idk i really love these pictures of them

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Name: i go by lily here 
Nickname: lily
Zodiac sign: libra
Height: 5′3″
Orientation: bisexual (and taken)
Ethnicity: vietnamese/danish/english
Favorite fruit: lychee is all i can think of off the top of my head 
Favorite season: winter
Favorite book: idek i read too much tbh but i really like the picture of dorian gray (oscar wilde) 
Favorite Animal: does stitch count? red pandas 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: tea
Average sleep hours: 7-8
Cat or dog person: dogs and i’m allergic to cats but i still love them lol
Favorite fictional character: what kind of question is this rn i love phichit and yurio from yuri on ice 
Number of blankets you sleep with: 5-6 bc i get cold rly easily
Dream trip: to see the northern lights or to korea/japan maybe
Blog created: idk like sometime in january?
Number of followers: some but most aren’t really active 

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i’m doing all this research on when “like” is used as a filler vs. “um” or “uh” or whatever & i’m really loving this

basically my fav pattern so far is how these teen girls use “like” pretty exclusively when they’re sharing these concepts that are unknown to them or  just guess work, ya know? 

they’ll say “here’s the, um, living room” but then they’ll say “in this picture my brother is, like, howling or something” 

& i love it i mean i love the way they use “like” to express uncertainty and idk pensiveness? “um” expresses a break in a sentence, some disfluency. but “like” holds actual semantic meaning and is an indicator that expresses what follows isn’t gonna be totally accurate but just to the speaker’s best estimation.

i mean, he’s, like, howling or something, right? 

girl talk is cool talk 


time moved too fast

you play it back

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• Sirius who loves taking selfies but can never stay still enough for them to turn out like they want it to
• Sirius who employs Peter to follow them around and take pictures when sirius is not paying attention
• Peter who is a bit peeved to be following them around but loves photography and was offered all of Sirius’ bertie bots that they got for Christmas but don’t really like
• Remus distracting Sirius and making them still enough for Peter to take a picture
• All of the pictures end up being of both of them being adorable
• Sirius doesn’t mind

First time with Eunhyuk. ^^

A/N: To the lovely anon who requested a first time smut with Eunhyuk. Happy reading and enjoy! ^^ Thanks for requesting. ☺ Word Count: 3,642 (idk ignore this. Trying something new.) P.s. sorry for no picture or gif.


You never really liked saying I love you first in relationships. You’d rather wait for the other to say it first even though it would take them months when you probably wanted to say it early. You always held back because you never knew what to say or do when you did say it first and they never said anything back. It was almost a stab to the chest when they would stay quiet or tell you that they didn’t feel the same way back so you held it in.

But today when you told your boyfriend of 6 months that you loved him you stared wide eyed at him with a hint of shock written all over your face because you couldn’t believe that you let those words escape from you. You couldn’t help it though because you loved him so much and something inside you told you that he needed to know, that’s why those words escaped you, but as Eunhyuk stared at you a bit surprised himself you felt tears riming in your eyes as he didn’t say anything.

You were about to leave when Eunhyuk grabbed your arm, turned you around, and cupped your face only to kiss you hard on the lips. You squealed into the kiss only because the action was sudden but it made Eunhyuk laugh and as he pulled away he pressed his forehead against yours and grinned. “I love you too, Y/N. So much.” He whispered, tilting your head up a little to kiss you again as he moved his arms around your waist and laced his hands together to make sure that you were locked inside and had no where else to go.
You smiled as you took a big breath in then slowly exhaled when he said something that made you freeze a little. “I want to take that next step with you.” You looked up and wondered what he was talking about when your head became flooded with what he probably had in mind. You just said I love you to him and he said it back so it was normal that he wanted to take that step with you since it was a way to make it official but this was your first time and you were a nervous wreck just thinking about it.

You’ve heard stories about how it hurts for the first time and that made you nervous as heck because you didn’t want it to hurt at all. If you were meant to feel pleasure from it why would it hurt at all? Just thinking about it made you nervous and scared so you always shook the thought away and thought about something else but the thought of having Eunhyuk as your first pushed you to take that step with him because you knew that out of everyone, he would never hurt you.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to. I just wanted to let you know. I’m not pressuring you or anything. I just wanted to tell you so you could take all the time you wanted to think about it.” Eunhyuk said as he brought you back to reality. You felt his fingers rub circles on your lower back which practically burned you. It made your body heat go up a little but it also relaxed you in a way.

