idk i really love these pictures of them

idk about you guys but i really love the little teaser picture aaron posted yesterday

i mean, doesn’t this look just awesome!

this season is setting them up for rising from the ashes. this shows that s5 will actually give us that

i know i’m excited, are you excited??


Some quick doodles of the Adventure Zone boys because I just finished catching up and I Love Them

newsies + birthdays


  • it’s essentially a 12 year olds party
  • theres a bounce house and copious amounts of candy
  • they play so many games like tag and manhunt and they probably have a water ballon fight
  • theres a piñata that spot breaks by roundhouse kicking it
  • jack eats approximately 47 pixie sticks 
  • there’s karaoke


  • this damn kid forgot his own birthday
  • jack woke him up singing happy birthday and davey went “who’s birthday is it”
  • jack takes davey to a museum and davey spends the entire day dragging jack around the different exhibits. 
  • after, they go out for dinner with everyone and then come back and watch movies
  • the night ends with jack and davey cuddling
  • it’s simple but davey loves every second of it


  • the gang goes to a theme park
  • race drags spot on all the rides and spot wins him a giant stuffed giraffe
  • jack throws up in a trash can and it was race’s favorite part
  • race spends a lot of the time in the arcade playing ddr against spot. they both suck
  • race makes spot go on the horror themed rides and spot spends the entire time hiding his face in races neck
  • they go on the ferris wheel and make out
  • jack is The Best at the games and wins like 15 prizes 


  • the gang starts out at a bar 
  • jack sings karaoke there
  • after that they go to see a stand up comedian (idk why but i picture them seeing john mulaney)
  • the comedian is really fun and spot has tears streaming down his face from laughter
  • after that the rest of the group goes home and spot and race go back to their apartment and race cooks spot his favorite dinner (tortellini in alfredo sauce)
  • spot loves it so much because as much as he loves his friends he needs time with race


  • cructhie doesn’t want to celebrate because he doesn’t want people to go out of their way for him
  • obviously the gang doesn’t listen and they throw him a huge surprise party
  • they decorate jack and davey’s apartment with an excessive amount of decorations 
  • jack got him a bear with a crutch and crutchie cried for approximately 15 minutes because he’s never got such a great gift
  • everyone gives crutchie a 5 minute hug because what would they do with out him

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favorite harry things: all the half harry/half magnus bts pictures 👌👌👌👌👌💯

sjkafjkgsdhkfgjd yes!!!! i love them so so much idk why but i do!!!! and these are all giving me so many human!au magnus vibes (the first one is just plain rude because hair and make up + arms????) but really, he’s just so pretty i can’t even wrap my head around it. and the last one with magnus’ clothes but his own hair and no make up??? so adorable (and such long legs what the…)

what’s your favourite harry bts moment? come talk to me about it

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I love everything about this comic and malek and dallas and poppy, but i seriously have this headcannon where the boys liten to MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE like when i was younger, and i picture like malek driving his aunts car, full volume, and like totally screaming the " BUT YOU REALLY SHOULDVE LISTENED TO ME, CAUSE IM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH, I MEAN THIS IM OK " part AND then dallas would be like "TrUst Me" abd then the three of them would sing the chorus with all the air in this lungs idk

Malek “I’m literally Emo But Let’s Not Call It That” Solh. EVERYTIME THERE’S A PARTY. He’s the only one (aside from Phoebus) who’s old enough to drive him and his friends to parties. The problem with Phoebus is that he has Terrible Road Rage, while with Malek is that “either the aux cord is with me, or Kelsey drives.” kinda guy. Because Dallas and Poppy are the only ones who Agree with his music taste, they get to ride shotgun (It’s Not Favoritism I Swear)

The baseball team: *crawling into the truck*
Blake: * A Sigh That Lasts Weeks as Malek plugs in the aux*
Ty: it’s Weezer. It’ll be Weezer today
Blake: 20 bucks says it’s The Killers
Ari: what say you, Parker?
Parker: My chemical romance
*Teenagers starts blasting *
Ari: how

