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All Too Well (M) | Pt. 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,061
Author’s Note: I always wanted to try my hand on a Yoongi chapter story, and then I saw this prompt on tumblr and decided to go with it. I also want to note up ahead that I’m not super familiar with how the recruiting process for Kpop groups go and my knowledge only extends to really quick skims of articles just to get the basis. Regardless, I hope I can get to more parts, so let me know what you think.

also idk if this should be considered a prologue or a part 1 but oh well im just leaving it as part 1


You suppose that it all starts and ends with a letter.

Dear Mr. Min Yoongi,” Your boyfriend reads across the kitchen counter, fingers curling tightly around the paper in his hands, eyes blown wide with a gaze depicting such rare intensity that you’ve actually stopped fixing your morning coffee just to catch a sight of his expression. You can’t entirely place the feeling weighing itself into your stomach, so you settle with staring at him and trying to keep your own facial features as neutral as possible. “We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the final audition at our label and therefore are officially recruited into our newest group Bangtan Boys. You are going to be one of seven other boys joining our label as trainees and we are excited to finally bring everyone together to prepare for debut. Although training won’t officially start until next week, we ask that you come to the studio tomorrow morning to meet the other members as well as be prepped on our expectations and scheduling. We wish to congratulate you on your hard work and look forward to getting to know you more in the coming years. Sincerely, Big Hit Studios.”

When Yoongi doesn’t react immediately to the positive news, you flicker your gaze up to study him. His eyes, once again, are scanning the paper, quicker and quicker with each line as if he didn’t read it or hear it correctly the first time around. His eyes have grown to the size of saucers at this point, and you would have thought him to be a statue had it not been for the rather loud inhales and exhales coming from the boy. The sight itself would have been rather comical had it not been for the context behind the stare.

So you try for a gentle smile, leaning a little on the counter to try and further gauge his expression. “Yoongi?” You inquire softly, reaching a hand across the space to run your hand along his shoulder blade. “Baby, are you alright?”

Yoongi blinks, snapping himself out of his trance as he shifts his gaze from the letter to you, back to the letter, and back to you. “I did it?” He whispers, the statement sounding more like a question above anything else and you find your lips curling up into a fond smile in light of Yoongi’s confusion—even though he was the one to read the letter multiple times, running over the words in his own mind repeatedly.

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lmao remember this

i don’t suppose the guy’s name means anything given that there are a bunch of articles published in his name throughout the years (he also writes for the independent too) and i don’t think they would be THAT thorough with a sock puppet, way less articles would do just as well, but like what a funny coincidence.. at most they approached him to write about the show but idk.. anyway i chuckled a bit when i saw that

i told myself i’d never do this again but lol

They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. 

Alec wasn’t dying, but he felt like he was. Valentine might as well have shoved the soul sword into his chest. That’s how Alec felt when he saw all the dead downworlders scattered across the room.


When Alec last saw him, they had argued.

He had shoved Magnus away, when all he wanted to do was help him. 

And Alec walked away. 

And now Magnus might be…

“Where’s Magnus?” Alec asked again, his own voice sounding foreign. 

He couldn’t breathe. His chest felt tight. His vision began to blur. 

And all he could remember was the look of hurt on Magnus’s face when he shoved past him that night. 

And over what

Every touch. Every kiss. Every smile. 

They all began to flash through Alec’s mind. 

And he felt like he was dying. 

Valentine was sent to the Clave. 

Everyone seemed to be able to breathe again. 

The room was lighter, the fear in everyone’s eyes dissipating as they reunited with their loved ones. 

When Alec heard that not all the downworlders were affected by the soul sword, he let himself hold onto a shred of hope. 

It was small, but Alec knew that if he let it go, he’d spiral out of control.

His breath hitched as he shoved through the crowds of people. As he walked out of the institute, he was surprised by how bright it was outside. It was as if the sun knew that Valentine was gone, clearing away the clouds so that the angels could observe them in the aftermath of all this chaos. 

Through the sea of bodies, he still couldn’t see him.

Magnus was never one to blend in with the crowd. 

Wh-What was he last wearing? 

Alec shut his eyes and tried to remember, and it was then that he felt it—warmth shooting up his arm. 

He quickly turned around and all the fear exploded out of him. Magnus looked up at him, a look of relief reflecting off his own features. 

Alec crushed him towards his chest, breathing him in. Savoring his warmth, his touch. 

He was safe. 

He was here. 

And as he felt Magnus tighten his arms around him, Alec finally knew.