“No.” You said shaking your head. “I trust you. And I know you won’t hurt me. Let’s do this. I’m ready, Eunhyuk.”

“Are you sure?” Eunhyuk asked one last time and you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and tiptoeing a little to kiss him hard with passion to prove that you wanted to try this. He kissed you back and smiled as he pulled away and leaned down a little only to carry you bridal style and lead the way to the bedroom to get started.

He set you down gently on the bed as he just stood around and searched his pockets. You laughed as usually people say that they jump right to it but Eunhyuk was apparently looking for something and you found it kind of cute, even though you had no idea why he was doing so in the first place. You were about to ask him what he was looking for when he found his wallet and pulled out a condom and set it on top of your bedside dresser.

“Gotta be prepared for anything.” He said as he sat on the bed and leaned forward to start kissing you. You smiled into the kiss as his habit of wanting to be prepared for anything made your heart swell up as it was one thing out of many reasons why you loved him so much. His kisses were slow but passionate and heated and when his hand landed on top of your thigh, his kisses distracted you that you didn’t feel a thing. He moved closer to you to feel you really close to him when he practically carried you and sat you on his lap as he couldn’t take the distance between the two of you. He wanted you close and he wanted you close now.

He tilted your head to the side as he started kissing your neck when you moaned out loud making a blush appear on your face and a smile appear on his. You were a bit embarrassed but the sensation you just felt was so good you just had to let out a satisfied sound out, which turned out to be a moan. Eunhyuk cupped your chin and lowered your head to look you right in the eyes and tell you “don’t hold anything back, baby. What you’re feeling, whatever sounds are coming out of you, they’re nothing bad. Trust me?”

“I trust you.” You answered making him smile and lean forward to peck you on the lips.

“Good.” Was all he said as he made you lay down on the bed as he moved to straddle you. He looked deep into your eyes and smiled then he leaned down and started pressing kisses down your neck, to your chest, over your tummy, down your navel and to your hip where he used his fingers to slowly move your top up and reveal your skin where he kissed again and moved up as he took the same path he did when he went down. For some reason they made you squirm underneath him and Eunhyuk would laugh to himself as he found it kind of cute. He reached your lips again when he cupped your breast which made you gasp, giving him access to enter your mouth.

You and him done this a number of times before but today it was different. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the music still playing in the living room or the fact that you were finally having your first time with the man you loved, but whatever it was you were glad it was happening.

He trailed his hand down once again only for this time to remove your top. As soon as yours was off he removed his as he felt that it should be equal ratios and also so you wouldn’t feel insecure for being the only shirtless one in the room. Your hands traced every inch of his torso as he did the same to yours. When he reached your hips again he traced your legs then suddenly spread them apart as he settled between them and kissed you harder on the lips. He was growing a bit impatient, but this was your first time and he wasn’t going to let you feel uncomfortable for a single second. He made you grow comfortable again by kissing you noticing that your hands went down to his belt as you started to undo it.

“Baby, don’t.” He said against your ear, pressing a kiss to your temple and moving his hand around your hip to graze his thumb over it. “Don’t rush things. Let’s take it slow.” He said low against your ear again, making sure that you tilted your head back to give him access to your neck. Once again you moaned out loud as you felt tongue and teeth go over your heated skin. His hand no longer on your hip, but on your thigh as he wrapped it around his waist. He jerked forward a little and you gasped as you felt the friction, the hard on he was now sporting, and that you needed to be touched because apparently you were lacking in it.

Eunhyuk smiled as he did it again using his hand to leave a light trail down your body and towards your jeans button where he, you had no idea how he did it, snapped them open lowering them a little to stick his hand and tease you a little with his thumb. You squealed as you were a bit embarrassed but as soon as you felt the small weight of his thumb against your clit, you whimpered as you wanted more. It felt good and you wondered why you and him never tried this at least.