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Do you think Isak went to Even's house for his birthday ??

i think he was there since friday,and in the early hours of sunday a similar thing like ep10 opening scene happened only this time it was lighter, just watching his boy sleep and smiling to himself,all excited that his boyfriend now is 20,…and when even opens his eyes isak grins and evens like “its 7 in the morning how can you smile so early” and closes his eyes ready to go back to sleep and isak bites his bottom lip still smiling and he’s just “its your birthday” and evens like “I know” and isak “happy birthday” and even looks at him ,into his eyes and then lips and he smiles too and isak acts all serious like “what are you smiling about its only 7 in the morning” and even does the thing where he puts his tongue against his teeth and smiles and he snorts in disbelief ,….then after isaks breakfast attempt they sit down on the floor like in ep2 and he gives even his gift,and he’s so excited about it and even just can’t stop smiling and he’s like “you’re ridiculous” but he’s excited too and he opens the gift and idk let’s say its pretty woman on dvd plus a picture of them together as the two main characters lmao and they laugh about it and then evens like “this is really amazing but you know which gift i love the most” and he takes the bow from the wrapping and puts it on isaks head and he says “you” and isak rolls his eyes with a soft smile and even whispers “thank you” and isak knows he’s thanking him for everything not just the gifts but for being there ,being with him,loving him,accepting him…..sigh

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Can we get some fluff tythan? Like a date to a park with flowers and light kisses?


-let’s pretend that LA has actual seasons like here on the East Coast or Europe
-Tyler and Ethan go on walks to the park nearly every day, for either a casual stroll or a date
-They always hold hands, unless they’re out for a run (or if it’s summer)
-They bring Chica with them whenever they can
-The park has a giant pond with ducks that Ethan likes to feed
-The park management gets pissed about the fact that they’ll climb the trees all the time

-Tyler likes to take advantage of the nice days and will often drag Ethan out for a morning run
-Tyler carries tissues in case Ethan reacts badly to the pollen
-During the day, Ethan loves to take pictures of the flowers and the baby ducklings
-He always gets too close to the young birds and the parents will angrily chase him so he jumps on Tyler like “run fucking run”
-Tyler is actually surprisingly good at making flower crowns and bracelets and will pick buttercups and daisies to string them together
-Tyler will also bring him actual bouquets of flowers
-When the wind picks up, the cherry blossoms will fly everywhere like snow and they’ll sit under the trees while Chica happily runs around
-Them kissing under all the blooming trees
-After a movie date they’ll come to the park when it’s like dark and stuff because they can see the stars and it’s very quiet and peaceful
-Ethan secretly still plays Pokemon Go but you can hear the little ding whenever an egg cracks and he gets all flustered about it like “aaa sorry” but Tyler just kind of takes his phone out to show that he also has the app running
-Tyler pushes Ethan on the swing set and sometimes they’ll sit in one of those spinning things and see how fast they can make it go
-If the forecast says that there will be rain, Tyler will bring an umbrella for them to share
-When it just rains without warning they just kind of flit from tree to tree and they laugh a lot about it and when they get home they towel each other dry

-Ethan just wants to stay inside with the air conditioning because he’s still not used to hot summers
-Tyler makes them go out anyway, especially if he knows that Ethan will have a busy day recording ahead of him
-Tyler makes sure Ethan is absolutely covered in sunscreen so that blue boy doesn’t burn
-Ethan complaining about it a lot and refuses to let anything touch him because he is sticky and feels like the sun is out to kill him
-Tyler always packs a picnic with like sandwiches and cool drinks
-Ethan finds the absolute shadiest/coolest spot in the whole park and demands that they lay the blanket down there
-Tyler gets really calm when it’s hot so he’ll immediately take a nap shirtless and sometimes Ethan takes a nap with him but he usually stays awake to watch Chica
-Ethan has one of those handheld tourist fans (that don’t really do anything and are scams tbh) pointed at his face 24/7
-He lives for those small refreshing breezes
-Tyler’s actually lowkey really scared of bees and fireflies so he’ll quickly move away if one gets too close
-Meanwhile Ethan’s over here, letting them land on his skin and trying to convince Tyler that they won’t hurt him
-Tyler buys them ice cream and Ethan’s trying to eat his as fast as he cans because it melts so quickly
-Tyler’s like “this is why I got my ice cream in a cup” but Ethan argues that it’s not a proper scoop without a waffle cone
-The sun sets really late in the day so they stay out a lot longer than usual
-Sometimes the park has like? An outdoor movie thing? That they’ll go to at night and it’s really cute

