idk i really wanted to gif the first one

Strawhat Pirates, Harry Potter AU

Since I’m a fan of both One Piece and Harry Potter, I think it’d be fun to do this. well a lot of artists already did HP AU but this time I just wanted to sort them all myself :))

monster trio should be in Gryffindor together, they can’t be separated. with Luffy as a famous Seeker, Zoro the Qudditch captain, and Sanji as “another potion prince?”. at first I wanna put Sanji into Ravenclaw but, nope, Gryffindor would be best. and Nami, idk she really fits in Slytherin. lucky Slytherin to have her. Robin is a pure Ravenclaw don’t ask. and Brook reminds me of Moaning Myrtle so I put him in Ravenclaw. Brook also wants to join the frog choir. Hufflepuff trio at the back, would make the house more fun. Usopp and Chopper would be herbology buddies. anyway Chopper is a big fan of Honeydukes. and Franky there, he’s cosplaying Dumbledore..

anyway, both One Piece and Harry Potter turned 20 this year! 

i fuckn love them
its based from a fanfic i read
they were at 7/11 at 1 am and like michael my dorky babe was trying to flirt with him
they got kicked out tho cuz i mean the worker thought that they were planning to somehow sleep infront of the 7/11
idk i really love them

also i am struggling so much i have finals this monday and i just dont want to study
the only reason why i made this was because i really didnt want to study
god please have mercy on me

                                                     The Mark II

Original Request: “Please do one with kylo x reader where whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too!” Part I found here.

A/N: As for that anon who requested I do at least a second part to The Mark, here ya go! This will only be a two-parter, so don’t expect more…thought I really enjoyed the idea, I have soulmate series already going on. Enjoy a rather cocky (?) Kylo and irritated reader who wants nothing but to rip Kylos clothes off. [GIF NOT MINE, is there a clearer one now? idk]

Warning: Nothing too hot, but mentions of a few intense things. It’s childish.

Word Count: 2K+


It was unbelievable, what was thought to be a simple mark turned out to be a soulmate myth–and your soulmate being the Commander of the First Order. You were terrified, disappointed, and flat out angry that it had to be true and it had to be him. You didn’t know the man that well, but you’ve heard stories, and lets just say you avoided him at all costs. But now that you found out he was your soulmate–that you two were destined to be together–how were you supposed to stay away from him?

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HOLD UP. There are too many things going on here.

First off, we got Tony talking to Nat almost in an interrogative way, saying, “I’m sorry, did I just mishear you or did you just agree with me?” In which she sassily replies, “Oh, I want to take it back.” It’s almost like they’re angry at each other because maybe Nat is switching sides as Tony reminds her why she’s on his side in the first place??? Idk. 

But then we got SAM WILSON looking all tough standing behind Tony with his arms crossed. What is going on? When and where is this taking place? Is this before everything goes down? Why would one of Cap’s best friends be in the same room as Iron Man and the super spy who no one really knows whose side she’s on?

Could it be possible that Sam isn’t totally against what Tony stands for, but in trusting Steve he stands with him, because surely Captain America has the right intentions? So here he is with Tony before any real issue surfaces? Or maybe this is just Nat switching sides and Sam acting as a sort of bodyguard/escort, making sure Tony let’s her go peacefully? (read one of my posts about this here)  

Who know’s? This movie’s gonna be killer.


perhaps one day  ● “… To Caroline”  “Yeah, happy deathday to me”


“So binge to me, the word itself, has always had a negative connotation and I think life has so much to offer that you can binge on that’s good, whether it’s relationships or family or experiences or love or whatever. To me Binge is a collection of stories of times that I’ve indulged in my life, and what I’ve learnt from indulging, whether it’s good or bad.”