He knew that he loved him. 

my mom asked me if ice cube died cause she saw a post on fb and i was like wtf no idk? so she clicked the “article link” and it was a picture of a melting ice cube shmagmahmaagnagjagm

idk if any of you guys saw the posts i made a while back about the freshman whos super homophobic and like very sheltered but. he finally accepted my friend request. after months. he writes for the odyssey online and one of his articles is like “i donated a lot of money to charity and god rewarded me by having me win a gopro from a giveaway. i havent opened it or used it yet tho cause im busy. god loves me”

i also scrolled down a bit and found this long ass post he made about why gay marriage is wrong so thats great

The Things You Find Online - M.C.

RequestI just got a good idea for an imagine. It could be with any boy, but like (y/n) would be Josh Dun’s little sister and he didn’t know that until he like sees pictures of her on Twitter or something saying that they were seen together idk. Like something like that and he gets really shocked or something. I think this would be good with Michael but idk it’s your choice.

Summary: Michael finds out his girlfriend is the little sister of Josh Dun. 

Pairing: Michael x Female Reader

A/N: not sure how I feel abt this? 

Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots Seen At Columbus Airport With Little Sister Y/N 

Michael’s eyebrows furrowed as he clicked on the article, the title instantly drawing him in. His girlfriend Y/N had talked about her brother Josh before, but had never really gone into detail before, claiming that “it wasn’t important”. When he saw her name in the title, he immediately asked himself: could Y/N be his little sister? Everything clicked. Every time he turned on Twenty One Pilots, she would skip to the next song, claiming that she’s heard these songs way too many times before. Y/N got into every one of their shows without needing to purchase a ticket. 

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anonymous asked:

You know what I can imagine? Writer!Derek and college student!stiles who just moved into a downtown apartment in nyc, across the county from everyone they know and Derek had a deadline for an article/book and stiles has a midterm the next day and they both procrastinated so now they're sitting on their couch (well, stiles laying across it with his feet across Derek's lap and the computer laying over them) and studying/working together. Idk I just love that idea

Okay, I saw “writer!Derek” and immediately got excited because listen, writer!Derek is literally my favorite thing and I can’t even tell you how much I love it.

Anyway, I got distracted from the stormpilot fic I’m writing because of this ask and then this sort of just happened.

Also, I feel like this post by @sterekseason would interest you.

“– This is the ability to influence or control others based on bla bla bla…

Stiles had been staring at the same string of words for the past several minutes, none of it actually registering in his brain and none of it being written down in the notebook he had opened on the other half of the textbook resting in his lap. With a heavy sigh, he lifted his gaze from the stupid words and over to Derek, who was his personal foot pillow currently, on the other side of the couch.

Derek’s laptop was resting on top of Stiles’ legs, the bottom hot but not unpleasantly, and the light from the screen illuminating Derek’s concentrated face. His fingers were moving over the keyboard in a slow pace, mostly just an annoyed press of the backspace every few minutes, and his eyes moved from the screen to his fingers constantly.

See, while they were both doing much better after having moved to New York and left the horror in Beacon Hills behind, there was still one thing that constantly bothered them: procrastination.

Stiles, a proud college student, had a midterm the very next day, and Derek, writer of two published novels with a third on the way, had a deadline for a chapter coming up. And neither of them had really done anything, because they kept getting distracted.

They had had a whole bunch of great impromptu sex and several movie marathons over the past week, which Stiles claimed was productive in itself, but which Derek reminded him wasn’t the right kind of productive.

So with Stiles’ grades and Derek’s editor’s rage looming over them, they were sat on the couch in their downtown NYC apartment, both in their sweats and loose shirts, and both trying very hard not to get distracted. Again.

Except, Stiles couldn’t focus.

“Hey, Derek, are you-”


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just saw a news headline that read “Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan includes raising taxes by 52% for one group”

so being a rational human being, I was skeptical and actually decided to READ, and the article basically said the middle class would face a 2% raise and people making OVER TEN MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR would face the 52% tax increase.

naturally everyone who commented read the headline and assumed he was gonna tax the shit out of the middle class and the poor.


the state of things makes me so unbelievably sad and angry and scared all at the same time it’s unreal like there are full grown adults out there that think Donald Trump is a good idea

it’s a no brainer for me tbh.  I listen to all the candidates and Bernie is the only one talking sense.  anyone who thinks his supporters are just looking for free handouts hasn’t done one fucking second of honest research