-Eth and Ty enjoying the leaves, taking pictures of each other in it, making leaf piles
-Tyler makes leaf crowns for himself because he thinks they suit him better than flower crowns
-Chica likes the leaves too
-During fall harvest festivals they go to those market things and buy autumn things
-Ethan makes Tyler buy him the biggest pumpkin and they eat squash soup or whatever
-Tyler buys those apples that taste the best in autumn and he makes his own apple cider out of them
-Ethan and Tyler on a hay ride and Ethan just tosses the shit everywhere
-Ethan gets too excited about Halloween tbh he starts singing the songs in September
-Pumpkin carving feat tythan in which Ethan aims for a scary face design and Tyler aims for like. A graveyard landscape
-Tythan going out to stores to pick out decorations and costumes for each other
-They get a couple costume because they’re cute like that (what ship though that’s the question I’m a big fan of Harley!Ethan but?? oh I knOW THEY TOTALLY COSPLAY AS SPIDEYPOOL because!!! Idk with the size difference I think it fits pretty good and ye acrobatic Ethan and heart of gold Tyler)
-Ethan being on a sugar high after eating all of the carefully sorted Halloween candy and Tyler’s just like pls it’s five go to bed
-Tythan getting ready for thanksgiving, just cooking together and stuff
-They try to make everything from scratch because it’s more fun tbh
-Tyler has a “kiss the cook” apron and he’s always pulling Ethan away when blue boy tries to taste the gravy or apple pies or whatever
-Ethan runs off with the cranberry sauce
-Thankful boys
-Walks in the park in the crisp autumn air in which the strong wind blows leaves everywhere
-Um idk if this happens in America but in Germany the young ones come out en masse and collect a bunch of chestnuts so I just want Ethan dragging Tyler out and forcing him to hold like a wicker basket while Ethan just excitedly darts around and comes back with armfuls of chestnuts
-“I’m not helping you prepare these” sure Tyler

-Ethan and Tyler cuddled up in blankets with mugs of hot chocolate (this is canon though bless)
-Chica enjoying the snow!! Ethan enjoying the snow (they both like catching snowflakes on their tongue)!! Tyler not enjoying the snow because he is cold but as long as Ethan’s there he’s happy
-Ethan is always pelting Tyler with snowballs and making snow angels and entire armies of snowmen
-Ethan makes a big snowman and just puts a beanie on it “it’s you Tyler”
-Them going ice skating over the frozen lake and Tyler being a very cautious boy while Ethan’s doing all of these tricks and going really fast because ice skating is big in Maine and he’s acrobatic I recommend him for figure skating
-Ethan holds Tyler’s hand like “it’s okay” but then he just drags him along because it’s easy on ice and Tyler’s like !!!!! Too fast
-Ethan’s nose and cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink in the cold
-Ethan steals Tyler’s beanies during the winter to keep his ears warm and buys both of them scarves with pictures of cacti or doggos on them
-Does America have Christmas markets? Idk but it’s basically like a bunch of outdoor stalls where you can buy a lot of things like semi precious stones and intricate wooden boxes and glass bird figurines and honey candles and there’s always Christmas music playing and a constant smell of Glühwein and frying Kartoffelpuffer it’s great
-But anyway tythan going to one of these and they hold hands while they browse the stalls
-They find a lot of cool things so basically Christmas shopping for the gang
-Mark’s house is honestly filled to the brim with mistletoe because they’re all little shits. The mistletoe is legit everywhere you can’t walk two steps without encountering another bushel of it (there’s some in the fridge too why)
-Tythan decorating the tree!!! And explaining the story behind specific ornaments because many ornaments will usually have some story tied to it
-Ethan excitedly running down to the stairs with Chica on Christmas morning and Tyler’s really tired like pls why
-New Years kisses!
-Ethan sledding down a hill and falling on his ass and when Tyler laughs at him Eth tries to tackle him so just laughing boys rolling around in the snow
-Tyler just wants winter to end tbh because while he’s a fan of the winter Starbucks flavors he doesn’t like the cold


