I dated a guy for three years, but in June he kept being incredibly distant and nasty towards me, and then I caught him bringing his ex gf home - so I left him. He ended up dating her soon after that. I was incredibly heartbroken and fucked up, bc he was my best friend. Now he's dumped her and is writing me constantly apologizing and trying to talk to me again. It still hurts to talk to him, but I also sort of want to be at least his friend... is it worth it? Idk anymore.

Let’s be honest sweetheart. Can we really be “just friends” with somebody we once loved? It’s hard. If you wanted to be friends and civil, id recommend waiting until you’ve moved on, and have completely fallen out of love with him. Because being around someone who hurt you will only hurt you more.
If he could throw away 3 years of your relationship like that for somebody else? I don’t think he’s worth it, because people like him will just keep leaving and coming back ONLY when it’s conviennent for them. 3 Years is a lot to throw away, yes. But you have to look at the bigger picture sometimes and set your feelings aside.

I hope you find happiness soon xx


❝ i now know love, and i’m stronger for it ❞

happy victuuri week!

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”


prince altean keith; pilot of the red lion

  • Bitty: to make sure we don't rush into anything we will have to keep this relationship quiet. keep it on the down low
  • also bitty: Oh my god have you guys seen Jack? he is so good!!! why i'm going away for the weekend? ....hum a cousin? yeah i have a cousin whatever, LOOK AT THIS FUNNY VIDEO OF JA--tater!! i am so proud of my boy(s) y'all have grown so much jack is doing so well!!! i am so proud of him!!... yes Holster i am proud of you too - that's what i said i am proud of my boys! i'm gonna bake 30 maple sugar apple pies!!!! yes i did have a nice time this weekend. i just have a thing for dark haired men in suits and blue eyes and tall and cheek bones and i think my future boyfriend have to like sports but preferable hockey... I am an ass kind of man, i think. oh hey jack!!!

Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda