idk i really liked this idea

So I really want to do something for the Ninjago Zombie AU
and I debated just opening another ask-blog but then… I had a thought.

What if…

What if I made a blog that worked like a “choose your own adventure” comic.

For example, say the ninja were being attacked by a rival gang, but only one person in the other gang had a gun.
And say you were Kai for this “Chapter”, and he has a gun he can use.
You guys would choose between the options of “shoot”, “try to negotiate”, or “surrender”. Or commands similar to that. 
I pick the command based off of which one has the most asks with it. 
So, say 3 people chose “negotiate”, while only 2 chose to shoot.
Kai would try to negotiate because that’s what most of you guys chose. 

Basically, I have a plot and you guys choose your own ways through it.
You collectively send asks to write the comic while I draw it out. 

i was thinking today about girls who are Lesbian Hot™ and how interesting it is to me that straight men and gay women, generally speaking, have very different ideas of what’s “hot”

like part of why i had issues realizing i was gay is bc the images of “hot” girls i was seeing were catering to the straight male gaze and i didn’t find that to be attractive; then i saw women like roberta colindrez and ellen page and stephanie beatriz and they were unbelievably attractive, but not to men

idk it’s really interesting and i wonder why this is a thing. like is it bc of how we’re socialized? is it bc gay women understand objectification of women and consequently don’t find it attractive? who knows not me i’m just very curious about this


It’s been a while since I haven’t posted one with mister Jack Maynard so here we go! I really enjoy this idea though, my imagination is weird sometimes haha . By the way, sorry for not posting this week end I was spending it with my sister but here I am, with some of my own ideas again! Hope you like it my lovely bunnies (Idk what I’m on about )

Jack walked into the shop, the paper in hand as he looked around the empty shop. Jack was confused as he was here for his appointment in time but not one was in the shop. Just as he made his way to the counter, a girl showed up and as soon as she looked up, he was mesmerized. A smile was forming on his lips as his eyes analysed her face. “Mr Maynard , right?” He jumped out of his thoughts at the sound of her voice. “Yeah, that’s right. You can call me Jack.” The fake blonde boy said, a smirk showing on his lips. “I’m Y/N. I’ll be the one tattooing you today.” She replied, smiling back and Jack noticed the small dimples showing on her cheeks.

Y/N grabbed the paper from his hands and looked at the drawing, who seemed to be the tattoo. “Follow me.” She ordered and made her way to the equipment, sitting down on her stool and watched the young attractive boy sit on the other stool and cross his arms on the black bench, clearing used to the situation. “Are you a loyal costumer of ours?” She asked as she was putting the plastic gloves on and putting the transparent liquid on Jack’s toned arm. “I actually am.” He replied, grinning up at her and his eyes suddenly fell on her own tattoos. She didn’t have too many but still quite a few. And it had Jack hypnotised. His eyes were watching every detail of the three ones on her forearms. A small guitar on her right arm, a feather with some letters on her right wrist and a date on her left one.

Jack didn’t even realize that she was already sticking his skin with the needle impregnated in black ink. But he was so used to this sensation that he couldn’t feel any the pain anymore. His eyes were darting over to the wall behind Y/N. Some drawings were hanging on the wall and they were insanely good. “Did you draw that?” Jack asked, breaking the silence in the room. And Y/N glanced over her shoulder slightly, smiling at him. “I did.” She simply shrugged before focusing back on the tattoo. “You’re very talented.” Jack admitted, watching the cheeky little smile that she was trying to hide. “I’m not sure flirting whilst you’re getting a tattoo is the right thing to do.” Y/N joked. “Who said I was flirting?” Jack teased and she blushed even more. And then it went silent again only for a few minutes until Jack’s curiosity grew.

“Sorry for asking but what’s the date for?” He asked, eyeing the tattoo on her left arm. “I could ask you the same question.” She replied, eyeing his own and Jack laughed slightly at her comment. “It’s my birth date. Silly, I know.” Jack answered, his blue eyes meeting her green ones. “Your turn.” He said, nodding towards her arm again and she sighed. “It’s the date where I got my first tattoo.” She replied, her eyes focused on the last touches of the design. “You really love being a tattooist, don’t you?” Jack asked but it sounded more like an affirmation. “I do.” Y/N stated, wrapping the plastic foil around his arm as a smile appeared on her lips. Jack was fascinated by the way her eyes were glowing at the question, simply by her. And he was annoyed that it was done so quickly because he had to leave and probably wouldn’t come back in a long time.

As Y/N was putting everything away and throwing the gloves in the bin, she looked at the tattoo, her arms crossed. “Why ‘LDN’?” She asked, her own curiosity growing. Jack stood up as they made their way to the counter, allowing him to pay for his new creation. “I just love living here. This city is incredible.” Jack admitted, glancing over his shoulder to the glass windows, were the sunset was visible. As Jack looked back to the girl in front of him, he felt the urge to see her again. “Will you go on a date with me?” He blurred out, carefully watching her reaction. “Oh so you were flirting after all.” Y/N laughed and Jack quickly joined in, before his eyes fell on the piece of paper that she was handing to him. Jack simply took it and his eyes darted over the number written on it. “It was nice to meet you, Jack.” She said, smirking at him as Jack slowly walked backwards , his eye still locked with hers. “Nice to meet you too, Y/N.” Jack replied, smiling one more time at her before turning around and walking out of the shop.

Jack was already filled with excitement at the thought of seeing her again. The tattoo girl, as he would call her.

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Okay so I was thinking recently about season 1 episode one after they save shiro from the government. So they all go back to Keith's hut, and his dad isn't there, the whole time that they're there. But then in Keith's blade of marmora dream things his dad IS there and Keith is kinda shocked. So like, idk if I missed something in the series regarding if Keith lived alone, but where do you think his dad went?

i honestly have no idea where his dad went. i get the feeling maybe he left to protect Keith? maybe his dad was in danger from the Government or maybe the Galra and in order to keep Keith safe, he left so nobody would hurt Keith? i dunno, i get the feeling that something like that mightve happened

other than that, i really don’t know where he went. probably in hiding i guess, i dunno…

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ripped tights maybe? maybe a kitchen set if you're really motivated and feeling like you can do a lot! like, idk.. my inspiration is this something like the kitchen picture you reposted on your gene blog from fiery-rabbit!! but idk vintage, western, worn down like willows place but i have no experience in mesh making ;( i just like to give amazing cc creators ideas!!

Hi there! Sorry but I don’t take requests. I only make CC based on if my townies need something specific. I try to keep my mods folder to the minimum. Thank you for the suggestions tho! Maybe this will inspire another creator? ❤️

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D. Subtle kindnesses. Grog and Pike. Or Grog and any other critrole character.

I had a lot of fun writing this one! Kinda sad because it takes place directly after Scanlan leaves, but it’s neat exploring how different “subtle” can work to someone who doesn’t understand it, or someone who harbors bitterness towards the idea of it.

As Subtle as a Brick through a Window, as Gentle as a Blow to the Gut

Grog was…

Well, he tried to be subtle. Really, he did. That was just difficult for someone whose usual idea of ‘subtlety’ amounted to, “I’ll scream slightly quieter when I swing my greataxe this time.” But he was smarter than the rest of the group gave him credit for, and he was able to pick up on when situations required finesse most of the time.

Half of the time.

At least ten percent of the time.

He was able to tell that this situation at the very least required a more gentle approach than he was used to giving. Everyone was hurting over Scanlan’s departure, Pike more so than most. She’d separated from the group and thrown herself into temple work, nearly exhausting herself with it. Grog was familiar with this; thinking could hurt, and it hurt less if you were fighting or working or doing anything else to ease the burden a little.

This was how he found himself trying very hard not to think, and instead marching straight into the temple where Pike had stationed herself. Grog thought to pick her up and carry her off to the side, but Scanlan’s shouts about how he’d felt like a doll because of that rang in his ears. He settled for resting a colossal hand on her shoulder.

[Read the rest on AO3]

i love miku with all my heart but i dont know if i really see her as a character?? she doesnt have a personality, backstory, or even a universe or lore to extract from….she’s much more like a concept in my understanding of her, or at least a symbol/icon of a set of ideas and perspectives that focus on art, technology, sharing, exploration, self-reflection, collaboration, user/fan-produced media, etc. idk thats just how i interpret her

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Does anything else attract you in Frans aside from it being cute?

i like the idea of some kinda deep intimacy where they don’t have to say “i love you”, and instead the two just kinda do their thing and end up showing affection that way. i feel like ships are kinda this projection of someone’s lil fantasy (whether dirty or clean) and that’s just kinda what i’m doin’ XD

gosadifuyeagpdfehgjpea idk, it just makes me feel all nice and cozy and gives me the comforts~

just a non-dog heads up

first of all this is a sideblog, so follows aren’t coming from here. the main blog is pretty transparent too though, you’ll know it when you see it probs.

