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flower petals [c.m x  reader]

Connor Murphy x Reader

 Request : @doilyloily 

 “ Write me some connor Murphy x reader where reader is really positive and when connor bumps into her and he thought she would make it dramatic and say that he attacked her, but she just “oh no, I’m sorry.” And he’s just so ??? Shook ??? And then they’re apparently neighbors so when she says hi and walks to school with him he’s also ??? Shook ??? And then after a while he’s just: oh heck I love you and BOOM it’s fluffy. Idk man. “ 

 Warnings: swearing, cuteness. 

 Y/N = your name \ Y/L/N = your last name

this is extremely out of character lol but i like happy Con so…

xoxo cass

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“thank you. you’re probably tired of hearing it but thank you.”

kara wraps her in a hug. “I wasn’t going to leave you in there. you’re my friend, lena, and I trust my friends.”

“you truly are super, you know.” lena traces the top of the “S”. “what does this mean again?” 

“el mayarah. it means stronger together. like us.” lena smiles, her hands close to her chest. she notices how kara’s eyes light up as she remembers the words.

“any more cool kryptonian phrases you can remember?” 

“oh, yeah, I try to practice.” it’s a little sad, the way she says it. her smile flickers, stumbles in the dark. 

“teach me something.”

the sun shines again. “what do you want to know?”

“oh anything. anything you want to say.” 

“well, it’s valentine’s day. we can go with the theme.” lena takes a step back to rest her hand on her desk.

“okay. how do you say ‘discount chocolates’ in kryptonian?” kara laughs. her hair bounces like dancers to the melody. 

“as if you buy discount chocolates.”

“hey, I know how to appreciate a bargain!” and there goes a hand to press against her belly. lena can’t feel the chill from the balcony with how warm her chest is becoming.

“okay so how do you say ‘bouquet’? a bouquet of roses.”

“I don’t know… we didn’t really have that on krypton.”

“no flowers?”

“I mean, not the idea of a bouquet, exactly. and not earth flowers either, of course.”

lena hums, crosses her arms. she looks at the floor, and considers what else to ask, something to keep supergirl laughing, keep her here before she’s called off somewhere else. kara inches in on the distance between them, expectant. it’s a beautiful night outside, but she doesn’t want to fly into it yet.

lena looks at her softly. 

“and how do you say ‘I love you’?”

Hey Brother

Request: “hey, can you do a imagine where the reader is henry bowers’s young sister like she’s one year younger than him, he acts like he doesn’t care for her, she’s really sad about that, and one day he comes home and sees her crying because of their abusive father and he tries to comfort her? and idk, it’s really fluffy :) thanks, i love your blog 🌹💞”

Pairing: Henry Bowers x Younger Sister Reader

Warnings: Mentions of blood, abuse and death

You laid on the floor of your bedroom. Bleeding from your forehead, holding your stomach from the kicks you had received, tears streamed down your face as you cried silently in the dark.

What happened? Your father Butch Bowers had beaten you. You were almost done washing the dishes, one of the chores he wanted done before he got home. But you didn’t finish on time since you were doing your homework, there was only two dishes left in the sink but he wanted them all dried and put away.

This is what led to your beating. Butch had pulled you by your hair dragging you to your room where he then kicked your stomach multiple times, slapped and hit you. After that he went back to work. Unable to move you laid on the cold hardwood floor of your bedroom. 

Your big brother Henry would probably just ignore you when he got home. He didn’t care about you or so you thought.

The only thing the boy could ever do was mess with you. He wasn’t like other older brothers where they would tell their sisters how much they loved them despite messing with them. Henry never did that but little did you know the boy loved you. You were the only thing that got him through the beatings he received from Butch.

In school when boys tried to mess with you or say things behind your back Henry confronted them and warned them. If that didn’t work him and his gang would beat up the boys for not listening to him. He always had your back, you just didn’t know it.

You heard a car pull up in the driveway outside your home, you knew it wasn’t your father Butch because you could hear Henry and his friends laughing and speaking loudly. Once Henry walked into the house the car drove away. You could hear his footsteps as he made his way upstairs.

“Y/N?” Henry asked.

“R-right h-here.” You choked out.

You couldn’t speak due to the fact that you were still in pain, you had probably been lying on the ground for a couple of hours. Henry was confused, you didn’t sound okay. Worried, the boy picked up his pace. Once he finally made it to your bedroom he turned on the light, receiving the shock of his life. 

“Y/N, oh my god little sis what happened?” He asked.

Henry bent down picking you up carefully so that he wouldn’t hurt you. He sat on your bed holding you in his arms.

“It was d-dad he d-did t-this.” You cried out as tears streamed down your face.

Anger raced inside of Henry, how dare a man lay his hand on a girl? Especially his own father, how dare he beat up his little sister. Butch was always telling Henry about how he supposedly didn’t know how to be a man but the truth was that Butch was the one that didn’t know. He stopped being a man when he laid his hands on his sister.

“I’d kill him if he was here I can’t believe it!” Henry said angrily. 

“I thought you wouldn’t care what happened to me.” You sobbed.

Henry could feel his heart breaking into pieces, “I do care Y/N and I’m sorry for not showing it. God I’m such an idiot, I hate dad so much yet I act just like him. I’m so sorry little sis, I failed at being a good big brother to you.” Henry said sadly.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that. I forgive you Henry but please don’t say you’re like dad. You’re nothing like him, he’s a monster but you’re not. Okay?” You asked, Henry nodded.

You both embraced each other in a hug. Probably the first one you had given each other in a long time. It felt good. 

“I promise you I’ll always be around. I am never leaving you alone in this house or in general ever again. I’m going to protect you Y/N I can’t lose you. I love you baby sis.” He confessed.

Henry couldn’t stand the thought of losing his one and only sister. He needed to let her know how much he loved and cared about her. 

“I love you too Henry, thank you big bro.” You said as you continued to hug your big brother, feeling safe in his arms.

“No need to thank me, that’s what I’m here for.” Henry smiled.

-bit shorter then Boris
-she’s a bit shy to others
-she sometimes doesn’t get any sleep because she doesn’t want to sleep but when she gets really tired she falls asleep that she will fall to the floor
-homosexual or something sorry idk (-///-)
-caring and loving
-does her best in life to the fullest
-sometimes she acts like a child
-like cute stuff (*^*)
I hope u like her (^u^)

•Response: It’s so great bruh!! nice style ;)

Thanks @kmmcm for the request. Gotta write to keep myself from freaking out. First time writing bixanna. I hope they came out right. Idk why but I can’t write a short request for you. I had a lot of fun and this just grew and grew; I really love them together. Lemme know what yall think!

Pairing: Bixanna

Prompt: Tears

Length: 1.2k


Lisanna stood, pinpricks of pain shooting across her feet from sitting on the floor too long. She couldn’t hide in the bathroom forever. Bickslow would be back soon. What would he say? A knot twisted in her stomach, threatening to toss whatever little she had left of her lunch. She wasn’t ready—they weren’t ready for this, were they? Lisanna fought an internal war of attrition. Her body screamed to hide the evidence and run, to tell no one, but her head knew Bickslow would be so hurt if she left. Each side pulled her, one way and then the other, until all she could do was sit on the bed and cry.

Breath came fast and haggard until she heard the familiar thud of the front door closing and click of the lock. Time’s up. She needed to dry her tears. Pulling herself together, Lisanna took a deep breath, not ready to face the man she thought she loved. They’d barely said those words weeks ago. How was she supposed to know if they’d still be true after tonight?

Bickslow was peeling off his shirt as she entered the living room. He didn’t like much adornment at home; the man would be comfortable walking around the apartment in just his helmet if he could with as hot as Magnolia was in the summer. Perks to having Bickslow as a boyfriend. It was likely a reason they were in this situation now. He whirled around to face her, giant grin plastered on his face, and she cursed herself, about to break both their hearts.

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I ran to the salon today for that bang trim. And I was chatting with my stylist that I love. A few chairs over is a client (she brought her bff for moral support I guess) and the client asks the stylist shampooing her “is Pantene really that bad for your hair????” Me and my stylist try not to laugh. And the best friend screams “IT’S LITERALLY THE SAME INGREDIENTS AS FLOOR WAX!!!”

My stylist mutters to me “I’m so glad I don’t have to give you product interventions.”

I have so many headcanons I wanna draw but can’t at this time so I’m just gonna puke out my MakRinPana feelings.

  • MakiRinPana perform Start:Dash during HonoKotoUmi’s graduation.
  • The three also succeed in StuCo office. Rin as president, Maki as vice pres, and Hanayo as secretary or something.
  • The whole StuCo thing intimidates the hell out of Rin so she’s constantly relying on MakiPana. The whole experience helps Rin mature and chill out a bit the way Honoka did.
  • Rin still royally sucks at studying and it was never really much of a concern to her until senior year rolls around. She’s a bit envious of Maki and Hanayo’s knack for studying and getting good grades. College exams are around the corner and she doesn’t want to be left behind so she really tries to kick it into gear.
  • It’s probably a widely accepted headcanon that Maki ends up studying medicine and becoming a doctor. I think it’d be cute if Hanayo pursued a career in teaching (like kindergarten teacher ghghghghh). As for Rin, I feel like she wouldn’t know what to pursue and that’s another thing that worries her in senior year. All Rin knows is that she really just wants to stick with Maki and Hanayo! She voices this to the others, Maki probably nags a bit about how they’re going different paths but Hanayo probably suggests they try shooting for the same college. Cue intense montage of Rin and Hanayo studying their butts off to catch up to Maki.
  • Maybe they’re all dorm mates during undergrad years??? I got this off of other artists on twitter but I also like the idea of Maki studying abroad for med school. And I really think Rin is the type who’d struggle a bit deciding on what she wants to pursue, so for the longest time she doesn’t really know what she wants. Hanayo and Maki would be worried about her but after some time Rin knows it’s time to grow up and stand on her own as an adult. I think it’d be cute if she went on to either become a PE coach or physical therapist.
  • Imagines the first time they all see each other in years, Maki and Hanayo are almost floored by how mature Rin seems and Maki almost thinks wow she’s almost kind of cool now until not a moment sooner, Rin’s jumping on her and Hanayo.
  • I still want a moment where Rin and Hanayo are the ones pushing Maki forward so maybe as an alternative, instead of Maki going into medicine, they help push her towards what she really wants to do (i.e. music)?? IDK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ JUST LET ME DREAM OKAY I NEED THE CYCLE TO BE COMPLETE.

Title: I think it’s you
Pairing: Fem!Phan !!!
Summary: Dan stumbles across Phil while walking her dog, and Phil’s sticking up posters for her lost cat. Dan helps her look, because Dan kind of hates cats but she’s shallow and Phil’s really cute (PG, 2,300w)
A/N: For Gina because happy birthday and I love you. See you tomorrow!! <333 This is just silly and short and I wanted to write you something and then Phil being a cat lady came into my head so yeah this happened lol. Art

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A-Z Tag

Tagged by @peachjunny

  • Age: 18
  • Birthplace: California (Love) wEST COAST REPRESENT!!
  • Current Time: 11:22 P.M.
  • Drink You Had Last: iced caramel macchiato
  • Easiest Person to Talk to: my friends
  • Favorite Song: my favorite song atm is Kiss It Better by Rihanna
  • Grossest Memory: uhmm, i was sick this one time and I happened to be at my cousin’s house and I was laying in her bed and i had to puke but I missed her trashcan and puked on the floor, or maybe the time I accidentally dropped my sock in the toilet
  • Hogwarts House: idk i dont like harry potter sorry not
  • In Love: never have been….does Jongin count?
  • Jealous of People: not really, there’s been rare occasions where I am
  • Killed Someone: nope
  • Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again?: I don’t believe in love at first sight so yeah walk by again
  • Middle Name: my middle name is Calderon, which is actually my dad’s last name, he messed up on the birth certificate (in Mexico usually you take both parents last name and my dad happened to put his last name in the middle name spot)
  • Number of Siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother (im the eldest ha) so 3 siblings
  • One Wish: see my mom again
  • Person You Called Last: my mom
  • Question You Are Always Asked: “Are you really 18?”
  • Reason to Smile: anything really, like the little things in life
  • Song You Sang Last: Shake the World by Jiyong
  • Time You Woke Up: 5:15 A.M.
  • Underwear Color: baby pink i think
  • Vacation Destination: Italy!
  • Worst Habit: procrastinating
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries ♈🔥

I tag @xingslove @sehunardo-dicaprio @universitykpop @xiudaddyhadmelike @exocausetearsandsmiles @misstakenbyme-1134 @kairamelcappuccino @kaistaetic @hunniedae (obviously yr not obligated)

captjimmy-deactivated20170214  asked:

kylux (shipping meme) or Phasma/Rey (if somebody's already asked kylux)

  • falls asleep on the couch: Phasma does! They watch movies on the couch together but she always manages to fall asleep by Rey’s favourite parts
  • makes friends with the neighbors: Rey. Phasma hates talking to the neighbours but does it for her tiny girlfriend
  • is the adventurous eater: Rey! I can imagine after all that time on Jakku with only a quarter portion a day she can find some pretty weird stuff to eat. Phasma just makes a lot of disgusted noises while she eats said things
  • hogs the covers at night: Phasma. Rey snores.
  • forgets to do the dishes: Rey. She does all of the other chores around the house and is too tired to do the dishes, so instead Phasma offers to help and they do it together. It goes to cute hand holding to throwing bubbles at each other really quickly, though.
  • tries to surprise their partner more often: Rey. But not the pleasant surprises, more like jumping out from around the corner and giving her heart attacks. 
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor: Phasma. After a long day she just undresses and flops into bed without a care in the world
  • stays up til 2 AM reading: Phasma. She likes to listen to Rey’s cute snores while she does so
  • sings in the shower: Rey. Phasma joins in the singing from outside the bathroom sometimes. They love to do musical numbers.
  • takes the selfies: Phasma! She has a special selfie stick that she’s decorated with cute stickers
  • buys the best gifts: Rey. Somehow she always knows what to get.

how i’d like s3 of brooklyn nine-nine to go down:

  • amy isn’t ready for anything, right in the wake of captain holt’s departure. she’s not ready for jake. she asks him not to wait for her, please, and if he still feels the same way when she’s ready, they can do something about it. jake says okay.
  • a new police captain rolls up. she likes ice hockey, sunny afternoons, and indulging jake in his unhealthy habit of eating fruit roll-ups for breakfast.
  • and she’s great, a great police captain, a great person, and jake mistakes the genuine admiration he has for her as romantic interest, even if there are no butterflies in his stomach when she talks to him and his heart doesn’t sing when she walks into a room.
  • she spends an awful lot of time by his and amy’s desks. over time, jake gets used to her constant presence. 
  • “you should ask amy out,” she keeps saying in hushed tones. jake glances over at amy and doesn’t reply.
  • holt returns eventually, and to commemorate her final day as captain she takes the whole squad out for drinks.
  • without the power gradient of captain/detective between them anymore, jake kisses her in the back of the bar. grabs her by the waist, lifts her to her tiptoes.
  • she stops him, puts her hand on his chest, smiles-but-not-really, tells him that he’s making this so much harder than it needs to be.
  • she tells her that she knows he doesn’t like her. definitely not as much as he likes amy. no, she tells him, you’ll probably never like anyone the way you like amy. and in real life, love triangles are stupid and the choice is always much easier to make than the movies would like to lead you to believe.
  • “you’re the one i choose,” jake tells her, and his heart is in his throat, choking him with misconception and residual bitterness.
  • “this isn’t your decision to make,” she replies.
  • “i thought you liked me,” jake says. “you spend so much time sitting next to me and amy’s desks.” 
  • she looks down at the floor. 
  • “not you.”
  • and jake finally realizes that this was never about him after all.
  • (because for her, it’s been so easy to fall in love with amy santiago. and yet, she sees the way amy looks up when jake walks in, notices how amy’s entire being shifts when jake is around. and it stings, it does. but she really only wants to see amy happy.)
Stubborn Love

