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Nny seems the type that would love all types of modern technology but I think his own insanity would put a huge hindrance on appreciating even the most basic things that come from it. At least by the time someone like Squee was old enough to expose him to it.




BUT ACTUALLY i rly enjoy doing fashion gems so this is a GREAT request!!

we need to be looking out for girls more than we need to be defending pop punk


Random Head cannon time… I guess?((to explain bendys fear I guess))
Joey is allergic to cats, because of this and the fact that they shed and scratch he really isn’t to fond of them either. Bendy looks similar but not quite as a cat, which somehow attracts stray cats to the studio. Bendy sees them outside and opens windows for them and lets them in, unknowing that Joey is allergic or what it means to be allergic. Bendy gets caught quite a few times, gets scolded harshly but continues to let his feline friends in. Soon Joey gets enough of this and takes out Bendys ref. He jots down whatever he can think of to get rid of the cat problem while Bendy sits with a cat on the other side of the studio. The reference sheet takes effect almost immediately, making Bendys biggest fear: cats. Bendy shoves the cat off his lap and ends up getting scratched in the face. He doesn’t let Joey know about this after the cat leaves, he instead goes to Boris and Alice who tend to the wound to the best of their knowledge by copying what they see others do when they get hurt. Sadly bandages are pretty noticeable and so they get caught by Joey. Joey decides the scare was punishment enough and fixes the wound. And thus, Bendys phobia was born.

Dear Homophobic People With LGBT+ Friends or Family (Or Anyone)

Don’t threaten your lgbt friends/kids/family with anything (even taking away their devices.)

Don’t tell them they’re faking.

Don’t tell them the internet is confusing them.

Don’t tell them they’re a sin.

Don’t tell them that they need to ignore it.

Don’t tell them that *their identity* dosen’t exist.

Don’t tell them they need to have “real relationships.”

Don’t tell them they need to “be a *whatever gender you thought they were.*”

Don’t tell them nobody would date them if they came out.

Don’t tell them they need to hold it in.

Don’t tell them they need to please you.

Don’t tell them that “I could be worse”

Don’t hate them.

Don’t ignore their Lgbt identity

Don’t hurt them

They probably already said or did this to themselves at one point


A little 360 of Kali’s room.

She loved the view from her room. Sometimes she’d paint and just stare out the window, she could see everything from up here.
She now had a place to stay hidden and people watch, she didn’t need to search for rooftops anymore. Unless she wanted to.

She was focused on school and on her projects, she had to send a portfolio with her best work to different schools.
She had her heart set on her dream school, and even though she heard rumors that they pretty much guaranteed her a spot, she still worked extremely hard. She was going to earn her place. She hated things being handed to her. She didn’t work like that.

She still had pictures of her and Hana up, and knew her friends thought she was stupid for keeping them up but she wasn’t ready yet.

She never really broke down because she never pushed herself beyond what she could handle. Even if the things she did seemed crazy or irrational to others, they made sense to her and she was the one living her life, no one else was.

Kali was very sure of who she was, but not in an arrogant way. 
She was very easy going and didn’t feel the need to over analyze or over complicate things.
If she wanted Hana’s face plastered all over her wall, then it was going to be plastered all over her wall, and if it made her sad then she’d take them down.
She knew what was best for herself and what she could handle. Everyone could second guess her but that was fine, she never second guessed herself.
So she’d take the pictures down when she was ready and not a minute sooner.

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