BUT I keep finding blogs that I was 100% sure I followed that it says I’m not following? so idk if this is a bug or if I’m just really that dim and haven’t actually followed but think I have because updates end up on my dash anyway.

so anyway, I don’t want it to seem like I’m arrogant or don’t care or whatever, I just have no idea where I am or what’s going on

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Ok I'm a new follower and idk if you've already done this but: rampion crew sexuality headcanons?

iko: is a lesbian, like in my url 

cinder: she’s probably bi tbh

kai: bi

scarlet: bi and she’s known for like 80000 years

wolf: not really sure tbh 

cress: what i know is that she likes girls but hasn’t figured it out yet 

thorne: token straight

jacin: literally no idea but whatever it is he’s probably really private about it

winter: she’s pan

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You're back omg hi!!!! Can you pls rec some fics ily

aweee hi :) 

Here’s some ones that I’ve read recently. They’re all pretty short, sorry

Battering Ram 4,682

I’m gonna hit the highway like a battering ram/On a silver black phantom bike/When the metal is hot and the engine is hungry/And we’re all about to see the light (you’ll cry)

Forgotten 1,707

Dean could have lost his brother tonight.

Give-and-Take 1,918

Out Of Your Damn Mind 2,739

Sam knows Dean loves him and he knows he loves the Impala but he had no idea his feelings for both ran this deep…  (this is kinda, almost,,,, impala/dean, but not really idk)

Open Road 42,387

This Kiss 2,256

Five first kisses.

Be With Me Here 1,628

A pit stop, a lake and a sunny afternoon. And everything that follows.

A lot of these are porn, but a few of them are angsty ;) Enjoy

@disheveledcurls you said something about missing Sherlock’s/Jonny’s hair in your tags and it made me think of something about Sherlock’s character that I really love.

I’ve already said myself that I actually prefer the way he looks now, bald, compared to how he looked clean-shaven through part of season 3. I know it’s just a matter of preference - I like men with scruff. Jonny without scruff looks…idk I don’t think he looks bad just not…right. Rubs me the wrong way. Most guys I prefer with scruff anyway.

But you mentioned they should’ve given him a wig which maybe you just said in jest but regardless the idea of /Sherlock/ choosing to wear a wig - if it wasn’t part of a disguise - just would not happen. The man has certain vanities about his intellect but I don’t think he’s the type to care too much about his personal appearance. Something @autisticsherlockinelementary said about his clothing choices made me think more about it - something about the constantly buttoned up collars being a source of comfort. Comforting in their constancy, or something of the sort (I’m on mobile I know I reblogged it recently tho).

And it reminds me of another favorite fictional character of mine - from a fantasy series by Jane Lindskold, I love it to pieces. Her name is Firekeeper and she was raised by large wolves who are equally as intelligent as people (more so IMO). And she had no vanity whatsoever when it came to her appearance - she saw herself as a wolf. And as part of a disguise she had to shave just the front of her head (it was a cultural thing; think women air benders in ATLA). And instead of covering her partly shaved head with a scarf like the other women did (who had to use the same disguise) she just shaved all of her hair off. It didn’t matter to her - her longer hair was an annoyance to her anyway. I read these books over 6 years ago and I still remember that. It just made me feel awesome for some reason, having a protagonist who just doesn’t care about something as fragile and fickle as female beauty.

So with Sherlock not caring about his shaved head, idk, it just felt nice to me. He’s not the type of person who cares about his appearance more than his identity as a person - he does ridiculous things for Everyone for the sake of the “greater good”, as I’m sure he would say himself. It’s not a big deal, I guess, but since some fans are still bringing it up I just wanted to put in my two cents. And it’s just what I think, I know others disagree and that’s totally fine!

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Hii I live in a small village in the UK and I'd like to know where I could find crystals? We don't really have antique shops here and i'm not very big on online shopping. Any ideas?

are there any hobby or craft stores around? those usually have some crystals on the smaller side, or otherwise you could check out any geologist or mineralogist groups around, idk they might be into finding natural local crystals?

@manchevalier or @flickerswish ‘s Sabo and mine. Since… I got that idea during her lil’ stream. I honestly… <.> all the Sabos…

I didn’t ask how semp how she portrays her Sab so I kinda just… idk.

I usually draw my Sab with some length of heels, so I made him a bit taller.

Go follow my semp’s blog. Flicker is her art blog and Manchev is her uh… main <.> ya.

My thoughts of some other Sabs below cause it’s a lot >.> kinda

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idk i dont know what to think of soul anymore. i feel like he doesnt respect some of the things i tell him, like if what HE wants matters more than my own boundaries. like i try so hard to deny the thought that tries to force itself into my head so much. the idea that what if soul really does try and guilt trip me or force me to do what he wants??? idk if its because of my past traumas and abuse that cause me to distrust or if its really me just warning myself of these signs and trying to save myself??? idk whenever i stand my ground though i start to feel severe guilt and like its my fault especially if he gets upset. like rationally i know its not my fault, but the guilt i feel. it eats at me like it use to with my abusive ex and just past experiences have made me this way and i cant tell anymore if its just me being defensive or if these dumb instincts are actually right im just afraid to admit it??? to myself,,, cause i care so much about soul and i dont wanna hurt him but,,, he hurts me a lot sometimes,,, idk!!! idk idk just ignore me