This was a lot of fun! I don’t know why, but writing Nesta just idk gIVE ME LIFE. i freaking love nesta and cassian okay fight me. Thanks nightcourthighlordrhysand for the prompt, you’re the best, babe. Feedback is always really appreciated. Hope you like it!! :)

Nesta Archeron didn’t wake up in her bed that morning.

She knew where she was as soon as she opened her eyes, the clothes thrown all over the floor and the guitar at the corner of the room being clues obvious enough for her to decipher that particular puzzle.

Oh, shit. Not again.

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anonymous asked:

Teresa + Minho *-*


The umbrella, when it rains - minho does because whenever he has the umbrella teresa hugs him while they’re under it and he secretly loves it so he just offers to hold it every time it rains now
The popcorn at the cinema - they put it between them but minho kinda leaves his hand there until teresa finally notices and says “you know, if you want to hold my hand you can do it without covering your own in butter”
The baby, when it cries - they trade off a lot but sometimes teresa feels extra tired so minho will get up and take care of the baby a little while longer so she doesn’t have to wake up
The ice cream cone, when they share - teresa and she always offers it to minho and he says “no it’s fine” until it’s gone and then he says “actually can i have some” and teresa gets all angry like “mINHO ARE YOU KIDDING I’VE BEEN OFFERING FOR 10 MINUTES AND YOU WAIT UNTIL IT’S ALL GONE” and minho just laughs and says “no i was just joking” which causes teresa to give him a little punch in the arm before holding his hand
The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - teresa because every time minho has it she manages to get it back with puppy dog eyes and lots of kisses
The basket, when they go shopping - minho because teresa is WAY too organized about her shopping list for minho to get in the way of it
The door, on dates - teresa always runs up in front of minho to do it and he always groans and makes a show of throwing his head back but teresa just laughs and says, “come on, minho, your masculinity won’t be that hurt from your girlfriend opening a door”
The other’s hand, most often - minho because her hands are so soft and they fit in his so perfectly and he just really loves her a lot
Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - minho because he thought teresa was normally crazy beautiful but now and he’s absolutely floored by the fact that she managed to look even prettier for their wedding
The camera, when they take pictures together - teresa because she secretly loves just having them to look at when she’s not with minho

send me a ship!!

Bandages (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Word Count: 742

A/N - I was wondering if you could do a Steve x reader where the reader is super banged up after a mission and Steve has to patch her up, but he’s really scared of hurting her. And maybe end on a fluffy note? Idk something cute. Love your page btw. You guys are super great!

Thank you sweetheart, I hope you enjoy<3

You lay on the floor, you struggled to make your breaths even. “Agent (L/N) status?” the voice rang out on your earpiece. You felt dizzy as you forced your hand over one of your wounds. “Agent down” you were able to mutter into the earpiece. “(Y/N) where are you?” Steve’s voice questioned you. “I’m in a hallway, by the mainroom” you rasped back. You stared at the ceiling, hoping help would arrive soon. 

You heard footsteps and prayed to the heavens above it wasn’t someone who wanted to kill you. “(Y/N) can you hear me?” a voice sounded. Your eyes shifted to the source of the sound, you smiled when you saw your boyfriend. “Hey Steve” you coughed, trying to sit up. “Don’t move” he commanded you, his soldier-side showing. “Steve it’s just a scratch, see?” you tried to joke, moving your hand away from your wound, only to place it back with a grimace. “That’s big for a scratch” sarcasm dripped from Steve’s words.