HOLY FUCK i actually zoned out and drew
Im pretty sick right now and kinda stuck on my bed for a while so i havint really been able to do art other than that annabelle picture but i was watching a youtuber hyanna natsu draw and before i knew what i was doing i was already half way done with spell

I drew the girl first who i think is a human ver of annabelle but im not to sure at all i feel like i know her but like idk???

I drew sai second then spell

i really love how these came out and i kinda want to color them when i get the chance!

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For the ship meme: Plance?

Who said “I love you” first

I think they would have this really big bad fight. Maybe someone got jealous or went out of boundary and they just scream and fight until one of them breaks out screaming “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” and the other screams “WELL I LOVE YOU TOO”. Idk which one would do it tbh. They are both susceptible but I think for both of them, it’ll play out this way since both would be like calculating whether to really say it or not.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Lance has Pidge in his. It is actually a pretty tame aesthetic picture of her, with some make up that he did, when she went to this one wedding for a friend. She was in a pretty lacey dress and he just kinda died because she was stunning. This girl was actually dating him. Pidge has the really goofy picture of Lance who hasn’t fixed himself up yet, in his PJs.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Pidge leaves creepy stuff just to scare Lance for years and when he screamed and fainted, and got a sprain, she knew it worked. Not sure if it was worth it though. She had to tell him the truth, in the end. And they kind agreed with her doing the households for the next 3 months after his foot recovers.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Lance forever will give cheesy gifts, the cheesiest. Pidge learns to live with it.c

Who initiated the first kiss

Lance did. Pidge was babbling about tech stuff and Lance swoops in to kiss her. And she goes and says “I was talking but that was good. Do it again.” And there goes their first makeout session too.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Lance actually never stopped this one time to we Pidge up in the morning but she has just slept for half an hour and they get into a big fight about it. And Lance skips work and cuddles her to sleep to make up for it.

Who starts tickle fights

Lance did but wherever he tickled, Pidge was chill. It was like magic. She had no blind spots. Zero. None. Nay.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Lance does and Pidge never complains.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Lance does it sometimes especially when Pidge is grinding a deadline.He knows she has a tendency to forget Lunch if left unsupervised.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Neither really. It was more both of them trying to make it perfect but having different plance for what to do and then them scrapping the plans for like doing random fun stuff like playing in the arcade.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

No one. They just scream at their doom.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Pidge does. She still calls on random strangers to talk about Lance. She mildly insults him at first. ”You know, this guy is kinda stuckup and he never listens to me when I tell him doing that is a bad idea” but then she compliments him the fuck. “But he is just also so sweet and sometimes his bad ideas save the day. and one time we got really wet looking for coins in a fountain cuz we both lost our wallets and our phones were dead and we needed a ride back. and we do all these crazy fun stuff and maybe I’m crazy cuz I love him but I do” and Lance is just there slowly dying a happy death.