Eunhyuk was smiling as just this alone got you worked up. He continued his ministrations as he tried to remove your jeans all the way but couldn’t when he tried to do it with one hand and all he wanted was to hover over you and kiss you. He stopped for a bit making you whine at the loss as he removed your jeans all the way down but made it back to you by leaning down and kissing you jerking his hips against you again.

“Eunhyuk!” You gasped as soon as you pulled away from the kiss. “What about you? I should pleasure you too.” You added as Eunhyuk looked into your eyes and smiled, removing your hair away from your face. He pecked you then sat up to press kisses against your tummy making you squirm. He moved lower and lower when he reached the waistline of your panties and thumbed them down a little to kiss the patch of skin he just revealed.

“Trust me, I’m getting pleasure.” He gave you a wink and you froze as you had no idea what he was going to do next but the fact that his face was close to your nether region made you freeze and grow a bit insecure. He surprised you though as he kissed the inside of your thigh moving closer and closer to your knee then moving to the other as he did the opposite and moved closer and closer to your core.

You tried to make your body relax. You trusted Eunhyuk and you knew that whatever he was doing would not hurt you. You closed your eyes taking in a small breath and you slowly let it out when he removed your panties down and pressed his mouth over your clit and started to suck. Your body quickly reacted as you gasped out loud, arched your back, and grabbed the pillow underneath your head as you never felt this way before at all.

You tried to keep yourself quiet as you were moaning and whimpering. You tried to lay still but you kept squirming and withering underneath him, it was a bit embarrassing. You tried to keep yourself still and calm but all thoughts left your head as you grabbed the bed sheets underneath you and gripped them hard. The only thoughts you had in your head were, “Eunhyuk!” “Fuck!” and “Oh my God!” Eunhyuk would laugh when you somehow would let all three of them out at the same time.

You didn’t know you were grabbing onto Eunhyuk’s hair until he reached for your hand and laced your fingers with yours, giving them a squeeze to encourage you to hold on as tight as you wanted. His other hand was trying to keep your hips still while your other grabbed onto the pillow. You didn’t know how long this was going to last, when he pulled away, wiped his hand over his lips and leaned forward to kiss you hard on the lips.

“I want you, Y/N.” He mumbled huskily against your lips as he tried to look into your eyes. His eyes were hooded, obviously lust was written in them but the look alone had you squirming, he didn’t have to say or do anything else.

“Then take me.” You whispered as you wrapped your arms around him only to push him down to you so you could kiss him. Eunhyuk kissed you back as he tried to remove his jeans and boxers down but when he noticed that you still had your bra on, he somewhat growled and snapped the bra off of you. You didn’t know how he did it but you were sure that you were going to go bra shopping some time the week.

You sat up to help him with his pants and when they were fully off and you saw his length curve up by how hard he really was you blushed. This was really going to happen. The fears that you were feeling before didn’t make themselves known because you trusted Eunhyuk and you knew that he wouldn’t hurt you.

“You OK, baby?” Eunhyuk asked as he clearly noticed the slight hesitation you were feeling. He became concerned a little and you loved it that even in the heat of the moment instead of ignoring your feelings, he took a second to ask how you were feeling and see if you wanted to continue or not. He then cupped your face and tilted your head so you could look up at him. “We can stop if you want. I’m here for you.”

“I’m just nervous.” You said with a small lip bite after. Eunhyuk smiled and kissed your forehead. He then pulled your lip down away from your teeth and pecked you on the lip then pulled away as if the kiss gave him an idea.

“Touch me.”

“What?” Confusion written all over your tone. Eunhyuk laughed but grabbed your hands and held them on his as he looked into your eyes.

“If you touch me, you get to feel how big or thick I am. If you feel it’s too big or too much, we’ll stop right here. If you feel you could take some of it, let me know until where and we’ll continue.” It was a strange idea but you were willing to give it a try. He rubbed his thumb down your lip, giving you a smile as he moved your hands with his towards his length. He let you go so you could touch him when you were ready but when you hesitated and you pouted up at him he smiled and put one hand over him making him hiss a little at your touch.

You gasped a little as he was hard and when you felt him twitch against your hand, you almost pulled back but you didn’t. You used your hands to measure him which clearly it would be weird if you told your friends about it but it somehow reassured you.