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The Signs at My School


-The quiet 8th grader who’s always on his computer but is lowkey super sassy

-The highkey super sassy sixth grader who everyone knows and loves


-The kid who wears a fanny pack everywhere (complete with granola bars and a sewing kit) and never brushes his hair

-The perfect guy who’s both endearing and hated by everyone

-The cool 7th grader who’s always on tumblr and is perfect and awesome (@sophers)


-The quiet 9th grader who’s cool with everyone but also smarter than everyone

-The spanish teacher who everyone loves but will give you a stern talking to if you say condom


-The philosophy teacher who is super cool and your best friend but is also super scary like 100% of the time

-The 9th grader who knows she’s super cute and can add herself back to group chats (find her at @cheekster)

-The girl who’s kinda klepto but an awesome artist and super cute


-The guy who’s totally an asshole but everyone likes anyway.

-The 7th grader who’s obsessed with his hair   


-The kid with the purple hair who has like a fake name and then a pen name beyond that

-The 7th grader who asked all the girls out with an email and forgot to bcc them so you could see everyone’s name


-The girl who’s beautiful and speaks spanish and is great and kind of tomboy-ish and plays the saxaphone

-The kid who actually doesn’t go here anymore but he was quite attractive and would just go ‘you’re a douchebag you’re a douchebag you’re a douchebag i’m a douchebag’ in the middle of class

-The new english teacher who everyone messes with


-The girl who I exchange looks with in class whenever stupid things happen

-The girl who plays the ukelele and has two aquarians passive agressive fighting over her although one is dating her (@literallylouisa)


-Me, a cynical bitch who chills out on the internet

-The girl who is cool i guess but kinda just rolls around on the floor all the time and is idk

-The girl dating the pisces who’s really pretty and perfect


-Quadcopter guy

-The girl who I hate who is gone now :)))))))))))


-The tiny girl with the huge voice who loves musical theatre (fighting over scorpio)

-The aquarius who’s dating the scorpio and is really weird but also my best friend

-The cool kid obsessed with movies and The Cure

-The recovering scene kid who I have a million inside jokes with


-The guy who’s an asshole to everyone but is actually a huge softie (@willoingman)

-The pisces who’s dating the sagittarius who I”m good friends with but is also kind of a huge weirdo (@mandrew-andrew)

-The super uptight new kid who’s gonna be in the airforce

Anything For you (a Matt Espinosa Imagine)

This imagine will be written in Matthew’s POV.

Myself and (Y/N) have been dating for about 1 year now, she was my everything, I love everything about her, her smile, her little giggles, her eyes the way they twinkled when she looked at me, the only that was bad is that she lived in Australia. She was way too far from me and I hated it.

I met (Y/N) on instagram, I have no idea how I came across her account but somehow I did, she was talented, she loved taking pictures, she was studying to become a professional photographer and one day I decided to comment on one of her pictures saying she was very talented, I never knew she would respond but she did, I DM'ed her and we just talked, and soon we exchanged kiks, numbers and we started calling each other, she happened to know who I was but wasn’t obsessed with me, a few months later we actually met and I took her on a date but unfortunately she had to leave two days later and I had to ask her if she would be my girlfriend, and she said yes.

“I miss you” she said staring at her screen, we are currently skyping, she was sitting on her bed “I miss you even more” I said making a pouty face, she suddenly looked down and I heard her sniff, I sat up and brought the laptop and placed it on my lap “Please don’t cry” I said and I felt my heart being squeezed, I hated that, I hated seeing her upset, she looked up at me and wiped her tears “I’m sorry” she said and breathed a laugh “You know I want to be there with you but I can’t” she exhaled and I nodded “I wish you could get on a plane and get here” she said and I got an idea, I started smiling when I held my portable camera showing her face “You should make a movie” she said “Okay, about what?” I asked her.