-mod Lance


Prompt: Where RFA likes to give MC kisses

Word Count: 345

Warnings: fluff, kissing, implied smut?? Nothing to bad just fluffy fluff fluff

Author: Faith (@mysticjumunnie)

☆honestly really cute
☆loves kissing MC on the tip of their nose
☆MC gets so flustered and blushy its so cute
☆just does it because like
☆I mean he loves MC
☆plus likes taking pictures of MC when their blushy and all
☆occasional hand kisses because idk man

☆super sweet when he kisses MC tbh
☆forehead kisses because he finds them so tender
☆makes up for kinky sexy times (tho MC doesn’t mind it)
☆usually happens when MC is being adorable and/or PDA
☆finds it cute that MC leans their forehead in for him to kiss
☆like yes please
☆also jawline kisses are a must from him


☆always always always neck kisses
☆finds your neck so beautiful
☆like he finds all of you beautiful but like ☆your neck
☆gives him a way to mark you
☆if ya know what I mean
☆kisses turn to bites and something cute turns into smexy times
☆when he kisses MCs neck in public they get so embarrassed and its adorable
☆like ‘oh pardon me, this is my princess back the fuck off’
☆sometimes a cute little side of the head kiss when MC is being extra smol and cute


☆cheek kisses all the way yo
☆he’s the sweetest boy ever I mean
☆doesn’t show a lot of PDA but when it comes to cheek kisses he’s all in
☆in a restaurant for a date, oh the slightest cheek kiss
☆at the movies with the RFA, many many cheek kisses
☆just hanging around playing LOLOL, cheek kisses galore
☆maybe a cheeky shoulder kiss when he’s trying to get MC’s attention


☆all about the smack dab on the lip kisses
☆doesn’t seem like she’d like them so much but like
☆with so much stress she doesn’t give a fuck about kisses
☆'MC I’m tired can you give me a kiss?’
☆'MC I’m about to head off to the bakery’ *kisses goodbye*
☆'MC Jumin was being a jerk again, kiss me.’
☆any excuse to kiss MC because she loves them so much
☆the occasional tip of the ear kiss because its so innocent

Requests are open! This was so cute to write I LIVE for fluff, just give me a l l the fluff



Anyways, I did a screencap redraw! Idk why I liked that little picture he held up but yeah, thought I’d redraw that. 
Also because I really like Grunkle Stan

I’m planning on drawing more grunklefuckery soooo yeah, hope I don’t lose motivation ;w;

Edit: Wowzas, thanks guys for 1000+ notes! I’d really appreciate it if you guys checked out my other Stan art, too ;o; I was proud of them ahahhhh

time moved too fast

you play it back

please do not repost :)


Hi, everyone! It’s 3 AM but I felt pretty while taking these so here you go! ^_^

Unfortunately, as what happens most of the time, I started hating these pictures after looking at them more, so I ended up deleting all but these three, but I didn’t want that time to be a waste so here’s the best of the three. I almost love the first one but my hair is kinda messed up in that one. :/

Idk dysphoria is just making me see myself as just a really ugly guy no matter what. But at least I felt quite cute while taking these! :)


I’ve been debating with this ever since Toddlers became available for the game. And now with the upcoming Parenthood Pack my desire for giving them a child has arisen once again.

It’s so much fun (and easy) in The Sims universe to create a child with a mix of both of their genes (the child pictured above was created like that. Side note: They make beautiful babies together. They really do, lol)

My JohnlockSims universe it’s obviously not compatible with the “real” universe on the BBC show and I want to keep it that way. So for starters, I would give them a baby boy instead of “Rosie”(I still haven’t thought about a name. I love Hamish but idk, there’s other cute names out there I’m sure)

So, what do you think? Should they have a child already? Any suggestions for a baby boy name?

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O.O I saw the pencil sketch of your dragon OC on the other Blog but how did you line art and color it on Paint?!! with a TRACKPAD? ._. And how did you erase the sketch? I'm sorry I'm a n00b but could you do a tut in your spare time for us people without fancy technology? PS: I bow before your skills TT^TT

OKAY INSIDE IS A PRETTY IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL, i didn’t leave out any steps or tricks i use. possibly the most useful ones are terminating the sketch, and how to use the eraser tool to color-swap which makes the following processes a lot easier:

  • putting markings on a color while without worrying about getting out of the lines

  • putting down some shading

  • coloring lineart

  • marking behind a drawing

(if you didn’t know about that, i recommend checking it out in step 4)

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