You accidentally jerked him, making him moan and close his eyes but he told you it was OK and to take your time which made the two of you want to laugh. You felt that if you took him in all the way you wouldn’t feel comfortable so you told him that you were OK with it being half way in. Eunhyuk nodded and made sure you laid down comfortably underneath him.

His gaze never left yours as you watched him grab the condom and put it on. You watched as he tried to put a pillow fort around you so you were comfortable, and you watched as he leaned down, cupped your chin, and kissed you sweetly on the lips turning the kiss more and more heated as it went on.

He spread your legs apart as he settled between them feeling him right against your thigh but he felt that it wasn’t enough as he grabbed both your legs and wrapped them around himself. You gave him a smile when you felt a small pressure trying to enter you then slowly move inside you not wanting to rush things at all. It was only halfway like you told him but even then you felt that it was not enough so you encouraged him to move in all the way. As soon as he was fully in, and he stayed still you whined as you could almost feel him all the way up to your throat. It was physically impossible but you felt full and you weren’t sure if it was a good or bad thing.

You looked up at Eunhyuk as he groaned over the tight feeling around him. He wanted to move, you could tell that much but he was holding back because tonight was about you and he promised that he wouldn’t hurt you and he was going to keep that promise. You were expecting so much pain and blood but you didn’t feel anything at all. You felt a slight pain but as soon as Eunhyuk would move the pain would go away. Now you wanted him to move.

He looked down at you to make sure you were OK. He traced your jaw and smiled leaning down to kiss you, when you told him. “Coming right up.” He said with a laugh then slowly pulled out of you then slowly went back in, giving you a small rhythm for you to adjust to. The feeling was indescribable but as you grew used to his small rhythm you wanted more. You would snap your hips a little to meet him halfway but we would only press your hips down and laugh.

“Nope, not today baby. Tonight I’m fucking you slow. The way you deserved to your first time.” He said as he cupped your face to kiss you. He wasn’t lying because he never picked up speed or anything, just continued. You were growing a bit impatient by it but you understood that this was his way on letting you know that he loved you. He didn’t want things to speed up so the both of you could reach that high. He wanted to take his time and love you properly. Eventually you’ll reach it, you just had to be patient about it.

The slow buildup was frustrating but pleasurable nonetheless. It was slow but it was coming and you figured that Eunhyuk wanted it slow, so the two of you could release together. His hips picked up a little speed nudging your head to tilt up with his nose as he attacked your neck. Small bites and kisses were being pampered on your neck when he found the crook of your neck and ghost his breath there making you shiver from pleasure.

“I love you, Y/N. I’m so close.” He mumbled against your skin as he grabbed the headboard for support as his hips picked up speed. You could feel it as well, wrapping your arms around his and pushing him closer to you as you wanted to feel him as close to you as possible. Your mouth found his shoulder as your breathing came out hard against it, closing your eyes as you felt the sensation travel around your body. A couple of more thrusts in and it hit.

Your body stiffen, your back arched, Eunhyuk’s name being the only thing coming out of your mouth, and the clenching of you on Eunhyuk had him reaching his release as well. He moaned your name against the crook of your neck. He groaned as you clenched around him and the moan of his name gave him a high as he quickly found your lips and kissed you, riding out both of your highs. As soon as your breath got to normal you laughed as you couldn’t believe that you survived and enjoyed your first time. Eunhyuk collapsed on top of you and laughed as well pressing a sweet kiss on you.

He was still inside you and neither you or him minded. He tried to get the cover over the two of you but it was a bit impossible as the two of you were laying on it. The two of you laughed together and enjoyed another kiss after.

“I love you, Y/N. So so much.”

“I love you too, Eunhyuk.”

“Can we do this again in the morning?” He asked as he finally got some strength to pull out of you and lay beside you, only to pull you on top of him so you could rest against his chest.

“Umm. No.”

“Why not?” He almost yelled as he sat up to look at you to see if you were being serious or not. You were teasing but your facial expression said that you weren’t at all, that you were in fact serious about it.

