idk i saw this on twitter

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And Idk i dont mean to get so rude about it, but harassing Zuke of twitter wasn't enough. I saw the post where they twisted Zuke's words to make it sounds like they liked Lap/dot over their own family, when it wasn't what the comic was saying at all. And to see them celebrating was--idk heartbreaking. Zuke really really REALLY didn't do ANYTHING but hint at preferring one ship over another.

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Honestly it scares me that the fact dnp probably look through their tags on tumblr and i still feel bad for posting dailybooth and formsprings things that never saw the light of day before but they were cute thins ya know

idk man, i hate this blog for that specific reason. i hate saying and posting things that i wouldn’t want them to see ever, in a public space.

if there was a way to have private blogs and appear in the tags, or to have a private twitter and them be able to see my replies anyway, i’d 100% do it. 

i hate that a thing i mention or say can get so much attention or be as widespread that just puts up the chances of them seeing it. 

like my general motto is to not say things that i wouldn’t want them to see it, because if they wouldn’t want to, then it’s something i’d be ashamed of and not really respectful.

watch me delete soon lmao i think about this a lot.

So monsta x fansites were waiting for the boys at the airport but Tom Cruise came out of the same exit before monsta x so the fansites took pictures of Tom Cruise IM LAUGHING SO HARD

Some even changed the name of the preview HAHA

Good boy (Kihyun’s fansite) -> Tom Boy

Here My Dear (Hyungwon’s fansite) -> Here My Tom

literally every time got7 has drama you ALL bandwagon jump on youngjae and stan him for 20 minutes because your bias is problematic.. im so tired of seeing posts about him being so unproblematic and “pure” because none of you actually care about him and you only want the notes. he does not deserve just to be recognized when another member fucks up


sakurada dori; monochrome boyfriend aesthetic

dont interact if you harassed lauren zuke

like seriously. its a goddamn cartoon. its so horrible knowing that lauren was harassed off of twitter and now tumblr! for what? having a preference of a ship on a show that they were working on? jesus, idk man. i dont know much of everything about what happened to them but even after the comic thing they posted yesterday, i still saw people being rude to them.

how fucking heartless can you be?