“You coming here, like you would get a ticket but you don’t tell me when it is” she said jokingly, I smiled that’s exactly what I’m going to do, her birthday is in two days so that is a perfect occasion plus I’m going to make her that movie, we said our goodbyes and instead of going to bed like how I told her I would I went online and booked a ticket to Australia, I stayed up all night packing, since my flight leaves at 5 am.

I went to the airport gave them my passport, and off we go, though we had a few stops along the way, I filmed the entire journey “Okay, so here I am now in Australia, I’m going to stop by a flower shop and get (Y/N) something” I said to the camera and went to the first shop I saw “These are beautiful” I said showing the flowers

 and gave the woman the flowers and she wrapped them up.

I jumped into a cab and told them her address, I texted her friend saying I was arriving soon, she replied to me with an okay and that she was filming (Y/N) and telling her that she should show her viewers the garage, I arrived to her house, paid the cab and went to her garage which was closed, I placed the camera on the floor behind some garbage just to capt her reaction, I walked up and told her friend that I

was here 

I hid behind the wall when I started hearing voices

“So this is my garage” I heard (Y/N) say and I smiled, the garage door slowly opened and when it reached my height I looked and she screamed covering her mouth “Oh my god” she mumbled turning around, I smiled approaching her “Matt!” she yelled running into my

I hugged her tightly.

once I placed her down on the ground she started crying, she fell onto her knees and I went down with her “You actually did it” she said looking up to me I wiped her tears and kissed her cheek  "Anything for you"  

I told her sitting on the floor with her arms still wrapped around my neck tightly.


So that’s it for this imagine if you liked it don’t forget to like and reblog, This gifs aren’t mine and credit to whoever made these gifs. idk why but I really like this imagine. Anyways I hope everyone had/is having a great day. love you xx


packyderm  asked:

Punk Carmilla and her bad ass punk friend sound amazing, and I have a strong need for this in fic form.


I mean but really carmilla with a mohawk & just completely wreaking of cigarettes early 1970s in jeans & a white tshirt & a leather jacket & piercings & definitely a v solid mohawk bc she was p boring since she was turned & it’s just so exhilarating just trying basically to piss her mother off but also being way into militant revolution like.

it’s so great I love it so much

(also there’s a whole side headcanon of LaF being like bro an undercut would be awesome & like LaF & carm are drunk while laura & Perry are making banners or smth idk & they both are like omg what a great idea & luckily Perry bursts in in time to save what would’ve been a really detrimental attempt at an undercut & laura is like OH MY GOD bc there’s a lot of carmilla’s hair on the floor but it ends up being okay because ofc carmilla can pull just abt anything & laura drags carmilla back to their room & is like okay lemme see it & carmilla is like IT FEELS SO COOL & laura is like u r a disaster but it’s okay bc carmilla is here & lovely & really that’s more perfect than anything & carm lets the undercut grow out but it’s fun for a bit.

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Can you tell me more about girl's day? The only member I really know is sojin, I love your blog by the way!

YEAH it would be an honor to introduce u to girl’s day. i’ll still do sojin for other people maybe reading and thank you :D 

sojin is the leader and lead vocalist. there’s an 8 yr gap between hyeri and her but you can’t even tell…she doesn’t age and she’s sooooo adorable and sweet it’s unbelievable. i think girl’s day usually say that she’s the sexiest member too. everyone’s always shocked when they hear how old she is and even though having her age getting brought up all the time gets really tiring, she’s always such a good sport about it. she had a hard time getting ready to debut as an idol but she did it, i’m so proud! she went to college and majored in mechanical engineering first omg and then she ran away from home and worked in a sock factory along with other really tiring jobs in order to become a trainee.

she might even have a solo debut coming up idk? her voice isn’t always totally stable but it’s really pretty and distinct and deserves more appreciation. like listen to this!!  

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