“Because sleep.” You answered as you moved to your side and curled up. Eunhyuk just stared but shrugged as he moved on his side as well and curled up next to you, pulling you right against his chest.

“Alright. Fine. Sleep. There’s still afternoon sex anyway. And because I love you so much, we have a lifetime to try it out.” You smiled at his words glad that it was the last thing you heard before sleep came over you and consumed you.

Jungkook Looking at Jimin

a.k.a., the most important thing in the world (I’m wordy af so there might be some lil paragraphs idk)

I just wanted to say…there are thousands of pictures of Jimin looking at Jungkook. I see them literally every day. They’ve got little captions saying how cute it is when Jimin looks at Jungkook and how he’s so in love or whatever. But one night I searched something that got me to a ton of pics of Jungkook looking at Jimin….and it was really wild. I hadn’t seen most of them before and I had a slight mental breakdown. Jungkook looks at Jimin like that too, just no one ever mentions it. Everyone thinks Jungkook doesn’t want Jimin’s attention and this is a one-sided love but……

This one is more funny than cute cuz I mean its memekook what can you do

My fav are the ones where Jimin isn’t looking at him. Cuz Jimin doesn’t know?? He doesn’t know he’s looking at him like that. Look at Jungkook’s face oml he looks so soft and adoring I just :) 

This is just cute there’s nothing to say

he’s looking at his lips at the start just saying


this one could have been any moment where he looked at him during this vid I don’t really think it’s that important

it’s not looking but

look how cute bby awwwww

looking out for his boyf Jimin

can you tell someone is looking at you Jimin?

I also think it’s so important how Jungkook makes Jimin laugh and Jungkook knows it…but thats a whole different story.

So there it is. Jungkook looks at Jimin everyone. 

(some of these are most likely just moments from videos where Jungkook looked at Jimin…I mean of course he has to look at him he can’t go his whole life not looking at a boy he lives and works with, and him looking at him doesn’t necessarily mean something. I just think some of those moments are a little more special, and Jungkook looking at Jimin is just as important as Jimin looking at Jungkook.

Sometimes I feel like Jungkook is portrayed as kind of a dick in the Jikook relationship because it’s always like ‘oh he doesn’t accept Jimin’s affection he’s always pushing him away he doesn’t like him’ or whatever, but Jungkook isn’t a dick and he isn’t pushing Jimin away. He just shows his affection in a very different way, which is a lot less noticeable. I’m quite loud about people I love, just like Jimin, and my friend is a lot more like Jungkook. I talk about her all day to everyone and always tell her I love her, and sometimes I feel like she doesn’t like me at all, but if you look a little harder, she talks about me and loves me too, you just can’t see it at first glance. I think that’s a lot like Jikook. ANYWAY.)

- killi :) 

Amazing Ph*l

Hello people of the internet! I was watching some of Phils old videos, and I began to think. I realized how much he really means to me, so I came up with an idea. I am going to try to make a small gif or picture, for every one of Phils videos on his channel, then compile them in to one video or gif(idk what yet). I want to finish this by the anniversary of his channel. Now here is were the phandom comes in. I bet a lot of people will ignore this, but I will post the name of the video and the date, and I would love it if you guys could create something including that,(and your name of course!) and I could use it in the gif/video. Please share this post to anyone who you think would be interested. If I get enough people who want to join, then awesome! I would love to include a bunch of people. I will add more details later (if people are actually interested), until then you can comment if you are! Thank you!!!

ps do not tag any of this in amazingph*l, ph*l lester, dan*snotonfire and stuff like that, I would like to keep it a secret from them!

jhopesfatgf  asked:

for the kpop asks: all even numbers!

2: Who was your first bias in ______?


4: Least favorite group?

i think its blackpink maybe?? idk i love their song but i don’t stan them so that much :(

6: Favorite duo?


8: Your favorite K-drama?

cheongdam-dong alice!!

10: Last group you started to listen to?

momoland, their music its so cool, i really liked it lol 

12: Favorite picture(s) of your bias(es)

that pic is one of my favorites, srsly

14: Favorite era?

gfriend - me gustas tu!!

16: How many k-pop songs do you have on your phone/ipod?

idk, im using the spotify now :(

18: Tell me about your bias. Why is s/he your bias?

i fell sincerely in love with haseul but my ult is eunha :(  i don’t know the real reason, but I think it was her silly and natural personality…….

20: How did you get into k-pop?

I was on youtube when I found a video of wonder girls, more specifically the nobody mv..

22: Favorite performance?

snsd - the boys on mama 2011

24: A group you never thought you would ever listen to?

nct lmao

26: Do you own any merchandise?

yep, 30-40 cds and some posters……..

28: Ever heard about _____?


30: An unpopular opinion about______?


send me kpop asks

aegyo-chan  asked:

6 25 28 57 67 (Cheer up sis! I love you!!)

Ilu too bless your heart <3

6: If you could date any kpop idol…who would it be? and why?

Oh okay, so this is weird, but I don’t think I actually want to date any idol haha. Because I feel like I’d be awkward and idk, just feels a bit weird for me for some reason lol? I’d rather be really, really good like lifelong friends with them haha. So, in that case, I really want to be friends the most with Yongguk~ 

25: Your favorite picture of your bias?

Oh my gosh, there’s so many, how can I choose one lol? Buttttt I supposeeee:

I’ve always loved this photo a lot cause I love Gukkie’s smile and he looks like such an angel here (which he literally is /sobs/). 

28: Favorite picture of your favorite group?

I’m sure you already know who I’m about to post hahaha. But here it is:

Idk why, but I just love all their selfies together. It’s probably cause I just love pictures of them relaxing and spending time with each other :)

57: Your favorite GIF of your ultimate bias?

Originally posted by daehyunny

 so. cute. ಥ‿ಥ

67: Make an edit of your favorite OTP?

Omg I’m sorry haha I’m too lazy and uninspired to edit T_T But have some gifs of them my dear!~

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fire emblem heroes gave me back my  fire emblem feels and i really had the need to make some fanart
so here have my favourite charcter from my first fe game: Lute from Sacred stones
I love this little purple magicain x3

The picture  idea came into my mind while i remembered her support conversations  with Artur, where she mentoined, that she collected spiders and set them in Arturs room free, to cure his  Arachnophobia (idk if i wrote the word correctly ._.)
I just enjoyed this support conversation so much ( i mean this became a running gag between me and a friend)

also Gosh. Next to Neimi and Colm one of my first OTPs

secondchanced replied to your post: remember the Aesthetic Discourse™?? same bc i…

tbh for me, aesthetics are just anything that remind u, the mun, of your muse, or are things your muse likes ( ex: the colors red and gold are part of toni’s aesthetic ).

see like i thINK i know what i would use but honestly idk ??? and i dont know where people find all of the pretty looking pictures and i gave up on trying to figure them out about two years ago but i really love the way they look like !!!!! so much @everyone who can do aesthetic things: i admire u and u make beautiful things

cryptobotany  asked:

for the lovely asks: Polaroid, Vinyl, and Silk Sheets!!


  • Polaroid: Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Vinyl: What is some of your favorite music? i need new music to listen to hhh pls send me some also i like the wombats, mother mother, and glass animals
  • Silk Sheets: Any ways you treat or spoil yourself? idk i dont really other than drawing self indulgent as fuck fanart or eating my favorite Depression Meals™

anonymous asked:

For some odd reason, one ship that I ship is Seychelles and Romano?? Idk how I started shipping them I just one day thought about it???

there’s one romasey picture i really love!!! that’s a cute ship that i’m always down for quq b

if any of you guys still have old calendars lying around because you think the art is too pretty for the calendars to just be thrown away,you can make use of them by cutting out the pictures and turning them into bookmarks. it’s a really fun and easy way to save the art on your calendars from just being thrown away and you get new bookmarks as an added bonus!

anonymous asked:

I can imagine Taehyung being all clingy to his hyung today. Can you post your favourite gif/picture of them?

Me too! I hope they’re having a lot of fun together! <3

As for my favorite picture of them, I think this one

that’s a couple vibe idk I really like it (plus Taehyung’s orange hair! <3)

and my favorite gif, well I love almost all their moments/gifs but this one

 makes my heart go doki doki ლ(ಠ益ಠლ